Big Brother 17 Recap – Great Plans Gone Awry: BB17 Episode 15 Nominations & Battle of The Block

Big Brother 17 Recap - Great Plans Gone Awry: BB17 Episode 15 Nominations & Battle of The Block

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Sunday July 26, season 17 episode 15 called “Episode 15”, we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode nominations for eviction are revealed.

On the last Big Brother, a vote determined who was evicted; the remaining house guests competed for the head of household position. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 as per the CBS synopsis “the new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction; the battle of the block competition.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BB17 begins with Jackie being thrilled to be HOH. Vanessa is worried about being targeted by Jackie for sending Jeff home so she was determined to be HOH. James talks to the guys about letting the girls overrun them and them being nothing but minions. James, Clay and Austin talk about this and James says he thinks that a guy will go home this week based on how it’s going. Austin wants to help the twins survive to both come in so that’s his mission.

He sits outside with Liz and says he has a plan of action. He says he’s going to implement operation Jason since they’ve been on to the twins since the beginning. Austin wants to get Jason to ally with him to and protect the girls. Liz tells Julia she’s icked out because Austin tried to kiss her. Julia says she’s playing a dangerous game. Liz tells Julia about Austin’s Jason plan and she doesn’t like it. She thinks it’s a bad idea. But it’s too late.

Austin is already chatting up Jason and says the person he’s hanging out with – Liz – can’t be there all the time. Jason wonders why Austin is telling him this and how it helps him. Austin says he’s exploding inside about this and Jason asks the other’s name. He tells him it’s Julia. Jason says she’s very different and says their personalities are totally different. Austin says he really wants something to happen with Liz then says he wants to bring both girls in them split them apart.

Austin says his heart only belongs to one of them. Austin says the two of them together doesn’t help him. Later, Meg cuddles with Jason and they laugh. He whispers quietly to her about what Austin told him. He says that Austin likes one twin and not the other and says the other’s one name is Julia. Jason then says Austin was selling out the other twin. Jason wonders who he should tell. He was already targeting Austin and the Liz’s. He and Meg go grab Shelli.

Jason tells Shelli that Austin told him about the twins and he was trying to ally with him. Then he tells Shelli that Austin is targeting Julia. Shelli knows that what Jason is saying is true since she already knows all this. Shelli asks why Austin would get one of the twins out and Jason says he only wants to save the one he likes. Vanessa walks down the hall and they pull her into this. Shelli takes over the conversation and says Austin told Jason there are two twins named Liz and Julia.

Shelli then says Austin wants to target Julia so he can take Liz to jury with him. Vanessa is appalled secretly that Austin is blabbing all this alliance information. Shelli then goes to wake up Clay and tells him what Jason told her and Vanessa about Austin blabbing. Clay instantly wakes up to listen. Clay is shocked and Shelli says Austin is being so stupid. She says then Vanessa walks in so they pulled her in. Vanessa then shows up to talk to them.

Vanessa says Austin can’t make moves without them and is throwing Julia under the bus so he can hook up with Liz. Shelli says they may need to get the twins to turn on Austin with them. Clay wonders why he would do that. Vanessa wonders if they should cut Austin loose and blow up their alliance. Vanessa says they need to sleep on this and think carefully about what to do with this. Day 36, Vanessa and Jackie talk and Vanessa hopes they can work together.

Vanessa says they should make a deal not to back door each other and they both agree. Then Vanessa asks who she would send home. Jackie wants to put Liz on the block. Vanessa doesn’t fight it since she doesn’t want to reveal the alliance. Jackie says also Steve. Vanessa says she was thinking about them too then says she’s thinking Austin too. Jackie says if they get rid of Austin now then they can focus on voting out the twins the next two weeks.

Jackie says she wants to stay HOH and Vanessa says that’s find and they can rig the nominees to keep her there. Vanessa is so smart – Jackie has no clue that she’s being manipulated. Jackie and Vanessa call everyone to see their HOH rooms. There’s a cute photo of Jackie and her little brother. Julia says that makes her want to be nice so maybe Jackie will forget Liz put her up last week. Then they see Vanessa and her sisters and mom. James is checking out Vanessa’s hot mom and is lusting after her.

Vanessa tells Austin she didn’t want to be HOH again. She is upset because he’s been her close ally throughout this and she wants to be 100% sure that he’s the Judas she expects he is. Ha! She even came up with his secret name. Austin then lies and says that Jason approached him and said he wanted to keep the twin that Jason liked. Vanessa knows instantly that Austin is lying. She tells him he needs to keep his mouth shut and says he can’t lie to her. He insists he’s not.

Austin then later says he doesn’t want to tell Vanessa everything now, but now that’s not really lying. James then comes inside and tells Vanessa that her mom is gorgeous. He says she fishes too. Vanessa tells him her mom is married. James says he had to say it. Vanessa tells Austin to leave the room and says she doesn’t want Jackie to know they’re working together. He leaves and Vanessa is now sure that Austin has been lying and says he’s falling for Liz and his judgment is clouded.

Vanessa says him lying to her face is the breaking point. Julia comes to talk to Vanessa and says she’s sure she’s going to put her up but Vanessa says not to worry but she’s not leaving. Vanessa says Shelli and Clay already know this and says Austin wants to target Liz and keep Julia. Then Vanessa asks Julia if Liz really likes Austin. Julia says no. Vanessa says she needs to tell her something but she can’t freak out. She tells her all about what Austin said to Julia.

