Botched Recap 11/17/15: Season 2 Episode 19 “The Living Doll”

Botched Recap 11/17/15: Season 2 Episode 19 "The Living Doll"

Botched continues tonight with an all new Tuesday, November 17 season 2 episode 19 called, “The Living Doll,” and we’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Dr. Dubrow operates on a transgender woman’s uniboob.

On the last episode a woman who felt totally unlucky received a boost from the doctors; a patient who previously was rejected by the docs returned with a problem bigger than her breasts; and a transgender showgirl wanted to become her favorite cartoon character. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as  per the E! synopsis “Dr. Dubrow operates on a transgender woman’s uniboob; Dr. Nassif fixes a 24-year-old crater on a woman’s nose; and the docs meet a potential patient who aspires to be a plastic doll.”

Tonight is going to be another crazy episode that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of E!’s “Botched” tonight at 9PM EST! Meanwhile, while you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this show?

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#Botched tonight has two unique cases. Blondie Bennett is a real life doll who has had a ton of procedures. She talks about her ever increasing breast size. She has seven and a half pounds of breasts and it looks insane – like half watermelons on her chest. She talks about how she likes to dress up and shop. She says she doesn’t work and has doll fans that pay for her lifestyle.

She says she’s a 30J and wants them even bigger. She says doctors have told her they just won’t put such a big implant in such a small person. Next is Elaine who has a crater in her nose that looks like it’s been poked in. When she was a teen, her sister elbowed her nose and it broke it and made it crooked. She says she was in a car accident and hit the dash and broke it again. Then she went to an ENT who told her he could fix her nose but he left a hole in her nose that’s big.

She says he told her it would heal up and go away but it didn’t. She got married recently and says he’s never mentioned her nose but Elaine is very self-conscious about it. She says she didn’t think she would come out of surgery like this and is upset again thinking about another surgery. She tells her husband and is crying. Her nose has been like that for 24 years. She says she doesn’t love herself like she should and says she just can’t get there and says she doesn’t want to hide anymore.

Elaine says she doesn’t socialize much because she doesn’t like people staring and wondering what’s wrong with her. Elaine says she just wants a better nose, it doesn’t even have to be perfect. Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif greet her and she tells her story. Dr Dubrow says they guy had probably never done that surgery before since the procedure was new. Dr Nassif says they take tissue from the forehead and she will have a little elephant trunk for six weeks. Elaine is scared.

Then Dr Dubrow says they would take arm skin and leave it attached to your nose for two months and says this surgery started the field of plastic surgery. They take her in the back to examine her nose. The docs check out Elaine’s nose and Nassif says it’s in a bad state and the cave has tipped in and it’s harder than he thought it would be. Nassif says they need rib cartilage to repair it. Elaine says she’s nervous but ready to do this. She says the doctors made her feel comfortable.

Kayden is another client and she says she has mutant boobs. She’s from an evangelical Christian family who performed exorcisms on her to try and fight her being a transgender. She says in her early 20s she had enough and had to start living for herself. She did hormone replacement therapy then looked for a doctor to do a breast augmentation. She says she wanted 350CCs and woke up with double that and the nurse says she got an upgrade. Kayden says he violated her trust.

Then a few months later, she had a burning sensation and she was worried about side effects and that her pectorals had detached but the doctor told her it was all in her head. She says the symmastia is from the too-large implants. She says her breasts are disgusting and she doesn’t feel like a complete woman. She says she can’t keep hiding her body and living like this. Kayden has her consultation and she tells them her story. They are shocked her doctor did that and Dr Nassif says that doc should lose his license.

She says she felt a tearing and Dr Dubrow says symmastia is one of the hardest things to fix because of the damage to the chest wall. He says they have to figure out what’s left so they can fix it. He sees this is complete symmastia and says the implant can’t fit in a man’s chest and says now her whole chest is a breast implant. He says her chest bone has been disrupted. Dr Dubrow says this was not a safe procedure that was done to her.

He says they have to create new pockets for the implants that is separated. He says it’s a hard case but that’s what they do. Kayden is thrilled and can’t wait to have the surgery. It’s time for Kayden’s surgery and she comes to the center and signs in. Dr Dubrow says this is a challenge because she doesn’t have normal female anatomy and says this may not be possible. He will take out the implants then see how much breast tissue is there and make new pockets for smaller implants.

He pulls them out and they are huge. He says the pockets are usually too close and hers are completely open which is the most difficult to fix. Dr Dubrow goes to make new pockets. He has to use scar tissue to make one of the walls. He says he may be able to do this without mesh. He says scar tissue always forms around a breast implant and that’s what he’s using. He does this and then puts in the implants. He says it’s a success. He says he felt like he achieved what he wanted to for Kayden.

