Big Brother 17 Recap – Who Won BB17, Steve Wins After Evicting Vanessa! Finale “Winner Chosen”

Big Brother 17 Recap - Who Won BB17, Steve Wins After Evicting Vanessa! Finale "Winner Chosen"

Tonight on CBS Big Brother 17 airs with an all new Wednesday September 23, season 17 finale called “Episode 40”, we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode a winner will be revealed the nine juror members will decide who will win the half-million dollar prize.

On the last Big Brother, the episode featured footage from the first part of the HOH competition and a recap of the entire season. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s BB17 as per the CBS synopsis “the jury interviews the finalists and then votes for the final winner who will take home the $500,000 prize Liz Nolan, Steve Moses, or Vanessa Rousso.”

Big Brother 17 airs tonight at 8pm with an exciting new episode, we will be live blogging the show with all the up-to-the-minute details so make sure to come back to Celeb Dirty Laundry and watch the show with us. Can’t wait to see how all the drama plays out, how about you? Are you excited about Big Brother 17? Who are you rooting for to win? Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts.

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It’s the #BB17Finale. The final three are Vanessa, Steve and Liz. We see that Steve played the nice guy and Liz played a showmance. Vanessa played the crying game. We see where we last left off with part one of the final HOH. The winner will advance to part three straight from #HOHPart1. They are already covered I sticky goo then they get powdered sugar blown on them. Liz is confident in her final two deal with Vanessa and Vanessa is confident with her deal with both of them but all three are playing hard.

Steve says this is gooey sticky and it’s cold. They have been on the apples for nearly two hours then are sprayed with whipped cream. Then they tell them to slide onto the apple and off of the disk to make things harder. That makes balancing a lot harder. After three hours and 15 minutes, they get sprayed more. Steve loses a shoe and says it’s the carnival from hell. Steve falls. He says his thighs didn’t have the strength and hopes part two is more mental than physical. Now it’s Vanessa and Liz.

Vanessa decides to try some psychological warfare. She tells Liz that her muscles aren’t tired. Liz is feeling the pain. She tells Liz she has a way better shot at round two. Vanessa says Liz is going to ruin herself for round two if she tries to hang on. Vanessa says she has no shot at round two. Liz asks her if she will take her and Vanessa promises. Liz lets herself fall – she fell for Vanessa’s ploy. Vanessa is evil at talking people into things.

Liz and Steve will face off in #HOHPart2. Steve is ready to beat Liz in part two so he can move on. The second part of the HOH is set up like a crossword puzzle. Steve is so excited and thinks he has this in the bag. They will compete individually. They have to complete the puzzle using clues from the season. They have to fill them in with letter tiles and hit the bell in the fastest time to move to part 3. Steve thinks Vanessa will take him anyway but he still wants to win this.

Steve is zipping through it but loses an H. He finds it in his bag, gets the last clue and hits the bell. Now it’s Liz’s turn. Liz is worried since Steve is smart so she’s trying to move as fast as possible. She’s also stuck on the same last clue Steve was that was answered by “Double Eviction.” She gets it and slaps the bell. Then Vanessa and Steve come out and they reveal Steve’s time was 28 minutes. Liz did it in 31 minutes. Steve wins part two and Liz is out of it for the final HOH.

Vanessa is confident Steve would take her, but just in case, she wants to win part 3. Steve thinks he can’t beat Vanessa in the end at the jury so he wants to win and take Liz. Will Kirby meets with the #BBJury and reveals the final three. Austin says he would cut off his ponytail beard if Vanessa was voted out. They bring out Johnny Mac. John asks why he’s always surrounded by a bunch of loser. Julia is thrilled. John says he was blindsided and says Vanessa totally brainwashed Liz.

Austin is shocked that Liz trusts Vanessa at all and says that pisses him off. He says it was tough to pretend to be Vanessa’s best friend. He’s very bitter. Everyone raises their hands when Will asks if Vanessa sent them out. Jackie says her game play is good but she sent her out. Shelli says Vanessa has bene changing the game and it’s impressive. James says Vanessa treated it like a job and was constantly strategizing. Meg says Vanessa is a competition beast.

