Blindspot Recap 11/23/15 Season 1 Fall Finale “Evil Handmade Instrument”

Blindspot Recap 11/23/15 Season 1 Fall Finale "Evil Handmade Instrument"

NBC’s series Blindspot airs with an all new Monday November 23, season 1 fall finale called, “Evil Handmade Instrument,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Sleeper spies get activated and prepare for assassinations.

On the last episode, Jane and Weller went undercover as a top-notch assassin couple in order to protect some lethal info. Meanwhile, David tried to repair his relationship with Patterson; and Carter and Mayfair disagreed about how to deal with a menacing person. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the NBC synopsis “sleeper spies get activated and prepare for assassinations, so the team rush to stop them.”

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#Blindspot begins with Patterson reading the ME report about David’s death. She’s talking to Dr Borden and says the killer used a found object which means it was not premeditated. He asks her to reconsider a leave of absence but she says she can’t. He says sudden loss is complicated then she says he was her ex and she can handle this. She begs him not to recommend time off.

Patterson says she can’t go back to her apartment and says everything reminds her of him. She begs for one day to work with the team and help. Borden says one day then they reevaluate. She thanks him and goes. Jane is working on a sketch she tacks to a board she’s got going at the safe house. She thinks about the tattoos, David, Weller, Patterson and is overwhelmed.

Bethany meets Thomas and says he’s out of control. She says Guerrero is back in the papers and he was sloppy. He says it will never lead back to them. He says she needs to get rid of Jane Doe since she’s the last thing linking them to Daylight. Tasha gets a letter in the mail with nothing on the outside. It’s a surveillance device and says “Last Chance.” Thomas sent it.

Jane looks at the body bag she was found in and Weller asks why she’s there. She says she thought it might trigger something if she saw it. She points to a tattoo and says that’s why David was in the library. She says she has no control over what her ink means or what could happen. He says they have saved a lot of lives but she says not this time. She asks how Patterson can move on from this.

Jane says she’s never lost anyone she can remember and he says she’s lucky. He says they have work to do. Tasha and Edgar show them the book info. Bethany says Agent Brott was monitoring the book. Edgar says they got a partial print from the book. Patterson comes in and Weller asks if she’s sure she wants to be there. Patterson says she won’t sit this one out.

Edgar says it’s from Roger Levkin, an architect with no record. He was born in Russia and is a citizen through marriage. Bethany says it feels like Russian tradecraft. Weller says let’s move. Patterson says she’ll look for codes in the library books. Patterson cracks the code and it said – status nominal, no further updates. The team goes to Levkin’s house and sees signs of trouble.

They spread out around the large home and Weller sees the suspect’s wife tied up and the guy has a gun. He pulls a gun on Weller who shoots him. Levkin says he’s so sorry. The wife is screaming. Levkin is foaming at the mouth and Weller tries to make him open his mouth. The wife screams and cries behind her duct tape and bonds.

Patterson comes to see Bethany who says she’s not fine. Bethany says she knows what it’s like to lose someone and want answers but she has to tell if this is too difficult. At the Levkin’s house, Tasha says it was probably cyanide that killed Roger. Edgar says this doesn’t make sense and says it must connect to the library books. He says two people who was in contact with them have died.

Weller says Levkin told his wife that he was talking about an operation. They see the redhead in a photo and the wife says that’s Kate Williams. She may be the killer. Patterson says she a 5th grade teacher and the woman was born in Russian. She says Kate’s husband Nathan filed a missing person report and he’s still at the PD. They want to talk to him.

Agent Kara Sloane is there and she’s a specialist in espionage. She says there’s chatter that heated up 12 hours ago and David’s death may have triggered their operation. Jane and Weller go talk to the husband Nathan about Kate’s Russian ties. He asks why. Weller says they are looking at every angle and asks him to call if he hears from her.

Patterson calls and says they’ve been drilling into the Russian and Sloane says Olivia DeLidio is a common factor. She’s married to a NY Times editor. Patterson sends a team to protect the husband. She works at Queens Museum and so Jane and Weller head there. Jane talks about how can these Russian agents target people and get them to marry them.

She says she can’t imagine giving up your whole life. They make it to the museum and go looking for Olivia. She’s working on a panorama. She sees them and goes to walk out. She runs and Weller and Jane gives chase. Olivia runs out front and gets into a car. She speeds away. Kurt borrows a motorcycle and so does Jane after flashing FBI credentials. They took after her car.

He shoots out her tire and she’s forced to stop. She opens the car door and he cuffs her. The redhead Kate walks down the street saying 430 has been captured. She is told to pick up a package. Olivia is in interrogation and she says she has no idea what they are talking about. She says she and Kate are friends and talk all the time. She asks how that makes them spies.

Patterson says talk all the time is it. Olivia asks for her husband and lawyer. Patterson comes into interrogation and says she needs a minute. She sits down and asks if Olivia recognizes this and says it’s a communication device she and Kate used. Olivia says she’s never been there. Patterson says it has a due date card even though it can’t be checked out.

