Blue Bloods Finale Recap – A Reagan is Shot: Season 5 “The Art of War”

Blue Bloods Finale Recap - A Reagan is Shot: Season 5 "The Art of War"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday May 1, season 5 finale called, “The Art of War” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the conclusion of the two-part season 5 finale, one of the Reagans is shot by a gang member, and Danny [Donnie Wahlberg] pursues a suspect while trying to keep his emotions in check. To add to the complications, Danny has to find an inventive way to bring in witnesses.

On the last episode, when NYPD Deputy Chief Donald Kent, a commanding officer of the gang division, and his wife were gunned down in an apparent gang hit, Frank ordered all hands on deck to catch his friend’s killer. Working the case, Danny and Baez went to see Mario Hunt, a well-known member of a deadly gang, in the first of a two-part season finale. Dennis Haysbert guest stars as NYPD Deputy Chief Donald Kent and Cliff “Method Man” Smith guest stars as Mario Hunt, a well-known member of a gang. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “when a member of the Reagan clan is shot, Danny’s tries to track down the gang member responsible, without letting his emotions get the best of him. Also, he must get creative in order to bring in witnesses.”

Blue Bloods “The Art of War” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #BlueBloods, Curtis is in the hospital room and shots Hector. Linda asks what Curtis did but he runs out. Linda calls for help and they start trying to save Hector. He’s in bad shape with many bullets in him and is losing blood copiously. Danny and Maria race to the hospital with lights blaring. He says he has to know what’s going on at the hospital but they can’t get Linda or anyone at the nurse’s station to answer. He flat lines and they realize they’ve lost him.

The doctor notices Linda is bleeding from her mouth. She was shot. He calls for the trauma team to come back and they grab a gurney. He tells Linda she’ll be fine and they load her onto it and take her to the OR. Frank is in his office and stares at a box of Chief Kent’s personal effects. Garrett comes in with food for his boss and Frank thanks him. Gormley comes in and tells him that Hector is dead and then tells him about Linda.

Maria and Danny speed for the hospital when Maria gets a call. She says – oh my God. She tells him about Linda. Linda is rushed down the hall and into surgery. Danny gets there and runs for her calling her name. She says she needs Danny. Jamie is there too. They stop Danny and tell him he can’t go into the ER. Jamie has to fight to hold him back. They promise to send a doctor out when they know something. Eddie is there too and they all try to comfort him.

Frank heads to the hospital accompanied by Garrett and Gormley. He gets an update on her condition and is told the bullet could migrate towards her spine. He asks Linda if she’s trying to join the family business and she jokes that she forgot to duck. She says if they all got back to work, that would make her feel better. Danny says he won’t leave until he knows she’s okay. Linda says they have work to do and their long faces won’t make her better. Henry tells them all to listen to her.

Jamie tells Frank the shooter is Curtis Turner and says he never saw him as a shooter. The guy works at the hospital, so does Curtis’ mom Faith. Frank says she knows where he is. He goes into the chapel and asks why she’s in there. She says it’s all her fault and says none of this had to happen. Frank says her son has been involved with the Warrior Kings while she turned a blind eye. She says she tried to stop him and says every kid on the block is in with them.

Frank says he understand Curtis is her boy and says he’s been in that chapel more times than he cares to count with wives and mothers of cops who were clinging to life. He says he’s never been in here for this and says he knows she’s hiding the whereabouts of a killer. He says his daughter in law was shot and his witness was murdered. He says he’s calling her out and asks where the hell is her boy. Danny and Maria look around a subway stop that goes to the bus depot. His mom said he was going to Tampa.

Danny says he can’t find him then spots Curtis in drag. He calls out to him and Curtis runs. Danny gives chase and tackles him to the ground. Maria backs the crowd off of them and tells a bystander to turn off his camera phone. At the PD, they have Curtis in interrogation and Erin tells Danny to behave. Erin sits down with Curtis and Danny shows him an evidence bag with a slug they pulled out of his wife and says there’s another one still in her. Curtis says he’s sorry.

Danny says to shut his face. He introduces Erin and says she’s there to keep him from snapping Curtis’ neck. He shows him some photos of kids and says those are Hector Flores’ kids. Curtis says he didn’t want to kill him and Danny says he thinks he wanted to earn his stripes with the Warrior Kings then asks who ordered the hit on Hector. Erin tells him to knock it off and Danny says Curtis should put the wig back on because he’s going to be someone’s bitch in jail.

Erin tells Curtis she’ll make him a good deal for his cooperation. Curtis says he’s not afraid of jail. Danny says he will be. Curtis says his mother is his only concern and Erin asks if they threatened his mother. Curtis hangs his head. Erin asks again and if they threatened to hurt her if he talked. Gormley says Clinton Wallace, leader of the Warrior Kings is known as Ice and says no one can break him. Garrett says they need to find out where his breaking point is.

Frank looks through Kent’s stuff and says Clinton has Rykers set up as his own casa. And he cuts the tongue out of any soldiers that betray him. Frank talks about how much Kent read and says he was a smart guy. Frank has a book of his – Arthasasthra, an Indian book. It’s got a theme about the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Gormley goes to see Danny and says they have a new target – Victor Perez. He’s from the rival gang of the Warrior Kings.

Gormley says they can put pressure on the rivals and they’ll break the Kings. Danny goes to pick up Perez. They have a van nearby and Erin and Danny watch the crowd but don’t see Perez yet. Danny says they’re going to move in and Erin says he has no grounds to arrest them. Danny says the park closes at dusk. The cops move in. Danny joins the chase as the gang flees. They run down the gang as Erin watches from the van. Danny asks if anyone has eyes on Perez. Erin calls Frank and says they have a problem.

