Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 5/27/15: Season 4 Episode 2 Verne Troyer/Hines Ward Swap Lives

Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 5/27/15: Season 4 Episode 2 Verne Troyer/Hines Ward Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again with an all new Wednesday May 27 season 4 Episode 2. On tonight’s episode, Verne Troyer’s girlfriend leaves her quaint home and laid-back lifestyle in Los Angeles and heads to Atlanta to switch places with Hines Ward’s wife, who’s used to a huge house and structured environment.

On the last episode, Emmy-Award Winning actress Jackee Harry, best known for roles on the hit comedy “227” and “Sister, Sister,” lives in Los Angeles, CA with her ex-husband Elgin Charles. Even though the couple was divorced, they still share a home and life in which Jackee and Elgin enjoy the finer things, frequently going out for drinks, dinner and dancing with friends late into the evening. Traci Lords was a pop icon who lived in Redondo Beach, CA with her husband Jeff and young son Gunnar. Traci and her husband are very traditional in that Traci is responsible for the running of the house, including the cooking and cleaning. They don’t own a TV and like to spend quiet evenings at home together where Gunnar put his imagination to work building things out of the family’s recyclables. When it’s time for the swap, both Jackee and Traci are taken out of their comfort zones with Jackee taxed with cooking dinner and baking cupcakes for a birthday party at Gunnar’s school, while Traci spent a night on the town with Elgin meeting some of Jackee’s friends. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the ABC synopsis “Verne Troyer is best known for his role as Mini-Me in the Austin Powers movie franchise. He resides in Los Angeles, CA with his girlfriend Brittney and her son Tyson where Brittney takes the lead on parenting Tyson who is allowed to have “free range,” coming and going as he pleases. Verne finds it hard to navigate and go outside without being recognized, so as a result, he enjoys spending the majority of his time at home in his game room, which is the only room in his home designed to accommodate his small stature.Hines Ward is a two-time Super Bowl winner and MVP, former NFL wide receiver with the Pittsburgh Steelers and former mirrorball champion of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars.” He now works as a football analyst and lives in Atlanta, GA with his wife Lindsey and son Jaden. Hines likes to run a tight ship where everyone contributes to maintaining the upkeep of the home. Jaden also follows a schedule and has his own responsibilities, including homework.”

We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap, season 4 episode 2. You don’t want to miss this episode; you never know what craziness is going to break out! Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.

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#CelebrityWifeSwap has actor Verne Troyer swapping with former NFLer Hines Ward for one week. Verne says he gave up on hard partying. He talks about his girlfriend Brittney who was stalking him and now they’re together. She says she’s weird and he likes it. Verne says she’s very down to earth and funny. He says they don’t go out too much and says they just like to hang out.

Tyson is her son and Verne says he’s not too involved in the parenting. She says she’s not too strict and calls him a free range child. Tyson says Verne is cool. Verne says he couldn’t get along with someone who nags and hopes the wife swap is cool. Hines Ward is a past Super Bowl MVP and won Dancing with the Stars in 2011. He’s a TV football analyst now.

Lindsey is Hines’ wife and they’ve only been married a year. Jaden is Hines’ son who is a bright kid. Lindsey says he’s a really good kid and Hines says his son is not an athlete. They live in Atlanta in a dream home that Hines designed. He says he’s all about structure and Lindsey says it’s a team effort to keep their home in tip-top shape. They have a huge house and don’t have a maid.

Brittney and Lindsey pack up to head out. Brittney is stunned at the house and calls it a rockstar place. Lindsey heads to North Hollywood and says it’s a scary neighborhood. She goes inside a modest house. Brittney looks at the house and is stunned to find an elevator. She runs around like crazy. Lindsey says her husband wouldn’t even fit in the house.

Brittney says it’s like a model home then finds the football room and knows Hines’ face from Dancing with the Stars. Then Lindsey finds a little statue of Mini Me and says she’s in Verne Troyer’s and worries about him being a wild child. They each read the home book the other woman left. Brittney is stunned to read they don’t have a maid and they both clean the house.

Lindsey reads the book about Tyson being free range and then Brittney is stunned to read that Jaden is such a good student. Brittney reads that Hines chooses Lindsey’s outfits. The wives now get to meet their new husbands. Hines meets Brittney and Jaden. He asks where his wife is and Brittney says her BF is Verne Troyer and that’s where his wife is.

