Blindspot Recap 10/12/15: Season 1 Episode 4 “Bone May Rot”

Blindspot Recap 10/12/15: Season 1 Episode 4 "Bone May Rot"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday October 12 season 1 episode 4 called, “Bone May Rot,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Patterson (Ashley Johnson) and her puzzle-loving boyfriend decode a tattoo, and it leads the team to the Centers for Disease Control.

Bindspot is about an unidentified woman with amnesia who is found covered with tattoos, and the FBI soon realize that each mark on her body reveals a crime to be solved

On the last episode, Jane learned she had the same Navy SEAL tattoo as a recently captured jewel thief. Meanwhile, a man from Jane’s memory visited her; and Weller and Mayfair were unsure about Jane’s role on the team. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per NBC’s synopsis “Patterson and her puzzle-loving boyfriend decode a tattoo, and it leads the team to the Centers for Disease Control, where they unearth a destructive plot with possible global repercussions. Meanwhile, the bond between Jane and Weller deepens.”

Blindspot airs at 10 PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates.

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#Blindspot starts two years ago at a biohazard lab. We see people working in the lab and a man accessing an inner chamber. He talks to Juliette who is incubating something. Then the scientist, Walter, starts coughing blood and keels over. She sets off an alarm and begs him to stay with her. She sees a rip in his HEPA suit. Patterson fusses at her BF because he’s looking at the photos of Taylor’s tattoos. He says he figured out the leaf one and shows her it’s not about the leaves. It’s about the intersection.

She says oh my God then they get some clarity. Dr Borden tells Taylor now that they know her identity they can answer some questions. She asks Kurt if she has family. He says she was raised by a single mother named Emma Shaw and she’s since passed away. Taylor asks about her and Kurt says she was a great mom and she was her whole world. He says she had no siblings but spent a lot of time with he and his sister. Taylor says whoever put his name on her back knew about their childhood connection.

Kurt says it’s a start and Borden says these can all trigger memories. That ends their session and Borden asks Kurt to share details of Taylor’s childhood with her and says it may help. Edgar spots Zapata with a guy and asks if that’s her new BF and says he’s not her usual scary type. Zapata says he’s in a rut swiping away on Tinder. Patterson tells the team about the leaf tattoo. She says the overlap matters. Patterson says it’s part of a logo – it’s the CDC. Patterson says the CDC HQ is at the corner of Oak and Maple.

Interesting side note – that is categorically untrue. The CDC HQ is in Atlanta and is on Clifton Road with no roads named that anywhere nearby. Patterson lies about how she realized this. Zapata asks what they’re looking for. They head out to the CDC. Edgar tells Kurt he doesn’t like Taylor being armed and out in the field with them. Taylor overhears this as Kurt says he’s tired of talking to him about this and says he’s coming along. They head to the CDC and Deputy Director Rebecca Fine meets them.

Then Frank Surrey, Military Liaison, meets them. Kurt says they’re working on a classified case. Juliette Chang shows up to take them on a tour. She says they have to go through decontamination before they go inside. Edgar checks out Juliette. Juliette says she’s going to put UV light on them to decontaminate them. They all are shocked to see numbers on Taylor’s face and Kurt says that’s why they bring her in the field. Patteron says this type of tattoo isn’t rare.

Patterson says only the CDC light is the only one that would have shown it – the numbers tie to a lab specimen and Juliette says each ties to a vial of a disease. Kurt asks shouldn’t those diseases be kept at a level four lab and Rebecca says they have a confidential level four lab there. Walter was the last person to come into contact with those vials and he died from botulism from a tear in his suit. They are taken down to the level four lab. Taylor asks Juliette if she knew Walter personally.

Juliette says she was there when he died and it was a shock because he was always so careful. Juliette says the process to get into that lab is more complicated. Patterson checks in with Bethany on the file and she tells Patterson she can’t get it unredacted. Bethany says it could affect agents in the field so it’s too dangerous. She shuts down Patterson’s questions and asks how she really cracked the CDC tattoo. Patterson doesn’t answer and Bethany says to get back to work.

