Blue Bloods Recap – Undercover Eddie: Season 5 Episode 18 “Bad Company”

Blue Bloods Recap - Undercover Eddie: Season 5 Episode 18 "Bad Company"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday March 13, season 5 episode 18 called, “Bad Company” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Eddie goes on her first undercover operation to investigate a kidnapping ring targeting young women via fake youth hostel websites.

On the last episode, Erin is rattled when an unknown assailant breaks into her apartment and also attacks her co-worker. Meanwhile, Jamie and Eddie discover a pipe bomb in an elderly woman’s apartment, and Frank looks into a charity that is soliciting money for the NYPD. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Eddie goes on her first undercover operation to investigate a kidnapping ring targeting young women via fake youth hostel websites. Meanwhile, Frank helps a woman he knows from early in his career meet the inmate who killed her family.”

Blue Bloods “Occupational Hazards” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #BlueBloods, a young girl named Ana walks with her suitcase. A woman introduces herself as Tatiana and says she’s from the hostel. She puts her into the van and says she’s also from Serbia. Ana sees the gun on the driver and tries to get out. They knock her against the window to cow her but she still manages to dial 911 on her cell.

Abigail tells Frank that Sarah Grant is waiting in his office. He asks her to hold his calls. He greets Sarah with a hug. He tells her she looks great and offers coffee. He says he has his best suit pressed and ready. Sarah says there’s a piece missing and she wants to ask him something but wasn’t sure how to. She says he’s been like a father to her and asks if he’ll walk her down the aisle. Frank says he’d be honored.

Frank asks what else is going on and she says she got a letter from the prison yesterday from “him.” Frank asks if she opened it. She says no and she was hoping he would. She gives it to him. Erin finds Henry with a woman. He introduces her to Erin as Sylvia. He says she’s the first of the family to meet her and they met in a book club. Erin notices she’s wearing a nice bracelet and Sylvia tells her that Henry bought it. He says only the best for his girl.

Danny and Maria come to see Lt Collier who’s filling in for Carver and play the Serbian 911 call. It’s Ana Markovich who was supposed to stay at a youth hostel but it only exists online as a trap. Danny says she’s the 5th girl to disappear. Collier says with no proof, he can’t waste his two best detectives. Erin talks to McBride who says he checked out Sylvia Hayden and says she’s wanted for murder and they call her the Grandpa Killer. She laughs and asks if he found anything.

McBride says she didn’t exist under that name until 2007. Erin asks if he thinks she’s being crazy. He says if he thought someone was messing with his grandma, he’d turn over every stone. He asks her to get fingerprints or DNA so he can do more testing. Frank goes with Sarah to meet Father Barnes. She asks if he read the letter. He says she’s getting married in three days and shouldn’t worry about it now. He asks to talk about it in a couple of weeks but she asks what it says.

Frank says he said he’s sorry and has found God in jail. He says it’s the usual sociopathic thing where they’re running a long con to try and get parole. Frank tells her that the guy, Donald Barry, wants to meet her under a program called Restorative Justice where victims meet their attackers. Frank says she shouldn’t meet him. Sarah says she last saw him in court when she was seven after he killed her family and told her that his only regret was that he didn’t kill her too.

Sarah asks Frank to tell the court or prison not to write her again. Frank agrees to do that. Danny and Maria wait for Jamie to talk to him. They say it’s about Eddie. Danny says he may need her for something. Jamie says she’s tough as nails and Danny tells him about the lady snatchings. Jamie says he doesn’t know if she’s ready for it. Then Eddie comes in, overhears and asks ready for what. She says she can speak for herself. Maria shows her the photo of the latest victim.

Eddie asks why her and Danny says she’s the only cop who speaks Serbian and fits the profile. Eddie asks if that means young and hot. Eddie agrees right away. Maria takes a call and says Ana’s cell and backpack were found on the side of the expressway and her bag was covered in blood. Abigail says the prison sent over the shrink report on Donald Barry. It also says he’s rehabilitated. Frank wonders what the SOB wants. Abigail says maybe he wants to make amends. Frank doesn’t buy it.

