Bobbi Kristina Brown Fate: Whitney Houston’s Family Fighting Bobby Brown Over $20 Million Inheritance?

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Whitney Houston’s family continues to fight with Bobby Brown over Bobbi Kristina Brown’s fate, which is sad but really not that surprising. Both the Houstons and the Browns have proved themselves to be nothing more than desperate money mongers, and it’s disgusting to see how they’ve been salivating over Bobbi’s $20 million inheritance from Whitney Houston. I mean, the poor girl is lying in a coma, and the family is squabbling over her money.

Plus, a new report from Radar Online also states that Bobbi’s condition hasn’t improved at all, which has prompted serious discussions from family members over whether to pull her from life support or not. In fact, Radar’s source states, “Nothing has improved for Krissy. She is still unresponsive and unfortunately hasn’t made any progress in the new place. This is heartbreaking for everyone who loves her so much, but Cissy and the rest of the Houston family feel like God should be making the final decision about her future.”

At the end of the day, only Bobby Brown has the ultimate legal right to make the decision for Bobbi Kristina Brown, even though Nick Gordon probably disagrees with that. The question is – will Bobby give in to the pressure from the Houstons and even his own family when it’s his daughter’s life at stake? Eventually, the idea of clinging to her waking up ceases to be realistic, and to be honest, we’re already past that point. Most experts agree on the fact that Bobbi isn’t going to wake up, and if she does, it’ll be more than a miracle. And even if Bobby Brown understands that, it’s also clear that most of the family couldn’t care less whether Bobbi wakes up or not – they just want her money.

What do you guys think about the Houstons fighting and/or attempting to convince Bobby Brown to give up on Bobbi Kristina Brown and take her off life support? Realistic, money mongering, or disgusting? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.