Juliette takes them into the level four lab and tells them about the temperature the specimens are kept at. She slips on gloves and pulls out a rack of specimens. She checks and sees that the vial numbers tattooed on Taylor are missing from each of the specimen boxes. These are all deadly viruses. Then an alarm buzzes. Juliette says they’re in lockdown and someone must have breached something. Juliette says the last time this happened was when Walter died.

Juliette says they have to stay there until the lockdown is lifted and Kurt demands to know how long. Edgar and Zapata think the timing of the alert is suspect. Kurt says this is deliberate because they found out the vials are gone. Taylor says what can they do. Taylor asks him to tell her about the night she went missing. He says he was the only one there because her mom worked nights. He says she went to bed and he went in later to check on her but she was gone.

He says he searched the whole house and she wasn’t there and there were no doors or windows open and no signs of forced entry – it was like she just vanished. Taylor gets a flash of memory of a man gesturing for her to be silent and taking her hand and leading her out. She asks about suspects and he says just one – his father. He says there never any evidence but his dad lied about his alibi and it seemed too close. He says his dad denied it then and still does. The lockdown is lifted.

Juliette says she told Frank about the missing vials. Juliette says Rebecca initiated the alarm and it looks like a false alarm. Edgar and Zapata go looking for Rebecca who left before the alarm went off and she accessed her computer remotely. Frank says only two people can get to that freezer – he and Rebecca. Edgar tells them that Rebecca fled and sent the signal for the alert from her place in Brooklyn. This is cray – there is NO CDC facility in New York. There’s only one and it’s in Atlanta – sloppy writing!!

Kurt calls in for them to pick up Rebecca at her apartment. We see Rebecca setting her watch at her apartment. Patterson says Rebecca was running a secret private lab in Brooklyn and they don’t know what she was doing but she was experimenting with hemorrhagic fever that could do terrible things. Rebecca has since gone dark. Zapata says there were several disease outbreaks that were tied to missing vials and it looks like Rebecca set them off because she was traveling nearby before the outbreaks.

Kurt wonders why Rebecca did this. She stole 10 disease strains and has used nine. Patterson says they find aerosol cans and she was weaponizing the virus. Rebecca’s husband used his credit card at a gas station so they have a bead on where she is. Rebecca has lied to her husband and has him driving her out of town. A cop car pulls up behind them and puts on sirens. Then another comes up in front of them. Rebecca tells him to pull over and he does.

He asks what’s going on and Rebecca says she loves him and is trying to save the world. She says this will be faster. She shoots him in the heart then shoots herself in the head. Bethany takes a call then comes back and tells the team that they were heading to Rebecca’s mother’s place. Patterson says they found a receipt from the cruise terminal and Kurt says that’s a great place to infect people and spread it around the world. She could even put the device somewhere in the open.

Taylor points out the timer on Rebecca’s watch and they see they have until 4 pm to find it. Kurt says Rebecca was running to get out of the hot zone. Kurt says there’s no time to call in a HEPA team and he and Taylor speed out. She thinks about the night she was taken and asks if he blames himself for her going missing. She says he’s been living with it for 25 years and asks if he talked to his dad about her. He says he and his dad don’t talk and it’s not that simple. He says he can’t talk about his now.

Kurt and Taylor pull up and see people evacuating from the terminal. He and Taylor run into the fray. He says to look for anything that looks out of place. Edgar is there and Zapata too. They all fan out. Edgar checks security footage. They have 30 minutes before the event. Taylor looks around as does Kurt while the other two scan security tapes. Kurt spots some luggage and says all the bags are linked except one. He calls Zapata and asks her to pull the footage from the check-in desk.

