Blue Bloods Premiere Recap – Terror in NYC: Season 6 Episode 1 “Worst Case Scenario”

Blue Bloods Premiere Recap - Terror in NYC: Season 6 Episode 1 "Worst Case Scenario"

Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods continues with an all new Friday September 25, season 6 premiere called, “Worst Case Scenario.” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, in the sixth-season opener, a terrorist attack occurs in the Middle East and Frank (Tom Selleck) fears that New York City may be hit next.

On the last episode, when a member of the Reagan clan was shot, Danny’s tried to track down the gang member responsible, without letting his emotions get the best of him. Also, he had to get creative in order to bring in witnesses. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Frank goes on high alert when a threat to New York City may be imminent following a terrorist attack in the Middle East”

Blue Bloods “Worst Case Scenario” airs tonight at 10:00 pm ET and we will be live blogging all the details. So don’t forget to come back and refresh your screen often for live updates. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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#BlueBloods begins with Frank and Henry watching the news about a terror attack in Israel. Frank says it looks like there may be coordinated attacks around the world and NYC is a possible target. He says this is what he dreads most about the job. Henry says he’s prepared and Frank says – prepared for what. Henry goes to make them some coffee. At a strip club, things are hopping and the event is American themed. A customer calls out to Lacey, a waitress, and asks her for a private dance.

He shows her he’s got big money and says this will be the last time she ever sees him and says he’ll wear a king’s crown and be in heaven with 72 virgins. He says inshallah “God’s will” and she says to let her put her tray up. She calls 911 once she’s out of sight and says this guy is saying 9/11 type stuff. Jamie and Eddie show up to talk to Lacey and she says his name is Stass and that’s all she knows. She tells them what the guy said and says he pays with cash like most guys.

She says he’s not Middle Eastern and Eddie asks if she’s a drunk. Lacey says she called them and wants to be taken seriously. Lacey says she can call her manager when they ask about security cameras. Danny and Maria are at a hot dog cart when they see a crazy guy yelling boom and he speaks to them in his language. They take him to the foreign hot dog guy for a translation and he calls his dad over who says he doesn’t know the dialect.

He tries to warm them and they tell him he’s from Afghanistan and Danny calls for a translator who speaks Hazaragi – a mountain dialect. Barry Hamidi, a local professor is annoyed to be called in to translate. Danny asks if he can help out and Barry asks the guy. He tells them the guy knows a plot to detonate bombs in the city today but he doesn’t want to get in trouble. Danny asks Barry to sit and stay. The manager looks at the video and Lacey points out Stass.

They didn’t get a good look at his face and tell them there are no cameras allowed inside the club. They let Lacey step out and Jamie tells the manager to quit lying and says he knows there’s another camera. The manager admits she put in a hidden camera over the bar because some of the girls were ripping her off. He asks to see it. Frank gets updates from his staff including the tip from Danny and Jamie. Moore admits he keeps an eye on Frank’s kids and that’s how he knows.

Danny asks what he knows about the plot. Barry translates and says he rented to three men and heard about men angry at America. He says they couldn’t get jobs or dates with American girls. He says he noticed them bringing in wire, nails and construction stuff and Barry is shocked by what he says. He says he saw boxes put out with the trash then saw three bombs. Danny asks about the bombers and if they’re affiliated with the ones in Tel Aviv. He doesn’t know.

They ask him to describe the bombs and he says two work with toggle switches like suicide bombs. He nods. Danny asks Naseem how he knows so much about bombs. He says there was a bomb maker in his village back home who blew himself up and it scared him as a child. Barry tells Danny that Naseem is cooperating and Danny says he needs to tell the truth now so they can help him. Naseem gets angry and says he was trying to help them. Barry says Naseem loves America.

Barry tries to calm the guy down and Danny says they could be setting them up to look another way. Barry says Danny is jumping to conclusions. There’s a knock and Danny and Maria step out. They are handed a report about Naseem who is in the US legally. They got nothing back on the tenants. Maria shows Danny a pic of Stass. They wonder if he’s one of Naseem’s tenants. They show the photo to Naseem and asks if he’s one of the bombers.

He tells Barry it’s one of the renters named Stass. Danny looks at the pic with worry. Moore reports they have no hits on Stass. Frank says to check Naseem and Stass and they head to Naseem’s place to check out the bombing location. Abigail comes in and Moore asks if they need to make a statement. Abigail says London and Bangladesh were just hit with bombs. Moore says it’s happening. Frank says – not here it’s not.

Danny and the team hide in an outpost and they have Naseem and Barry with them. John from Homeland choppered in. It looks like someone is in the apartment. Danny says they need to watch and see which of the tenants gets out a rug and prays. Maria says Muslims aren’t necessarily terrorists and says it could be any profile – even an American. She says Stass isn’t Middle Eastern. Frank talks to Erin who says the law comes down to the guys who rent having the right to a locked door. She says there’s one loophole they could use if he signs off. She says the police can pursue any leads if there is a threat to public safety. She says she can get a judge to sign off on a high risk warrant. He says it’s better to move without permission in this case. She says he faces a lot of backlash to his career if he busts into a Muslim’s apartment and there’s no bombs. She says Nasreem’s story is uncorroborated. Erin leave and says she knows to keep their conversation private.

