Blindspot Recap – Cops and Robbers: Season 1 Episode 3 “Eight Slim Grins”

Blindspot Recap - Cops and Robbers: Season 1 Episode 3 "Eight Slim Grins"

Syfy’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday October 5 season 1 episode 3 called, “Eight Slim Grins.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) learns she has the same Navy SEAL tattoo as a recently captured jewel thief.

For those of you who don’t know, an unidentified woman with amnesia is found covered with tattoos, and the FBI soon realize that each mark on her body reveals a crime to be solved

On the last episode, an Air Force pilot with a destructive plan was on the team’s radar thanks to one of Jane’s tattoos. Meanwhile, Jane recalled bits and pieces of an unsettling memory; and Weller believed he might know who Jane really was. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the Syfy synopsis “Jane learns she has the same Navy SEAL tattoo as a recently captured jewel thief. Meanwhile, a man from Jane’s memory visits her; and Weller and Mayfair are unsure about Jane’s role on the team.”

Blindspot airs at 9 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates.



#BlindSpot begins with Jane at the safe house alone. She checks the dismal fridge and then her former handler is there. He grabs her and she fights him off. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her then hits her so hard she spits out a tooth. He says he came to help. She asks how he got in and he says avoiding detection is part of the training. She recalls him in her past and he says it’s impossible that she remembers him. She asks who he is and who she is. He says to let go and he’ll tell her.

He asks if they found the SEAL tattoo yet. He says she can’t trust them and someone fires through the window and he is shot. He tries to say something then dies. Bethany says she wants Jane’s security team suspended. Tasha says the guy is a ghost and Kurt says all they know is that they can’t protect her and wonders when they’ll catch a break. A team of men weapon up in a van that pulls up outside a jewelry store. They head inside for a daylight robbery. Someone presses the silent alarm.

They bash in the cabinets and steal the diamonds. One grabs up the manager and demands he open a case with a fancy necklace while his partners tell him they’re short on time. He bashes the guy in the head. The security guard shoots one of them and he kills the guard. The others leave him there and drive away. Jane is with Dr Borden and she says the break in at her safe house is the least of the recent violations against her. She says she can handle herself and he asks if she trusts them to keep her safe.

Jane looks down and doesn’t answer. Bethany talks to Kurt and says the evidence from Taylor Shaw’s case came in and they will try for a DNA match and will know by the end of the day. Kurt wants to tell her and Bethany says they may be wrong and it could disappoint her and destroy her trust in them. Bethany says to wait and Kurt insists she’s Taylor. Jane sees Kurt and Bethany talking and he notices her watching them. He asks if the doc cleared her and she asks what they’re talking about.

Kurt says it’s another case and says he’s sorry this happened to her – all of it. She asks if they know who he was and he says same as her – no prints or DNA. Jane says she knows the guy and trained with him and says she thinks he was her friend. Kurt asks if he said anything to her and she says he didn’t have time to say anything to her. She’s frustrated they don’t know who she is. Kurt tells her he’s sorry. Reed calls them in and Patterson shows them the footage from the robbery.

She says the guy left behind has a SEAL tattoo just like Jane’s and says that’s odd because most SEAL tattoos are not consistent and have just a theme in common. Kurt and Jane come to see the robber at the hospital. Kurt flashes his badge to the beat cop as the guy is wheeled into surgery. Kurt asks the cop to call him when he wakes. Jane says they can’t let him die. Kurt says they’ll search for the rest of the team. Reed tells Natasha the robbers are called the Candy Men and are international thieves.

They’ve stolen more than $70 million in jewels and goods. Natasha says Casey Robek is who the prints came back to. She says the SEALS scooped him up with his older brother Travis plus their friend Omar. Looks like they were black ops then left the Navy and started a life of crime. Reed says Jane was a SEAL and could be just as dangerous. Natasha asks what his problem is. Patterson says she found something on ALPer – the license plate tracking service. She finds a car that is out of place related to them.

The vehicle belongs to Casey and Travis’ cousin. They tell Kurt and Jane where the car is and they head out with Reed and Natasha. Jane asks if she should have an ear piece and Kurt points to the radio. Jane says it’s attached to the car and Kurt says she is too. They leave her in the car monitoring the outside. She gets out of the car and Kurt says to please hang back and watch the parking lot. Kurt says someone has to keep watch and they can talk about her role another time.

They each go into a store in the strip center while Jane sits impatiently in the car. She looks at the file on the brothers and Omar. She gets out of the car and looks around. She scans shoppers and cars. Travis comes out of the store and Jane sees him. He turns around and goes back inside. Jane follows him as he goes back in asking for prepaid cell phones. She sees him on the aisle and he looks at her. She gets closer and says she has some questions. He runs. She chases.

He knocks her down and holds a gun on her then asks who she is. She says she was hoping he could tell her and they grapple for the gun. Natasha comes up and gives chase with Reed. Kurt comes up and Jane says he got a jump on her but if she didn’t follow, he would have gotten away. Natasha comes back and says he did get away. Jane says if she had a radio or a gun and says the vantage in the car was awful. She asks if he and Mayfair were talking about her. They argue about trust.

Kurt says this is not about punishment and says he, Reed and Natasha have worked together for years and have a rhythm. He says if she wants trust, she needs to earn it. He tells her to get in the car and she does. Natasha has a list of the items he was buying. Jane says they can’t lost him and Reed blames her. Patterson shows them a woman who likely helped them case the joint. She found the woman on social media – her name is Isabelle and is friends with one of Omar’s cousins and has a minor record.

