Big Brother 17 Recap – John Returns – Vanessa Wins Head of Household, Nominates Meg and James: BB17 Episode 30 ‘HoH & Nominations’

Big Brother 17 Recap - John Returns - Vanessa Wins Head of Household, Nominates Meg and James: BB17 Episode 30 'HoH & Nominations'

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Thursday August 30, season 17 episode 30 called “Episode 30”, we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode nominations for eviction are revealed after the HoH endurance competition is complete. Check out our CDL BB17 spoilers to find out who won POV and what Vanessa is doing about it!

On the last Big Brother, a vote determined who was evicted; the remaining house guests competed for the head of household position. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 as per the CBS synopsis “the new heads of household move into their rooms and nominate two people for possible eviction; the battle of the block competition.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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#BB17 begins with the #HOH and returning juror competition. The last juror still on their rope gets back in the house and the last person in general standing is the next HOH. They twirl and bounce off the hand. Steve is worried Jackie will win and come after him. Jackie is worried that she would be back on the block if she got back in and also didn’t win HOH. Liz hopes that anyone but Johnny Mac getes back in the house.

Vanessa is determined to win HOH since she sent most of the jurors out of the house. Becky wants to get back in to send Vanessa home. The hand slap part of the challenge seems pretty rough plus they’re getting more and more dizzy. James says he feels like Miley on a wrecking ball. Austin really hopes Liz or Julia can win this. Julia gets really dizzy and drops off – she’s out first and Austin hangs his head in frustration.

Shelli says it’s harder than it looks and says their hands are hurting, arms are sore and she’s struggling to stay on. Meg says she can’t trust anyone but James so she’s trying to hang on as long as she can. Steve is in pain and says he wants to win because he doesn’t know who he can trust but then he falls. Meg follows close behind. James sees Meg drop and knows he has to hang on. He doesn’t want Shelli to come back after him for sending Clay home.

James is struggling and finally falls. James hopes Becky, Jackie or Johnny Mac will win instead of Shelli. Jackie thinks it’s funny how hard Vanessa is fighting to win since she’s scared of the past house guests. Liz takes a hard hit and her disk flips. She’s out. Vanessa and the four jurors are left. Jackie’s feet slip and she’s out of it too. Vanessa sees that it’s just her and the jurors and she’s scared. Becky falls and is so upset that she’s out. She and Jackie have to leave right away.

Shelli takes a hit and falls and that means John is back into the house. It’s now John vs Vanessa for HOH. Liz is upset that he’s back in and could be HOH. Austin is terrified that Johnny Mac will win HOH and send him home. Vanessa tells John that he’s safe and can drop out. Austin is now more scared. John doesn’t want anyone else in the house to think he’s working with her. Vanessa says she wants a letter from her GF Mel and begs him to drop out.

John is struggling and his feet are slipping so he finally steps down based on Vanessa promise to keep him safe. Vanessa is the new #HOH. Liz says this is great and is sure the twins and Austin are safe. John says Vanessa is the biggest liar he’s met but is certain she’ll be loyal since she’s at the bottom of the heap with Austin and the twins. They head back into the house and Austin asks Liz what John meant when he said he had business to take care of.

Liz wants to send John right back out. #MacIsBack. Liz and Austin talk to Julia and they all agree that Vanessa had better put John up on the block. Liz is worried and says John has a vengeance against them for no reason (hello, they sent him home). The twins talk about how much they hate him and then trash talk him horribly. Those girls are horrible, horrible, spoiled, awful people. Seriously. They wonder why he has the right to be mad at them when they double crossed him and sent him out?

Vanessa is very happy that she won and wants to redraw game lines to refavor her. Meg and James wonder if they will be all right. James doesn’t know how close she is to Austin and the twins. James wonders if she might go after Austin and the twins. James says it’s a smart strategy and Vanessa isn’t dumb. Steve and John high five. John is happy to be back and laughs about it. Steve wonders if he can trust Vanessa. Steve is so happy to have John back.

Steve and John talk about being distant so no one knows they’re working together. Vanessa comes to talk to John and asks if he just fell. He says he couldn’t take the deal in public so no one would know but he really wants to work with her. They high five and hug. Vanessa knows she’s at the bottom of the alliance with Austin and the twins and her being able to work with John and Steve will help her game. She says to pretend like they are still arguing.