Shelli says that’s another reason for her to make it to the final two. Shelli says Vanessa wins and plays hard. Becky says Vanessa swore on the gay community and was lying and says she doesn’t feel good about winning. James says Steve has been under the radar. Shelli says Steve threw competitions he didn’t need to win and he connected personally with all of them. Shelli says he’s brilliantly social. Meg says he knew to stay out of the way. John says Steve is a rat. He says he had protection all over.

He says Vanessa had to fight for herself and Steve came to him for a lot of help. Julia says Steve sent Jackie out and was hysterical and couldn’t own up to his decisions and was a little cowardly. Will says Liz was in the twin twist and a showmance and survived those both. Jackie says Liz has gotten big targets out and a lot of blood on her hands. James says Liz should win because she’s there and they’re all out of it. John says he thinks she rode someone else to the end and Austin asks if she means literally.

Johnny Mac talks about Liz’s poor nomination strategies. Meg says she’s cheerleading for Liz. Becky says Austin was a much better strategizer. Austin says they need to see what Liz does. Will asks if them evicting Vanessa will change things and Austin says he would think about voting for Steve if he sent Vanessa out. Julia says she will vote for Liz no matter what. Will tells them to find the right player they think is most deserving to win.

Steve and Vanessa play #HOHPart3 in a scales of justice type challenge. They have to identify statements that people made and complete the statement. It will be a choice of A or B and they each get a point for the correct answer. First question is Shelli talking about favorite moment. The answer was winning HOH and Vanessa misses it. Steve gets the point. Jackie’s is the most annoying thing about the house. The answer is the constant paranoia. Neither one gets it. Next is Becky talking about the biggest lie. The answer was everything out of Audrey’s mouth. They both get a point. It’s 2-1 Steve.

Next is Meg saying the houseguest who needs a reality check. The answer is Clay giving up money for the girl. They both get it so it’s 3-2 Steve. Next is James talking about the strongest competitor. He said it was Johnny mac. They both miss it and the score doesn’t change. Julia said the person whose game play she respected was Austin. They both get it right and the score moves to 4-3 Steve. Austin said the most embarrassing moment was ZIngbot saying he stinks. Vanessa ties it up at 4-4.

Final question is John saying the best part of being in the house was not having to drill people’s nasty teeth. Steve wins the final HOH. Will Steve make the big move and vote out Vanessa? Steve now decides who take to the final two with him. He tells Julie he’s not ready. She tells him to stand and say the vote to evict. Steve tells Vanessa she’s the strongest female player this game has ever seen. He says he admires her as a fan and says he knows she can talk her way into the jury.

He says he can’t take the stronger player with him and votes to evict her. Vanessa tells him good game and hugs him then congratulates Liz. He tells her he’s sorry. Liz thanks Steve and hugs him. Vanessa comes out to a cheering crowd. Liz says she wasn’t expecting that. Steve tells Liz to come to the memory wall but she can’t stop crying. They hug each other. Julie asks Vanessa what she’s thinking. Vanessa says she knew it could happen and saw it come a little bit and never fully trusted him.

Vanessa says she’s not sure if Steve made the right move for his game and says it will come down to the jury and says she was not going to take Steve to the final two. Julie says her finger prints were on every eviction. Vanessa says she fought and tried her best. Julie says she played an amazing game. The jury comes out onto the stage now. Shelli, Jackie, Becky, Meg, James, Julia, Austin, and John. The crowd is very loud of Jonny Mac who plays for it.

Julie tells them the ninth person was just evicted and asks Julia who it is. Julia says she won’t guess and can’t even talk. Austin says Vanessa then she comes out. Austin says he’s very happy to see that Steve made an excellent decision and says the boy became a man. Johnny Mac says he’s so happy right now. Julie says Steve won final HOH and chose to take Liz to final two. They got to come up with three questions for each finalist.

Johnny Mac is first. Julie tells Steve and Liz that the jury will vote in a moment and have some questions. John asks Steve says he relied him and Vanessa for a lot of game decisions and asks if he’s wrong. Steve says he was not piggybacking on them. He says it was his friendship with Austin that helped. He says it was his moves. He says he made friends with James and then got into the scamper squad. He says he split up the twins and Austin and was also the one to go after Jackie leaving the others without her.

