Big Brother 17 Recap – Vanessa Doesn’t Use Veto – Steve and John Still On Chopping Block: BB17 Episode 28 PoV & Final Nominations

Big Brother 17 Recap - Vanessa Doesn't Use Veto - Steve and John Still On Chopping Block: BB17 Episode 28 PoV & Final Nominations

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Thursday August 26, season 17 episode 28 called “Episode 28”, we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode the Power of Veto competition is held. Check out our BB17 spoilers right here!

On the last Big Brother, the new heads of household moved into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction; the battle of the block competition. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 as per the CBS synopsis “during the veto meeting, the power of veto competition winner can save someone from eviction.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BB17 begins with the adjournment of the nomination ceremony with Johnny Mac and Steve on the block. Austin says Vanessa is still on his radar as a possible back door option. Steve is furious that Vanessa got Austin to change his mind and go back on his promise. Steve and Johnny talk and Steve says he was lied to. Steve says Vanessa did this to him. He says he knew the two of them on the block was one choice. John says there’s no way they will back door Vanessa and will leave them up.

Steve says they have to win the veto. Vanessa goes upstairs to thank Austin for not nominating her and says she will not cross them. She cries and says that she has integrity. Austin hasn’t decided what he’s going to do yet but wants to keep her on the hook. Steve comes upstairs and Austin tells Steve he won’t go home if the noms won’t change. Austin says his target is John since he’s the last person they made an alliance with. Vanessa says to pick her for the veto comp then leaves.

Steve asks Austin if he’s really not planning on sending Vanessa home. Austin says if Steve comes off the block, he has to put Vanessa up but it will be tough. #CaptainCamo, aka James, hides up in the closet in one of the bedrooms. Julia comes into the room and gets in bed then hears a thump. She says she hears tapping and they wonder if James is in the room.

Julia feels around and says he’s not. Then he slides the closet door open and taps again. She’s freaking out. Austin calls them to pick veto players and they throw ping pong balls at him. Austin draws Vanessa. John draws Meg yet again. Steve draws Julia who is thrilled since she’s never been picked. Austin talks to Liz about the nominees and she says she wants John to go home. Austin says Vanessa still may be lying. Liz insists and Austin says it’s weighing on him.

Julia comes in and asks if she should use the veto if she wins it and Austin tells her to definitely try to win. Zingbot comes in the door and everyone freaks out. Zingbot calls them all losers to start with. Zingbot says he has big news and says he’s newly zingle so he got an upgrade – and is now on Twitter. Zingbot says he heard Meg was going to take James somewhere special – the friend zone. He calls Meg out of his league – zing.

Then Zingbot says to Liz he’s confused because she’s less attractive, intelligent and charming – wait, that’s just Julia. Zing. Zingbot asks Steve what’s less cool than a trombonist than cries for his mommy – nothing – zing! Zingbot says to take out the trash, it stinks in here, then says it’s just Austin. Then he says Meg’s NY attitude is very Sex in the City, too bad her game play is more Sucks in the City. Zing. Then he says to John, 5 out of 5 dentists agree, the only less attractive than his laugh is his back hair.

John later shows off his back hair and says Zingobt is jealous and stupid. Zingbot says to Vanessa, she has been playing a masterful game, assuming that game is the crying game. Zing. Then he says to Liz, she became an important part of Austin’s life, then asks if she’s more excited to meet his mom, is dad or his girlfriend. Zing. Austin curses and says really. Liz says that freaking Zingbot. Then he says it’s time for the veto competition.

Afterward, Liz says she knew Austin had a GF and it’s not her problem. She asks Austin how long he went out with her and he says he’s been dating her for 18 months. Austin is upset because this is a big distraction just before the veto comp. She says he stinks and she’s hooking up with a guy who has a GF. Now it’s time for the #Veto competition. Liz and James sit down with popcorn to watch it. It’s a Zingobt bachelor pad. The directions are to recognize which three houseguests a Fembot photo is made of.

The winner will be the one who gets them all right the fastest. The first is Julia, Jackie and Jeff and Julia gets it quickly. She gets the second one fast but falters on the third. She finally gets it and moves on. She gets the fourth one fast and then the fifth pretty fast. The last one goes pretty fast too. Julia then comes in to watch with Liz and James. She did it in 4:45. Steve is next. He hopes he can win this. Steve struggles with the first one but gets the second one easily.

