Blindspot Recap 11/16/15 Season 1 Episode 9 “Authentic Flirt”

Blindspot Recap 11/16/15 Season 1 Episode 9 "Authentic Flirt"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday November 16, season 1 episode 9 called, “Authentic Flirt,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Jane (Jaimie Alexander) and Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) go undercover as a top-notch assassin couple in order to protect some lethal info.

On the last episode, Patterson found a tattoo predicted a cop’s murder, so the team attempted to prevent more attacks by chasing a violent clue trail. Meanwhile, Mayfair tested her bond with Weller when she informed him about some secrets from her past. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “Jane and Weller go undercover as a top-notch assassin couple in order to protect some lethal info. Meanwhile, David tries to repair his relationship with Patterson; and Carter and Mayfair disagree about how to deal with a menacing person”

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#Blindspot begins with a man being tortured and screaming. They tell him they know because he’s his brother. The female torturer says they had to try. They kill him and walk away. Patterson gets coffee from a truck and looks at the letters on the sign in a funny way then sees her ex there. He bought 35 coffees to get permission to mess with the sign and says he knew she would notice. He asks her out but she says she can’t and has obligations. David says he’s madly in love with her and thinks she feels it too.

Patterson says their timing is off and says she’s on the biggest case of her life. He asks what if she solves the case but she says sorry and walks away. Thomas gives Tasha a tiny surveillance device and tells her to hide it in Jane’s safe house. Tasha says no and he says she doesn’t get to say no and says get it there within 24 hours. Patterson tells the gang that she noticed small stray letters all over Jane’s body but in the same font. She says she thought it was an anagram.

She says she’s run every variation and got one. Ashwell Creek Kennels which is an online puppy farm. Edgar says criminals use sites like these on message boards since they’re not monitored. Patterson shows them the relevant messages. Patterson says the thread goes on and they are told to go to an open house in Staten Island at 2 pm. They go to an abandoned building that’s indicated and head inside, guns out. It’s a huge old house that’s in pretty bad shape. They spot someone who fires at them.

They return fire. Someone speaks Bulgarian and Jane translates and warns Kurt. They take down Jonathan, the male torturer then Edgar shoots the woman. Kurt says they can’t question them now since they’re dead. Kurt asks Jane how she knew the man was coming down the stairs and she says she understood it and thinks it’s Bulgarian. Kurt says Chinese and Bulgarian and notes she must have got around. Kurt thinks they were looking for something and he finds two tickets to a gala and a lapel pin.

Patterson says those guys are pros and have the best fake IDs she’s seen. She says they were in Barcelona when Perry Byrne was taken and tortured. His brother is Robert Byrne, a witness who put away a mob boss. Kurt says he must be the lost puppy. Jane asks how her tattoo sent them there when this just happened. David lurks in the library watching the book he and Patterson decided was a message drop. Kurt greets Allie who is now a US Marshal. She hugs him and asks after his family.

Kurt introduces Jane and says she’s a consultant. Allie introduces herself as Alison Knight. Allie confirms that Robert is in WitSec. They wonder if other witnesses have been compromised and Allie says they had a data breach and 2000 witnesses were compromised. Kurt says they need to shut this down now. They decide the “entire litter” means the whole data breach. Patterson says she thinks the swap will be made to get the list today and a $6 million diamond necklace is to pay. The lapel pen is supposed to ID them.

Jane says she speaks Bulgarian and can do it but Tasha says this can be wrong. Kurt says they have to take the chance to pose as buyers while the other three work the crowd. David sees a woman take the book and makes some erasures in it then reshelves it. After she leaves, he goes to watch her and sees her checking other books as well. The woman leaves and he goes out to see her walk away. But someone else is behind David!

Allie tells Kurt he looks good in his tux and she says he should take her out some time. He says it didn’t work out well last time. She asks for a date and then he sees Jane and falls quiet and just stares. Allie says she gets it now. He says no and Allie rolls her eyes. Jane is head to toe in a black dress with makeup over the tattoos. She says she feels ridiculous and he say that’s not how she looks. He hands her a wedding ring and slides it on her finger. She gets a flash of her in bed with the man with the tree tattoo.