He tells Abigail that to Sarah and to him, he’s always going to be this guy and shows her a photo of Sarah’s dead brother. He says it was the most disturbing crime scene he’s ever witnessed and nothing will ever change that. Abigail says people can change. Erin has lunch with Sylvia and Sylvia asks what she wants to know about her and says if a mystery woman was dating her grandfather she’d want to know everything. She tells her she was born in the Bronx, had a quickie marriage when she was young.

Then she says she was single for a long time then fell in love and got married again for real and that was her Max who passed away 10 years ago. She says she wound up reinventing herself as a romance novelist. She says Sylvia Hayden is her nom de plume. She says her books are trashy but it makes her feel less lonely to write them. Sylvia says she doesn’t plan to marry again but says she and Henry make great pals and she hopes that sounds okay.

Sylvia says it’s her treat because Henry won’t let her pay for anything. When she turns to call the waiter, Erin steals something she touched and stashes it in her purse. Eddie meets Danny and Maria at the FBI because the Feds are also investigating the case. Danny says it’s a joint operation and they won’t leave her side. They introduce her to Marcus Hill from the FBI. He says their Serbian expert is waiting. They give her a Serbian passport and boarding pass then ask what airport she flew out from.

The guy grills her then says bang, you’re a stupid bitch cop and you’re dead. He says these are questions any Serb would know and tells her to cram. Frank chats with Gormley about crowds blocking a street. An empanada in a bakery window looks like the Virgin Mary. They work on a solution. Abigail says Sarah Grant is there and Frank says to send her in. She says she’s sorry and he asks what’s going on. She says she can’t stop thinking about Donald and that he wants to see her.

Frank offers to let her read the letter. Sarah says no but wants to go meet him face to face. Frank asks why. She says she tried to push him out of her head but can’t. She says she needs to do this but asks Frank to talk her out of it. He says some part of her knows it’s time to deal with it since she brought him the letter instead of throwing it out. Frank says he’ll go with her. He says strength in numbers and she thanks him.

Henry makes dinner while Erin chats on the phone. He asks who it was and she says it was work. He tells her not to kid a kidder then asks if it’s something about Sylvia. He asks what she knows. Erin says she had her checked out and says she’s had many identities and a history with older men. Henry says he did his own digging and knows that. Henry says he’s enjoying her company and there’s no reason to stop. Erin says there’s a warrant out for her in Palm Springs for grand larceny.

Erin says she can drop it and Henry asks if it’s a warrant they’ll extradite on. He tells her that he’s meeting her at the Hotel Elysee for drinks later. Erin says they can have her arrested there then asks if that’s what he wants. He says no. Frank talks about Sarah’s wedding and Linda says it’s nice she stayed in touch all these years. Jamie says you protect the people you care about. Henry says this is the kind of story the public should hear about good cops.

Frank says the real story is that the day before her wedding, they’re sitting down with the man who killed her family. The family debates whether it’s good or not. Nicky says maybe it won’t haunt her as much. Danny says Donald Berry is an animal and doesn’t deserve it. Nicky says if it can help Sarah it’s worth it. Danny says the really bad people don’t change, they just come up with new ways to trick you into thinking they did.

Jamie goes to see Eddie who’s prepping for her undercover gig. She asks for his help but he says he can’t make sense of it. She asks if he came all the way uptown to the FBI but won’t help. He says he doesn’t think she should do it. He says the op has been thrown together too fast, she doesn’t have time to prep and it’s too dangerous. Eddie says she made peace with her life being at risk the day she entered the academy. Eddie says her mom was from a small town in Serbia like these girls.

She tells Jamie she’s doing it. He says she should use her mother’s story. He says the best covers are those closest to home so you can draw on the truth. He tells her he was lucky to get out of his first undercover assignment alive. Eddie says she wants to see what she’s made of. Henry meets Sylvia at the bar. He says the last time he was there it was 1973 and he was a detective and a huge robbery took place there. She asks if he caught the person and he says he did.

