Big Women Big Love Recap 1/28/15: Season 1 Episode 5 “Broken Dreams and Chicken Wings”

Big Women Big Love Recap 1/28/15: Season 1 Episode 5 "Broken Dreams and Chicken Wings"

On Lifetime tonight Big Women Big Love airs with an all new Wednesday January 28, season 1 episode 5 called “Broken Dreams and Chicken Wings,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Kristi goes on a string of dates with a new guy, leading to a conflict with her family.

On the last episode, Sabrina went on a salsa dancing date that turned into a disaster; Jessica struggled with an ex. Meanwhile, Jenn’s date started off on the wrong foot and Kristi met a man. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “Kristi goes on a string of dates with a new guy, leading to a conflict with her family; Jenn’s friends try to help with her love life with mixed results; and Sabrina visits Mar for a big night out in New Jersey.”

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Kristi is going on a date with Jefferson, the guy she picked up at the restaurant. Melissa says she got a bad vibe from the guy because he came to the restaurant with another woman. She tells her that he is a bartender at a strip club, and Melissa says she thinks they should keep looking. Her mom calls him a “creep,” and Melissa says the strip club objectifies women.
Kristi doesn’t want to make any assumptions about him just based on what he does.

Mar is doing a showcase, her first in over a year. She is afraid people are going to notice her weight gain and not listen to her voice. She calls Sabrina and invites her.

Jenn goes out with her male friends, who encourage her to hit on a guy at the bar. Jenn usually doesn’t approach guys in real life because she’s afraid of rejection. She is ignored by the first guy she tries to talk to. She sees a guy she actually thinks is cute, and he gives her his number.

Jessica’s mom comes into the kitchen when she’s cooking, and asks where she was last night. She tells her mom about being ditched by her date, Chris. After the two bad experiences with guys from her past, Jessica has finally decided to leave her skeletons in her closet. However, she is still on the b.s. about trying to be “softer” and “let the man be the man.”

Kristi goes on her first date with Jefferson. They have fun together, and Jefferson makes her laugh. Kristi is surprised the date is going well, without her having to drink too much and put on a show. They make out in the cab on the way to the bar.

Kristi and Jefferson get drinks. He jokes about them getting married, and she finds out he has been married three times at 36 years old. He tells her she is the most fascinating human being he has ever met, and that she is beautiful. Taking advice from the seminar, she decides not to take the date any further and to go home.

Mar tells Sabrina that Richie showed up the other night, drunk in front of her house, to go on a rant about how much he hurt her. However, she tries to get him off her mind to get ready for her performance.

Jenn is meeting another guy online, and her friends want to meet him with her to make sure he isn’t a creeper. Her date, Jacob, arrives, and her friend immediately asks if he is a rapist or serial killer. They eventually approve of him and let her go on the date with this guy.
He tells her he has never been in a relationship in his entire life, which Jenn relates to, but they have nothing else in common.
He starts complaining about a woman who met him online and wanted to go on a dinner date instead of a coffee date or something. Jenn says most women will think he just wants to spend $2 on her if he just invites her out for coffee. Jenn goes to the bathroom, and when she comes back, Jacob has eaten all of the chicken wings.

Kristi goes on a second date with Jefferson. He tells her he is leaving the strip club because it’s too much of a soul-sucking experience for him.
He asks her what she’s doing for Valentine’s Day, and tells her he is very non commitment phobic, and Kristi starts to think he seems clingy.
Kristi decides to take him home, despite the fact that she lives with her parents. However, she doesn’t let him stay the night.

At her showcase, Mar performs her new song, “Skateboard,” about her “loser ex,” Richie.

Kristi tells her mom that she’s been thinking about moving out, being a single woman who wants to date. She also thinks she isn’t being a good example to Layla because she treats both of them as mothers.