Bones Season 10 Finale Recap and Spoilers – Tearful Goodbyes: “The Next in the Last”

Bones Season 10 Finale Recap and Spoilers - Tearful Goodbyes: "The Next in the Last"

Tonight on FOX Bones returns with an all new Thursday June 11, season 10 finale called, “The Next in the Last,” and we have your recap below. On tonight’s episode in the Season 10 finale, a victim’s remains at a crime scene are reminiscent of Christopher Pelant’s dirty work, so the team revisits their files on the infamous killer to find his possible protégé. Meanwhile, Angela [Michaela Conlin] wonders if Paris is the right place for her and Hodgins; [T.J. Thyne] and Brennan [Emily Deschanel] and Booth [David Boreanaz] mull career moves out of the Jeffersonian and the FBI, respectively.

On the last episode, when the remains of an ex-con and biker gang member-turned-yoga instructor was found in the aftermath of a forest fire, the team had to navigate both worlds from the victim’s past to find the killer. Meanwhile, Booth continued working hard to beat his gambling addiction and regain Brennan’s trust, and Angela and Hodgins made a big decision that would impact their future at the Jeffersonian. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed mid-season finale recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis, “when the Jeffersonian team discovers remains of a victim, and elements of the crime scene point to a possible protégé of serial killer Christopher Pelant, they must revisit their prior work on Pelant while tracing new clues that will hopefully lead them to the copycat killer. Meanwhile, Angela is skeptical about her and Hodgins decision to move to Paris and Brennan and Booth contemplate options outside of the Jeffersonian and FBI.”

Tune in at 8PM EST on FOX to watch season 10 episode 20 of BONES. We’ll also be updating fans right here as the show airs so be sure to check back in with us. Brennan and Booth have had a long television run. Do you like that their characters mix up business with home life? Hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about their tangled relationship!


Here is your amazing best on the web recap!

The #Bones season 10 finale begins with Booth reading through some letters he found. Bones says they are job offers for a variety of positions she’s received. He asks about the Post It notes she affixed to them and how she organized them. He’s worried she’s planning on moving away to take one of them. She reminds him that he was talking about leaving the FBI last year and she says she compiled his job offers too. Booth asks if this is about Angela and Hodgins moving but Bones says it’s about them.

She says they have been through so much and wonders if they need a change. The phone rings before he can answer – there’s a body. He says they’re on the way. They had out to Adams Park. Booth says this is what they do and she says – for now. Booth looks concerned. He asks Bones at the scene if she doesn’t care about the work but she says they can do important work that won’t risk their lives. The body was impaled on an obelisk type object and has been worked over by vultures.

Bones says the flaying is very precise and says it’s a male in the mid 20s. Bones says this is how ancient Egyptians treated grave robbers. They all agree it looks like the work of Christopher Pelant. They wonder if someone took over for Pelant. Cam finds something in the throat and pulls it out. It’s a flower – like Pelant used to use. Cam says the flowers had specific messages. Hodgins says this flower has a meaning too – be warned!

Cam says the heart was gone but there are enough liver particles to do a tox screening. They wonder if it’s a devotee of Pelant or a copycat. Both Clark and Wendell are there helping and Bones fills them in and they talk about a Vitamin D deficiency. Cam says she doesn’t think the victim got out much. They wonder if he was a shut in or someone held captive. Aubrey tells Booth he read up on all the Pelant files and can’t believe the nutter was stalking them.

Aubrey asks if Booth is okay with this and offers to take the lead. Booth says if someone is coming after his family, he’ll take care of it. Caroline comes in and tells her about the Pelant copycat. This will be Hodgins and Angela’s last case. He found proof that the guy had pizza but that was it. They get an ID on the victim – Franklin Holt – he was a computer consultant, another tie to Pelant. Aubrey and Booth head to his place and see someone poking around.

Aubrey peeks and sees a woman inside and blood on the wall. Booth tells the woman to come out with her hands up and she comes at him with a knife. He throws her hard to the ground and she says she was calling 911 and says her name is Leelah and she was dating Franklin. Aubrey says he was murdered and Booth asks who might have threatened him. She says he barely saw anyone and worked strictly from home. Aubrey goes to call the squints.

