Bobbi Kristina Brown In Vegetative State, Brain Damage: Life And Fate of $20 Million Inheritance Hang In The Balance

Bobbi Kristina Brown In Vegetative State, Brain Damage: Her Life And The Fate Of Her $20 Million Inheritance Hang In The Balance

Bobbi Kristina Brown was reported to be on life-support and in a medically induced coma since her tragic drowning in January 2015 – however, her father Bobby Brown recently announced at a concert that his daughter was “awake.” Brown didn’t go on to clarify how awake Bobbi Kristina was and fans were left to speculate whether he simply met in a spiritual sense or if his and Whitney Houston’s daughter was literally awake and recovering.

Bobbi Kristina’s Grandmother Cissy Houston issued a public statement on Bobbi Kristina’s health, “I have just returned from visiting my granddaughter Bobbi Kristina in the hospital and while she is no longer in a medically induced coma, she has a tracheotomy and according to the doctors she has global and irreversible brain damage and remains unresponsive.” So technically, Bobbi Kristina may have opened her eyes like Bobby Brown announced – but she is miles away from making any sort of recovery. At this point, Bobbi is still in a vegetative state, and has not shown any movement or signs of life other than opening her eyes.

With Bobbi Kristina’s prognosis still grim, an obvious question hangs overhead: What will become of her $20 Million inheritance? It is unclear whether or not her father Bobby Brown is footing the bill or if they will use her inheritance money for medical expenses. Rumors have been floating around for months now that the Houston Family has been pressuring Bobby Brown to take his daughter off life-support so that they could cash in on the inheritance that is willed to them. Bobbi Kristina’s uncle Gary Houston is technically the executor of the estate, and married to her greedy Aunt Pat, and at the end of the day it is legally his call as to where the funds will go.

Do you think that Bobbi Kristina will ever be able to sustain a decent quality of life? What will happen to her $20 Million inheritance.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!


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