Better Call Saul Recap – Jimmy Goes Matlock: Season 1 Episode 5 “Alpine Shepherd Boy”

Better Call Saul Recap - Jimmy Goes Matlock: Season 1 Episode 5 "Alpine Shepherd Boy"

Better Call Saul airs on AMC tonight with an all new Monday March 2, season 1 episode 5 called “Alpine Shepherd Boy” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, when his efforts to drum up new business are interrupted by alarming news.

On the last episode, Jimmy conjured up a bold plan to solicit new clients, but had to face the consequences when the scheme strained his relationship with a rival firm. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the AMC synopsis, “when his efforts to drum up new business are interrupted by alarming news, Jimmy is pressured to make a difficult choice.”

You aren’t going to want to miss any of the unfolding action tonight. We’ll be recapping the fifth episode of season one live right here for you at 9pm. Hit up the comments and tell us what you’re expecting from this spin-off. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#BetterCallSaul starts with Chuck’s neighbor watching as the police car pulls up outside her house. She called them on Chuck for stealing her newspaper. He’s still hiding under his solar blanket when there’s a knock at his door. They tell him it’s the police and he goes to the door. He peers through the peephole and they ask him to open the door. They tell him they can see that he’s in there and ask him to open the door. He says he’d prefer not too. He says he has a condition that prevents him from going outside. They tell him he went outside to steal a paper and he says he left her $5. They ask if she consented to sell him the paper.

Chuck says they need to talk probable cause. One cop goes around the back of the house while Chuck talks. He peers inside the back door and then looks around with the flashlight. He radios and tells his partner Tommy to come around back. Chuck is still yammering about court cases. They see that all his fuses have been pulled at and they suspect he’s a tweaker. They come back to the front door and pound on it. They tell him he has 10 seconds to open the door. Chuck says no electronic items in the house. He offers to give the paper back as they kick in the door.

Jimmy pulls up outside the gates of a large estate and says he’s there to see Richard Sipes. The guy says to call him Ricky and he opens the gates then closes him behind him. Jimmy rehearses telling the guy that he’s driving his assistant’s car. Ricky says he saw Jimmy on TV and says he thinks he believes in the real America. Jimmy says he really does. Ricky says it’s a travesty he was driving a foreign shit box. Ricky says the hand of government is crushing entrepreneurs. He says the IRS and INS are all over every hire.

He tells Jimmy he’s the lawyer he needs cause he’s got a major case. He asks if he can clear his calendar and Jimmy says he’s all ears. Ricky says he wants to secede from the US and says he has 1,100 acres that are self-sustaining. He says he wants to be American’s Vatican City. Jimmy sighs and says he’s Ricky’s man and says they need to show them all. Ricky is jubilant. Jimmy tells him it won’t be easy and says they could end up in the Supreme Court. Ricky offers him $500k up front and then $500k when they’re done. Jimmy says it seems fair and Ricky offers it in cash.

Ricky goes to his safe and pulls out a tray of money. He sets it down by Jimmy. Jimmy sees that Ricky’s money is of his own make. He tells Jimmy he’s getting in on the ground floor of the Sandia Republic. Jimmy laughs then drives away at top speed. He goes to his next appointment with Roland Jaycocks. He asks Jimmy if it was scary climbing the billboard. He asks if Jimmy knows patent law and he lies and says he’s done so many he should specialize in it.

He asks Jimmy to sign an NDA before he shows it to him. He’s worried Fischer-Price will want to steal it. Roland unveils a toilet and says it’s all about toilet training. He says kids don’t want to use the commode. He says it’s about positive reinforcement and calls it Tony the Toilet Buddy. He plops something into the toilet and a voice says “Oh yeah, that’s the way.” Then it says “You’re so big.” It’s utterly perverted and then says “Fill me up. Put it in me. I want it all. Mmm. Ahh.”

Jimmy says yeah. Roland asks what he thinks and Jimmy says it’s a little sexual or suggestive. Jimmy says it could make him rich and Roland insists he made it for children. Jimmy says Viagra was initially made for high blood pressure. Roland kicks him out and calls him dirty minded but Jimmy says he’s the one who invented a sex toilet. Jimmy’s off to his next appointment. He’s in a tiny house with Hummel statues everywhere. The old woman comes down on her staircase chair and says she found the Alpine Shepherd Boy.

She tells Jimmy to stay put and says she’ll be right over then slow walks over with the collectible. She hands it to him and he looks at it. The woman then creeps towards the sofa and finally sits. She offers Jimmy more tea then tries to get her back onto the will. She says the collectible only goes to one kid if he doesn’t finish college. She has conditions on all of them and Jimmy is right there with her. She says he’s sharp and says she thought all lawyers are idiots. He says half are idiots and half are crooks.

She flirts with him and he says he’ll bring a blender and DNR and they can party. He says he needs to bring up his payment and says he can’t take S&H green stamps. He says it’s $140 and she opens her purse after he offers to take $70 today and $70 when he comes back with her will. She opens her change purse and counts out $140. Jimmy goes back to working on her will.

Jimmy is painting Kim’s toe nails later and she asks how it goes. She asks to hear it again and he does the Toilet Buddy voice and says don’t stop, here it comes, is that a piece of corn. She laughs and he says it’s good times. She says even his lousy days are more interesting than her good ones. He says he did two wills today and started a living trust. She says he may have a future in elder law and says she thought about it herself. She says insurance companies and scumbag relatives stealing.

