Bobby Brown Cancels Australian Tour To Be With Bobbi Kristina Brown – Really After $20 Million Inheritance?

Bobby Brown Cancels Australian Tour To Be With Bobbi Kristina Brown - Really After $20 Million Inheritance?

Bobby Brown has been at his daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown’s side since she was hospitalized after her drowning, giving the image of a mourning father praying for his daughter with every fiber of his being. However, Bobbi Kristina Brown’s brother/husband, Nick Gordon, has already accused Bobby – and really, Bobbi’s entire family – of faking their concern, and only being after Bobbi’s $20 million inheritance from her mother, Whitney Houston.

Of course, Bobby Brown – being the dad of the decade that he is – is now cancelling his Australia tour to be with his daughter. According to him, he simply cannot bear to leave Bobbi when she’s in this condition, and especially not when she can wake up at any moment. Despite most doctors and medical experts claiming that Bobbi waking up at this point is a very unlikely possibility, Bobby’s not giving up hope – at least, that’s what he wants the public to think. But do we trust this family?

On the one hand, Nick Gordon did reveal that Bobby Brown had literally only seen his daughter four times in the last five years… not exactly a good image of a loving and attentive father, no? So why the sudden change after Bobbi’s hospitalization? Is it the realization that he loved his daughter, or the realization that she was worth $20 million dollars, a good chunk of which he could land his hands on?

On the other hand, Nick Gordon is clearly trying to come across as the saint in all this, telling the public about big, bad Bobby Brown and his selfish motives. But what about Nick himself? He’s still the prime suspect in the criminal investigation surrounding Bobbi’s drowning, and we don’t know the extent of his direct involvement in what happened to her. Sure, he can tweet all he wants, but until he’s cleared by the police, he’s remaining a suspect in our eyes. And plus, who’s to say that he’s also not after Bobbi’s inheritance?

Basically, everyone around Bobbi is a vulture right now, and they’re picking at the carcass until there’s nothing left. Bobby Brown, Nick Gordon – as far as we’re concerned, the only way for this to be resolved happily is if Bobbi wakes up and decides to move to Timbuktu without the whole lot of them.

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