Henry tells her she needs to understand they get everyone in the end. She asks what he means and he says she knows. He tells her dating a Reagan wasn’t the smartest move. She says she knew he would check her out and saw Erin stealing her spoon. She says in Palm Springs, they were both adults and knew what they were doing. She says the guy gave her a gift then wanted it back. She says breaking someone’s heart doesn’t make you a criminal. He says she has to tell it to the grand jury.

She says she really likes him and he says he’ll choose to believe that. Then McBride is there to take her away for extradition. Erin tells Henry she’s sorry she ruined it for her but he says she was just looking out for him. Eddie walks with her suitcase down the street. Danny and Maria lurk nearby with Jamie. The van pulls up and Tatiana gets out and introduces herself. She takes her bag and says she can sit up front. Eddie gets into the van. The driver pulls away. They flash their lights then follow.

They listen as Tatiana asks Eddie questions about her past in Serbia. Tatiana tests her by mentioning a castle she said burned down but Eddie says it became a tourist spot. She asks why they’re leaving town and Tatiana takes her passport, purse and cell and throw them out the window. Jamie wants them to pull it over now but Danny says they’re going to let Eddie do her job. They still have a tracker on her they just lost the bug. The van drives away.

Frank and Sarah are shown into a room at the prison to wait on Donald Berry. The woman asks Frank to wait in the other room but he refuses and says if Donald looks at her sideways, he’s pulling her out. The woman introduces them as Donald comes into the room. He sits and greets them both. Sarah says if forgiveness is his purpose, that won’t happen. She hands him a photo of her family. She says she’s getting married tomorrow and her family won’t be there.

She says her mom didn’t get to pick out her dress and her dad can’t walk her down the aisle. She says her brother Steven won’t be there. She calls him a pig and an animal. She says her brother never had a life while he’s still sitting there eating, watching TV and writing her letters. She says he doesn’t deserve to breathe air and asks who he thinks he is. Donald says he knows what he was but says that isn’t who he is now. He says that’s why he asked her here.

Donald says after he was locked up, he was given a full psychiatric work up and was prescribed the proper medications. He says once he was medicated, he recognized the truly things he had done. He says he wishes that Frank’s bullet had been three inches to the right and killed him. He says the horrible things he did to her family played over and over in his head. She says she should have killed himself. He says he tried and shows her the scars and says he was angry at the guards for saving him.

He says he started talking to a prison chaplain in the infirmary and something happened. He says he found God. He says whatever is left of his life, he’s dedicating it to other prisoners in crisis. He says the only person he can’t save is her and he’s so dreadfully sorry for that. He starts crying. Sarah says if he’s really sorry, he’ll try and kill himself again and will get it right this time. She snatches the photos away. He starts to cry again. Sarah nods and Frank says they’re done there.

The van pulls up to a stop and Maria calls in backup to the location. Jamie doesn’t want to wait for backup. Danny calls that they’re going in and the FBI guy says to put their vests on. Eddie is taken inside a building and into a room with other young women. A guy grabs her and tells her to take off her clothes and get on the bed. She asks why and he asks why she thinks. The guy pulls her shoe off then her sock. Eddie says she wants to take a shower so she can be clean for him. He tells her to make it fast.

The guy leaves the room. The FBI and NYPD surround the building and move in. The guy comes back and hears the shower. He calls out and she asks him to join her. She has the toilet lid and bashes the guy in the head when he comes in. The cops bust in. A guy takes shots at the and they shoot him. Then there’s another one they shoot him too then they call out for Eddie. She takes the guy’s gun and they find another guy who squirrels. Maria goes after him.

Tatiana cries and says they kidnapped and raped her. She tries to play victim but has a gun. Eddie gets the drop on her and says she’s the ringleader and was in the van. They round them up and spot Ana. She’s alive and well. The FBI guys tell them it was good work. Frank walks Sarah down the aisle to get married. Frank says Sarah asked him to say a few words.

He says he’s known her since she was six and he couldn’t be more proud of her than he is right now. He tells David he’s a lucky guy. Then he says he’d like to take a moment to remember Sarah’s parents and brother Steven. He says he knows they’re happy for Sarah today. The ceremony starts.