Kim says getting old sucks and says seniors need someone on their side. She gets a call from Howard and shushes him. She acts alarmed then asks when. She says she’ll track Jimmy down and call him back. She says it’s about Chuck. In the hospital, Chuck is freaking out over the fluorescent lights and Jimmy begs him to talk to him. Jimmy turns all the lights off and the nurse calls for security.

Kim tells Jimmy to stop it. Jimmy tells the doctor he’s allergic to electricity. Kim begs them to listen. He unplugs the fluorescent tubes. The doctor asks if he can calm down. Jimmy says he’s calm and she tells Edwin the security guy he can leave. She asks to hear about it. He says he knows it sounds crazy. He says anything with a battery in it freaks him out.

He takes their phones out into the hall and dumps them into a container. He asks why he’s there. The doctor says he stole a neighbor’s newspaper then he was confrontational and incoherent. The doctor says Chuck needs to be committed for 30 days if Jimmy will sign him in. Chuck speaks up and says he’d rather not. Dr Cruz asks if he knows why he’s there.

He says the police kicked in his door with no warrant or cause then tasered him. He says he was coherent but they wouldn’t listen. Chuck asks if she has anything with a battery on her and she puts her pager outside. She apologizes. She asks about his situation and Chuck says it’s a condition called electromagnetic sensitivity. He says electronic devices create electromagnetic fields that cause a burning sensation on his skin muscle fatigue and heart palpitations. He keeps listing symptoms.

Dr Cruz asks when he first had these symptoms. Kim says he left work about 18 months ago and Chuck says it’s been about two years. He says she thinks he’s crazy and can tell she thinks it. Chuck says it’s a physical not a mental condition. He says anyone who spends time with him knows it’s real. Kim says she’s not a doctor and tries not to answer. Chuck says psychiatry doesn’t have the answers.

Chuck reads off the law about commitment and the least drastic means principle. Dr Cruz says she understands his frustration and says he’s a highly intelligent man in difficult circumstances. She asks how he meets the needs of daily light. He tells her how he lives life. He says it’s not ideal but he makes do. He asks to speak to Jimmy alone and Chuck jokes to make sure she still has her wallet. Chuck tells Jimmy he wants to go home. They all go out in the hall.

Dr Cruz flipped on an electrical switch while Chuck wasn’t looking to prove it’s in his mind. Jimmy says that was a dirty trick and says he’s the one who brings his brother all these things and Dr Cruz says Jimmy is enabling him. Kim says he’s no danger to himself but the doctor says the lanterns, fuel and stove are a danger and that he doesn’t even have a phone to call in case he hurts himself. She tells Jimmy that ignoring this won’t make it better. Kim agrees that Chuck needs help.

Jimmy says he’s taking Chuck out of there. The doctor says they’ll bring the release forms. Jimmy puts all his stuff back on as Kim sees Hamlin in the hall. Hamlin says the DA agreed not to sign off on commitment papers. Jimmy says of course he doesn’t want Chuck committed because he’d be his legal guardian and would liquidate him from the law firm. Hamlin says they’re talking about the well-being of a man he loves. Jimmy says his cash cow is leaving the pasture and he’s committing him.

Kim goes to try and talk to Jimmy. She says Chuck needs help but says he can’t do it to screw Hamlin. Jimmy says he just wants to make him sweat and says he’s still taking Chuck home. Jimmy takes Chuck home and gets him settled. He offers him food or a drink then goes to make coffee. Chuck asks for his blanket. He drapes it around Chuck who sits down and is immediately mollified. Jimmy sees the newspaper and asks if he wants to talk about it.

Jimmy says Chuck got sick because he read the story. Chuck says he got sick because he went outside to retrieve the paper. He tells Jimmy he’s tired of this. Jimmy says this is not the return of Slippin’ Jimmy. Chuck says if he wants to advertise, it’s his business. Jimmy says he got legitimate business from this and says he’s thinking of specializing in elder law. He quotes what Kim said. Chuck says it sounds promising but has nothing to do with his condition.

Jimmy says the billboard was a one time thing. He says he’s a good lawyer but just needed some showmanship to get the ball rolling. He promises Chuck he’ll play by the rules. Chuck pulls off his blanket and says – we’ll see. He goes to make coffee for them. Later, Jimmy watches Matlock and takes notes on what kind of suit Matlock is wearing. He’s sketching the suit and thinking. At a senior center, at the bottom of the Jell-O cup, Jimmy has placed an ad. He shows up in his Matlock suit.

He chats up the seniors as they play games. He tells them to enjoy the Jello-O and talks about wills as he walks around. He flirts with the ladies and calls them beautiful. Jimmy greets Mike at the toll booth and teases him. Mike is pleased to see that he has enough stickers and offers him his card and says he’s doing elder law now. He says to give him a call if he knows any elders.

Mike goes back to reading his book. Another car pulls up and Mike sends them on their way. Next morning, Mike’s shift is done and heads out. He goes to a diner for coffee and breakfast. A woman goes to her car and pulls out of her driveway while Mike watches from his car. She pulls up beside him and stares then drives on without a word. He sits and does nothing then finally drives away. Is it his daughter? He pulls up in front of his house and goes inside.

He turns on an old movie and drinks a beer. He sees someone outside his house and mutes the TV. There’s a knock at the door. He picks up his baseball bat and goes to answer. It’s some cops. They tell Mike he’s along way from home. Mike says to the guy – you and me both.