Hines says Brittney seems energetic then sends Jaden off to do his homework. Lindsey meets Tyson and Verne and tells him she’s a huge fan. Lindsey says she’s married to Hines Ward. Verne says the Steelers are his team. He says he wishes he was in Hines’ house. Lindsey asks what she’ll be doing with them. Verne has a blank look and the guys go play video games.

Brittney checks in on Jaden and is shocked to see him doing his homework. Hines wants to see Brittney’s clothes before they go out. He says she’s not ready and has to dress up more. He says his expectations are higher. He sends her back to change again. She’s annoyed and says Verne would never tell her what to wear. Brittney comes down in a black dress and he’s now satisfied.

They head out to a local club to go dancing. Hines can dance and Brittney is excited. She tells him that Verne doesn’t go out a lot because it’s hard for him. Hines says Lindsey likes to go out so they go out often. At Verne’s house, they sit down to a movie then Tyson gets a text and heads out to hang with a friend. Lindsey asks if Verne worries about Tyson. He says it’s not his call.

He says it’s not good to go out on a school night but it’s Brittney’s decision. Lindsey is shocked the kid makes his own rules. Verne says he’s sure he’s fine. Next morning, Hines wakes up Jaden and Brittney is struggling to keep up with Hines’ schedule. He’s a stickler for being on time but Brittney is not doing well with breakfast and she has them running late.

They head out. Brittney tells Jaden she’s sorry and says she didn’t mean to make him late. Lindsey is bored while Verne sleeps late. She finds a ton of pornography stuck everywhere. She says she doesn’t see any of Brittney’s stuff around. He finally gets up in the afternoon and she says she’s bored. She says he’s really into naked girls. She asks if this is his bachelor pad and he says it is.

She asks doesn’t Brittney want to change things and he says he needs her to let him work for a while. He kicks her out. He says she talks so much. Hines then takes Brittney out for a 10 mile bike ride. Then they wash the windows. She asks if he thought about cleaning it when he designed it. He says it’s their castle and they keep it clean.

Verne struggles to get around his kitchen and he just figures it out – he says he MacGyvers it. Jaden is home from school and Hines sends him off to do homework. Brittney says she hasn’t see Jaden go outside to play. Verne makes mac and cheese and sits down to eat. She asks why he’s such a hermit but he says he doesn’t have anything to do so he doesn’t leave.

She asks if it’s awkward going out and people know who he is. He says he had someone jump into the back of his car. He says getting around is tough since he’s so small and has to be careful about where he goes and what he does. Jaden and Hines play chess after his homework is done. Brittney watches them then says they should play paintball out in the backyard.

She asks Jaden if he plays sports at school but he says he doesn’t want to get hurt. Hines says Jaden saw him with a concussion. She’s surprised by how opposite they are. Lindsey goes to pick Tyson up from school and asks what he did today. He says the usual. He says school is boring then admits he’s struggling with his grades. She asks about his passion and he says cooking.

He says cooking makes him happy and says he wants to go to cooking school in France. She thinks he needs some rules and structure to get him on his path. She says he needs to apply himself. Brittney and Hines do the dishes before bed. He says he can’t sleep with a messy kitchen. She asks about eating in her room but he says she can only eat in the kitchen. Brittney thinks the routine is crazy and says they have no spontaneous fun. At Verne’s Lindsey is annoyed they’re not interacting and she has cabin fever. She wants them to get out and do something.

It’s the day of the rules change and they get to change things. Lindsey says big things are coming for Verne and Tyson. Brittney wants the Wards to loosen up. Tyson says he doesn’t like change. Brittney comes down in footed PJs. She says they’re not worried about image today and has PJs for them too. She says they’re going to spend the day in them.

She tells Jaden he gets to pick his dad’s outfit and Jaden laughs and says pink dress. Lindsey says they’re making room for Brittney’s stuff. Brittney tells Hines they’re going to be spontaneous. Lindsey says they’re getting out of the house. Lindsey says he has to put in some effort for Brittney and Verne isn’t excited about this.

Brittney says their house is intimidating and says clean up can wait. Hines is hyperventilating. Jaden throws a pillow on the floor and Hines freaks. Lindsey tells Tyson he has to do homework and she’s putting a tracker device on his phone. She says he’s just 16 and they need to know where he is. Lindsey takes Tyson’s cell phone and downloads a tracker. Tyson is not pleased.

