Blue Bloods Recap 2/13/15: Season 5 Episode 15 “Power Plays”

Blue Bloods Recap 2/13/15: Season 5 Episode 15 "Power Plays"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday February 13, season 5 episode 15 called, “Power Plays” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, when a star witness in a double murder case drops out, Erin [Bridget Moynahan] is tasked with bringing a protected mob informant back to New York for a case and keeping him safe, with help from Danny [Donnie Wahlberg] and Baez [Marisa Ramirez]

On the last episode, Danny and Baez investigated a murder of a lower income resident in a luxury building where 20 percent of the units were made affordable for lower income housing. Also, Frank took issue with a detective friend of Gormley’s who takes advantage of his position with legal loopholes. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when a star witness in a double murder case drops out, Erin is tasked with bringing a protected mob informant back to New York for a case and keeping him safe, with help from Danny and Baez. Also, Frank enters into tense negotiations with Mayor Poole about police officer benefits. Dan Hedaya guest stars as the mob informant.”

Blue Bloods “Power Plays” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #BlueBloods, Frank goes to see Mayor Poole. He talks to him about his deputy mayor Sylvia. He says he lives with Ray McLain who is an unpredictable guy. He says Ray is on parole for assault. He says last night Ray was arrested for a misdemeanor which would violate his parole. The Mayor is worried it will make it into the papers and doesn’t want to lose Sylvia. Frank says he can’t tinker with a legitimate arrest and the Mayor just asks him to take a look at the arrest and also the big picture.

Jamie and Eddie show up and talk to a civilian patrol volunteer who has cornered a kid for stealing lottery tickets. They thank him and take over the teen. Erin talks to Dano and his lawyer and they tell her that Conti, her witness, is a lying sack of crap. She makes an offer and the lawyer says they’ll pass. He shows her an affidavit from another county that shows Conti was in custody on the night of the killings and can’t have been a witness. The lawyer tells her she has no case and to drop the charges.

McBride was listening and tells Erin that Conti’s car was outside the supper club so they assumed he was really there. She says they need to find another witness or that animal Dano will walk. Erin takes a call from the acting DA who chews her out. She says Dano just can’t be nailed down. She says with no eye witness they have nothing. McBride reminds her that Vincent Rella saw it go down but she says the feds snatched him for their Rico case and now he’s in witness prosecution.

She says the feds will never let her have him to testify but McBride encourages her to try. Jamie complains to Eddie about some of the overzealous volunteers and, sure enough, Andy is there to follow up on “his collar.” He says he always dreamed of being a cop but he has vertigo. He tells them he’s been tracking a local drug dealer that’s selling at a local elementary school. Eddie says she’ll track it down if he gives them the information.

He hands over a little notebook and says it’s his surveillance log. He leaves and Jamie says she shouldn’t encourage him. Marshal Morgan rants to Erin and says he doesn’t want to let Rella out of wit sec to testify. He says he doesn’t care about Dano and says no way. Erin says violating the sanctity of wit sec isn’t against the law and they wonder if they can find Rella on their own to bring him in to testify. They agree to look up his granddaughter.

Gormley isn’t happy to hear from Frank what the Mayor asked him to do. Frank says he has an obligation to review the case, but that’s all. Moore asks Frank if he took the opportunity to discuss a pension increase. Frank says he can’t propose a quid pro quo. Gormley says it’s one favor for 35,000 cops. Frank says to pull the details of the arrest but to do it quietly. Erin talks to Melissa, Rella’s daughter. She says it’s not easy being Rella’s granddaughter.

She says her mom cut him out of all their lives. McBride asks if she talks to him and she says she doesn’t know where he is but caves and says she talks to him sometimes. She says he has a cell phone the Marshals don’t know about. Erin says she just wants to talk to him and it’s up to him to decide if he wants to testify or not. Erin says the guy they’re after killed two little girls and her grandpa could help put him away.