They all head over to the place and find pizza box and signs of a brutal struggle. Angela says all of Franklin’s tech is gone including thumb drives. Leelah tells them they met online playing Call of Duty. They ask if she heard the name Pelant before and she asks if that was the guy from Dunlop Investments that Franklin got fired. Booth comes home late and Bones asks if he’s worried about the case. Booth says the head of security Owen Ellickson after Franklin found problems.

Booth says he knows they’re in the middle of a case, but he wants to talk about what she mentioned before. He says this will be his last case for the FBI. Bones asks if he’s sure and he says he’s made bad choices recently but this feels right. She says he could work at the NSA and he says they could just have the baby and live their lives. Aubrey calls and tells Booth he found Ellickson. He says Franklin was trying to destroy him but he didn’t kill Franklin.

Booth asks why Owen was doing a ton of research on Pelant and Owen admits he’s interested in Pelant’s skills but that’s all. He says Franklin hacked into a server at Dunlop and then said it was his faul but then Owen says he wasn’t allowed to touch that particular service because it had something to do with Dunlop’s shady dealings. He says maybe that’s why Franklin was killed. Clark says they spotted kerf marks that may give them information.

Wendell points out that the killer mimicked Pelant’s techniques, but there are hesitation marks. Bones says that made them vulnerable. Caroline tells Booth that Dunlop has a ton of lawyers and she asks why he’s letting Aubrey take the lead on this. She demands to know what’s up and Booth says he wants to see how things would go without him. He closes the door and tells her that he’s leaving the FBI. She says he can’t be serious and is very upset. He says he’s like to stay alive as long as he can.

Booth says there are plenty of good agents there and Caroline says there is no one better than him but she can pretend like there is. She’s tearing up and he says he won’t leave before the case closes. She asks what he needs from her and he says a little muscle from Justice when they talk to Dunlop. Angela says whoever went through Franklin’s stuff took everything and says what’s left was wrecked. Daisy is there and finds a video tape and Angela says that may be his data.

Hodgins tells her about the Pelant tie in and Clark calls Daisy to help them. Caroline talks to Kevin Dunlop and says they think he was managing Pelant’s account. He says Owen is a bitter ex-employee and there is no account like that. Aubrey says his father stole billions and he knows how minds like his work. He says he’s parsing terms with them. Aubrey says he brought down his own father so bringing him down will be a piece of cake and he loves cake.

Booth says all the evidence points to him so they can just arrest him now. Aubrey says the drug dealers he launders money for won’t like to hear that he’s been arrested. Dunlop says they had the account but all the money is gone – the same day they found Franklin’s body.
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Angela says she found the information on the video tape but it’s encrypted. She has an algorithm trying to help sort it out. Bones tells Angela that she and Booth are also leaving and says it’s fitting that it’s related to Pelant. Angela asks what’s going on and Bones says after all they’ve been through, they need a change. Cam overhears and is stunned. Bones says they’re embracing the unknown and discovering new things. She says that’s where all the greatest scientific advancements come from.

Angela’s computer chirps and she finds emails between Franklin and Owen and says they were working together. Cam asks Bones when she was going to tell her and she says she wasn’t sure because Cam is her boss and her friend and she didn’t want to hurt her. Bones says she’s not good at this and says she’s sorry. Cam says Bones should go call Booth to update him. She leaves. Cam asks what’s happening around here.

Clark says Cam thinks that Franklin was shot but the impaling hid the injury. Wendell finds some evidence to support the gunshot and Clark asks why the killer didn’t adjust their cuts to allow for bone. He says the cuts were made in the worst possible way. Hodgins tells Cam that he found mold on the pizza that tells them that Franklin got it the night he was killed between 8 and 10 pm. Cam is impressed and she says he can go back to packing but says she’d never want them to go.

Hodgins says he’s doing this for Angie then she mentions that Bones is leaving too. He didn’t know and is shocked. He says that’s impossible and says the lab is her life. Hodgins says he’ll finish up his work on the case. Cam leaves sad. Booth asks Owen if he killed Franklin to hide the money. Owen says they can’t just go into his email accounts but then Aubrey says they were in Franklin’s accounts. Owen says Franklin paid him money for some server passwords because he was after the money.

