Big Brother 17 Recap – Jace Nominated, Steve Saves Himself: BB17 Episode 4 “PoV and Replacement Nominations”

Big Brother 17 Recap - Jace Nominated, Steve Saves Himself: BB17 Episode 4 "PoV and Replacement Nominations"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 returns with an all new Wednesday July 1, season 17 episode 4, on tonight’s episode The Power of Veto competition is held.

On the last episode the new head of households moved into their rooms and nominated two people for possible eviction.  Jason revealed that he nominated John and Becky. He said he nominated them for a lack of personal connection so far. James nominated Steve and Jackie. He said he nominated them but is confident they will get themselves off the block. Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis  “during the veto meeting, the power of veto competition winner can save someone from eviction.  Final nominations will be announced”

Big Brother 2015 airs tonight at 8pm with another great episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17?  Who are you rooting for to win?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.


#BigBrother starts with Steve upset that he and Jackie lost Battle of the Block. Jace reassures him and tells him he’s got him. They bro hug. John is psyched to be off the block and Da’Vonne high fives them. Jason and James talk about how many votes they need to back door Jace. James is ready to go recruit some votes. He starts with Meg and goes to chat with her outside. She says she’s in on the alliance. James then goes to Clay and Audrey to talk power alliance. Clay wants a smaller group.

Clay says he likes James and thinks he can trust him. He’s in on the plan. Da’Vonne thinks this group is temporary and shaky but says it will work for now. She says it won’t last. James says if Jace doesn’t go home, the backdoor plan will come out. Jace runs naked through the backyard and Vanessa says it was just like crickets and says it’s not a smart move. Most people cringe. Austin thinks this could blow back on him by association. Austin wants to get Jace off the radar for elimination.

He tells Jace to go talk to James. Jace goes and asks where his mind is and James says it’s all over the place. Audrey sits in then Austin comes in. Jace proposes an alliance to them and Austin says there are so many weeks to come so there’s really no big move to make. Audrey says it would be a big move to back door the other HOH. Audrey wants to sell Jace and Austin something to distract them. Jace tells James if he saves him this week, he’ll have his back. Jace says they need a real alliance.

Jace and Austin are excited and start proposing idiotic names. James thinks that Jace can say whatever he wants and he’s going to find out that he’s not in an alliance with him. Jace keeps on acting like a total idiot. James says it’s time for the first POV competition. James reads off that only six people will participate: the HOH, two nominees, and three selected by random draw. James doesn’t want Austin or Jace playing in POV. He draws Becky. Jackie draws John.

Steve draws houseguest choice. He chooses Jason. James then chooses Austin as the host. Jace and Austin celebrate and James is confident that with both of them out of the POV, Jace is going home. Da’Vonne says she knows at some point, there will be a counting competition, so she goes around the house counting things. Others notice and wonder why she’s walking around. Jeff asks why she’s walking around and is creeping in their room. She says she’s just checking out the house.

Da’Vonne is furious that he came up on her and it’s not even his room and says his lease is up next week and she’s sending him home. Da’Vonne tells Jason she was going around counting stuff and then Shelli bitched and Jeff gave her a hard time. She’s mad and Jason empathizes. Jeff goes to try and make amends. He says it was creepy she came in there and Jason says they all live there. Da’Vonne says she knows it wasn’t him because she heard Shelli talking.

He leaves and Da’Vonne says he wasn’t sorry, he was doing damage control. Jeff then goes and tells Clay she’s a bitch. Jeff says she’s a puppet master. Clay is frustrated and says you can’t play with emotions. He goes upstairs to make Da’Vonne think she’s right. He comes upstairs and asks what’s going on. Da’Vonne says she doesn’t even know what he’s acting like and says he’s acting totally different and asks what’s going on with her and Jeff.

Da’Vonne says he was sitting there and heard it. Clay says no one sent her in and she says he just told her that he did and he says Jeff just came to him and told him what she said. Da’Vonne asks Jason and Audrey to back her up and they tell him that Jeff said what she said. Clay says she’s being negative and she says she was just being accurate. Clay says her attitude was wrong on how she approached this. She says someone sent Jeff in there and Clay says this is an idiotic conversation. She says to stop having it.

Clay says she’s completely paranoid and she says she’s not, she’s telling him what Jeff said. Clay says her paranoia will get her evicted. Da’Vonne asks Audrey if she’s tripping and she says no. She’s upset and says he should have just apologized and owned it. Audrey says they just brought Clay into their alliance and this fight could blow things up. Audrey says her feelings are valid but says not to let them see this and to think about her daughter and the prize.