Vanessa says that Austin spelled it out that he wants to save Liz and target Julia. Now Julia is furious and says it’s funny since Liz doesn’t even like him. Julia says it makes her sick to her stomach and says he was dumb to think Jason would not tell anyone. Vanessa says not to tell Liz so she doesn’t come into the game mad. Clay and Shelli come to chat with Vanessa. She tells them she asked Austin point blank what he said and he lied to her face and said Jason was the instigator.

Vanessa says they can’t trust him. Vanessa says their has been two factions in the alliance – Liz and Austin then Shelli and Clay. She’s decided to align more closely with Shelli and Clay but Vanessa is worried about what Austin knows. Jackie comes in and says she’d like to send Austin or Liz home. Shelli asks who to put up next to Liz. Jackie wonders if someone could throw it. Vanessa then talks pawns. Clay suggests putting himself up with Becky. He says they could take them down.

Vanessa says now they need to get Becky to agree to go up with him and win BOB. Jackie brings Becky in to talk. She asks if she can go up as pawn. Jackie offers her to go up with Clay and he wants to go with her. Becky agrees as long as the other side knows they will lose. Becky agrees. Vanessa comes in and Jackie says Becky will do it. Vanessa will put them up and then Jackie will put up Liz with a pawn beside her.

Jackie and Vanessa then brings in Jason, Meg and James. She tells them about Austin being a liar. They talk about Austin being their back door target and says he has no idea and can’t know. Jackie says it makes sense that she would nominate Liz. She says they’re putting up Becky and Clay to win. They tell them they need someone to go up with Liz to throw it. Jackie says she can put up James. Jason doesn’t want to throw a deal. Vanessa says Austin can’t know it’s being thrown.

Vanessa is happy that Jackie will stay in power and get all the blood on her hands. They talk about this new alliance being called #DarkMoon.

Austin comes to Vanessa and she says that Jackie is putting Liz up and they can’t stop it but Jackie’s real target is to back door Steven. She says she’s putting either Shelli or Clay up since they haven’t been on the block yet. She says she can control nominations and keep him safe. She says she’s also putting Becky up who is her real target. Vanessa says she can’t rig anything with Jackie and Austin asks why she won’t put Steve straight up. She says if they win, it makes a mess.

Austin says he wants to be the hero for Liz and go up on the other side but Vanessa says that’s a stupid idea. He leaves and Vanessa throws up her hands to the camera. Now it’s time for #Nominations. They all sit and Jackie and Vanessa stand down front. Jackie says she nominated James and he hangs his head and acts surprised. Then she reveals Liz. Julia just blinks. Jackie says they both nominated her so she’s returning the favor.

Then Vanessa says she’s nominating Clay and Becky. Vanessa says she was being fair and says Clay has never been nominated or won HOH then says Becky can respect her move as a game move. Clay says it’s time to go to work. Austin says he’s nervous about Liz being on the block and he has to trust Vanessa. Julia says this sucks since they need to survive one more eviction so they can both play. Becky congratulates John for not being nominated.

John is happy he’s not nominated and wonders what he should do with himself. He says it’s awesome. Vanessa chats with Julia and tells her she’s not the target. Vanessa says she really likes Julia and doesn’t want her to worry. Vanessa wants to reassure her so that both she and Liz are on her side when they’re both playing. “Liz” is called to the diary room. Julia says she’s still not going to tell Liz about Austin plotting against her (Julia) so that she’s focused during BOB.

Julia tells Liz that they’re dominated and says Vanessa has their back. Liz says Austin has their back too but Julia says she’s not getting good vibes from her. She says Austin will do anything for her and says he’s a scary creep. They swap out. Shelli comes to see Jackie and Vanessa and says she’s checking in. Shelli says Clay being nominated makes her sick but Vanessa says it’s the best case scenario. Vanessa says if Liz pulls off a win, she’s screwed and will have blood on her hands.

It’s time for the #BOB now. They head outside and see an Outback Steakhouse sponsor board and a bib BB Newsroom set up. Meg hosts and says they have to talk about former BB player gossip. They are told three BB players from last season were eating at Outback. They have to throw paint around to find letters that will give them hints about three former players from last season. It can even be on their own clothing. The winners and the winning HOH will also get a reward.

Liz wants to play hard in the BOB to keep she and her sister safe but James has to try and throw it but can’t make it obvious. Vanessa doesn’t want blood on her hands and wants to be dethroned so Jackie does all the dirty work. They start. Becky and Clay are playing hard. James is throwing paint over the same spot over and over. Clay is throwing paint and calling out letters to Becky. Becky sees AYD and knows Hayden is likely.

Becky tries three names and buzzes. Liz tries to figure things out and she thinks James is not too smart and she needs to be the brains. Clay and Becky try again. They need more paint. Shelli is in full freak out mode. James says Liz is smart and that makes it hard for him to throw it. He says if she doesn’t slow down, he won’t be able to throw it. Becky thinks she has it and is rushing while Liz is also working on the same three names. James and Liz win it.

Austin is thrilled and runs to hug Liz. Liz is so excited that she’s safe. That means Julia is coming. Vanessa is crushed that it’s all fallen apart. Vanessa, James and Liz will get an Outback steakhouse dinner as a reward. James thinks it’s awesome to eat steak even though he didn’t want to win. Jackie is dethroned and is splattered with paint. Jackie thinks this is the worst case scenario. Shelli is panicking about Clay being on the block. Clay hopes they can still back door Austin.