Owen says this was all Franklin and says he told Owen he’d kill him if he tried to look for the data. Daisy and the squints talk about Bones leaving and then Bones comes in and says she thinks the department will be in well-trained hands before she leaves – namely theirs. They tell Bones they think that the killer had a rare condition that limited his ability to make cuts in the body. She tells them well done and leaves.

Cam finds Hodgins in the calutron from the Manhattan Project exhibit. It’s an old school mass spectrometer. He says he’s been wanting to get his hands on it for years and this is his last chance. Bones says Dunlop’s and Owen’s records neither indicate that they had the physical limitation that the killer had. Hodgins has the last pizza box that Franklin was delivered and puts it into the vintage machine. It makes crazy noises then they see isotopes represented on the screen.

They find gunshot residue on the pizza box. Hodgins says the pizza delivery guy shot the victim. Bones and Aubrey go and see the pizza guy and tell him the guy is dead. They ask who made the delivery. He says it was canceled and someone picked it up. He says it was a busy night and they ask for security footage. The guy says it’s not the best system but Booth says to hand it over anyway. Angela shows them someone in a hoodie picking up the pizza order.

The killer is short and Bones says oh my God then asks the squints to tell them what they see without any preconceptions. She says she can’t leave if they’re not competent. Wendell says it’s a woman. Daisy says the killer is a woman and Bones says it’s Leelah. Angela says Owen didn’t have a girlfriend as far as his email and social media accounts indicated. Booth and Aubrey go looking for Leelah who is actually a hacker known as Mainframe.

Booth finds a clipping about Pelant at her place. Angela calls and Booth says she’s gone and so are her computers. Angela says Franklin was keeping track of Leelah because he was suspicious and says she rented a car then used a debit card in Ashford and she’s north of Haggerston near a rail yard. Aubrey and Booth head out to chase the lady hacker down. She’s getting onto a rail car as they show up looking for her. She approaches a rail yard employee then tases him and takes his vest.

They find the car Leelah left and see it’s empty. Booth hops on the rail car she was on as she moves along to another car. Aubrey goes car to car. They hear a noise and spot her despite the vest. She runs down a car and Booth follows. Aubrey lurks outside. The car starts moving and Booth spots her out a window. She tells Aubrey it’s the next track and he runs to hop through a car and over. They’re on the train and go looking for her.

She’s close and throws some obstacles in their way. She heads into a car full of chickens. She tases Aubrey and then opens a door. He gets up and she tases him again. He trips her and she drops the taser then she grabs a board to strike him. She is shoving him out the rial car door when he kicks her back. Booth comes in and shoots the taser out of her hand. Aubrey wrestles her down and they take her away. Aubrey sits exhausted among the chickens.

Angela tells Hodgins she decrypted more of the tape and says she found his money – all of it. He’s shocked. He asks if anyone knows and she says she wanted him to know first. He says to get rid of it. He asks if she can get rid of it so no one ever finds it and says it’s not his money anymore and there’s so much blood on it now. He says they have enough. He says to send it to hundreds of charities like one that helps the cancer that Wendell has.

Angie agrees under one condition. She says they can’t leave the Jeffersonian. He asks what about Paris but she says he’s wonderful but she saw him with the crazy machine and his life is there for now and she’s okay with it as long as she has him. She says they can go to Paris for a vacation. Cam is crying in her office when Arastoo shows up. She says Bones is still leaving even though Angie and Hodgins changed their minds.

Booth hugs Caroline goodbye and Aubrey jokes that it was always his aim to steal Booth’s job. He says he’ll miss him and Booth says he’ll miss him too. Booth packs up his bobble head and office. Angela tells Bones she has something she needs to see and shows her a video from Pelant that says he’s dead but not gone and a digital afterlife will keep him going. Bones clicks it off and says she doesn’t want to know. Bones says they all search for closure but it’s an illusion.

She says the universe is constantly in flux and that life surprises them. She says Pelant is in her past and she won’t allow him to steal her future. Booth shows up to help her pack but Bones says she’s done. He asks how she can have just one box and she says she’s donating her work to the Jeffersonian. Bones hugs everyone goodbye. This feels like a series finale but it will definitely be back for season 11.

The End!