Blue Bloods Recap – Romeo and Juliet: Season 5 Episode 14 “The Poor Door”

Blue Bloods Recap - Romeo and Juliet: Season 5 Episode 14 "The Poor Door"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday February 6, season 5 episode 14 called, “The Poor Door” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode Danny [Donnie Wahlberg] and Baez [Marisa Ramirez] investigate a murder of a lower income resident in a luxury building where 20 percent of the units are made affordable for lower income housing.

On the last episode, Danny and Baez investigated when a homeowner shot an intruder, only to find out that the intruder was a hitman. Also, a young attorney attempted to bring justice to his mother who Erin put away on a murder charge 12 years ago. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Danny and Baez investigate a murder of a lower income resident in a luxury building where 20 percent of the units are made affordable for lower income housing. Also, Frank takes issue with a detective friend of Gormley’s who takes advantage of his position with legal loopholes.”

Blue Bloods “The Poor Door” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates.

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Danny and Maria are at the Conway Residences looking for a crime scene. They are sent to another door and Maria says it’s an 80-20 where 20% are low income housing and there’s a poor door. They head in and a uniform says the victim’s mother found him. Maria goes to talk to the mom. They speak in Spanish. Her son lies died in a huge pool of his own blood.

Abigail warns Frank that Moore is on his way up. He says he got a heads up on tomorrow’s daily news. Moore says it’s Detective Louis Weems’ Ferrari and the guy works in the narco division. Frank says they have to assume there’s a legitimate explanation. Moore says the guy is a drinking biddy of Gormley’s and says Weems is a good guy.

Jamie and Eddie are out on patrol and get a call. They head out. They pull up and shots are fired at them. Jamie backs them up and then they get out. Another unit is already there exchanging fires with some robbers at a store. Sproles gets shot in the arm and says to keep going. Jamie shoots one and then sees the other getting away in a car. He calls it in. They have one guy who was shot but insists he wasn’t involved and wasn’t shooting at them.

Danny and Maria talk to a neighbor of his. He says there’s a lottery to get into this building and says he’s only paying $600 for the place when it should go for $2-$3k. He says the guy was a school teacher and was a jogger and a nice, healthy guy. He says he got caught using the gym and got into with another guy. He says the poor door people can’t use it and says a guy named Carstairs was all over Diego about it.

Frank goes to see Gormley who says Weems is above board. He says he’s known him for years and says he’s his son’s godfather. Frank says his view may be skewed but Gormley says he dug into his finances and says the guy made money on real estate transactions. Frank says it’s going to be bad when it hits the papers and says he hopes Gormley is clear on where he is. He says his job is to look out from Frank, not his buddy Weems.

Gormley says he gets that. The guy Jamie and Eddie arrested is being hostile and tells the detectives nothing. He asks for help for his water and Eddie wants to work him over to get the info on the shooter. They agree to try bad cop, worse cop. He asks for his water and she brings it closer but he still can’t reach it. She also takes his nurse call button away then walks out and lets Jamie take over. He asks the guy if he knows how they feel about him.

The guy says he didn’t shoot a cop and says someone else did. He begs for a glass of water. Jamie gets his cup and hands it over. He sits down by the bed and flips through a Hot Rod magazine. The guy asks to see it when he’s gone but Jamie shakes his head no. Maria and Danny wait for Carstairs. He hands over his card and says he assumes this is about the shoving match with the Puerto Rican kid. He says he was in the fitness center and Diego is there every day.

He says he lives on the poor door side and isn’t supposed to be there so he confronted it. He says Diego told him that he was a guest and got a swipe from a white girl in the penthouse. Jamie slaps the guy in the face with the magazine and wakes him. He says he thought he wanted the mag. He asks what kind of car he has and they talk cars for a few minutes. Jamie asks why he sold his goat. He says an idiot friend of him wrapped it around a telephone pole.

Jamie asks if he died and he says he just broke his arm and that the guy gets away with everything. He gets a clear picture that his buddy was the shooter. Maria shows Danny a photo of Rada Radchenko, the white girl that gave Diego the key. Her dad owns the penthouse and is former KGB from Russia. She also found photos of Rada and Diego that looks like they were dating. They wonder if her add offed them. They go to Diego’s funeral and see Rada and her dad there comforting Diego’s mom.

That turns their theory on its ear then Danny gets a call saying CSU found a pile of coke in Diego’s closet. The Detective tells Jamie good job and says Theo Salzer is the likely shooter and he has a record for armed robbery. Frank comes in and finds Gormley waiting with Detective Weems and he brought Tim Cafferty, his union rep. They sit down and Frank shows them the headline and photo. Weems says it must be a slow news day.

Cafferty says there is no infraction. Weems says he’s worked narco and then on the side he flips houses. Gormley says he knows when a neighborhood is getting better when they close down crack houses. They wonder if he puts in a low ball offer right before they raid. Cafferty says IA looked into this and it’s legit but Frank says it’s like insider training. Frank asks Weems what a new cop would think if they saw him in that car and buying up real estate. He leaves.

Frank tells Gormley to get everything on Weems’ house buying activity and to deliver it to Erin at the ADA office. Frank asks why he’s pushing back and says that’s not his job in this. Frank says just because it’s legal doesn’t mean it’s proper. Frank says he wants this stopped. He says to loop in Erin and use his name with Carla Brooks. He sends Gormley on his way. Danny and Maria wait for Rada and her father Ivan.

