Big Brother 17 Recap – Backdoor Action in the BB House: BB17 Episode 3 “Nominations”

Big Brother 17 Recap - Backdoor Action in the BB House: BB17 Episode 3 "Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Sunday June 28, season 17 episode 3 called “Episode 3”, and we have your recap below! On tonight’s episode nominations for eviction are revealed.

On the last Big Brother, the remainder of the houseguests went in the house and a surprise guest informed the 14 houseguests about a twist in the gameDid you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 premiere as per the CBS synopsis “the new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction.”  Tonight after the nominations have been announced the nominees will compete in the Battle of the Block.

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.



#BigBrother begins with a review of Da’Vonne, Audrey and Shelli’s female alliance and news that Battle of the Block is back. Then we hear about the BB Takeover. Phil Keoghan drops in Jackie and Jeff from the most recent season of #AmazingRace to play BB. The first two HOHs are Jason and James. Then we pick up with tonight’s action! #BB17 begins with the news that the two who sat out of the HOH challenge – Da’Vonne and Vanessa – will likely get an advantage or perk.

Meg wonders what the new twist is and James and Jason joke they’re going to Amazing Race. Jeff is disappointed that Jackie lost HOH and he says they need to get the targets off their backs. Austin and Jace talk about popping each other’s zits and looking for boogers hanging. They spout off a bunch of #BroCode nonsense. It’s really stupid. They discuss keeping this up all day to drive the others crazy. James and Jason call them up to see the HOH room.

James says he wants to establish a foundation with the other HOH in case he’s dethroned and facing the block. There are two rooms, one for each of them. Everyone checks it out and Jace wants to soak in the tub with some ladies. He says he’s going to take over the room and make the honeys his. James tells him to get lost. James chats up Jason and says they can think together. James tells him he’s lost on who to nominate and wanted to see who Jason wants to target.

Jason says he thinks the dentist guy is hiding more than Steve. Then they talk about Jace having a good social game. Then they discuss not targeting the girls right now. Jeff and Jackie lie in bed and talk and she can’t remember Jason’s name. Jeff laughs at her and she says it feels weird and she hasn’t talked to anyone. Jeff says they have kind of a shaky relationship and says Jackie wanted more from him when Amazing Race was over but he wasn’t down for it.

Jeff tells her they need to keep their distance to keep a target off their back. He wants to create distance between them so they see them as individuals, not as a pair. Audrey comes in and asks if she’s interrupting. They tell her she’s not. They talk pick up lines and one comes up with the line, are those space pants because your butt is out of this world. Then they get called for a BB takeover. Phil Keoghan is back and says Da’Vonne and Vanessa are about to get a benefit.

He says on Amazing Race, there’s a fast forward that gets you to the pit stop. Phil says both of them will fast forward to next week. They can’t be nominated or evicted this week. They are both thrilled. Then Phil says they can each pick one house guest to move forward who can’t be nominated or evicted either. Phil says they have 30 minutes to decide and says his takeover is complete. Vanessa says she’ll go in the other room if they want to talk with her.

Vanessa wants to pick someone who might win HOH next week and can keep her safe. Shelli chats her up first and tells her she’s strong on mental challenges. Clay goes next and she says she thinks he’s most likable and won’t go home. Then she also tells Audrey she won’t be going home. Vanessa wants to pair with a strong person since that’s different for her. She talks to Austin about joining forces. Then Da’Vonne talks to Shelli about the alliance and who she should protect.

Shelli thinks she should save one of them but Da’Vonne says she doesn’t want to blow up the alliance. Da’Vonne chats up other people and asks what they have to offer. Steve says James has been avoiding him and she says he gives off an Ian vibe. She says Ian won it and he’s surprised to hear that he’s a target. She tells him to up his social game. Then Da’Vonne chats with Liz who says she will definitely keep her safe next week and says she’ll win the HOH.

John is next and Da’Vonne asks him who he would nominate and he says the big guys. She asks if he’s really a dentist and he assures her he is. He offers to pull out his retainers. She says okay. Da’Vonne says she’s saving Liz. Vanessa chooses Austin. Austin says he’s going to act surprised and will only be as loyal as he needs to be with her. Da’Vonne says the only person who offered her something was Liz and Shelli is annoyed she didn’t choose her or Audrey.

Austin and Jace are outside being stupid talking to each other on sea shells. Jace says the second he met Austin he knew he’d be an asset to his game. They coin the phrase #ShellTown. Austin says Jace is a bro and a huge target because of his loud mouth and will be sent out before him. Clay finds Shelli sitting and she asks if anyone is listening. He asks if she has kids and he sighs. She tells him she was married for a year and a half.

Clay is into older women and wants to get to know her better. She asks Clay’s story and he says he talks to his mom every day and asks her advice. Shelli digs that and says his mom raised him right. Clay tells her he will be completely honest with her. Someone walks by and he starts talking about animals. Da’Vonne tells Audrey that Shelli is making her nervous and she may need to be on the outer ring of the alliance. Da’Vonne thinks Shelli’s interest in Clay means she’s not serious about winning.

Audrey is pleased about Jason being HOH and Audrey says they’re bonded by culture. She tells Da’Vonne that Jason wants to go after big guys like Austin and Jace. They agree that Austin and Jace have an alliance and can’t be trusted. They want to gun for Jace. They want to work the HOHs to nominate who they want. Audrey talks to Jason and he says he had a great convo with James last night. She asks what he’s thinking. He says they’re waiting on others to hang themselves.

