Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 6/17/15: Season 4 Episode 5 Charo & Jill Whelan Swap Lives

Celebrity Wife Swap Recap 6/17/15: Season 4 Episode 5 Charo & Jill Whelan Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again with an all new Wednesday June 17 season 4 Episode 5. On tonight’s episode, Charo and Jill Whelan swap lives.

On the last episode, Tami Roman had appeared on the reality TV series, “Basketball Wives” and “The Real World.” Today, Tami lived in Houston, TX with her boyfriend, former NFL Football player, Reggie Roman, and daughters: Lyric (20) and Jazz (18). Jazz’s best friend, Keanu, was also a permanent fixture in their home. Tami runs a multitude of businesses, including self-branded lines of jewelry, make-up and hair pieces. Tami and her husband enjoyed nightlife and quite regularly frequent strip clubs together — in addition to hosting a racy nightly radio show. Tami doesn’t enjoy exercise – and when accompanying her husband to the gym – Tami went straight to the sauna while Reggie worked up a sweat. Kerri Walsh-Jennings is a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist who lives in Los Angeles, CA with her fellow pro-volleyball player husband Casey Thomas Jennings and their three children: Joey (6), Sundance (5) and Scout Marjory (2). The family follows a strict routine and schedule when it comes to the kids. They also follow a healthy diet and work-out regularly. With Kerri training for the 2016 Olympic team, Casey handles more of the day-to-day needs of the home and kids. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the ABC synopsis “Charo and Jill Whelan will be swapping lives, Charo, is a Spanish-American actress, comedian, and flamenco guitarist. She is best known for her flamboyant stage presence, her provocative outfits, and her trademark phrase, “cuchi-cuchi”. She is best known for her role as Vicki Stubing, the daughter of Capt. Stubing (played by Gavin MacLeod) in the hit television series The Love Boat.”

We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap, season 4 episode 5. You don’t want to miss this episode; you never know what craziness is going to break out! Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.



Tonight’s #CelebWifeSwap has Charo and Jill Whelan doing a swap. If you’re 40 and up or a fan of TVLand, you’ll know them both from The Love Boat. Charo is a Spanish entertainer with a crazy accent. Charo is married to Kjell who is her manager and husband. They live in Beverly Hills. Her sister Carmencita makes all her costumes and always has. Her son is Shel Jr and he’s at their house every day. He says his mom is awesome.

She’s swapping with former child actress Jill Whelan – she played the captain’s daughter and was also in the movie Airplane. She lives in the San Fernando Valley with her kids. Harrison is 19 and in college and Grant is nine years old. She’s twice divorced and relies on her sister Nancy as a co-parent. Nancy says she’s like the dad and Jill is the mom. Jill relies on Nancy to be the mean parent. Jill says she’d like to date but has no time. She hopes whoever swaps doesn’t bring Hollywood with them.

Charo and Jill pack up and leave home. Jill is surprised she’s in the real Beverly Hills and Charo is not happy to be in the valley. Jill says this is Charo’s old house and she’s been there before but thought Charo had moved to Hawaii. They each look around the house. Jill pokes around the huge house and says they’re going to be cramped at her little house. Charo spots a boys room and says it’s all very organized.

Then Charo spots a photo of Jill back from The Love Boat and is thrilled. She says they were friends for years. Then Jill spots the costume room and realizes she’s at Charo’s house. She says Charo hasn’t aged. Jill says she’s known them for 30 years. They each sit down to read the manual the other woman left. Jill reads that Charo is working on a casino show and she has to fill in for her. They read about each other’s kids and Jill wonders how Shel will find a wife if he’s with his mother so much.

Jill reads that the whole family is involved in her career. Jill writes that her boys aren’t good about picking up after each other. Nancy is happy to see Charo. The boys hug her too. Nancy tells them that Jill and Charo are friends from way back. Jill’s son Harrison says he can’t understand anything she says. Kjell is happy to see Jill again and Shel Jr wonders where his mom is and she tells them who she’s with. Harrison’s GF stops by the house to do homework.