They head to the event and a man compliments the lapel pin and asks to see their tickets. They are shown to a car and Tasha says they can’t lose them. A man asks for their cell phones and they hand them over. Kurt asks where they’re going and the guy says wait and see. Jane takes his hand. They are taken to a chopper and loaded up. The team gets there just in time to see them take to the skies. Patterson says the trackers on their phones show them still in the limo.

The help lands and they get out. The helo flies away and they are searched. The guy gets handsy with her and Kurt grabs him. Jane tells him it’s fine and he says he doesn’t like him touching her and she says she doesn’t like him touching the guy. He says she’s his wife and Jane says they have no guns or backup. She says they need to get the guns and get out alive. They report back to Bethany that they lost them and she says to go look over the forum posts to look for clues.

Thomas shows up then and asks to speak to Bethany. She tries to brush him off but he insists. Edgar notices Tasha swapped a look with Thomas and asks about it but she says nothing. Thomas rants to Bethany about Guerrero being in custody. She says she’s having the guy sign a back dated CI form and Thomas says the guy has to disappear since the people behind Jane’s tattoos are obviously coming for them. Bethany says a paper trail will legitimize him and neutralize the threat.

Bethany says the guy will sign or go into gen pop and says it’s the best option. Thomas says we’ll see and leaves angry. Jane and Kurt enter a birthday party for Carl according to the banner. Kurt says they wait for the seller to make contact then says they should blend in and she says she doesn’t think she can dance. He says this morning she couldn’t speak Bulgarian either and says maybe she’s a tango champion. He pulls her into his arms and they dance. She asks him about Allie.

He says they used to date and she asks for how long. Kurt says a year or so and he twirls her. She says that’s more than a little while. He says they didn’t communicate well and Jane asks if he’s ever been married. He says no. He says he’s choosy. She tells him she’s had memories that make her think she might have been engaged and he asks what she remembered and she says just fragments. A man tells them – he’s ready for you. Kurt says it’s about time.

Patterson says they got deleted forum posts from a couple of years ago. She says there’s some serious stuff including arms deals and says it’s all done with shell companies but she found one accountant named Renier Abusay who works for Rich Dotcom. He greets them and says he has to play this safe then says they are real life assassins and tells them this is exciting. He asks if they can kill people with a spoon and calls them badass. Jane doesn’t get his humor.

The guy’s name was Gord Enver and Patterson says he was one of the first guys who knew Bitcoin would be a big deal then changed his name to Rich Dotcom. Patterson says if you have money, he can get you anything on the internet. Patteron says he was a hacker now he’s a lot worse. Rich tells his men he needs the room and his guards drag out a man who’s being tortured. They wand them again. Rich is totally into Jane and asks if she’s into stubbles or if she’s open.

He says if she’s into the guy, he can just watch and asks if he’d be cool with that. Kurt asks if they’re doing this. Rich asks for the necklace and Kurt takes it off her and hands it over. He says he has a Hassidic guy who’s going to check it out stone by stone and says they can look at the list but can’t leave until the necklace checks out. He also takes the lapel pin and they see another lapel pin and he tells them there’s another buyer and not to be childish. He implies there may be more buyers.

He tells them to enjoy themselves until their business is done. Jane and Kurt leave then decide they have to get the list back from the other buyer. David is at a waterfront park watching the redhead from the library. She sits and eats a sandwich. The guy watching them both lurks nearby. Kurt assesses the security cameras and says they can check the footage to see who had on the pin. Kurt asks what Rich said to him and she says he wants to sleep with her or both of them.

