Blindspot Recap – More Tattoo Trouble: Season 1 Episode 6 “Cede Your Soul”

Blindspot Recap - More Tattoo Trouble: Season 1 Episode 6 "Cede Your Soul"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday October 26 season 1 episode 6 called, We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, a hazardous app designed to track government vehicles must be taken down, and the app’s creator winds up helping the team with this task.

On the last episode, a hostage situation went bad and caused strife between the CIA and FBI. Meanwhile, Carter clashed with Mayfair when he revealed that he’s skeptical about Jane’s loyalties; and Jane met Weller’s family, but the situation proved to be difficult for her. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “a hazardous app designed to track government vehicles must be taken down, and the app’s creator winds up helping the team with this task. Meanwhile, Jane and Weller try not to blur the lines of their working relationship; and Zapata faces an ethical issue.”

Blindspot airs at 10 PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates.

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#Blindspot begins with Jane lying in bed touching her tats and having a sexy dream. She wakes to her alarm startled. Sarah brings Kurt some necessities and says she’s sorry for not telling him she was bringing their dad home. She says their dad is innocent but Kurt says someone still kidnapped Taylor. Sarah asks if he’s been mad so long he doesn’t know how to stop. She reminds him their dad has terminal cancer. He tells her he has to get back to work and walks out.

Tasha watches a sports channel with her gambling form when a guy shows up to collect. She says she’s working on getting her money and he says don’t make me be the guy talking about breaking legs. She throws him against the wall and he says if she doesn’t pay, it’s out of his hands. He threatens her and she says one more day. Jane is with her therapist Dr Borden and he tells her the dream was a breakthrough. He asks who the man in the dream was and she asks if he has a theory.

She asks if he thinks it’s Weller. Bethany talks to Kurt and asks if he’s being less than objective by inviting Jane to his house for dinner. He insists nothing inappropriate went home. Jane tells Borden that the man had a tattoo on his arms with deep roots. Borden says maybe the tattoo was symbolic not literal. Bethany encourages Kurt to see things clearly and he says he is. Bethany disagrees. Borden says Kurt is a complicated part of her life. Bethany says he should step down as lead agent.

Borden advises Jane to keep things professional when it comes to Kurt. Later, Kurt chastises her about her holster being misplaced and tells her to fix it. She apologizes but he’s short with her. A limousine is stopped and men fire on the vehicle with automatic weapons. The security team fires back but it’s not pretty. The two men in the limo are dead. The team says Prince Aziz was the target and they had a mobile app called TRAKZER that lets them track government vehicles.

Patterson says you can get access on the dark web. Patterson shows them the logo and Jane says that owl is on her leg. Patterson says all government vehicles have these trackers and Kurt says that means any of them could be targets. Tasha says two LAPD cops were executed last month, a Federal witness was killed in DC and a prison bus targeted in Texas. Patterson says the app will be tough to shut down. Then she has an idea. She says she checked their malware database.

She says the digital fingerprint matches a hacker known as the Horned Owl. They head off to pick up the guy. They head upstairs with rifles out. They see an owl on the door. Edgar busts in the door and a girl puts up her hands and asks what’s going on. They tell her to turn the music off. She admits to creating TRAKZER then says she works for the government and created it for them. The girl says Leonard Gail at the NSA is her contact and she can’t tell them anything else because of clearance issues.

Tasha speaks to her in Spanish. The girl, Ana Montes, asks if she thinks she speaks Spanish because of her last name. Tasha says she read her social services file and knows her hard story then shares a bit with her. Ana says in Spanish – get me Leonard Gail. Tasha says she hates teenage girls and goes to get Kurt. Jane decides to talk to her. She shows the girl her tattoo then asks what this is. She asks her what it is – there’s more than just the owl there. Patterson says agents hire hackers all the time. Bethany comes in and says Leonard Gail doesn’t exist. Patterson says the NSA lies all the time.

Kurt says what if it’s something else. Jane asks where the owl came from. Ana says her brother designed it. Jane says she read that he was killed last year. Jane tells her she lives alone too and says the quiet is hard. Ana says she’s used to it but Jane says she’s not. Ana says her brother was older and worked nights a lot. She says he drew the owl above her bed so she wouldn’t be scared. She says he told her it would keep away bad guys. Jane asks if it worked and she says no.

Kurt comes in and says there is no Leonard Gail there. He says he thinks she was conned. He shows her photos of the crimes committed using her software – all the assassinations and murders. She’s horrified and says her software isn’t real, it was just proof of concept. He asks if she ever met Leonard in person and she says no. He says she gave her software to bad guys and Jane says she has to take it down. Ana says there’s no way to shut it down.

She says it’s on Shawn Palmer’s server, not hers. She says he hired her as a security freelancer and he was the one who introduced her to the NSA opportunity. He says it was a GPS security test and they promised her a job if she pulled it off. Ana says she thought Shawn was looking out for her but she was wrong. Kurt says more people will die because of this the longer it’s out there. He asks for her help to get to Shawn. She’s ready to help. Tasha says they checked into Shawn’s company.

She says his business is a front and the guy is into bad things. Kurt says Ana has been to his house and Bethany says bring the guy in but Ana says his house is like a fortress. Tasha says he might put the code online if he sees them coming. Bethany says let’s draw him out. Patterson has an idea. Edgar and Tasha are dressed as utility workers nearby. Patterson works on hacking behind the guy’s firewall. Kurt and Jane are in the van watching the house.