Charo sings and interrupts and Nancy tries to stop her from interfering with the homework. Nancy calls Charo out of the way and Charo says Nancy is politely bossy. Jill and Kjell are heading out for a night on the town while Charo says she usually goes to sleep about two or three in the morning, not by 9 pm. She says after dinner, they dance at her house. She says this is boring. Kjell and Jill are out at a nice Beverly Hills restaurant.

Jill says it’s good for her because she hasn’t been out at night with a man in a long time. The next day, Charo wakes up six hours earlier than she usually does. Charo has to get Grant ready for school. He says his mom drives him to school and Charo has no license. She says her sister and husband take care of things for her so she calls a town car to drive them to school. Grant says she’s crazy. She jokes with him all the way to school.

Carmencita is working on costumes while Jill waits for the day to start. Kjell comes in with breakfast and a rose like he always brings to Charo. He tells Jill she will learn to Flamenco dance today. Charo has to help Nancy with chores. Charo says she’s dressed plain and has to clean. She tells Nancy she’s killing her. They leave to go out for lunch. The restaurant owner comes over to greet them. Charo says Jill needs a social life and Nancy says she’s too busy.

Nancy goes over the list of things that Jill likes and says her sister doesn’t find men who are good for her. Charo decides to matchmake for Jill. Nancy says it’s tough on Jill. Kjell and Carmencita take Jill for a Flamenco lesson with Alfredo the dance teacher. Kjell says Charo still practices two to three hours a day. After school, Grant has a piano lesson. Nancy drags her away so she doesn’t distract him. Shel Jr drops off his laundry and waits on dinner.

Carmencita and Jill are making paella, his favorite dish. Jill thinks it’s crazy that Shel isn’t helping and is dropping off laundry and expects to be waited on. Charo asks Nancy when the kids get to relax and she says the weekend. Charo sits down for dinner and she’s annoyed with Nancy’s dinner rules. Carmencita helps Jill dress for dinner in one of Charo’s outfits. Jill comes out in a Flamenco dress and says it’s ridiculous. She’s serving up food in the fringe and says it’s strange.

Shel Jr says the food looks delicious. Then they hear music and Kjell says Charo must have set this up. A Mariachi band comes in to play for them. Carmencita tells Jill she has to be Charo tonight. Kjell says Charo practices all the time often very late at night. They even have a stage in the yard. Jill tries to keep up but says it’s exhausting. She thinks they don’t have enough family time and it’s all work for them. Today is the rules change and they each get to make changes.

Charo is ready to take the word no out of their vocabulary and thinks Jill’s boys will love it. In the morning, Jill and Charo tell the family their new rules. Charo says they have to find their mom a man. Nancy says this should be interesting.
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Jill tells them it’s exhausting to be on 24/7 and says they need to take a break but Kjell says he can’t do it. Jill tells him he has to. Charo tells the boys that they get to relax Nancy’s rules. Jill tells Shel Jr he has to cut his apron strings and they’ll do laundry at his place instead. Then Charo says she’s taking Nancy for a makeover and she’s going to “wear some cleavage.” Charo tells them they have things to do. Jill says at her house, everyone is equal and says they need less glamor.

Jill makes them all wear t-shirts with a family photo. Grant and Harrison are running amok since the rules have been suspended. She says they’re going to make a mess and have fun. Nancy doesn’t like this and says Jill will kill her. At 7 pm, Jill has brought over a bunch of friends for game night to keep the family away from their constant work. Kjell is bored and Shel Jr says their usual nights revolve around wine and song.

Charo makes Nancy up and takes her out for cocktails. They drink and dance and Nancy says she feels like a fish out of water and says Charo is the life of the party. Jill’s friends leave early and Charo’s family is shocked that it’s ending so early. Charo tells Nancy how she met her husband and says she told her sister to go get her for him. They start talking to guys at the club looking for a man for Jill. Nancy says she learned a few tips from Charo.

