Catfish The TV Show Recap 8/26/15: Season 4 Episode 18 “Devan & Rylan”

Catfish The TV Show Recap 8/26/15: Season 4 Episode 18 "Devan & Rylan"

Tonight on MTV their series about online dating, CATFISH airs with an all new Wednesday August 26 season 4 episode 18 called “Devan & Rylan.” On tonight’s episode a shy guy fears his online love may not be marriage material.

On the last episode an unexpected same-sex romance spurred a woman to seek assurance that her online love was real. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the MTV synopsis “a shy guy fears his online love may not be marriage material due to her suspicious behavior.”

Tonight’s episode of Catfish: The TV Show airs on MTV at 10 PM EST and is going to be exciting, don’t forget to come right back to this spot and watch the show with us.

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#Catfish begins with Nev in Detroit. He says Max is busy again with his movie. He’s got Todrick Hall with him. He hands over Max’s camera and says he’s in charge of it. Nev has an email from Devan who wants his help to find Rylan. Devan is from Texas and is a college student who delivers pizza. He met a girl named Rylan on MeetMe and says they’ve been talking and texting for months. Devan says he asked her to come love with him while he finishes college.

Devan says he wonders if she’s real and it’s been over a year and a half and she hasn’t gotten on Skype with him. Nev calls up Devan on video and he introduces Todrick. He says she did live an hour away then she moved to Austin. He says they talked but then she moved farther away. He says he gave her gas money and then she said she got nervous and turned around and went home. Nev asks if he thinks Rylan isn’t being honest. Devan says he believes her.

He says she isn’t on Facebook and told him that she tried to set one up but couldn’t figure it out. Devan says he wants to move forward with her. Nev says he needs them and he and Todrick take off for Texas. They make it to Texas and go check in with Devan. He says Rylan likes him for who he is and she’s there for him. He says he’s really in love with her. He says he’s always been shy. Todrick asks if he has problems talking to girls. Devan says yes.

He says the internet made it easier for him. Devan shows them photos of Rylan. He says he thinks he loves her. He tells them that Rylan has a tough home life and says her mom belittles her and her dad and step-dad are mean to her. Devan says he could give her a place to be happy and safe. Devan says he they exchanged numbers and started talking. He says he went to meet her once when she lived closer and he went to her aunt and uncle’s house.

He says her uncle told him that no one by that name lived there. He says Rylan told him that her uncle lied because he didn’t know who he was. Nev says a lot of things add up to her not being who she says she is. He says they have a good relationship and he’s going to be hopeful about it. Devan says he’s ready to figure all this out. Nev and Todrick go to do their research. Todrick says he thinks Devan would treat her well and Nev says he doesn’t think she’s going to check out as who she says she is.

Todrick and Nev go to a coffee shot and set up to work. Max calls in on video chat and Todrick says he’s so excited. Max tells him he’s a fan and Todrick says he likes Max’s face. Max tells him to call out Nev when he gets into a bad mood. Nev starts with her name Rylan Collins. They find only males. Then they search the phone number. They get someone named Cassie in Texas near Austin. They then search for Cassandra and find a mug shot and criminal records.

That girl stole a car, was in a police chase and stole credit and debit cards. They wonder if she’s scamming Devan. Then they do an image search. They find a result and the girl’s name is Savanah. They find her Facebook pages and she’s with a guy and looks to be married or engaged. They check out her friends and find she also lives in Texas. They decide to message Savanah to see if she knows who is using her photos or if she was using another name and it’s really her talking to Devan.

Nev shows that he and Todrick made first page news when they went to Waffle House. Todrick is excited. Nev says they haven’t heard from Savanah. They check Instagram and find her. They send a message on IG. They see she just posted a photo that was geo-tagged for Marble Falls. They check it and that’s where Rylan said she lived. They check the address that Devan was given and they see it coincides with the geo-tag from the photo.

Nev says if Savanah is real, he’s talking to her and may be cheating on her BF. Or someone knows Savanah and is using her identity. They go see Devan and tell him the name Cassie. Then they show him the mugshot. Devan mentions that Rylan did tell him she had some legal issues at one point but said she cleared them up. Devan is shocked with the photos and the name Savanah attached to them. He says it’s not fun to be lied to and he’s getting upset.