Hines is in his PJs and they head out to take Jaden to school then go off. Hines is nervous that she has no plans yet they’re out and about. She has him take his Cadillac SUV off-roading into the mud. He freaks out over the mud on his rims. Lindsey is making over the bachelor pad. She adds some stuff for Brittney. He says candles and pink pillows don’t belong in his man cave.

He farts at Lindsey in protest. It’s so bad she leaves the room. After school, Brittney is running the house. She lets Jaden crack an egg and he leaves it on the floor. It’s driving Hines crazy. She and Jaden throw noodles against the wall to see if they’re done. Brittney says they’ll clean it, just not right now. She makes them tag the house. Hines says this behavior is not acceptable.

Verne is determined to get Verne out of the house. He says he has a plan for Brittney like she asked. They head to a lingerie store. Lindsey says this is not what she had in mind. They head inside and Verne says he gets benefits. They buy her some lingerie. Outside, he attracts a lot of attention and Lindsey says she feels bad that he can’t go out without being bothered.

Brittney has Jaden throw toilet paper and tissue around Jaden’s room and Hines says this is crazy. Hines says he doesn’t want him to think you can mess up a house. Lindsey is tracking Tyson after school and says it’s really late. She says he didn’t follow the rules. She says she’s worried about him. Tyson says he didn’t think she would be so concerned and is in mother mode. He apologizes.

Hines is cleaning up all of Brittney’s mess and says it’s a waste of his time. Lindsey arranges for a meet up with a celebrity chef for Tyson to check out. He takes him back into the kitchen and Tyson is thrilled to be able to get a cooking lesson. Tyson says cooking is his dream. The chef, Sandy, says his biggest regret is that he didn’t stay in school and says running a business is hard.

Verne says this is one of Lindsey’s better ideas and says it’s great for Tyson. Sandy even offers Tyson a part time job. Hines sits down with Brittney and says he didn’t like her rules. She says it was all harmless but he says someone has to clean it up. She says things can be off kilter and it doesn’t mean anything bad. He asks if she would do that to Verne’s house and she says not yet.

He says she shouldn’t do something at his house she wouldn’t do at her own. Lindsey is putting up finishes touches for Brittney then drags Verne out of the house one last time. She says no one will bother him. She takes him out across a street. She takes him out for a picnic and says Brittney probably gets bored inside all day. They fly a kite and then he loses control of it.

Jaden dresses Hines up and they go to Stone Mountain to sled on the mountain of fake snow. They had a great time and Hines says that was the only rule he liked. Brittney says she hopes Hines and Jaden get a little of “let it go” from this. Lindsey says she misses Hines and hopes Verne has learned some compromise. Verne is excited to meet Hines since he’s a fan.

Hines gives Lindsey a big hug and a kiss. He tells Lindsey that Brittney tore down the house. They head inside to talk. Lindsey says they just sat around and played video games. He says Lindsey wouldn’t stop talking and it’s too much. Hines says you can’t let it all be about himself. Brittney says the nitpicking at Hines’ house is too much and it’s like a model home.

Hines says you need structure as a parent. He says Brittney offended him trashing his house. Hines says she drove him crazy and she disrespected him. Brittney cries and says she did no permanent damage. Lindsey says she was just trying to get him to relax. Lindsey says Tyson is super sweet but there’s not responsibility. She says he told her he was going out and just left.

She says Tyson didn’t want to do homework then she took him to meet a celebrity chef and had a lesson and says the chef talked to him about his education. Lindsey says Verne just wanted to play video games. She says she revamped the house to reflect Brittney and Tyson too. Hines says Brittney did great getting Jaden out of the house and let him dress him up.

Lindsey says that’s fun. Verne says he will get out of the house a bit more. Lindsey says she took him on a picnic. Hines says he needs to get out of his comfort zone. Brittney says she will implement some more structure. Lindsey says she wants to do more with Jaden too from this experience. Hines says they’re good. The couples have a nice send off.

The wives get to head home. Lindsey asks if they have a lot to do at home and Hines says they may have to call in a maid service this one time. Lindsey comes home and Jaden runs to hug her. Hines says no more wife swapping. Brittney is thrilled to see Tyson. She looks around the house and says the pictures are great. She loves a photo throw pillow that Lindsey had made. We see in the notes that Tyson is still working at the restaurant and working harder on homework.