Natasha says sending in a well-dressed lady is smart. Patterson tells them where to find Isabelle and Kurt tells Jane she has to stay behind. Patterson is working in her lab and they’re working on the tattoo translation. Jane comes in and says the team went without her then says she’s just trying to help. Patterson says they’re just trying to figure things out. Jane says it’s on her body and she should be with them. Patterson describes a tangram shape puzzle.

She says this team has been one shape for a long time and Jane is a new piece they’re figuring out. She says it will just take a second. Isabella tells Kurt she can’t go back to jail and says they paid her $10k to case it. She says the cousin that set it up moved to Brazil. She says she has no idea where the crew is but says Omar has a boat in Manhattan she thinks he lives on. There are three piers but no boat registered in his name. They alerted the Coast Guard and get set to raid all three marinas.

The cop Vasquez calls and says Casey is awake. Jane says they need to see if he recognizes her. Reed says he should take Jane because Kurt is too close to this. Kurt insists he’s fine and Reed argues. Kurt tells him to go do the marina search and he leaves with Jane. Reed is annoyed. One of Patterson’s assistant finds the case file number – they tell Patterson it’s classified above their pay grade. Patterson pulls it up and sees that it’s heavily redacted.

Patterson goes to see Bethany and shows her the file. She says Saul Guerrero is the case and Bethany is listed as the original case officer. Bethany promises to look at it later. She’s not happy. Kurt and Jane come to see Casey. The doctor says he’s still groggy and intubated and it could be a while. He leaves them with Casey. Jane says if she had a gun she could have stopped the guy earlier. He says to tell him what the bearded guy said and she says to tell her about her case.

She says the guy told her “don’t trust them” but doesn’t know who he meant. She asks what he and Bethany were talking about and he says it’s another case. The power goes out and there are gunshots. Travis shoots Vasequez and calls out that they’re there for Casey and for no one to be a hero. Kurt says the cell signals are jammed and the main phone line has been cut. He says that’s what Travis was buying parts for at the store.

Kurt pulls his gun and the doctor comes in and tells him four men shot a cop and are coming this way. Kurt tells him to get people into rooms and hide them. The men come for Casey. The guys kick in the door and see the bed is gone. Travis is furious and says to search it. Omar says they don’t have time but Travis insists and says he can’t let his brother rot in jail. Kurt and Jane hid Casey in the kitchen and he gives her his gun before heading out. He tells her don’t worry, he’ll get another one.

Kurt fights one of the robbers. He stabs the guy with a handful of syringes. The guy asks what was in them and Kurt says he has no idea. Casey wakes and Jane tells him he needs the tube to breathe. She asks if he knows her and he nods yes but before she can ask more, Omar bursts in. Casey makes eye motions towards her. Omar throws a flash bang and Jane runs since she saw Casey motion. She swaps shots with Omar. She runs out of bullets then come at him with a knife and stabs him in the head.

She goes back to Casey and asks where he knows her from. They hear more machine gun fire and she takes Omar’s gun and goes to help Kurt. Kurt is out of rounds. The guy asks where he is and is about to shoot Kurt when Jane takes him out. She says she took out Omar. They figure Travis is left and they agree to fall back and take Casey. They come back to the kitchen but Casey is out of the bed and gone. Patterson tells Bethany about the shots fired at the hospital. Bethany heads over.

Travis has the doctor hostage and Casey on a gurney. They swap shots with the guys who get onto the elevator. The doctor says if they take Casey out he’ll die. Travis tells the doctor he’s coming and has to keep him alive. Reed and Natasha meet Bethany who says they have to wait for ESU which is 10 minutes out. Travis is dressed as a doctor too and they wheel Casey out. The doctor points out an ambulance. Travis spots Reed and Natasha and says to go back inside but the doctor runs off while he can.

That lets Kurt and Jane get the drop on him. Jane tells the guy not to do it when he gets twitchy. Travis tells Casey he’s sorry then raises his gun. They have to shoot him. Jane talks to Casey and tries to keep him lucid. He says Travis came back for him. Jane tries to keep him focused. Kurt calls for a doctor. Jane asks where he knows her from. She says she doesn’t remember then asks who she is. He mutters and she tries to hear. He says ‘Orion’ then he dies.

Kurt tells Jane he’s sorry. Bethany checks on them and Jane tries to get centered. Kurt walks over and says he really is sorry. She says every time they get close, it slips through her fingers. He says they have a theory about who she might be. He says they didn’t want to tell her until they got DNA results. She asks who. Kurt says when he was 10 his next door neighbor went missing and she was never found. He says they have the same scar, same eyes and the right age. He says that plus his name on her back.

She asks if he thinks she’s Taylor. Kurt says he’s been looking for her his whole life and she can trust him. Jane is stunned. The team talks about what Orion could mean. Kurt says Jane is an incredible asset so they need to decide on a role for her with them so they aren’t making decisions on the fly. Bethany talks to Jane alone and Jane asks if she’s in trouble. She thanks Jane for her assistance with the cases then says they need to evaluate her role. She says the tattoos are leading them to dangerous places.

Jane argues but then Bethany says she has to pass inspection but then will be armed so she can be part of figuring all this out. Bethany says they trust her so she trusts her. Jane comes out of Bethany’s office and thanks Kurt. She says she has so many questions about Taylor. Patterson grabs Kurt to talk DNA but he says he told Jane. Patterson says it’s a match. Jane is Taylor Shaw. Both Jane and Kurt are stunned. Bethany meets with Thomas Carter who says Jane Doe is troubling.

She says the people who did this to her likely know about ‘Daylight.’ Thomas says if she knows about Daylight, she needs to be dead. Bethany says no but Thomas says better safe than sorry. Bethany says the tattoos are already in the system so killing her won’t help. Thomas says this looks like serious trouble and says only four people knew about that operation and one of them is dead. He tells her to make this go away then leaves.