Vanessa says everyone assumes she’s going to put him up so it’s about to get crazy. Vanessa talks to Austin and she says John turned down her after. Austin says John basically said he was coming after them. Steve comes in and says they’re the detonators this season. Austin says they can just put him out. Steve and Vanessa also have made up recently right before the eviction. Vanessa says she can forgive him so Steve is feeling pretty confident.

Once they’re alone, Vanessa tells Steve that they with John can beat the twins and Austin. She plans on targeting James, but isn’t sure what she should do. Meg talks about how everyone in the house calls her grandma and makes fun of her. Vanessa calls everyone to see her HOH room. They all go upstairs and see photos of her hot GF. Vanessa is happy to have photos of her GF Mel and her dogs. James is looking around for a photo of Vanessa’s hot mom.

Vanessa tells Austin and the twins that James didn’t tell her congratulations. She tells them she’s not sure about Meg and James like they are. Austin tries to speak up but Vanessa says that’s the better game move for her is to target Meg and James. We see a flashback to Meg and James talking about voting against Steve because he’s the pawn of the twins and Austin. Vanessa tells Austin and the twins that they were trying to flip her. She says James is a larger physical threat.

Liz says now she knows she can’t trust Meg and James and says they’ve been riding on their coat tails. Austin sits with Liz in the HOH room. Austin says after Zingbot mentioned his GF, things were rough with them. He says he needs to ask Liz something then asks if she’ll be his GF. Liz says that’s very respectful and thanks him. She says yes she will. Liz is so happy to be his official GF and says she did have some doubts after Zingbot, but feels better now that he’s asked her to be his GF.

She says it’s #LiztinOfficial. They hug and kiss. Julia hides in the closet so she can try and prank Austin since she hasn’t been able to prank Austin. Everyone lies down for the night and Austin lies down with Liz and they’re kissing. Then Julia makes a noise then leaps on them scaring Austin. She says she’s coming after James next. Everyone high fives and laughs at Austin. Meg and James come to see Vanessa and she wants to know if Austin has been straight with her.

Vanessa tells Meg and James that she’s open to big moves and asks if they have any information to help her decide what’s best. James sighs and says nothing. Vanessa says she knows everyone wanted her out last week and Meg says she didn’t know anything about that. Meg knows if you say anything to Vanessa it can come back. She then tells them she’s probably going after John and asks if either of them will be a pawn. Meg says both of them have been on the block a lot.

James says he would go up instead of Meg but Meg says no. She says Vanessa can put her up then starts crying and says to put her up first. Meg says to please not put him up. Vanessa says they’re giving her more of a reason to target her. James says if he won HOH, he would not front door or back door her. He says he would put up Austin or the twins next week. She still thinks she has to target them unless they have some info on Austin and the twins for her.

James and Meg talk later and she says he can’t sacrifice himself for her because she doesn’t want to be a damsel in distress. James hopes Vanessa goes after bigger targets. James and Meg seem to think their self sacrificing thing would work on her. James still thinks that Vanessa is not as close to Austin and the twins as she really is. James says Vanessa needs to understand that she’s an underdog too. James has a thought and says when he was HOH, Vanessa promised him a deal to keep him and someone else safe.

We replay it and she sure did – she said if she was HOH before final seven, she would keep him safe plus one other person. James thinks she should bring it up. Meg says he should think about it. James doesn’t want to piss her off. He waffles and says maybe he should bring up the deal. Meg says if they go up as a pawn, they might be less likely to go up next week. It’s the day for #Nominations. James isn’t sure what will happen and hopes they will be safe.

John feels pretty confident that he won’t be nominated. Vanessa considers all her options. Vanessa calls everyone for the nomination ceremony. Vanessa reveals she nominated Meg and James. She tells them she nominated them and says it was a game move, not a personal thing. Meg is feeling really played and says James is the only person who has her back and knows either she or James will leave and she’ll be alone either way. Austin thinks they are getting what they deserve.

James regrets not bringing up the deal they made and he says he’s looking forward to the veto competition to try and win it.