The third he misses on then gets it. The fourth gives him trouble and the fifth. He lands it and is on the last one with little time left. He runs out of time so Julia still has the win so far. Steve comes into the room and joins them. Austin is next and he says he’s not the best at details since he didn’t notice Liz and Julia were twins for two weeks. Austin can’t figure out it’s Liz’s nose. She’s upset that he doesn’t know her face. His time runs out too.

He comes in and they tell him he sucks for not knowing Liz. Vanessa is next. She’s worried she could be back doored and wants to win the competition to ensure her safety. Vanessa is flying through it. She struggles with the sixth one. But she gets it in less than three minutes and the veto is hers. John is next. He worries and thinks they’re lying to him so he thinks he has to win this veto. He’s struggling from the start and then the time runs out.

John says he feels crushed and he doesn’t want Vanessa to have it since she’s his worst enemy. Last up is Meg. She wants to win so she can protect she or James. Meg gets stuck on her own nose. Then her time runs out. That means the veto is in Vanessa’s hands. Vanessa is thrilled and says this means she can get some sleep tonight. John knows he’s in trouble and has to think how he can regroup from this because as of now, he’s sure that he’s going to jury.

John is in the yard eating when Vanessa comes out – she says she can’t sleep. Vanessa asks John if he’s over the thing with Becky. John says he is. Then she asks if he’s over the thing with Clay. He says he’s over it and alone in this game. John says he has lost friend after friend and everyone wants to keep Steve. Vanessa says she gets that and has been alone a long time in this game. John says they might be the biggest enemies in the house. Vanessa says it’s dumb to go after each other.

She says everyone is building numbers and they’re stuck in the middle. John thinks sometimes you have to make a deal with the devil. Vanessa says she wants to work with him and doesn’t want him to go. She says she has to see where Austin’s head is at this morning. She says she has to get Austin on board so he’s not pissed at her. Vanessa goes to talk to Austin and says John’s back is against the wall and says they should not keep Meg and James and says they are a strong duo.

She says they can have John in their back pocket. She says they should target Meg instead of James. Austin says James feels for Meg like he feels for Liz. Austin says James will be nuts. He says if Jackie comes back then, they would be tight. Austin thinks she’s being selfish because he doesn’t want to put up Meg or James. He says it’s a big time scenario. He says he’s fucked if she uses the veto. Vanessa says she doesn’t have to.

John comes to talk to Vanessa who feels like her hands are tied. She says Austin asked her not to use it and will come after her if she does. She says it’s too risky for her game. She says she tried. John tells Vanessa she’s at the bottom of the totem pole whether he’s there or not. He asks if she knew about the five person alliance to get her out. He says it was Austin, the twins, him and Steve. He says he was looking for an alliance and he was after her.

Vanessa asks why they would flip the script on her. Then Vanessa goes to ask Julia who says Johnny Mac was lying to her. She asks what John is trying to do. Then she says it was Steve’s idea. She says Steve wanted to bring John into it and suggested the five way alliance. Liz says it was all Steve. She asks why Steve would want that and she says Steve and John were working together. Vanessa is upset and says she was looking out for Steve in the game.

She says a lot of it is fake and Steve took her for a fool. Steve comes in while she’s curling her hair and she says he’s annoying her. She tells him it’s a good idea to leave her alone and he leaves wondering what’s going on. Then Vanessa asks to talk to Steve and says John told her about the five person alliance to get rid of her. She asks whose idea it was and she says the twins told her it was him. He insists it wasn’t him. He presses her and she asks if it was John’s idea.

Vanessa blows up and says he should be worried and doesn’t have her vote. Vanessa goes to stare at the photo wall then puts on the veto medallion. John hopes she’ll use the veto on him. Steve is really nervous and says Vanessa may use the veto. Vanessa says she feels alone and betrayed by those she thought were closest to her. She thinks the #POV is the only reason she’s still there. She calls everyone for the veto meeting.

Vanessa says Steve and John have been nominated then tells them to make their statements. Steve says he congratulates her on her win and will respect her strategic decision. John says he feels like he’s been there before and knows asking her to use the veto on him is like him being a gazelle asking a tiger to spare him. Vanessa tells them she knows that they were both targeting her last week. Austin’s eyes open in shock. Vanessa says she’s not using the veto. She adjourns the meeting.

John says he doesn’t care if Steve has to go and will go for the win mercilessly. Steve is worried. Vanessa says it’s a good moment to be able to fend for herself and make the move to save herself.