Jane orders a drink while Kurt comes at Rich acting all jealous. Rich says he was also invited since he’s sweet on him as well. He tells Kurt to relax and have some jalapeno poppers. Kurt comes back to Jane and says he stole his access card. He says she’s not the only one with hidden talents. They toast and sip their drinks then they access the security room. Kurt tries to make an outgoing call but can’t get a line. Jane takes over the camera controls and then they spot another in the room.

They spot one on a guy who walked in alone. Kurt says he has to wipe the computer so they can’t see what they were up to. Tasha says there are seven properties Dotcom owns and Bethany says check them out by help one by one and Edgar and Tasha head out. Kurt and Jane spot the other buyer and agree they have to get the guy alone. They walk up to him and tell him they just got had and Dotcom only gave them half the list. Kurt says he paid $3 mill and the guy says he paid $9.

They offer to take him to a computer and show him they both got ripped off. They head into a room and then the brawl starts. It’s a pretty awesome fight and the guy takes down Kurt then Jane takes him on and then Kurt tags back in. Kurt chokes him out as Jane watches after a brutal two on one. He tells Jane to help him find the drive and they search him. Dotcom comes in and says they told him they weren’t into threesomes. He asks who wants to lie about what the hell is going on down here.

He says he doesn’t like them playing grab ass with a valued customer. He says he’s a little upset and then asks them to start talking and Kurt says the guy is a Fed. Dotcom asks how they know. Kurt says he started talking to them about the list and asks how he knows. Jane says he just sold the list to the same people he stole it from. He tells his men to search the guy. The guard finds his security card on him. Dotcom asks for the gun and shoots a security guy and then the guy they knocked out.

Dotcom asks if they would like a cognac. The woman leaves the waterfront after dark and David follows. Edgar and Tasha are in the help searching. They dismiss one site for lack of heat signatures and move on. Dotcom tells them how much he paid for the cognac and they both sip. He asks if they like cognac and Kurt says not really. He explains the distillation process of cognac. Dotcom asks Kurt if they did the Monaco job together. He asks who actually put him down and tells him not to look at her.

Kurt says she did. He asks Kurt how she did it and Kurt says he’s right it’s too good not to share. He hits the guard and she attacks the other. They hold guns on Dotcom and tell him to move away from the desk. She says hand over the USB key. He hands it over and Kurt says we’re walking out and leaving in a chopper for the city. He tells him he will kill him if he steps out of line. He shoves Dotcom ahead of them. They go outside.

Dotcom asks them to kill Jane and Kurt instead of getting the chopper as he was told. It’s a Mexican stand-off. Dotcom says they must be cops and says they don’t shoot suspects. Kurt and Jane put them down and then machine gun fire erupts from the house. They drag Dotcom along and hide by the gazebo. Jane is out of ammo. The chopper is nearby and they starts firing from the helo taking out Dotcom’s men. Edgar says FBI and tells them to put down their weapons.

Kurt tells Dotcom he’s under arrest and the other guards put their hands up. Back at the office, Allie tells Kurt nice work today and says she misses the tux then asks him out again. He says he can’t and says they have a housewarming thing tonight for Jane. She gets close and kisses his cheek just as Jane walks up. Allie tells her Kurt is introverted and has far too many walls but says she won’t find a better man. Jane pulls the ring off her finger then sees the guy’s face as he’s sketching.

He tells her she doesn’t have to take off her ring and she says she does. Bethany has the Guerrero statement ready to go. Jane goes to wash the makeup off her tats. Tasha is on the street walking. Guerrero walks down the hall of the jail with a couple if guards. Another prisoner is mopping. David follows the read head. Kurt and Patterson and Edgar are at Jane’s with pizza hanging out. Tasha puts the bug down the sewer. The guards walk ahead and Guerrero is shanked by the prisoner.

David follows the redhead too close. Bethany hears about Guerrero. David is killed and the guy following him looks like a Fed who was tracking him. He calls 911 but it’s too late. Patterson gets a call and heads to the ER with the others behind her. Bethany is already there and shakes her head. Patterson is stunned as Bethany hugs her.