They do and spot Rebecca. They have to contain it and Kurt asks where the HAZMAT team is – they are stuck in the evac traffic. They call Patterson to ask what to do. She says to shut every door and window and shut down HVAC. She says they need to McGyver something to put the bag in. They find plastic and duct tape and Patterson says to make it air tight until HAZMAT gets there. They have it contained. It’s 4 pm then they see smoke pour out of the bag.

Patterson gets a call from her BF and he asks if they were right about the tattoo. She says they were and he says he knows she can’t tell him. He asks about the bird and she says it was a logo then says it’s classified and he can’t look at them. He says there’s no problem if he can help her crack things faster. She sees Bethany looking and says she has to go and says not to call her at work. The HAZMAT guys check them out for possible infection. Frank is there from the CDC and tells Kurt to step away.

Kurt refuses and says he has to keep it secure. He asks Frank how well he knew Rebecca and he says he brought her to the CDC. Patterson radios Kurt and says not to let Frank near the device. She says he purchased a plane ticket an hour ago with layovers all over the world. She says she thinks he’s going to infect himself and him and then fly around the world. Kurt tells Frank to stop and it’s over. Frank says the greatest threat to mankind is modern medicine.

He says they create cures for diseases that should never be cured. He says the planet is not designed to support this many people. He says the CDC is there to save mankind not to cure diseases. He says they need the courage to save the species. He says the diseases are the planet trying to save itself. Frank and Kurt grapple. Taylor runs in and leaps over the chairs and takes Frank out right before he was about to open up the secured area around the disease bomb. She flings him at Kurt who knocks him out.

Zapata asks Kurt how Frank and Rebecca could go undetected at the CDC and says they almost got away with it. Kurt looks at Taylor and Zapata says they’ll all be fine. She says whoever put those tattoos on her had some serious access and wonders why they would do this. Kurt says it makes her hard to ignore. Edgar is blood tested by Juliette as he sits by Taylor. He tells her she did good work today and she thanks him. He says he knows she thinks he’s the bad guy and she says he thinks he’s a liability.

Edgar says he’s not worried about her, but Weller. He says the guy has great judgment and has saved their lives countless times. He says when she’s around, that Kurt isn’t there. Taylor says she can’t do anything about that and Edgar says that’s the problem. Bethany finds Thomas in her office and he says he was thinking about their mystery girl and their problem. He wants to talk to Taylor and she says it’s not possible. He says he won’t bite her. Bethany says to let her manage it.

Thomas says they have no time and he wonders who else knows about daylight and what they know about them. Bethany says her mind was wiped and she’s just a vessel for information. Bethany says she won’t hand her over to the CIA for him to put her in a cell never to be seen again. She tells Thomas to get out of her office. He says to remember this when everything falls apart later that he tried to play nice and all that happens now is on her.

Taylor sits at a laptop and looks up news stories about her going missing. Kurt comes in and says she was very brave today. He says stupid, but brave. She says there’s a compliment in there somewhere. She says she’s sorry about in the car earlier about his dad. He looks at the news story and says he remembers when that photo was taken. He says he used to go fish back there with his dad in the creek. He says his sister always played with her dolls in the house but Taylor was a tomboy.

He says she would follow him out to tag along wherever he went. He says they had a wooden fort they played in. Patterson comes in and asks to talk to Kurt. He says it’s nice to have her back. Zapata gets a call from Randy and ignores it. Then the guy is there and she asks why he’s following her. She says she’ll pay him when she can and he says she’s up to $40k and she asks for double or nothing. He says he wants his money and she says she’ll get it to him.

He says she has three days. Patterson shows Kurt some isotopes from one of Taylor’s teeth that was knocked out in the fight at the safe house. He asks what it means. She says it’s only in people from Sub-Saharan Africa. She says these markers are from when she was an infant. Patterson says she was born in Africa. He says he was there when she was brought home from the hospital. She says the DNA test results contradict the isotype results. She says they don’t know who she is.