Kurt tells her she was wrong to talk to Ana since she’s not an agent. Jane asks what’s changed with him and he says you need to be objective. She asks if he has been objective. He says he’s working on it. Patterson is in and Tasha cranks up the voltage to Shawn’s place. Patterson says his wiring should short out now. The guy freaks as sparks fly on his servers. He freaks out. A fire starts near a server rack and he calls 911. Patterson takes the call and says fire rescue is on the way but he needs to exit the home.

Shawn uses a fire extinguisher and they watch. He passes out from the smoke and Kurt and Jane run in to save him. They haul him out. Patterson says TRAKZER is dead now and Edgar says Shawn is rolling over on tons of people to help himself. Bethany says since Ana cooperated she’s free to go. Kurt says this case was different and he wonders if the tattoos are there to help then says before he thought there were there from a foreign agency.

Edgar is annoyed then says he thinks Ana profited from this and probably has a stack of ill-gotten cash. Jane tells Ana if she ever wants to talk or hang out to give her a call. Ana says maybe. She leaves. Kurt walks up and asks to speak to Jane. He says that is not how we do things and she says maybe he does things wrong. She says she showed Ana compassion and that’s what got results for them. Kurt tells her she can always hang out with the team after work.

She says she can’t relax when they’ve all been staring at photos of her tattooed body all day. She says she just needs some breathing room. Patterson approaches Kurt and tells him Saul Gerrero’s case file number was on Jane but was heavily redacted. He says talk to Bethany but she says she refused to help and thinks it’s weird she won’t help. Kurt promises to look into it but says she can probably trust what Bethany said about it.

He gives Bethany the stink eye as he thinks about this. Ana goes home and then a guy grabs her. Several more are in her apartment as well. She asks what they want and they tell her to fix the app. Then they hand her a paper and tell her she has an hour to find this truck. They hold a gun on her as she says it’s not enough time. She has no choice. Patterson talks to her BF who is at her house and says he cleaned her place. He says he alphabetized her board games and she says they were sorted by game designer.

She’s annoyed but says it looks nice. Patterson is online then says someone is trying to access the system with her login – she says she’s being hacked and realizes it’s Ana. The man says Shawn told him she was fast and says to go faster. Borden talks to Jane about her relationship with Kurt. She asks if he talked to Kurt and he says their sessions are confidential. She says Kurt is pushing her away. He says maybe he needs boundaries too.

Kurt interrupts her session and says Patterson called them. She says she thinks the hack is a call for help. Jane thinks something is happening to Ana. She gets into Ana’s webcam and they see a guy with a gun. They run facial recognition and find he’s Misha Belkov, an enforcer for a Russian drug cartel. Jane says it’s Ana’s apartment. They roll out. When they get there, Ana and the men are gone. Tasha gets on her computer and Kurt says the user name she typed in is a VIN number.

She left it to help them know what was being tracked. She’s tied up in a vehicle and watches as two men in a semi are shot. Misha holds a gun on her. Kurt says it’s an unmarked Homeland Security truck moving a crap pile of weapons. Misha and his men open the back of the truck and see they hit the mother lode. In the car on the way there, Kurt tells Jane they’ll find the girl. Misha backs up a semi with no GPS tracker and hooks it to the trailer of arms.

Then one spots the SUV coming and flags Misha. One grabs a rocket launcher from the back and they take automatic weapons fire as they pull in. They run from the SUV as it takes the rocket hit. They don’t see Ana. They have the semi hooked up and Misha tells them to get the girl. They drag Ana out of a van and Jane runs to help. Jane shoots a guy in the van and grabs Ana. They shoot one guy who was going for a grenade and Misha hops into the driver’s seat of the semi.

Kurt throws the grenade into the back of the truck. It blows up then blows up all the munitions inside in a spectacular fire ball. Back at the FBI, Jane asks Ana if she’s okay and Ana thanks her for coming to her rescue. Jane says Ana will be under protective custody for a while. The girl pulls a face but Jane says it’s not too bad. Ana asks if she doesn’t know what her tattoos mean and says the one on her shoulder – the black square – is steganography. Jane tells Patterson who says it dates back to Ancient Greece.

They look at it differently now and Patterson says it’s not covering a message, it is a message. Patterson says it’s a puzzle trick. She says it looks like a turtle shell but she doesn’t know how to decode it. Patterson says each tattoo could have double or triple meanings. Kurt says they can’t assume when they “solve” one tattoo that it’s done. Kurt and Jane stand by the elevator. He asks if she wants a new lead agent on her case. He says he can step down.

Jane says she was upset when she said he wasn’t objective. He says there may be too much baggage between them. She says maybe the baggage makes him the right guy for the job since he’s so invested. Kurt offers her a lift home but she says her security detail is downstairs. She says it’s not a good idea. Tasha is heading out when Edgar invites her to watch the Knicks game. She says she just wants to crash. He asks if she needs to talk about something. Then she asks if he needs to talk. He heads out.

Tasha leaves. Kurt goes home and finds his dad there again. Kurt wants him gone and Sarah says they need to tell him. Kurt asks if she didn’t tell him about Jane. Their dad asks who’s Jane. Tasha pays off her bookie Randy then says she’s out. He says he’ll see her soon. Sarah tells their father that Taylor is alive. Kurt watches his father’s face with interest. Their dad starts crying. He’s thrilled. Jane’s team takes her home and opens the door for her. She asks if they want to go grab a beer.

They tell her they can’t take her to an unsecured location. She invites them in for a drink but they tell her they can’t and offer to have a bottle sent up. The guy with the tree tattoo on his arm watches from nearby.