Audrey wants her to get it together and worries Da’Vonne could be a liability to her game in the future. Audrey goes to Clay and says he should not have reacted like that and says he needs to apologize and says Da’Vonne is crying. He says she’s a loose cannon and that Da’Vonne needs to go home. Audrey says that’s fine but she can’t be the one to do it. Clay comes back to talk to Da’Vonne and apologizes for coming at her that way. He says he shouldn’t have attacked her. She thanks him and they hug it out.

They both roll their eyes but neither one sees it. Da’Vonne says to the camera that he’s a f-ing liar and that Audrey told him to go apologize. She’s mad at Audrey now and thinks she’s trying to eliminate her and be the puppet master. The houseguests find huge vats of Big Brother slop. James reads the card and says he has to name the first four Have-Nots so they can have some slop and check out their new bedroom. Jackie says it’s slop, cold showers and bad beds.

Liz, Austin, Vanessa, and Da’Vonne are chosen as the Have Nots. They taste the slop then go check out the rooms. The beds are dental chairs and it’s awful. There are creepy dentist office gadgets all around too. Austin tells everyone it’s time for the #PowerOfVeto competition. It looks like a little campground. There are large noses there too. Austin says there are gold nuggets in the noses. He says they have to go through the obstacles and search the noses for nuggets with letters and point values.

You spell out a word with the highest possible point value. Steve really wants to win this because he’s not sure James is lying to him about being a pawn. James really wants to win so he can make sure Jace is the one that goes home. They start out and everyone goes crazy. Jason says he’s atrocious at spelling and will try to get as many letters as he can. Jackie says she has to win in case she’s not a pawn plus pawns go home. Steve is running back and forth trying to figure out what word he can spell.

John says as a dentist, he spends a lot of time looking up people’s noses. Meg is grossed out because Steve is losing a band aid in the water. Jason hopes he or James win so they can back door Jace. James needs an A and can’t find one. Jackie grabbed three q’s and can’t figure out a word to spell. Audrey hopes Jason or James win for their alliance. Austin is rooting for James and thinks that he will do what he and Jace want with the veto.

Steve says it’s super close to the end so he goes to lock in his word. The others do as well. They are all locked in with their words. James spelled lifeguards worth 8 points. Becky has closest worth 7 points. Jason spelled zones worth 6 points. James is still in the lead. Jackie spelled judge worth 6 points. She’s out of it too. Jeff says she came up short once again. Steve is up and needs a 9 point word. James is worried since Steve is so smart. He spelled trombonist worth 12 points. Last is John.

The dentist spelled boogers worth 7 points which means Steve has won the first POV. Steve is so relieved that he’s not going home. He claims his necklace. Jackie says she knows he’ll use it on himself and she hopes James puts up a target that’s worse than her. James says Jace is still his target and he’s ready to go in for the kill. Inside the house, Jace asks Steve if he plays trombone. Austin and Jace talk about Steve blowing their mind with the word.

Steve is in the kitchen having a silent moment of celebration. That night, some people sleep, others stay up plotting. Audrey wants to work on the troops and heal the cracks in their alliance to get the numbers to get Jace out. Audrey tells James and Jason they need people they can count on. Audrey goes to make some moves and James is annoyed because he’s head of household. Audrey goes to take Shelli to talk. Audrey tells Shelli she should work with them. Jason is annoyed she’s bringing more people into their alliance.

Audrey then goes to get Jeff out of bed to talk to them. Jeff is lying in bed talking to Meg and then Audrey comes to get him. He says no and says he’s busy but she keeps on pressing him until he comes with her. Jeff says he is ready to curse her out. James says it’s never good to have a 16 person alliance and wonders what she’s doing. Audrey says next week it will be a whole different game with the trust. Jeff asks what they want to accomplish.

Jeff says it can wait until morning and wonders what she’s doing. Then Audrey leaves again and goes to get Clay. Then she goes to get Meg. Holy cow. She’s insane. Meg says this is the most dramatic event ever and it’s like some weird secret book club. She wonders what’s happening. Audrey says the group needs to be solidified. She says now they’re all on the same page, they need to go into battle. James now wonders if he should send Audrey home since she’s acting so sketchy.

Steve goes to look at the houseguest photos and puts on his veto necklace. It’s nearly time for the #BB17 #VetoCeremony. James says Steve will use the veto on himself and he says he has to do what’s best for his game. Audrey says she hopes James keeps to his word to backdoor Jace. However Jace is very confident he’s in an alliance with James and is safe. Steve calls them for the veto meeting. Steve says he’s using his POV to save himself.

James then stands to reveal his replacement nominee. He says he respects them all and has to look out for his own game then says he’s nominating Jace. Steve adjourns the meeting. Jace is stunned. Austin says Jace being blindsided means he was blindsided too and needs to figure out who’s pulling the string. Jackie wants to make sure everyone is voting for Jace, not her. James says Jace has got to go. Audrey says everything is going according to plan. Jace says James broke his word to him. Jace starts crying in his confessional. OMG!