Nev says they found her on IG and show him that they found her in Marble Falls and says it’s at the same address that he sent her birthday card to. They wonder if Savanah is Rylan and if she’s married to the guy in the pic. He says they messaged her and she hasn’t texted back. Nev says they just need to give her a call and see what they can do about this. Devan says he needs to know and Nev goes outside to make the call. She says it’s Rylan and Nev asks if she knows Catfish.

He says Devan asked them to help her meet him. Todrick asks Devan what he thinks and he says he doesn’t want to believe she lied. Rylan says she’s scared and says there’s something she needs to tell him. She says it’s hard. Nev asks if she’s in Texas and she says she’s in Austin. She says she’s ready and Nev makes plans to meet her in Austin. Nev tells Devan she sounds nervous and they need to get there fast before she changes her mind.

They make it to Austin and check into their hotel. The next day, Todrick is nervous and Nev has an IG message from Savanah. Nev calls Savanah and it’s a different voice. Nev asks if they can get on Skype and she agrees. Todrick screams and they get Devan to pull him into this. It’s definitely the girl in the photos. She has no clue who Devan is. He’s upset. Devan says he’s upset.
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Nev fills Savanah in on the deal. He says Devan has been talking to a girl named Rylan who was using her photos. Savanah says her neighbor told her that her roommate was using her photos to talk to someone. She says that happened about three weeks ago. She says she knows the girl and says her name is Michele and she has her on Facebook.

She says she’s never met Michele in person but they are Facebook friends. She did live there but then moved away after she and the roommate got into a fight. She says she doesn’t know the name Rylan. Then Rylan texts and says she’ll be at her friend’s house and will be there all day long. They knock and someone peeks out the window upstairs.

Then Nev’s phone rings and she says she doesn’t know if she can do this and says she’s scared. She says she’s at the window then asks to talk to Nev alone first. Todrick says she’s playing reindeer games. Nev goes inside the house and it’s Michele – she’s nothing like the other girl. She’s overweight and is crying and nervous. Nev says Devan needs to meet her. Nev brings her outside.

Nev introduces her to Devan and Todrick. She says she knew Savanah through a friend she was staying with. She says the only thing she lied about was her name and photos. Nev asks about him going to her uncle’s house. She says she was inside the house and says her uncle didn’t know who it was because Devan was asking about the wrong name.

Michele says Devan never judged her. Devan says he’s really upset and she’s not the person he was talking to. Michele says it just happened and says he helped her through so much. Todrick says it’s not fair that she wasted Devan’s time and says she was just making up a lot of stuff. She starts crying and says she has a lot of problems and he was always there.

Nev says he knows this wasn’t easy for her and says Devan needs time to understand what he’s feeling. Nev asks if they can talk again tomorrow. Michele agrees. They leave and she goes back inside. Devan says he doesn’t think this is okay and says you should be truthful about who you are. Nev asks if he’ll keep talking to her and Devan says no and he doesn’t feel the same way anymore.

Devan says he has some questions for Michele so they call her up. She says she feels like a big weight is off her shoulders and she agrees to talk to them. Todrick says she better not leave his “black a**” waiting outside in the heat and she laughs. They head back over to her house. They go inside and Michele says she wouldn’t have ever told Devan the truth.

She says she originally put her real photos on MeetMe and no one talked to her. She says she’s the only mixed race one in her family. She says her dad has 30 something other kids and says he’s never around. Todrick says that’s not normal and his dad was like that. He says she’s searching for love she should have gotten at home. Devan asks why she didn’t tell him at the start.

Michele says she thought he wouldn’t talk to her. She says she has never liked being mixed race and Todrick says a lot of men outside of that tiny town would love a tall caramel woman. She has a letter for Devan. She reads it and says he always knew what to say and he judged her and made her feel safe. It said she will always love him and he deserves to be happy.

Devan says he wants to be there for her still but he lost the romantic part of it. He says he will still be her friend and she can still call him. Todrick sings them out and they take some selfies. Devan gives her a hug and they take off. Devan says it was eye opening and makes him look at himself a different way. He says he thinks he can be more open now rather than settling for the internet.

A month later, they call Devan who says he and Michele texted a few times but they haven’t really talked a lot. He says he’s just doing him right now. Nev asks how often he’s doing him and Devan says that’s personal. Todrick says he will add Devan on his Facebook. Then they call Michelle and Todrick says she looks beautiful. She says she feels a lot better now.

She says she’s looking for a job and is trying to do herself right now and isn’t looking for anyone right now. They wish her luck.