Blue Bloods Recap Justice Served Ice Cold: Season 5 Episode 10 “Sins of the Father”

Blue Bloods Recap Justice Served Ice Cold: Season 5 Episode 10 "Sins of the Father"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday January 2, season 5 episode 10 called, “Sins of the Father” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Frank [Tom Selleck] grows eager to find evidence against a long-suspected cop killer who allegedly shot one of Henry’s peers years ago. Meanwhile, Danny [Donnie Wahlberg] and Baez investigate a series of homicides in the adult-film industry.

On the last episode, as Danny and Baez investigated the murders of three prominent community leaders who appeared to be the casualties of hate crimes, Frank met with a group who wanted to make sure these incidents were not taken lightly. Meanwhile, after Linda was mugged, she decided she wanted to carry a gun, even against Danny’s wishes. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Frank pushes to find evidence against a suspected cop killer who shot one of Henry’s fellow officers years ago. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez investigate a string of murders involving adult film stars.”

Blue Bloods “Sins of the Father” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Danny and Maria are getting hot dogs. Suddenly someone is taking potshots at them and Danny sees someone with a mask. He heads off after the shooter and hides in a Con Ed van for a moment while other people run screaming. He fights his way through the crowd giving chase. He finds a guy in boxers in the street who’s bleeding. He yells out to call 911.

Frank is reading off a list of promotions at a meeting. Last is Sgt Gormley who is promoted to lieutenant. He thanks Frank who then congratulates everyone and their families and says it’s a lot to be proud of today. Gormley introduces his wife Sheila to Frank who then makes the rounds. He shakes Detective Miller’s hand and he introduces his parents to his boss.

Frank recognizes Miller’s dad but the guy says they’ve never met. Frank calls Gormley over and tells him to detain Miller’s dad discreetly. Jamie and Eddie try to help a guy who’s being hauled off by a mob for accidentally hitting a young girl named Mia. They try to get the crown to calm down. They crowd is turning into an angry mob and Jamie checks on the girl, calls for backup and an ambulance.

Marie says the dead guy is Curtis Follows – they’re at his house where he was shot then he ran three blocks. He was shot in the groin, ran and the shooter gave chase. A neighbor says someone was banging on the door a couple of nights before about Curtis paying back a loan or dying. Danny says looks like he didn’t pay it back in time.

Eddie goes to check on Mia as she’s loaded into the ambulance. Jamie tells her that she’s the third kid to get hit recently. Detective Buckley shows up and she says the driver didn’t even know he hit someone. She tells Santiago to calm down and says she wants the ringleader. Frank has Donald DeCarlo, Miller’s dad, in interrogation. He shot a cop back in ’76 and has been wanted since.

Frank’s dad shows up and says he can’t believe they finally got the guy. Frank says he sent word to Danny. Frank says he’s had the guy’s mug shot aged every five years so they’d always have an idea what he looked like. Donald says he was the kid that Dixon was chasing but says he never shot him. He says he’s never touched a gun in his life. Gormley is all over him.

Donald says no one would believe him. He says he turned his life around and says if he was a cop killer, he would not have encouraged his son to become a cop or come see him get his promotion. Jamie has the ringleader at the PD and he says the guy almost killed the girl but gets her name wrong. Jamie says he didn’t even know the girl and was just looking for a fight.

Eddie says they have a witness that says there were two people in the car and the guy wasn’t even driving. Buckley doesn’t want to hear it and walks off. Eddie is angry at her and then angry at Jamie for not having her back. She walks away. Maria compliments a guy’s car and he gets sleazy then Danny tackles him – it’s Matt Murdoch, an illegal debt collector.

They accuse him of killing Curtis but he says porn types always pay up. He says his boss finances erotic movies. Maria gets a call and Danny tells him he better have an alibi. He says he was breaking a guy’s arm in Bensonhurst. Danny says he’s not as dumb as he looks. Maria says there’s another homicide in Kip’s Bay – a guy with the same mask and description. They leave Murdoch in the street.

The dead woman is Alana Robbins. She’s got a knife in her chest and Danny says he thinks it was plan B after the gun jammed. He finds a gun nearby and says both the gun and knife are primarily used for hunting. Turns out she was a porn star – that’s two porn related deaths. They both are related to Cinema Kitty Studios which is nearby.

Eddie asks to talk to the DUI guy Santiago. He thanks her for saving him and she asks who was really driving the car but he insists it was him. She says she thinks he made the driver get out of the car while he drove around the block. Santiago says he already confessed. Jamie rushes over and Santiago says he’s not lying. Buckley comes over and gets in their faces.

She says Jamie is always kicking rocks looking for a promotion and says that Eddie’s dad isn’t Jamie’s. Buckley says she’s taking Santiago over to central booking herself but Eddie refuses to let it go. She tells Jamie she learns from him all the time but says he needs to learn to trust her.

Danny and Maria head to the porn studio where they’re shooting a sexy plumber movie. Cat Holloway comes over and she says they heard about Curtis and Alana and says everyone is all freaked out about it. She says Alana worked for them a lot and Curtis a little. She says they produce women-centric porn. Maria asks who might have done this but Cat says Josie Philips was their only trouble maker.

She says she had to fire her last year and then the girl killed herself after that. Cat says someone from Montana called the cops about Josie saying Curtis and Alana seduced her online to come to New York. Marie and Danny wonder if there’s a Montana vigilante in town.

Erin has someone waiting in her office and she goes to see it’s her grand-dad. He says he’s been waiting a long time for this. She asks him to tell her about the Dixon shooting. He sits and says it was 1977. He says he was in the Bowery when Dixon called for backup because kids were throwing bottles at him. He got the year wrong. He says he got there and says Dixon was surrounded.