Blondie goes to see a hypnotherapist to try and keep her mind clear before her doctor’s appointment. She tells the therapist how she likes that her lips, cheeks and breasts don’t feel real and they feel like a doll. She says when she gets overwhelmed, she repeats to herself – I live my life like a doll. She says her biggest concern is that Dr Dubrow and Dr Nassif will turn her down. She works with the therapist who says she’s reinforcing Blondie’s core belief that she has the right to be happy in the way she wants.

Blondie says she feels refreshed coming out of hypnotherapy. Now it’s Elaine’s surgery day. She says her daughter covered her nose with her hand and asks if she’s trying to see what she’d look like without her nose messed up. Elaine says she doesn’t remember ever having a normal nose. Dr Nassif greets her and she says she’s nervous. He says he’s excited and is going to do a great job. He says the best way to fix her is to take off the skin off the nose and bringing skin down to her nose.

He asks if he can do that procedure and says she can say no. She considers. She says she doesn’t want to do that. He says he knows it’s hard to go for that but says it would be the best option in the long run. Elaine says she would be scared to wake up like that. He’s going to try and use cartilage from her ear and rib to restore the structure then use skin from another flap. He says the skin is just ripping and it’s going to be so much harder than he thought. She has no tip cartilage left.

Dr Nassif says the other doctor really botched this job. He says she has no other tissue or cartilage there. He says that skin has to be thrown away. He stitches in a graft to fix the nostrils. Now he has to move skin over to replace what they removed. He says he should have pushed for the forehead flap and says the scar may not be pretty but if she heals well, she will get a 50% improvement. Dr Nassif says he usually hits it out of the park but can’t get the result he wants because she limited what he could do.

He says later, he could do the flap and make it better. He says it’s going to be a long healing process for Elaine. Dr Dubrow and Nassif play Operation while they wait for their next patient. Nassif says he’s loved that game since he was six. Next up is the woman who wants to look like a plastic doll. Dr Dubrow shows him the breasts and Nassif says they need to reduce them. Blondie comes in and meets them. Dr Dubrow thinks she’s too skinny and could blow over.

She says she’s had five boob jobs and wants to go larger. Nassif says he’s not seen a doll that looks like this. She was 18 the first time and then did 225 then doubled. Then she says a doctor gave her 1200CCs. She says now she has 1700s in an 800 overfill. Dr Dubrow says you should really go only 10% over and says her chance of rupture is high. They are stunned when she says she wants 3500CCs. She was 93 pounds and says her body fat is low.

Dr Nassif says this is not healthy. She says she’s heard all her life she’s too thin and wants to go further. Dr Dubrow says they need to check her breast health. Blondie says she doesn’t see what others see when they look at her. Dr. Dubrow says she has symmastia and then notices some scars from skin cancer. Dr Dubrow says her body is rejecting her implants and she has skin thinning. He tells her that her implants will burst and will end up truly botched.

He asks about mammograms and she says dolls don’t get mammograms. Dr Dubrow asks if she thinks dolls don’t get breast cancer. He asks if she’s listening and she says they’re scaring her. She still wants bigger breasts and is determined. Dr Nassif says he doesn’t want her to have problems but Blondie says she wants to look like tits on a stick. Elaine and her husband come back the day after surgery to check it out. Dr Nassif says it was more difficult than he thought and says the result is just okay.

He says the other surgery took out most of the structure of her nose. He says the skin was destroyed. She asks how her old doctor could do that to her. He says the grafts look great. Her husband starts to get dizzy and is about to faint. Dr Nassif says men do this but women usually don’t. Dr Massif is worried he can’t clean her nose since he’s squeamish. Dr Nassif says let’s see how it heals. She’s hoping for the best.

Kayden comes back for her follow up and it’s been four weeks. She has some concerns about how her breasts came out. Dr Dubrow says he wants to hear it all. She says there are some tenting issues. He looks at and says she came in with symmastia. She wants more definition at the top. Kayden saw another patient he saw who had symmastia and he rounded it more. Dr Dubrow says he should have set her expectations differently.

Dr Dubrow says she has an idea of breasts in her mind that is not possible for anatomy that was born male. Dr Nassif says it’s unrealistic and says she doesn’t have the same tissue as a female and says this is the best correction he’s seen for symmastia. Dr Dubrow says she has his cell number and says if she thinks about calling another doctor for something radical, call him and let’s talk. Then Kayden says she understands this now and says she appreciates the talk.

She says her breasts look smaller and more natural. Dr Dubrow says she has a good result and he hopes she continues on her journey to live as the woman she wants to be. She’s happy now. Elaine talks about waiting a long time and says having her nose changed has helped her learn to love herself. She says her nose has kept her prisoner. Her husband Mike greets her and she says Dr Nassif worked a miracle. Her husband says he’s happy that Elaine is so confident now. She’s thrilled with the results.