Blue Bloods Recap 4/10/15: Season 5 Episode 20 “Payback”

Blue Bloods Recap 4/10/15: Season 5 Episode 20 "Payback"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday April 10, season 5 episode 20 called, “Payback” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a celebrity chef from reality TV is murdered and a suspect readily confesses to the crime, but Danny [Donnie Wahlberg] and Baez [Marisa Ramirez] think there’s more to the case. Elsewhere, a senator uses his friendship with Frank [Tom Selleck] to ask for a favor regarding a DUI charge.

On the last episode, Frank went toe to toe with an investigative journalist who refused to give up her source, despite the source admitting to committing murder. Also, Danny was paired with a troubled teenager as part of an NYPD program aimed at influencing youth to make better decisions. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “When a suspect voluntarily admits to killing a reality show celebrity chef in his own restaurant, Danny and Baez are convinced the suspect is taking the fall for someone. Also, Frank faces a moral dilemma when a longtime friend, Sen. Ted McCreary, asks for Frank’s help to make a DUI go away, and investigative journalist Anne Farrell returns.”

Blue Bloods “Payback” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Blue Bloods begins with Danny and Maria showing up to a crime scene. At the restaurant, a guy has been stabbed to death. The cop on scene tell him he thinks it’s Brent Madison, a farm to table chef. Maria recognizes him from a cooking show. He also says they came to a call there and says Brent and Marty Dustin were in a heated screaming match outside the place. Maria knows that name too – they had a rivalry from the TV show.

A couple is pulled over. They are arguing and Jamie tells her to roll down the window. He asks if she was drinking and says she ran a red light. The man offers to drive in place of her. Senator Ted McCreary offers a card and tells the beat cop to call Frank Reagan and says his cell number is on it. Jamie tells Eddie about a perp being ridiculous. They notice a lot of people walking by with their phones out heading for something. They follow.

They see the phones start chiming and the crowd disperses. A body is left lying. It’s a woman looking out of it who’s in just bra and panties. They cover her with a jacket and call it in. Jamie calls it in as a possible OD. McCreary shows up to meet Frank for breakfast. He tells Frank he’s sorry about last night and Frank says the cop was just doing his job. He says the woman was Jess Weinstein who ran his next campaign. Ted says he should have driven and not let her.

He says the officer on scene was very kind and Frank says Jess still has to appear. Ted says it has to go away because of his stance on DUIs. Frank admits it won’t look good to his wife, the press or his political foes. He tells Ted he’ll look into it but makes no promises. The doctor tells Jamie and Eddie that the girl had her stomach pumped and there’s no sign of sexual assault. They go talk to the girl who says her name is Christina Henley.

She says Ionic Siege is a game they play – it’s an augmented reality game. She says she doesn’t do drugs and she says she was out of breath from running and someone offered her a drink and then she lost it. She says her ex Trevor probably put them up to it. She says Trevor dumped her when she switched sides in the game. She says she doesn’t want to press charges and asks for her purse. She’s upset that it’s missing.

Maria and Danny go to Marty Dustin’s restaurant. He asks what’s going on and they tell him that Brent is dead. He says he didn’t kill him but they tell him they know he threatened him. He says Brent was his mentor and he respected him even though they didn’t always get along. Danny spots a cut on his hand and he says he was shucking oysters. Marty points out a camera and says it’s on 24/7 so they can see he was there. He tells them Brent was out of time and money.

He says the people leasing him the space were really pissed – a firm called Choinski Management. Christina gets her locks changed while Jamie and Eddie wait. She says the game can be all consuming and they lived in their own little world when they weren’t playing. She tells them her bank account was frozen not to long ago and then her credit cards. Her computer beeps and they see texts saying she’s a slut. She says she thinks these are friends of Trevor’s. Eddie says they have to go confront Trevor in real life.

Danny and Maria go to Choinski Management. Milena says she found Brent’s body and called it in anonymously when she went to see him about a bounced check. Lech comes out – he’s the boss – and says Brent made a mess of his property. He says Milena told her to rent to Brent since he was on TV. He says he told the guy to just open up so he could make money but he complained and was really rude to him. He tells them Viktor Bajek worked for him and was fired for stealing.

He says Milena told him she spotted Viktor near the restaurant last night. They head to Viktor’s house and his mom answers the door. She calls him to come out and he does. They show him a photo of Brent and he says he killed the guy. His mom asks what he’s done and hits him in the face. They pull her off of him. Frank talks to Moore about him having drinks with the reporter. Moore wants him to do an interview. Gormley comes by with news about McCreary’s traffic stop.

He says Landau made it clear it was a lover’s spat. Moore asks if there’s an ask on the table and if Frank is considering it. He doesn’t answer and asks them to go. They bring Viktor in and he says he has nothing to hide. He says he killed him and says he thought the guy was rich. He says the guy didn’t lock the door and there was no register. He says Brent came at him with a knife so he took it but Brent kept coming so he stabbed him.

Viktor says he threw the knife in the river. Danny reiterates what he said then indicates where he stabbed Brent. They tell him to sit tight and leave. The wounds weren’t close to where Brent was stabbed. Danny says they need to go back on Choinski. Jamie and Eddie go see Trevor who says he wasn’t in the park last night. Eddie asks where he was and he says he was all over playing Ionic Siege. They accuse her of having Christina drugged and stripped in public.

Trevor says he likes Christina but says she gets in her own way and blames other people for her problems. Eddie asks if he’s saying she drugged herself and stripped down. Trevor says he doesn’t know what happened. Jamie asks why he mentioned the park and Trevor says he heard about it on the message boards. People are calling for her to be exiled for her behavior. Trevor says if someone is messing with her and he knew who, he would tell them.

Eddie thinks he’s lying but Jamie says maybe Christina is acting out after the break up. He says they have nothing beyond he-said she-said right now. Jamie says she’s taking this personally but Eddie says this is not about what happened to her, but Christina.