Danny as a PD full of gang members. Erin asks what’s the point of all this and says he’s overreacting. Gormley shows up and tells Danny good job. He says they are solid arrests and they can then run a warrant check. At least 10 have popped already. Gormley says without his soldiers on the street, Perez will stick his head out. Then Perez shows up to ask why they locked up his boys for being in the park after dark. Erin says they’re up to 12 outstanding warrants and will end up being a lot more.

Perez asks what he wants. Danny says he wants Mario Hunt. Erin shows a photo and Danny asks where he is. Perez says Hunt is with the Warrior Kings, not his crew. Danny says he knows they keep tabs on each other. Danny says the summons go for $200 a pop and having his crew locked up is probably bad for business. He says they’ll do this again tomorrow. Perez caves and says he doesn’t know where he’s at but knows someone who does – a chick names Regina Tomlin. He says she’s Hunt’s girl.

Danny wants a warrant for Regina but Erin says to just go interview her. She asks what are the grounds for the warrant. Erin says she’s sorry and says he needs probably cause. Jamie says to dirty up her phone by getting Perez to call her. Erin says that’s probable cause. Danny says at least one Reagan is making use of their law school education. They get Perez to call Regina. She asks why he’s calling her and says she’s done with him. He says he’s got a situation.

He says he took a shipment that’s too big and has a key of H he needs moved. Regina says not to call him and then he offers her 15% and she asks for 20%. He says alright and he’ll hit her back. That’s it. They have probable cause. Regina then calls Mario and says she misses him. She tells him she may have a score for him. They trace the call and get Mario’s location. They head out and surround the building where Mario is holed up. Danny heads for the roof, Maria in front, the others around back.

They bust in the door and then Mario heads out down the hall. Danny waits on the roof as Mario runs out the door. He’s surrounded and Danny says he has nowhere to go. Mario makes a jump to the fire scape across the way. He can’t hang on and asks Danny to help him. He tells Danny he doesn’t want to die and Danny holds out a hand to him. Danny lets him dangle by his arm. Mario begs him not to drop him. Danny says to tell him that he killed Chief Kent and his wife. Mario says he did it.

Then Mario says he’s sorry. He starts to slip but they pull him back up. Danny arrests him. Erin is there and says it sounded like a close one. She says she’s impressed and says he got a confession and put his life on the line. She says no judge will find that confession as admissible since he was dangling 10 stories up of a roof. Danny goes to see his dad and says he didn’t threaten or coerce Mario to get the confession. Frank says it won’t matter to a DA or a grand jury.

Frank says he has to make it matter and hands Danny a folder of all the gang cases the Kent sent to the DA last year. He says Kent made good collars then tied them up with neat little bows. He tells Danny h he needs to learn how to gift wrap. Danny goes to see Curtis and brings along his mother. She’s in a cast and has her lip bandaged and a black eye. Curtis asks what happened and she says she just fell. He asks if the Warrior Kings did this. His mom says it’s gone on long enough.

Faith tells him he can’t keep protecting them and says seeing him in there is killing her. She says she has nothing to live for if he wants to spend the rest of his life in there. Curtis agrees to talk. Danny lets them visit for a few minutes. He asks Erin if they’re good and says he’ll get the video equipment. Erin asks how his mom got banged up like that and he says the detail must have slipped up for a moment. He says she sat down with the makeup team from the decoy unit.

Danny says Faith lied to save her son’s life. They video Curtis saying that Mario shot Kent and told him so himself and had photos on his phone. He says he shot Flores because Mario demanded that he do it. Danny plays the video for Mario who asks what he wants. Erin gives Danny a nod and he says he wants him to say everything he said dangling from the rooftop but to say it to the camera this time. Abigail says Danny and Thomas Kent are there. Frank agrees to see them.

Thomas tells Frank that he wants him to know that he’s proud how this turned out and him getting justice for his parents. Frank says he asked himself what would Don Kent do. Thomas says he gets that now and Frank thanks him for telling him that. Frank says a year ago, his dad came to pull his pin but stayed because of him. He says his dad would be alive today if he hadn’t stayed on the force. Thomas says his dad would have said it’s not the years in your life that count but the life in your years.

He says his dad was honored that Frank asked him to stay and Frank says the honor was his. At Rikers, Frank comes to see Clinton Wallace and says he’s there to arrest him for Kent’s murders and the attempted murders of Linda Reagan. Wallace says the long arm of the law doesn’t compare to the long arm of the outlaw. Frank says Kent was a friend of his and says he hung onto a memento of his. He says in the box was a piece of paper saying Kent was working for the DEA.

Frank says that oath made Don Kent a federal cop. He says New York may not have a death penalty but the Feds do. He says Clinton is being transferred to federal prison in Indiana where he will await his death penalty trial. He says he’ll see Clinton again at his execution and will wave to him through the glass. Clinton is hauled away and he’s blistering mad. Frank has Danny and Linda on speaker phone for the family dinner. Danny complains about the hospital food.

Then there’s a knock at the door and it’s dinner for two. They call out surprise and says the Palm sent them a decent meal. The kids complain they didn’t get dinner from the Palm. They even got wine and Frank says their food is getting cold so they need to say grace. Linda asks them to say it all together and Frank caves since she’s injured.



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