Jason tells her she has no reason to be worried. He says he brought up Jace and Audrey says she’s so glad he did it. Jason says Jace will win HOHs and Audrey says Jace was obnoxious during the competition.

Steve chats up Da’Vonne and they wonder when nominations will come out. He thinks she’s playing a smart game and wants to ally with her since people won’t expect it. He asks what he can do for her and says if she needs anything, he wants to help. She thanks him. He says he loves her then realizes he shouldn’t have said it but he hopes she didn’t hear him. Audrey chats with James and says she won’t be nominated or back doored. Da’Vonne comes in and the three talk alliance then Jason comes in.

Audrey says they’re a good group since they’re diverse and then they talk nominations. They talk about Jace. Jason says they have to back door Jace because he would win the competition. Jason says they need pawns and enough votes to go after Jace. James chats with Jackie and she talks about the photo booth. James says he has to go fishing and get a pawn. James tells her she looks great in a bikini and says she’s not the target and says there’s a back door plan.

He says that person is too strong and could get off the block. James says he may nominate her and she should be prepared. Jackie says she’ll do it and isn’t scared. Jason then talks to John and tells him not to freak out if he gets nominated. He says no one will be after voting him. John isn’t comfortable being a pawn and he asks Jason if he should try to win the competition. Jason says absolutely. Then the two HOHs talk to Meg about being a pawn.

Jason tells her everyone loves her and she’s like Taylor Swift. James tells her it’s dangerous out there and she needs to roll with them. Then James tells Becky they’re going to keep her safe. Then they go talk to Steve about being a pawn. Steve says he’s scared he’s a target but James says he and Jason have his back and the others like him. Jason says he would have several chances to save himself. James says if he was HOH and came to him and asks how he would react if he didn’t want to do it.

Steve says so many people have been sent home when they were pawns and were told they wouldn’t go home. Steve says they have to know pawns go home. James says it’s a huge way to earn trust in the house. It’s time for the #Nominations. Jason and James go read the instructions for nominations and then find out that Jason is nominating first. Jason says his two nominations are definitely just pawns. James sees Jason’s nominations then has to choose his two.

Everyone comes down to sit at the table to hear the nominations. Jason and James come in with their boxes and Jason says it’s the nomination ceremony and they each nominated two for eviction. Jason reveals he nominated John and Becky. He says he nominated them for a lack of personal connection so far. James nominates Steve and Jackie. He says he nominated them but is confident they will get themselves off the block. They adjourn.

Jackie says it’s weird to be on the block and hopes it doesn’t bite her in the ass. Jace says he wasn’t worried and says his social game is strong and he has good relationships that will take him far in the game. Audrey is happy the plan went the way she wanted but acts surprised like she didn’t know. She and Da’Vonne go into the kitchen and do a happy dance and high five each other. Steve chats with Jackie and asks her what’s up. She says she thinks it’s a back door and not after them.

He asks her about strategy going into BOB and she says they just have to kill it. He says they need to be confident without being cocky. She says she thinks they’re going to win. Steve asks her for a hug and she tells him she believes in him. Becky is freaking and getting comfort from people. She says she’s shocked and is crying. She says she’s a little hurt. Jason calls her aside and she says she just feels blindsided. He says it’s just to throw people off. He says she has friends in the house.

Jason says he doesn’t want to make girls cry and needs to do damage control with her. She says she’s telling him what he wants to hear. She tells him she trusts him and his plan. But she’s plotting to win the BOB and nominate Jason next week. Vanessa calls everyone for the first #BattleoftheBlock. It looks like a waterfront construction setting. Vanessa says it’s DuBob (like Dubai but with battle of the block). The nominees will battle to get themselves off the block and dethrone their nominating HOH.

They have to build a skyscraper and have to walk one block at a time across a narrow beam. If you drop it or fall off, you have to restart. The first team to build and get back to hit the button wins it. They start by checking out their blueprint and then grabbing a block and go over. They have to move 26 blocks over. The beams rotate and there are wrecking balls coming for them. Becky gets over and she’s trying to figure out how they can both fit on the beam.

Jackie has the strategy for she and Steve to go at the same time. She says she’ll do well because she has good balance as a dancer then she falls. Jace says they’re falling off left and right and he says the workers comp bill will be astronomical. John says he hopes someone gets hit in the mouth by the wrecking ball but not him. Steve takes a hard tumble then falls again and again. Jackie is annoyed. He decides to try crawling. James says he could be up a creek.

Meg says he’s like a little mouse with cheese. Steve is looking at the other tower and thinks they’re neck and neck then he falls. Jackie tells him to take his time and stop falling. Jeff says he can’t show that he’s rooting for Jackie but he is. Becky has the top piece of the tower and James hopes they pull it off to send Jace out of HOH. Becky puts their piece on and she runs back for she and John to slap the button. They win it and that means that Becky and John are safe and so is James.

James is happy to be the sole HOH. Vanessa tells Jace he’s been dethroned as HOH and he gets slimed. He says he’s back downstairs with the peasants but hopes James sticks to the plan to backdoor Jace. Steve isn’t happy they lost and now has to make sure he wins the veto. They wonder if the veto will be used to save Jackie or Steve. We’ll find out Wednesday.