She writes down the cell number for them. She asks that Erin not tell where she got the number. The girl leaves. McBride saw 515 area code is Iowa. He’s going to call but Erin says showing up is half the battle. She thinks they need to appeal to him face to face. Eddie and Jamie show up in response to a shooting call and they find Andy. He says the drug dealer he’s been watching was arguing with a customer and pulled out a gun. He tells them where he is.

They send him out of harm’s way and Jamie goes around to the other side. Eddie sees the guy hiding and says to come out because no one has been shot yet and he can still walk. He chambers a round and they tell him to drop it. Andy creeps up and the guy shoots Andy. Then he runs and pulls up his gun again to fire and Eddie shoots him twice in the chest. Andy is shocked. Jamie calls for an ambulance. They cuff the perp but Jamie says the guy is dead.

Eddie has to talk to the shooting team about why she shot. Jamie says it was a clean shoot. She asks how Andy is doing and Jamie says he’s going to be fine. Jamie says he knows what she’s going through and says he’s been there himself. Jamie says a guy used him to commit suicide by cop. She asks if he had a choice and he says no but he felt bad about it. Eddie says it’s part of the job and she just wants to get through the dog and pony show and get back on the street.

Erin and McBride are in Iowa and he tells her they don’t exactly fit in as a couple in Iowa. Rella pulls up and McBride greets him then says they’re not there to kill him. Erin asks if he remembers her and he says she’s the DA prosecuting Dano. She says they found another witness Conti and Rella says the guy is a lying sack of crap. He says them being there jams him up. She asks him to testify against Dano. He says the guy would whack his own mother for 50 g’s.

He says there’s a price on his head and Erin says she can keep him safe. He says he would love a good plate of pasta but won’t die for it. He tells them his name is Vincent Peters now and goes into his house. McBride and Erin go to a diner and he raves about the loose meat pork sandwich. He asks about getting a judge to sign off on a material witness order. She says they have to get him to come voluntarily. Erin says they need to figure out what he loves and McBride says he loves only himself.

Frank reads to the Mayor the circumstances of the arrest. He disrupted a funeral with some drunken antics. Poole says Ray didn’t hurt anyone but Frank says he disrupted the funeral of family trying to bury their child. Poole reminds Frank that he answers to him and says he needs him to show that he knows that. Poole offers to move along the pension funding increase. Frank says these two issues do not belong alongside each other. Poole says it was a simple change of subject.

Poole says an increase is long overdue and Frank agrees. Erin comes back to see Rella about testifying. He says nothing she says will change his mind. They bring Melissa, his granddaughter to see him. She tells him that he told her he wished he’d been a good man. She says Dano killed a lot of people and keeping him from hurting other people is what a good man would do. She asks him to please testify.

Rella goes back to NYC with Erin and McBride and they tell him how they’re going to keep him safe. Erin promised him some good pasta and then Marshal Morgan is there. She says Rella is there voluntarily. Morgan says they can’t use the apartment and McBride says he cleared it with the Marshals. Morgan says it will be a cold day in hell before any of his Marshals protect this joker again. He tells Erin good luck keeping him alive once his mob pals find out he’s back.

Jamie comes to Eddie and says he heard she was cleared on the shooting. He says the boss is putting her in for a medal but she says she doesn’t want it for killing a guy before he killed her. Gormley and Moore are in favor of Frank letting Ray go to get the pension deal. Abigail agrees that Frank shouldn’t give the Mayor leverage. Rella freaks on Erin and McBride and says he can’t be safe there. He says the Marshals may just kill him.

Maria and Danny take over Rella and tell her they’ll get him to the courthouse then back to the airport. At dinner, Frank asks Jamie how Eddie holding up. Linda says it would be hard to be okay with taking a life. They talk about shootings and how mistakes often end up on the front page of the paper. Danny says the city is safer than it’s ever been, knock on wood. They all knock. Eddie complains to Jamie that the boss said she had to go to the medal ceremony. Andy hobbles into the diner and says hi to them.

He says he hasn’t felt dizzy once since he got shot. She jokes that he should have taken a bullet before. He thanks Eddie and says he owes her his life. He also hands her an envelope. He says it’s a certificate for three years of free tax preparation. She asks if that’s the going rate for killing a guy. She looks inside and asks if she gets six years if she kills two guys. Andy says he didn’t mean to – she interrupts and tells him his ridiculous cop fantasies almost got them killed.