Becky asks Liz about Austin influencing all of her strategy. Liz says that’s a good question and says she came in with a huge target because she was a twin and had to get the target off her back. She says she aligned with Austin and Vanessa but held her own and did her own campaigning. She says Austin did help her out a lot. James asks Steve why they should vote for him when he floated while Liz played hard. Steve says he fought his way off the block twice and then got into strong alliances.

He says he had layers of people protecting him because he built bridges for the later half of the game. Julia asks Liz other than winning competitions, what was her biggest game move. She says she aligned with strong competitors like Vanessa and Austin who made them a trio that people were scared to breach and that got her this far. Jackie asks Steve about him not talking strategy with them and he was just a vote. She says prove us wrong about your strategic game.

He says he was building a relationship with Austin to hide the scamper squad and had a fake tiff with Austin to do that. Austin asks Liz why she deserves to win the money over Steve. Liz says she came in with a huge disadvantage with a twin and says it was a blessing and curse. She says Steve is a huge superfan, she wants the money so bad. Julie says they both get to make a final statement. Liz says she came in not a huge superfan like Steve or a big gamer but has grown a love of the game.

She says she loves her twin and it was a miracle they lasted 85 days together. She says she won three HOHs, a veto and a BOB. She says she’s had the best summer of her life and loves Big Brother. Steve says he’s a nerdy and awkward guy who loves his mom. He says Liz spent weeks not doing anything while Julia was playing for her and he was playing the whole time. He says he had four HOHs and just got out Vanessa the strongest. He says Liz just followed suit while he made more individual moves.

Steve’s speech was much more convincing. It’s time to vote. Shelli says she loves them both and says it’s hard for them. She tells Steve she knows his mom is proud and says Julia is so excited for her. She says she voted with her heart. Jackie is next and says she’s proud of them both. She says her vote goes to the person who has dreamed of this his whole life. Becky is next and says may the best one win. Meg is next and says they look hot. She says her heart is torn but she’s going to give credit to some big moves.

James is next and says they both did an amazing job. He says he’s letting Jesus take the wheel on this like Carrie Underwood. Julia almost trips then says her vote is really obvious. Austin is next and tells Liz he loves her and is proud of Steve. He says the heart wants what it wants. Johnny Mac is next and he says he has to choose between the worst alliance member ever or a twin. He says good job. Vanessa goes last and says her vote will go for the person that best represents this season. The votes are done.

Da’Vonne, Jeff, Audrey, Clay, Jace and Jason are there. Da’Vonne talks about how Judas was going to take over but he’s in jury. Austin says she got him and the Judas thing would be cool in his own weird way but then he liked people too much. He says he couldn’t do it. Da’Vonne says he’s just Austin in a hat and he laughs. Vanessa tells them 90% of what she told them was the truth but says she’s a professional poker player and has won more than $4.5 million on the circuit and says she’s only a deejay for fun.

Jason says Vanessa got through the game flawlessly but didn’t see her own the game and took credit. He says she just cried and didn’t know why she did it and he wanted her to say she wanted to bathe in their blood. Vanessa laughs and says she loves that. Audrey talks about being back home and says she’s having the time of her life and says she’s had a very warm response and people have written to tell her she’s inspired and says she feels like a winner for changing lives. She’s all teary.

Back from the break, Julie is ready to crown the winner. They need at least five votes to win. Vanessa voted for Liz. Johnny Mac voted for Steve. Austin voted for Liz. Julia voted for Liz. James voted for Steve. Meg voted for Steve. It’s tied. Becky voted for Steve. Jackie voted for Steve and that’s enough for him to be the #BB17Winner. Steve comes out to get lots of hugs. Shelli runs straight for Clay. Austin goes for Liz and then finally goes to hug Steve.

Julie shows that Shelli also voted for Steve which gave him a clear victory. Julie now reveals the top three vote getters for most popular – it was Johnny Mac, James and Jason. James wins most popular player and gets the $25k. Steve says he never thought about winning so he has no plans and will just save and be smart with it.