Nasreem looks concerned as the cops weapon up and get ready to move in. Maria wonders if they should use snipers and John says if it’s a dead switch the bombs could go off. John says to use any force necessary to stop them. Barry and Nasreem both look uncomfortable. Maria goes to get coffee at a shop nearby. She crosses the street where they see some foreign guys near the back of a car. They check her out and she uses Nasreem’s keys to go inside the building.

She opens up a side door for John and some others that come in guns drawn. Nasreem twitches nervously. Danny watches through the window. Maria unlocks the door as John covers the peephole. Danny moves and they put down the men in the street to get them out of the way. The two men are praying and there are bombs there. They go for the detonators and they shoot the guys. The cops are all okay and they look at the bombs with concern. The two perps are down.

Danny says there are only two bombs and they try to revive the one guy to get him to tell him where the other bomb is. They rush the surviving perp to the hospital to try and save him. Danny wants to talk to the guy before they operate. The surgeon says no and the doctor tells him team to keep moving. Danny explains it’s a terror threat and he needs to talk to him and the doctor says he’s lucid and Danny says put him on the machines, but give him a second with him. Barry the translator is with him.

The hospital is on high alert as Danny goes to talk to Samir and asks where Stass is. Barry translates. Samir says it’s too late to stop it, inshallah. He tells Danny he knows nothing of their god and their will. He says their laws mean nothing. He says if he dies, a 100 more take his place, allah akbar. He says God is great. Samir says he knows what’s waiting for him. Danny says there’s no virgins waiting and says those who fail Allah face a dark storm. He says his bomb failed.

Samir says allah knows what’s in his heart. Danny threatens to unplug him and the guy isn’t scared. Barry tells him it’s crazy.Danny grabs up the plug and says he’s not bluffing and he grabs up the plug and holds it in his face. He asks the target. Barry runs for help from the doctor. When they get back, Danny is gone. Abigail greets Jamie and takes him to a conference room. She says she doesn’t know what it’s about. Gormley says they found Stass and he’s definitely on a watch list.

Frank steps in to see Jamie and says he needs intel on Stass that’s not in a file. He says Stass went to the strip club to relax and asks about Lacey. Jamie says he thinks she’s drinker too. Frank says she was smart enough to call the cops and asks Jamie to take another crack at her. Gormley says they should take another shot at Samir but Frank says they need to wait. He pours him some coffee and says they have to give what they put into action a chance to work.

Gormley says he can’t just sit there and Moore says – welcome to our world. Jamie and Eddie come back to see Lacey. She gets a text and Jamie snatches her phone and says to put it down and focus. Eddie asks if Stass ever asked her on a date and where he wanted to take her. Lacey says he did mentioned a place called Siprani. She says he told her he works there but she has no idea what he did but thought he was in manual labor since his hands were rough.

She says Stass had a logo stitched on his shirt. Jamie asks if he wore that shirt the night he came and they find the security picture. It’s Cipriani – a restaurant near Wall Street. They leave and Lacey grabs her phone back up. Danny and Maria head to the restaurant. They show a guy the pic of Stass and he says he hasn’t seen him in weeks and says he did maintenance and repairs. They ask about other rooms and he takes them up to the second floor.

They notice blood on the floor. The manager says it’s just supplies. They open the door and find the manager on the floor and it looks bad. Danny calls it in. He finds a stairwell and heads up alone. There’s no time to wait. He comes through a door and heads down a hall checking doors as he goes. All are locked. He spots someone near a window and ducks back. He sees a mirror that lets him get a view and he runs for it. He crashes into Stass who tries to get to the trigger. They grapple violently.

Danny beats him brutally. The guy won’t stop fighting. He keeps trying to go for the gun he has and the bomb trigger. Danny has to shoot him when he gets the trigger in his hand. Maria shows up just then and sees Danny is in rough shape. He collapses unconscious from the beating he took from Stass. Frank gets a report from Moore and says it’s well-written and accurate. He says it reads like a victory lap and Moore says he earned it.

Frank says what’s awful about terrorists is they get inside out heads and try to change how we live our lives. He says it took NYC a long time to get its swagger back. He says that’s the real victory. Frank heads out to the press conference. He greets the press and says he knows there has been concern about terror attacks in NYC. He says it was all conjecture and says the fatal shooting was an isolated incident of a man with violent tendencies.

They ask him about the other raid and he says it’s a separate incident and unrelated. Frank says at this time, their thoughts and prayers go out to those in Bangladesh, London and Tel Aviv because they understand the loss. He says they are sorry for their sorrows. At the family dinner, Nicky says she’s trying gluten free and her cousins asks – who’s the guy? They talk about what you don’t know can’t hurt you when talking about things they don’t know about each other.

Frank says they’re better off not knowing some things about each other. Nicky asks if her grandpa means about the near misses and things like that. Erin says ignorance can be bliss and they all toast to that.