Charo’s family is enjoying a quiet day off. Kjell says it’s the quietest day in his 36 years of marriage. Jill goes to Shel Jr’s place to teach him how to be more self-sufficient. He’s not happy to have Jill there. Jill says he should do his own laundry and says his mom should get to spend quality time with him not doing his laundry. Shel Jr thinks his mom loves doing his laundry. Charo and Nancy are interviewing men to be a date for Jill. They meet three men.

Michael is the first and Charo likes his Latin looks. Next is Cory. Nancy doesn’t like him. Last is a biker from Harvard named Tom. Cory admits he’s broke. Nancy tells Michael that Jill gets up at five and Charo says to not tell him that. Nancy tells the guys that they’ll let them know. Nancy likes Tom and Charo likes Michael. Charo says Jill can have them both since it’s 2015 in America. Jill takes Charo’s family out for a boat trip.

She has put Shel Jr to work serving dinner to his family. Jill says it’s nice to sit down and take stock over a quiet dinner. Jill says it was nice that show business was absent for the day. She tells Shel Jr to do some things for his mom and make her dinner. Shel Jr says he’s taken his mom for granted and he should make their lives easier. Kjell thanks Jill and says he’ll take Charo out. Shel Jr plays them a song that he wrote for the occasion.

Jill says it was great to see them having fun without business being involved. Over at Jill’s house, Charo has them making dinner Spanish style. She has the boys cooking with her. She teaches them Spanish and has Harrison and Grant dancing. Charo says they are well put together and she just wants to teach them to have some fun. She even has Nancy dancing a little. Nancy dances and Charo cheers her. Nancy says the kids are having fun and she should relax a bit.

They have sparkling cider with dinner and everyone seems to be having a good time. Jill and Charo are packing to go home. Charo says she’s always had her sister and her husband with her and she learned to survive alone. Jill says it was special to get to know people better that she’s known a while. Jill and Kjell go to meet Charo and Nancy. They hug their family and Jill tells Nancy she’s so tired. Then they all sit to talk and Jill and Charo have a big hug.

Charo says they love Jill so much and Jill says to see how she lives is so different. Charo says their house and neighbors are so quiet. Nancy says Charo is a hurricane and says it was tough on Grant because she was a distraction and that they made a mess. Charo says kids are kids for such a short window and you have to let them be kids. Jill says she has to teach them to be organized now. Then Jill tells her that Shel Jr should be doing his laundry at home.

Jill says she wants Shel to spend time at the house with Charo not coming just for laundry. Jill says everything at their house is all about business and wanted them to all feel equal. Kjell says Charo doesn’t play the star with them and Charo tells Jill it must be boring to be perfect. Jill says it doesn’t all have to be a huge production. Charo gets annoyed. Jill says they should take down the Hollywood and be a family without work.

Charo says her life is very opposite from her. Jill says she took the family for a day off and Kjell says it was nice to have a day off with just the family relaxing. Charo tells Jill she took Nancy out clubbing and says Jill needs to find a guy. She says she found three men for her and Jill says she has to take time away from her kids. Charo says she and Nancy auditioned them. She says she found on Colombian guy and a biker. Jill says she’s not sure about it but Kjell says she needs to take a shot.

Jill says she learned from this week what a healthy relationship they have. Charo says she learned to listen and her husband asks if she’ll listen to her. Jill says she knows she needs to relax a bit and Kjell tells Charo she needs to calm down a bit. They agree to get together again soon for dinner. Nancy warns Jill that the house is a bit of a mess. Kjell is happy to have Charo back home. Jill come shome and runs to her kids. Jill says she will take a breath now she’s home.

Nancy tells Jill that she needs to meet the men and says it’s good practice. She shows her photos of the guys and Jill says no. Charo runs home and she and her sister scream and hop around. Six weeks later, Jill is starting to date but not with the guys they found. Shel Jr is not doing his laundry himself. The two families got together for dinner where Grant played piano for everyone.