Big Brother 17 Recap – Audrey’s Revolving Door: Episode 6 BB17 Nominations

Big Brother 17 Recap - Audrey's Revolving Door: Episode 6 BB17 Nominations

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Sunday July 5, season 17 episode 6 called “Episode 6”, and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode nominations for eviction are revealed.

On the last Big Brother, a vote determined who was evicted; with 12 votes to evict Jace left the Big Brother house. The remaining house guests competed for the head of household, Becky and Shelli won. Long time Big Brother fan, Kathie Griffin revealed that there is going to be another takeover. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 premiere as per the CBS synopsis “the new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate four people for possible eviction and then we move to the Battle of the Block.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.



#BigBrother begins with Shelli getting her HOH key. She’s excited and nervous to be a #BB17HOH. Becky is also thrilled and wants to get one on one time with Shelli to work on their game. Da’Vonne isn’t happy about Shelli and Becky winning HOH. Vanessa talks about Audrey’s acting out and telling people she’s a master mind of an all-girl alliance. Audrey told the guys that and says Vanessa has been working hard.

Audrey then goes to tell Vanessa that there is stuff going around about an all-girls clique with her, Liz and Jackie. It’s hard to tell if Audrey is a moron or is just devilishly clever and is starting drama to tear people apart. Maybe it’s strategic not psycho. Da’Vonne comes in then leaves. Vanessa tells Audrey it’s irritating and asks who thinks this. Audrey says Da’Vonne is one of them. Vanessa says it’s disconcerting that people think Audrey is masterminding things.

Vanessa talks to the other girls and says it hurt her when Audrey says Da’Vonne told her she was part of an all-girl’s alliance. Da’Vonne says she didn’t say it but Audrey says she did. Audrey says they don’t have to pretend to be friends now. Da’Vonne busts her out and says let’s talk to everyone about it and says #GameOn. Da’Vonne calls a house meeting to expose Audrey’s dirt. Vanessa tells Audrey she hopes she’s not lying. Audrey says it’s tough when your game play is exposed.

She wonders if this will blow up in her face. Da’Vonne pulls in a bunch of people. Jason is nervous but follows. He asks them if Audrey told them that Vanessa was at the forefront at an all-girl’s alliance. Vanessa says Audrey is a liar for blaming that on Da’Vonne. Jason tells Audrey is pathological for making up lies and then telling other people other lies. Audrey says Jason has talked the same amount of shit. Audrey scrambles to defend herself.

Da’Vonne tells Clay that Audrey was causing that mischief too. Jason says all the mistrust has all been planted by Audrey. Vanessa tells Audrey to admit that the all-girl’s alliance came from her. Audrey denies it all. The house meeting ends. Vanessa says he doesn’t want Audrey to be most hated but says having a big target can take them all one week further. Audrey says it could have gone much worse and thought people were buying what she was selling.

She says her strategy now is to play dead. Jeff talks to Da’Vonne and asks if Audrey might get Shelli to side with her. James says maybe Audrey has a lock with Becky. Da’Vonne says Audrey feels safe and now she’s worried she’ll be put up. Da’Vonne says she’s done with Audrey but says she’s not broken off with Shelli yet. Da’Vonne is worried she’ll be nominated but says she’s not scared of anyone and this is what she came for.

Shelli and Becky invite everyone to see their HOH rooms. Da’Vonne says she doesn’t (but keeps it to herself). Clay likes all the pics of Shelli and he’s digging her. Becky reads her letter from home from her sisters. Shelli reads one from her parents. Da’Vonne is smiling and applauding but says she just wants to leave. Shelli and Becky hug then sit alone to talk about nominations. Becky says Audrey is the elephant in the house. Shelli says she doesn’t want her to feel attacked, but wants her out of the game.

Becky says she doesn’t know her that well and they need four pawns to back door Audrey. They agree and Becky says to repeat what they did with Jace. They agree that Clay is a no, but Steve is a good pawn choice. Becky says they need to gather information and do what’s best for both of them. Jason says he may be nominated then Becky tells him that she and Shelli want to send Audrey home and he says she can nominate him.

Austin then talks to Shelli and he wants to make sure he won’t be back doored. She says the target should be obvious and he’s happy. James tells Becky to try and keep him safe. She says she wants to keep him safe and respects him and says they all know who’s going home. She says she likes him and they hug it. John comes in next and she says Audrey needs to go. She says it will be pawns again then another back door. He says okay.

Steve talks to Becky and she says they know what elephant in the house needs to go. She says to keep it super quiet and says things could change. He agrees not to repeat it. She says they need to keep the attention on Audrey and he agrees. Clay talks to Jeff and says he can’t trust anything out of Audrey’s mouth but says they can make her a deal. Clay says Da’Vonne should be the next to go instead. He wants to get Da’Vonne out before she comes after them.

Clay asks Meg who to send home and she says Audrey. She says she doesn’t know how to react to someone like that. Audrey plans to go talk to Clay and Jeff. She heads into the kitchen and says she has no one and has hit rock bottom. She says if they will give her an opportunity, she will go after the people who started this trouble and not them. Audrey says, in confession, she’s showing repentance. Clay says their side of the house is her only chance.

