Blue Bloods Recap – Cops and Bank Robbers: Season 5 Episode 11 “Baggage”

Blue Bloods Recap - Cops and Bank Robbers: Season 5 Episode 11 "Baggage"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday January 9, season 5 episode 11 called, “Baggage” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode a robbery is committed by Army veterans, which leads to an internal struggle for Danny [Donnie Wahlberg] . Elsewhere, Garrett and Gormley [Robert Clohessy] clash over how to deal with the aftermath of a bomb scare created by a popular street artist.

On the last episode, Frank pushed to find evidence against a suspected cop killer who shot one of Henry’s fellow officers years ago. Meanwhile, Danny and Baez investigated a string of murders involving adult film stars. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Danny is conflicted when he learns that a group of highly trained Army veterans are responsible for a robbery. Meanwhile, after a bomb scare in a subway turns out to be the work of a famous street artist, Garrett and Gormley argue about how to deal with the fallout.”

Blue Bloods “Baggage” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates.

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Jamie and Eddie find a bag in the park and ask if it belongs to anyone nearby. No one claims it and then Jamie tells Eddie to stand back while he checks it. He looks at it and says it’s ticking. He tells her to back everyone up calmly. They ask people to clear the area and Jamie calls it in for the bomb squad to respond. Danny and Linda are headed to the bank and she tells him he should have worn a blue tie. He says it’s just for a refinance of their mortgage. He tells Linda to relax and says it’s not big deal.

The bomb squad shows up and they bring in the robot. People in the crowd ask if it’s a bomb and Jamie says they’re not sure and that’s why they’re checking it out. The bomb robot approaches the bag and grasps the zipper. They pull it back and the bomb tech watches the camera. Something pops out – a giant balloon that says – if you see something, make something. Eddie tells him it’s the work of a street artist known as Spanky.

The loan officer looks over their papers and clicks his pen. He sighs and tells them he’s sorry that they can’t refinance. He says to check back in a year to 18 months. She says they’ve been very loyal customers. He says they appreciate their business and asks them to check back in a year. Robbers come into the bank and Linda tells Danny to get down with everyone else. He hides his phone and shows his hands like everyone else.

The robbers force everyone down and take wallets, phones and purses from everyone. They tell the manager to open the vault. The woman’s hand shakes as she opens it. Danny notices a bandage on one of the guy’s neck. The manager stuffs money into the sack and he locks her into the vault. A female robber is taking purses. Another robber collects money from the cash drawers. The loan officer tells Danny to do something since he’s a cop. He tells the guy to shut up.

The loan officer tells Linda to make Danny do something and she says he will – in a year or a year and a half. The female robber comes over and tells Danny to sit up. She asks if he’s in a cop and he says no. The lead guy tells them to leave and they roll out. Danny tells the loan officer to call 911 and tells his wife facts about the robbers to tell the cops that show up. He takes off after them.

Frank is with Gormley and Moore talking about Spanky. Moore says it’s his nom de guerre and Gormley says the guy is a terrorist. Moore tells him to back off that language. Frank says it’s not code red but says what Spanky did was a felony. He says leaving a bag that looks and sounds like a bomb can’t be left in public. Moore says lumping Spanky with al Qaeda is a bad idea. Frank tells them to stop shouting and says Spanky is not a terrorist but a felonious prankster.

He tells them to figure it out without making more work for him. He stomps off. Maria finds Danny and she says it sounds like a pretty sophisticated robbery. Danny points out a building he thinks they may have used a point man on and they head to the roof to check it out. There’s a clear sight line to the bank and surrounding streets so you could see if cops were coming. He finds something on the roof – a cigarette butt and scoops it up. He says it was field stripped then notices boot prints.

He says they look like military boot prints left from polish. He curses. Moore chases down Gormley and says Frank likes him because he reminds him of him when he was a beat cop. Moore says he can’t light Frank up like that by using inflammatory language. He says their job is to steer Frank to the best decision. He tells him he needs to follow his lead but Moore says he’s not in the field anymore and has to consider the impact.

Moore says he needs to be an asset and not a liability. Gormley walks out annoyed. Danny goes to Erin for an assist and he says she can help him avoid a lot of DOD red tape. He says it’s a good excuse for her to talk to Holbrooke and she says she hasn’t spoken to him in a year. She asks how he’s so sure the guy is military besides the boot print. He says the field stripped cigarette and says they’re trained not to leave any traces behind.

