Bobbi Kristina Brown Tragedy Treated As Crime in Police Investigtion: Nick Gordon and Max Lomas Prime Suspects

Bobbi Kristina Brown Tragedy Treated As Crime in Police Investigtion: Nick Gordon and Max Lomas Prime Suspects

Bobbi Kristina Brown’s case is being treated as a crime and Nick Gordon is the prime suspect. The Bobbi Kristina Brown situation continues to get more tragic by the day, especially with all the new reports that are coming out. At this point, we know that Bobbi’s case is being treated by the police as an actual criminal investigation – not a suspected crime, but an actual crime. And the main suspects? Bobbi’s husband, Nick Gordon, and possibly his friend/accomplice, Max Lomas. Now, we’re not necessarily saying that Max and Nick conspired to drown her in the bathtub and kill her [although that’s certainly a possibility], but at the minimum, drugs were found in Bobbi’s house. That means that if Bobbi OD’d and drowned in the bathtub, whoever is responsible for giving her illegal drugs also faces the responsibility of unintentionally killing her. Max Lomas and Nick Gordon both have long and sordid drug histories.

Plus, we also know that Bobbi had several unexplained injuries on her body from before the bathtub drowning, and it’s suspected that she and Nick Gordon got into a physical altercation approximately an hour before her drowning. I mean, the chances are high, right? Who else would have come into their house and beaten up Bobbi right under their nose, especially when Nick and Bobbi already had a well-known tendency to get violent. Now, the question is – was Bobbi knocked out first by Nick Gordon and placed in a bathtub? And did Max Lomas help cover it up? Max was the one that revealed the truth about Nick’s fight with Bobbi, and how Nick allegedly went and cleaned up the blood from their fight before the police got to the scene of the crime. Plus, Max Lomas is cooperating with the authorities and it’s possible that his lawyer is making a deal with them in exchange for immunity. Why would an innocent person need immunity?

So at this point, it’s looking possible that one way or another, Nick Gordon is responsible for Bobbi Kristina Brown’s current state – whether through drugs, assault, or both. And it’s looking equally as likely that Max Lomas was involved somehow, if not directly, then indirectly. The case is being investigated like a crime, whether it ends up as negligent homicide, attempted murder, assault and battery, or even murder, we don’t know. What we do know is that Nick Gordon’s excuses for the wounds found on Bobbi’s body are ridiculous, especially since he claims they were from administering CPR. Since when does CPR cause bruising on the mouth, bloody lips, or wounds on the hands? There might be bruises to the chest thanks to the compression, but hands? What, was he trying to squeeze the life out of them by holding them until the blood vessels popped? Plus, the wounds on her hands could be defensive wounds, from fighting someone – not from getting CPR administered. So nice try, Nick.

At the end of the day, Nick Gordon is the number #1 suspect in the criminal investigation, with Max Lomas a close second. We’ll have to see what they get charged with, if anything, but we do know that Nick has lawyered up – so don’t expect this to go away anytime soon.

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