Audrey says she wants to prove herself to them. Jeff thinks she’s using Clay as a puppet and is exploiting his big heart. Shelli talks to Clay and says they’re targeting Audrey but it seems like it’s easy. Clay proposed Da’Vonne as an alternate target who might come after them. Shelli is on board with that and says Day hasn’t given her any reason to trust her. She says she won’t put him up just in case. She says she wouldn’t use him as a pawn and doesn’t want him to go home.

Clay says he will back whatever she does and to let him know. Shelli tells Jeff she wants to put someone up on the block that will make sure Da’Vonne goes home. Clay says to put him up and he can win. She wants people up for Battle of the Block that will throw it so they can insure she will stay HOH and can target Da’Vonne. Shelli goes to John to go on the block with Day and then throw BOB. Clay says they want him on their team and will make sure he doesn’t go home.

John says there is so much going on – he wonders why Clay can’t just be the pawn. He doesn’t want to be pawn again. John wonders if he should help them or save himself. Clay and John shake on it but who knows? Liz talks to the group about being shy talking in public. Becky tells them she got hit by a train last year while she was walking. She says she had her hood up and crossed the street and she walk in front of a van and looked around and the train hit her in the face.

She says it threw her back 15 feet and she broke wrist, leg and foot. She says it fractured her skull, put her teeth through her lip and she made a full recovery without plastic surgery. She says it totally changed her life. She says she calmed down and has been really basic since there. Jackie says she can’t believe a girl got hit in the face with a train. She wants to ally with her and likes it. Becky says it’s okay to call her a trainwreck. Steve finds out he’s sharing a bed with Liz tonight and is freaking out. It’s now time for #nominations.

Shelli and Becky consider their nomination choices. Da’Vonne hopes she does get nominated so if they are targeting her, at least she can’t get backdoored. Audrey is also feeling unsafe. James is worried too. Steve thinks Becky will put him up even though he’s not the target since pawns do go home. Jason says you never know and he put Becky up last week so she might put him up this week. Everyone sits for nominations.

Shelli nominates John and Da’Vonne. She says she nominated Day because she knows Day doesn’t trust her in the game. Becky nominates Jason and Steve. She says she nominated Jason because he put her on the block last week. Becky says she nominated Steve because they haven’t talked a lot. She wishes them both luck. Audrey is happy she’s not nominated but worries she could be backdoored. Becky says they have four pawns and just have to wait. Shelli says her plan is to target Da’Vonne first.

Shelli says this is a big move that’s risky for her game. Clay is happy that Shelli trusts him and says Da’Vonne is the biggest threat to his game and Shelli’s. Da’Vonne says she has to win BOB so she can go after her targets including Shelli and Audrey. Da’Vonne and Jason talk about them being the real target and talks to Jason too about why they’re not going after Audrey. Jason says they showed they’re not afraid and it’s an assault against them.

Becky tells Steve and Jason that Audrey is the target and Shelli is on board. Becky thinks everyone is really after Audrey. Jason hears the plan but says he doesn’t 100% believe this plan and says he has to win BOB to make sure he’s safe. Audrey comes into the HOH room and Clay isn’t happy she’s interrupting them. She asks if there is a plan B if Steve or Jason throws the competition. Shelli says she won’t tell Audrey anything they’re planning since she could tell other people.

Shelli just tells her she’s not talking game tonight. John talks to Da’Vonne who says she expected it. He says they need to be full on. John says he’s not sure if he should throw it. Da’Vonne asks if she can trust him and he says they’ll bring it. Audrey tells everyone it’s time for #BattleoftheBlock. They’re back on the set of Ginger Fever. Audrey says they are camera operators for Ginger Fever. She says the nominees will battle each other. She says the shot list starts flashing on the monitor.

They have to match them on the screens. She says they use their camera to find props on the set. The game is Give Me Props. Becky is relaxed because she’s sure that she’s on the same page with Shelli. John is still wondering if she should throw it or try to win it. They have to wear a shirt that puts them together. Jason and Steve have a strategy to work two cameras at a time. Davonne decides to open all the cameras at once then go the shot list.

John thinks Da’Vonne’s strategy is really done so it’s easy from him to throw it. He says she’s throwing the competition for him and he doesn’t have to sweat it. Steve and Jason are pulling ahead and are up to four shots. Da’Vonne thinks John is not helping at all. She says she has to win and is just dragging him. Steve and Jason are kicking ass. Da’Vonne and John have just two so far. Shelli is excited at how bad John and Day are doing.

Jason and Steve get their last camera positioned and slap their buzzer. They won it which means Shelli is dethroned. Jason says now he’s safe, he’s going to do everything he can to save Da’Vonne. Audrey tells Becky she’s not a head of household anymore since her people won. John is excited that he lost without having to do things. Da’Vonne says now has to win this veto by any means necessary. Next time is the power of veto competition.