She says there are three spies and three code names – Roger, Kate and her. Olivia says that’s a wild guess. Patterson says she ran handwriting analysis and it’s a perfect match and they have a partial print. Olivia denies seeing the book before. Patterson tosses down a print in front of her. She says Olivia got complacent and maybe just forgot to wipe it down.

Weller says she won’t see her children for a long time. Edgar rattles off the charges she’s facing as she insists her children are innocent. Weller says if she wants to see her kids grow up, start talking. She says she was recruited as a teenager. She says she was told her mission was to marry an American target with information of interest to Russia.

She says she was a starving orphan and had no one. Jane recalls her memories of being in a weird orphanage. She says she never thought she would fall in love with Edward and says the intel was a small price to pay and they never hurt anyone. Patterson says until now. Weller pulls Patterson away and says they’ll get Kate.

Edgar says tell us everything now. She says she’s already said too much and speaks Russian. Jason translates then says let me try. Tasha says go ahead. Jane sits down and speaks Russian and says she was an orphan too. She says not having a home is the worst thing. Then she says she knows her children mean more than any promise she made to Russia.

Jane says do the right thing. She says their handler set up an extraction and they have 24 hours to kill targets. She says Boris Ivanovich, a reporter at the Times is her target. She says someone else will take him out once the Russians know she’s been caught. Patterson hacks his email and tells the team where to find the guy. He’s already dead.

Weller tells Bethany there is one target left. Kara says she’s been profiling the victims to find similarities. She says Putin has been cracking down on people who he thinks are unpatriotic. They have to find Kate. She’s at a payphone and grabs something from under it. It’s a syringe. Patterson says Olivia and Roger started checking a certain site after David died.

It’s a Brighton Beach community site and there’s a lot of Russians there. She says the poison was aconite that killed the guy – not cyanide. Patterson points out a flower shop in the area and the flower prices correspond to codes in the books. Jane goes and asks Olivia who tells them about the flower shop codes. She says they are target names but can only decode her own.

Weller demands her code. Bethany says Russians just torched the flower shop and there’s a contractor expo and Kate has a forged badge. Patterson says a Senator from the Armed Services Committee is the target. He’s behind a bill helping the Ukraine fight off Putin. The team heads inside the expo to look for Kate and the Senator to save him.

Edgar spots Kate and tells the team where she is. He pulls his gun on her then her husband is there and Weller has to shoot him. Kate runs off. Weller chases. Jane speeds off to help Weller. Kate is on the flight deck and Jane shoots at her. Weller comes out and comes to help her. Kate wrestles Jane for her gun. They grapple. Kurt sees it happening.

Kate pulls out the syringe and now Jane is in more danger. She tries to jab it in Jane’s face and Weller wrestles her. It sticks in her neck and then she’s knocked overboard. They recover her body and Patterson meets them there. She stares at the woman who killed David. Weller pulls her away. Jane is at her locker when Patterson comes in and thanks Jane.

Jane says she wishes there was more she could do. Patterson says she thought finding his killer would make her feel better but she feels the same. She says she feels empty and says solving it changed nothing. She asks if that’s what it’s like for Jane with the tattoos then says it’s awful. She says she wishes she could relive the last few weeks but Jane says she can’t think like that.

Patterson says she and David were great together then says she wasted so much energy when she could have been with him and says she loved him and he was right in front of her but she pushed him away. She says now he’s gone. Jane hugs and comforts her while she cries. Patterson says she could not have gotten through today without them.

Weller finds Jane later at her place and she says she snuck out and then kisses him. She says she wanted a moment that was just them. He kisses her again. His nephew comes out and calls to him. Jane says she’ll see him tomorrow and takes off. Weller says good timing. Jane is grabbed by some men and shoved in a van. Carter has her. He snatches the bag off her face.

He says he wants to give her clarity then says she’s hours away from being put on a plane and sent to a dark hole that only he knows about. He says to tell the truth. He asks who she is. She says she doesn’t know. He says – have it your way. He waterboards her while she screams and struggles. He asks who she works for and she says the FBI.

Carter says this could be easy then waterboards her again. He asks where she got the fancy ink. She says she doesn’t know. He says she does. He asks again who she is. She says she doesn’t know. He asks who sent her to the FBI and she says no one. He waterboards her again. She gets a flashback of Carter talking about a program named Orion. She asks what it is.

Carter says that’s not how this works and comes at her with a drill. He says this is going to hurt. He hears gunshots and has to stop. Carter is gunned down with five shots to the chest. The guy with the tree tattoo is there. She remembers kissing him then handing him the ring back. Weller calls Jane and leaves a message asking if she got home safely.

Patterson finds Patterson in the lab sitting in front of a computer. She tells her she’s going to take her home. Edgar sees Tasha at her desk. She’s looking at the note from Carter. She signs a resignation letter. The guy shows Jane a video of herself saying this man’s name is Oscar and he’s there to help you. She says if you’re seeing this, the mission is a success.

Jane says to herself – you did this to yourself. The tattoos and being sent to Weller were all your plan, including the memory wipe. Jane is stunned.