She says it’s not a video game he gets to play and says to stick to his ridiculous life before he gets someone else killed. Officer Butler comes to see Frank who says he has questions about an arrest. He says he heard he knocked down the charges against Ray and asks why. He says the guy made a case about not having his parole violated. Butler says that some of the funeral people made a crack about Ray’s Red Sox cap.

Frank asks if anyone talked to him about this. He asks if anyone from One PP talked to him about. He says no. He asks if anyone from the Mayor’s office talked to him. Butler says he would never have reduced the charges if the Mayor asked. He says he’s not a fan of the Mayor and says his pension isn’t enough to see him through retirement and he blames the Mayor for that. Frank says okay and lets him go. Erin thanks Rella for his custody and says it was a slam dunk.

She says he did a good thing and promises to bring his pasta to Iowa. They put him in a hat and sunglasses and Danny and Maria walk him out of the courthouse. An SUV pulls up and men start shooting. They all run for cover. Danny tells for Erin to stay down. None of them were hurt. They hustle Rella back inside. Danny checks the hallway and then Morgan shows up and says he should have known this was his mess.

He asks how they’re going to get him out and Danny says they’re walking him right out the front door. Morgan mocks him and says they’re all going to die. McBride says they’ll have all the exits covered and Danny says that’s what he’s hoping for. Eddie buttons up her uniform shirt with shaking hands. She reaches for her weapon and stares at it. She puts it in the holster and sits down on the bench. She takes her belt back off and hangs it in her locker then walks out.

Danny and Maria hustle Rella to a cop car and they head out with another car behind them. We see some guys lurking in a car nearby. They follow the caravan. Maria tells Danny that they’re following them. Morgan is in the car dressed like Rella and Danny says they’re a team now. Danny says they owe him one and Morgan says to promise him he’ll never have to work with a Reagan again. He says he’s heading to the Westchester airport while the others take Rella to La Guardia.

Erin takes Rella out wearing prisoner orange. They load him into a van with a bunch of cops dressed in prisoner orange too including McBride. Rella says they need a camera and Erin says it’s a good color on him. Rella asks what if he gets whacked on the way to La Guardia. McBride says it’s all Marshals and NYPD in the van and he’ll be safe. She brings out Melissa to say goodbye to her grandpa. Rella tells Erin she and McBride are okay. He holds his crying granddaughter and tells her it’s all okay.

Frank goes to see the Mayor and says Butler decided to reduce the charge to disorderly conduct. Poole asks if he spoke to Butler personally and he says he did. The Mayor thanks him and Frank says there’s nothing to thank him for. He says he was just thanking him for the information. Frank says Butler is a year out from retirement and time can drag on budget matters. Poole says – pensions – and Frank says Butler deserves his thanks. Poole says all the Butlers deserve our thanks and Frank agrees.

Jamie comes to see Eddie and asks where she’s been all day. She says she took a sick day and he asks why she didn’t call him. He brought a pizza and she says she’s fine. He says – you could have fooled me. She says she can’t cry and he says no one is asking her to. She says everyone says to cry and let it out so she watched Remember the Titans but even that didn’t help. She says she keeps thinking she could have given him a way out.

Jamie says the guy drew on her and there was no other way out. He points to her in a yearbook and says she looks amazing. She says she was a sheltered happy kid and says she doesn’t know how she got to where she is now. Jamie says his brother told him when he was going through this to not looking for something bigger when you’re already looking at something big. She asks what that means and he says just to get through the day and the night.

Jamie asks how long has it been since she slept and she asks why she feels guilty for shooting a bad guy. Jamie says it’s because she’s a good guy. She thanks him and he pulls her in for a hug. She leans against him and lets him hold her. She asks if he could stay there tonight. She says not in any way like – he interrupts and says he knows. She says she needs him. He says he’s not going anywhere and she finally starts crying while he holds her tight.