He says he knows because he knows and asks her to have Holbrooke run the DNA from the butt he found. She already had it run and says it’s from retired Army Sergeant Joe Raymond and says she has to have dinner with Holbrooke for the favor. He can’t believe she was testing him. He leaves but she’s aggravated with him for getting her into an unwanted date. Danny and Maria head to Joe’s apartment and knock on the door.

The guy answers and Danny introduces them and says they found his butt on the roof where he was watching for a robbery. Joe says he knows nothing about a bank robbery and they tell him that they never said it was a bank. He asks if he’s under arrest and they say technically no so he shuts the door and locks it. Maria says he just made a call to a restaurant in the East Village. She proactively got a court order on it and Danny tells her good work.

Frank comes and tells Moore that Spanky is at it again and they had to shut down Bethesda Fountain. Frank says to issue a press release and try to tilt it in their favor. Frank comes back and says he knows he disagrees with him but says it’s his call. Moore says public perception will be that they’re launching missiles at a gopher and Frank reminds him that Gormley has a job to do just like him. Moore says he thinks he has a blind spot with how he views his command.

Moore says he’s putting more emphasis on how he’s connected to the officers than how he’s perceived by the outside. Frank just looks at him and asks to see the release when it’s done. Maria and Danny are at the restaurant and Danny recognizes the waitress’ voice. Maria flashes her badge and Danny says she’s right, he is a cop. Maria says they know Joe called her a few minutes ago and then they see a busboy with scars on his arms. He drops his tray and runs and Danny gives chase.

The guy runs down the street and into the park. Danny goes careening into a bicycle and goes down hard and the guy gets away. Moore tells Abigail he’s sorry he’s late but he didn’t get the email about the meeting. He tries to rush in but she has to tell him that he wasn’t invited to it at all. He’s floored when he sees Frank has Gormley in there but not him. She says she’s sorry and Moore says it’s okay then walks away looking a bit defeated.

They ask Angela the waitress why the bus boy rabbited and she says she doesn’t know. He says he recognized him as the guy who was looking out the window at the bank and says he saw the scars. Danny asks her how long she was in the military and he asks why a bunch of former soldiers are robbing banks. Eli Campbell shows up and says he’s her attorney. Maria says innocent people don’t usually have lawyers on speed dial.

Eli says one more word and he’ll file a harassment claim. Danny says the lawyer was part of the robbery and was wearing a bandage to cover the tattoo on his neck. They wonder what the hell is going on. Danny shows up at Erin’s date with Holbrooke and says he needs help. She introduces Danny as her least favorite brother. He asks if it’s about the bank robbery and shows him files. He says they’re all ex-military including their lawyer and served together in Baqubah.

Danny says he’s a vet himself and wished he didn’t find this. He says they were part of a five man striker team and wants to know who the fifth man is. He says if the guy turned them down, he may talk to the cops. Erin tells Holbrooke he doesn’t have to help but he says he’ll see what he can do. Danny thanks him and Erin glares at her brother. Moore comes to talk to Frank and he asks why he froze him out of the meeting. Frank says it was a police meeting with no PR component.

Moore says he’s always sat in on those and is now disinvited. Frank tells him to cut it out. He says it was purely technical and would be a waste of his time. Moore asks if this was about yesterday and Frank insists he wasn’t benching him. Frank tells him they need to get something straight. He says Gormley stays because he’s valuable and he needs his input in addition to his. He tells Moore to get used to it and he asks if it’s an order. Frank asks if it needs to be and Moore stalks out.

Danny and Maria go to see the fifth man. They announce themselves as police and find the guy, Richard Sullivan, in a wheelchair. They ask to speak to him and he invites them in. He offers them something to drink. He’s a double amputee and is struggling to find words. He tells them he forgets things. He says he was in Baqubah and Danny says he was in Fallujah. Danny checks out his service photos and sees the other robbers.

Richard asks how he can help and he says it was an IED that hit them and says they took a hard hit. Maria says she’s sorry. He says he was devastated when he lost his legs but he says that part was nothing – he says it’s losing his mind that’s killing him. He had a traumatic brain injury and says he used to have a 140 IQ. He says Angela is his wife. He says she put together a charity to raise $100k for him and says he starts therapy next week.