He tells them that Rada is very fragile right now. They ask Ivan if he was former law enforcement. He says he was and says he was skeptical about Diego but then got to know him. He says he was a good guy and a hard worker and doesn’t know why anyone would do this. Rada comes in and he introduces them to his daughter. They ask her if she can point them to someone he may have had a conflict with. She says he just wanted to bring a light to the world.

Danny asks her about the drugs and she asks what he’s talking about. Danny says there was a lot of it but Rada says it’s not true. Ivan asks if she’s hiding something. They speak Russian and then she says she knew everything about him. Maria asks if Diego was having money troubles. Rada says he would never do drugs and then they ask if she was doing drugs with her drug dealing boyfriend. She runs off. Jamie comes back to see the guy in the hospital and asks where Theo Salzer is.

He says he doesn’t know and doesn’t want to talk about it. Jamie says the shot shattered the cop’s elbow and he’ll never get back on the job again. Jamie goes nuts on him and then Eddie pulls him off the guy. Jamie storms out angry.

Gormley goes to a homeless shelter and knocks on a door. He talks to Ms Parsons. She say it was just her cousin’s boyfriend and she didn’t know anything. He says he’s not there about drugs and says he wants to know if she was wrongly evicted from her home. She says the police raided Roscoe’s apartment and says the guy ran upstairs into her apartment with his drugs. She says her house was taken and Gormley says he has someone who can help and gives her Erin’s card.

He tells her he’s sorry this happened to her. Maria brings a coffee to Ms Torres, Diego’s mother. Maria tells her they found drugs in Diego’s place so they need to talk about. She says he wasn’t in money trouble or felt inadequate about dating a rich girl and wanted to make extra money. She asks why there would be cocaine in his house. Ms Torres says Ivan offered her son $200k to quit dating his daughter but he turned it down.

They go back to see Ivan and ask for Diego’s killer. He admits to offering Diego money to try and get him to stop dating her. Ivan says it was just a test. He says he was in Brooklyn watching the Nets play the night Diego was killed. They go check security footage then see him nod at another guy. Maria agrees it was definitely a nod. Eddie offers Jamie some jello and says it has great mouth feel. He laughs at her word usage. The nurse tells them that his wound is infected and he has sepsis. He may die.

Gormley tells Frank about the illegal eviction and Frank asks what he’s going to do to him next. Gormley says nothing and Frank says he should be the one to make an example out of him and says that’s how you make your bones in this building. He says he needs to set standards for all cops. He asks Frank for suggestions. He tells Gormley he’d find something on his own to pursue.

Danny and Marie find out that Oleg Kaus is the guy Ivan gave the nod to. Maria says Ivan hired an assassin and then planted drugs to throw off the investigation and throw shade at Diego. Jamie goes back into talk to the guy. He tells Jamie they told him he could die. He asks to call his mother. Jamie hands over his phone and says you dial but I talk first to verify it’s her. He dials and hands it to Jamie. He gets an out of service message.

He says he hasn’t talked to her in a couple of years and maybe she moved. Jamie asks if he has any other family he can call but he says he has nobody. He asks him to write down a message to his mom in case she comes for his remains. Jamie takes notes for him. At the family dinner, he tells them about the guy and asks Erin haven’t you ever thought about how much more punishment a guy can take. He says it seems like God has it in for him.

Frank asks what he would do for him and tells Jamie he had a B&E in Echo Park. He says he came in and found the guy unhooking the TV and the guy is blind drunk. He had broken into his own parents’ house. Jamie asks what happened to him and Frank says his mom and dad pressed charges and he did 18 months. That doesn’t set well with Jamie.

Frank goes and asks Moore if he thinks Gormley can cut it at his job and leave behind the need to be liked. Moore says he thinks so. He says he’s smart and more ambitious than he wants to let on. Jamie goes back to see the guy who tells him that they told him that he’s dying. Jamie asks if he can bring anyone in to see him. He offers a priest or reverend and the guy says they never did nothing for him. He tells Jamie he thinks he’s going to hell if there is one.

Jamie says it’s not too late to ask for forgiveness. He tells Jamie that Theo is at his cousin Tommy’s place and gives him the address. He says he swears on his grave that Theo shot the cop. He asks if he’ll sign a statement saying that and he agrees. He gives the guy a pen and paper. Maria and Danny bring Rada in to the police station. She talks about visiting Diego where he worked at the school. She says he was great. Maria asks Rada if she knows her dad offered Diego money to get him to go away.

She says he’s very protective and has done this before. Maria says she thinks the drugs were planted in Diego’s place and asks who would do that. She shows her the photo of Oleg and Rada says he used to work for her dad in Moscow. Maria then shows her a photo of her dad with Oleg the day Diego was murdered. Maria says they can’t prove that he did it. Rada is crying but then calms down. She says she has to leave even though Maria asks her to stay. Rada walks out.

Jamie finds Wallace’s mom and brings her to the hospital. He reaches out his hand to her and she doesn’t take it at first but then finally does. She sits by his side and pats his head. Danny and Maria find Rada’s body in Diego’s bed. She’s dead. Her dad sits in the corner distraught and Danny tells him – live with yourself.

Gormley tells Frank he set the building inspectors on Weems’ properties and found enough violations to shut him down. Gormley finds Weems in his office and he says he thought everything was on the up and up. Frank says he’s lying. Weems says he cut some corners but wants to ask to keep his job. Gormley says it’s not up to him but Frank says it is in this instance. Gormley says he can keep his job but one misstep and he’s going to find himself in a court room. Weems thanks Frank who tells him to thank Gormley.



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