He also has the wrong street address. He says what matters is that he saw Donald DeCarlo with a Saturday night special in his hand then Dixon was dead. He says that’s all a jury needs to hear. Erin looks worried about his memory lapse. Danny and Maria go looking for Jerry Phillips. The woman says her husband went for a walk. They ask why they’re in New York and she says it’s a tourist mecca.

They ask to come in and she says they’ve been there three days. She says they’re on vacation but came to lay roses where their daughter died last year. Maria asks why they haven’t yet and she says every day they say they’ll go but then Jerry says he’s not ready. Danny says that must be tough. He asks if her husband hunts and she asks why he’s asking.

Maria comes in with a note pad and sketches over it in pencil. It’s an address. The woman asks what’s going on but they leave. Frank talks to Erin and she says his dad got more details wrong than right and says he’ll never make it on the stand. She says he’ll freak out on the stand if he’s challenged. She says he’s the only witness that says DeCarlo had the gun. Others are dead and others still didn’t see what he did. Erin says she only has enough for a plea deal.

Frank says he’s a cop killer and can’t take a deal on it. She tells him he can’t look at it that way but he says he can’t look at it any other way. Maria says Jake Gaily, a porn director, lives at the address. They pull up and hear shots fired. They break a window to get into the building and head upstairs. Danny calls out that it’s the cops. They find a guy on his knees wearing a mask and a guy shot in the chair.

Danny tells the shooter not to move. He tells him to take his mask off. It’s Jerry Phillips. He says – they killed my daughter. They bring Phillips in and he says he killed all three for what they did to his daughter. Maria says the department investigated and he says they made excuses about how nothing could be proven. Phillips says there’s what’s right and quotes some scripture to them.

Danny quotes some back to him. He asks Danny if he’s ever lost a child and Danny says a broken heart is no excuse for what he’s done. Phillips says he’s not smart or rich but is a family man and did what was right. He’s very insistent. Henry blesses the family at a big dinner and they talk about the DeCarlo case. The younger kids ask what he did and they say he shot a cop. One of the kids says “allegedly.”

Henry begins to question what he really saw back then. Frank tells him he knows what he saw, but he’s just not sure. Frank says they just need to build a case. Eddie and Jamie are at a school and he tells her that they’re following her lead. He says he called her witness and did some poking around and thinks he knows who he was with.

He calls out to Carlos Santiago and Jamie congratulates him on his meeting with the Vanderbilt recruiter. Eddie asks what they do at those meetings – she asks if they bribed his dad with drinks and Jamie says he was arrested for driving drunk that day. Eddie says they know he was driving his dad and he says he took the bus home. She says he took it after his dad made him run away from the car.

Eddie says they can’t make him tell the truth but Jamie asks how he’s going to feel playing without his dad there because he let him go to jail for him. Carlos says his dad was alone in the car and then walks away. Maria and Danny go see the ME and she says they caught one killer, not the killer of all three. She says one killer was 5’10” and the other was a shorter killer – about 5’6”.

She says the other killer was likely a shorter woman. They figure out it was the mom that likely did the other killing. Frank gets a visit from Detective Miller and he asks if he knows why he detained his father. Miller says he told him he was at the scene as a kid when a cop was shot. Frank says his dad went into hiding and changed his name after the shooting. Miller says his dad left that part out.

Frank says his dad was on the scene at the time and they think his dad, real name DeCarlo, may have been the shooter. Miller says he knows nothing about this. Frank says the DA’s office thinks they don’t have a solid case. He asks Miller to ask his dad for the truth about what happened that day. Miller asks if he wants him to wear a wire and Frank says yes.

Frank says it was a fellow officer that was murdered. He tells Miller it’s not an order and he’s very sorry for what he’s asking him to do. He says he understands what a burden this represents. He says he’ll understand if he doesn’t want to do it and says if he doesn’t want to do it, they’ll forget this conversation ever happened.

Maria and Danny head back to the hotel to scoop up the mom but she’s not there. Janice is gone and Maria reminds him she said she was headed back to Montana. They wonder who she might be going after and Danny says it could be Cat Holloway. He tries to call the porn studio but gets voice mail. They head out. We see Cat at the studio – she hears a noise and calls out.

Janice attacks her. Cat fights back but she cuts her with the knife she’s wielding. Cat gets away and runs. She hides in a hall and then runs again. She runs into a different part of the studio and Janice is waiting and tackles her. She tells her it’s her turn to die but then Danny and Maria are there and they have guns out. She won’t stop choking Cat and Danny has to physically pull her off her.

Janice screams out that they all killed her daughter. Maria calls for an ambulance for Cat who was stabbed. Janice says they had to make them pay and Danny says they just made other families pay and are going to be in jail the rest of her life. Eddie offers to treat Jamie for dinner. Buckley confronts them about a call she got from Santiago saying they were harassing his son.

Buckley threatens to take them to their boss and Jamie says that’s good so they can report that she didn’t even talk to witnesses that she should. The Santiagos all show up and Buckley says they must be there to make a harassment complaint. They’re not. Mrs. Santiago elbows her son who confesses to driving the car when Mia was hit.

Carlos admits he was driving and his dad says he took the blame to try and keep him out of trouble. Mrs Santiago says she’s not having this and that being honest is what’s more important. Buckley says she’ll take them upstairs to get it sorted out. Eddie gives her an “I told you so” look. Frank, Henry and some others show up to arrest DeCarlo.

He asks if Frank ordered his son to wear a wire when he talked to him. Frank says he did but he wast he one that raised an NYPD detective. Henry smiles and says he’s waited 40 years for this. Jimmy arrests DeCarlo with Henry’s cuffs. They read his rights to him and Henry watches with satisfaction. Frank tells his dad – that’s that.