He says they’ve been married four years and they met in the service. He says he’s lucky that his wife stuck by him and that many guys who were injured lost their wives. He says Angela would do anything for him and Maria says she bet she would. They make excuses to go and Richard asks what they came to ask and Danny says there have been burglaries in the area. Richard says he hasn’t heard anything and they leave. Outside, Maria says she hates this job. Danny agrees.

Danny waits for Angela outside her work. He says part of him wants to lock her up and part wants to look the other way. He says he spent some time with her husband today. He says he didn’t say anything to him and wants to help. Danny says he knows he waited three years fro VA service and says a jury would understand that was a mitigating circumstance. He tells her if she cooperates, he’ll put in a good word with the DA.

He says he’s trying to help and doesn’t want to see things get worse with her husband. He says he was there too and came home okay on the outside only. He says when he was the evidence, they’re all going away for a long time. He tells her to think about what he said but she’s already walking away. At the family dinner, Danny fills them all in on the bank robbery done for the good purpose. Danny says it crossed his mind to tell them to leave town.

Frank says that would make him an accomplice and Danny says that would be an honor. Frank says he’s a vet too and hates to see Richard suffer without getting the help he deserves. He says robbing the bank wasn’t there only solution. Erin asks if he can make the collar and Danny says he can definitely prove it all. He followed Angela and took pictures of her engaged in “extracurricular activities.” Jamie says Danny can use that as leverage to get her to confess and turn over the team.

Henry says that leaves her husband right back where he started and Frank agrees that’s not right either. Moore comes to tell Frank that the New York Times called about Spanky. He says they want to put a piece together on why the NYPD wants to save the world from art. Moore asks if Frank or Gormley should handle it. Moore says it’s a ridiculous premise for a college paper, much less for the NYT. Moore says Frank and Gormley were right on Spanky from the start.

Moore says he missed it and blasted Gormley when he was absolutely right. He says he owes him an apology and Frank agrees. He says he’ll get him a nice bottle of hooch and Frank says you can’t apologize like he’s a woman with candy and flowers. He tells him to ask Gormley to do him a favor that will show he respects him. Frank says that will set it to rights with no mushiness. Angela looks over the photos Danny and Maria brought of her fooling around.

Angela asks how they knew and Maria says it doesn’t matter. Angela says they’re just friends and says they’re too close but they never crossed the lines. Maria says Richard won’t see it that way. Angela says they don’t know what it’s been like. She says she’s a good wife and went a long time without a single loving touch. Maria says they’re not there to judge her and Danny says they’re there to help. Angela says Richard gave everything for his country and now he’s hanging by a string.

Angela says she has no good choices and Danny tosses down an envelope. He says he has a friend at DOD who cut through red tape. She reads the letter saying Richard’s treatment will be fully covered and he starts Tuesday. Angela asks if she has to go to jail and Danny says the choice is hers. Maria says Richard is home – they see him wheel up the ramp. He’s surprised to see Maria and Danny. Angela tells him they weren’t there about robberies in the neighborhood.

He asks what it is and Angela looks ashamed. Danny comes to bug Erin and she says she just spoke to the DA. Each of the robbers will get just five years each. He says he owes her big on this one. She says she was just doing her job and he asks how Holbrooke is. She tells him to shut up. Moore goes to see Gormley and says they just grabbed Spanky trying to board a flight to the UK. Moore congratulates him and he offers Moore condolences.

He asks if Moore wants his autograph or a photo for his instamatic page. Moore says it’s Instagram. Gormley says he’s just kidding and asks what Moore wants. He asks if he can speak at a local criminal justice school. Gormley is surprised. Moore says they have a lot of egghead types signed up but need a real cop’s cop to participate. Gormley is touched and thanks him. He says he’d be glad to do it. Frank is pleased to see peace has been made in a manly fashion.

Angela is with Danny and Richard dropping him off at the VA. He can’t remember his last name and his wife introduces him as Captain Richard Sullivan. She kneels down and tells Richard she loves him and says it will be better when she’s out of jail and he’s out of treatment. She kisses him and Danny watches them have their moment. They wheel Richard away to being his treatment and Danny wishes him good luck.

Angela tells Danny she doesn’t know what to say and he tells her to say she’ll never do it again. She says never and he says good. She thanks him and holds her hands out for the cuffs. He snaps them on and takes her out with him.



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