Celebrity Wife Swap Recap – Basketball Wife and a Volleyball Mom: Season 4 Episode 4 Tami Roman & Kerri Walsh-Jennings Swap Lives

Celebrity Wife Swap Recap - Basketball Wife and a Volleyball Mom: Season 4 Episode 4 Tami Roman & Kerri Walsh-Jennings Swap Lives

Tonight on ABC Celebrity Wife Swap returns again with an all new Wednesday June 10 season 4 Episode 4. We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Tami Roman leaves Houston, where she enjoys takeout dinners and the city’s nightlife and swaps places with Kerri Walsh-Jennings, who lives a life revolved around eating healthy and exercising in Los Angeles.

On the last episode, Jeremy London was best known for his roles in “Mallrats” and “Party of Five.” Today, Jeremy lived on a ranch near Oklahoma City with his wife Juliet and their young son, Wyatt. Jeremy and Juliet did not have help and handled all of the day-to-day ranch needs themselves. The couple was also hands-on when it came to parenting Wyatt. Jeremy and Juliet did not have a nanny and prefered to spend their evenings at home together. David and Jackie Siegel live near Orlando, FL where they were currently constructing the self-proclaimed “largest home in America.” The couple appeared in the award-winning documentary, “The Queen of Versailles,” which chronicled the process of building their dream home and the ups and downs of David’s business. David and Jackie had eight children: Jonquil (21); Victoria (17); David (16); Daniel (14); Debbie (13); Drew (12); Jordan (7); and Jacqueline (7). The Siegel’s niece, Hannah (13), also live with them. David and Jackie lead a glamorous lifestyle with a staff of approximately 30, including a cook, driver, house manager as well as a hair & make-up team for Jackie. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the ABC synopsis “Tami Roman has appeared on the reality TV series, “Basketball Wives” and “The Real World.” Today, Tami lives in Houston, TX with her boyfriend, former NFL Football player, Reggie Roman, and daughters: Lyric (20) and Jazz (18). Jazz’s best friend, Keanu, is also a permanent fixture in their home. Tami runs a multitude of businesses, including self-branded lines of jewelry, make-up and hair pieces. Tami and her husband enjoy nightlife and quite regularly frequent strip clubs together — in addition to hosting a racy nightly radio show. Tami doesn’t enjoy exercise – and when accompanying her husband to the gym – Tami goes straight to the sauna while Reggie works up a sweat. Kerri Walsh-Jennings is a three-time Olympic Gold Medalist who lives in Los Angeles, CA with her fellow pro-volleyball player husband Casey Thomas Jennings and their three children: Joey (6), Sundance (5) and Scout Marjory (2). The family follows a strict routine and schedule when it comes to the kids. They also follow a healthy diet and work-out regularly. With Kerri training for the 2016 Olympic team, Casey handles more of the day-to-day needs of the home and kids.”

We will be covering tonight’s Celebrity Wife Swap, season 4 episode 4. You don’t want to miss this episode; you never know what craziness is going to break out! Don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM for our coverage of the episode.

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#CelebrityWifeSwap is Tami Roman from Basketball Wives and the Real World. She moved to Houston after finishing Basketball Wives and says she runs several businesses. She has a teen daught.er Jazz and also has Keanu, her daughter’s BFF around. Her honey is Reggie who is 17 years younger than her. She says they go to strip clubs, party and eat chicken wings. He says strip clubs have the best food. Tami has had a mild heart attack but still eats bad and smokes.

Kerri Walsh Jennings is a world class athlete. Her husband is a beach volleyball player named Casey. They live in a nice home in California and have three kids from six to two. Kerri is training for the Olympics while Casey takes care of the kids while she’s not home. She says he’s amazing and out parents her often. She says they have strict schedules and says they’re chasing big goals so it’s important to use their time wisely.

Tami and Kerri pack up to make the swap. They each arrive at the home to explore before they meet the family. Kerri says it’s a big nice house but smells like cigarettes and says it’s shocking to her that people smoke in their homes. Tami says they need a housekeeper when she sees sand and then isn’t happy to see little kid stuff. Kerri says there’s no vibe to this house and is appalled by the junk food and sodas. Tami is shocked by the clocks and the schedule.

She says she doesn’t like volleyball or the gym. Kerri sees portraits of Tami Roman and says her husband is going to have his hands full. Tami sees Kerri’s photo and says she’s an Olympic gold medalist and says she’s only an Olympic sh*t talker and says they messed up and did the wrong damned swap. They each read their welcome books. Kerri says she’ll have her hands full. Tami reads that they don’t smoke or drink and frown on it.

Kerri reads that Reggie and Tami co-host a radio show about sex and relationships. Tami reads that they have little time for romance. Kerri is worried when she hears that Tami had a heart attack and still smokes. Tami reads that Casey is a hands on dad and she says he’s the b-i-t-c-h in this house. Kerri meets Reggie, Jazz and Keanu. Reggie says she looks pretty damned good. Kerri tells them where their mom is and about her kids. Jazz says that makes her nervous for her mom.

Casey and the kids come home to meet Tami. He says he’s seen her on basketball wives. Tami says she hasn’t been around little kids in 20 years. He says the kids are job one and says he’s Mr Mom. Tami says Reggie is the man of the house while Casey is more like the wife. Reggie comes in with take out and Kerri is stunned by soda and the fast food. She says she can’t drink soda and asks where the greens are. She says she can’t eat the fried food and sauce. Reggie says she’s going to go hungry.

Keanu says Kerri is Debbie Downer and she tells them this is heart attack food. Jazz says wow. Tami is surprised she only has 30 minutes to feed the kids and get them to bed. Tami says she doesn’t know how to cook and Casey is freaking that their schedule is off. Kerri is on the sexy radio show and she says it’s hard to keep things spicy. Reggie suggests Skype sex and a threesome and she says these things are inappropriate to discuss. She says she likes volleyball and reading books.

Reggie encourages her to relax. Next morning, Casey is making a healthy breakfast but Tami wants a cigarette. He gives her a smoothie. She says she needs a tequila chaser and holds her nose to drink it. Reggie is playing video games while Tami’s glam squad works on Kerri. She says this is more exhausting than a three hour workout. She asks Reggie about Tami’s work life balance and if his video game playing frustrates Tami. He says it probably does.

He says hats off to Casey for doing all he does. Casey wrangles the kids for an activity while Tami is worn out. She says he got up at six and he looks wore the hell out. They leave and she asks doesn’t he just want to chill. He says yes but he doesn’t. She thinks Casey needs a break and just doesn’t know it. Kerri does some product reviews for Tami’s social media followers. Kerri tries on clothes and accessories and says it’s all overwhelming.

Jazz helps her tweet and then they find Reggie sleeping in the middle of the day. Kerri says it’s ridiculous that he doesn’t work that long. Reggie thinks if his work is done he should be able to chill the way he wants. Casey takes Tami to the beach to train. He helps her train and tells Tami how to hit the ball so she doesn’t break a nail. He gets her playing volleyball and Tami thinks it’s awful, sandy and she doesn’t want to be there. She says she wants a cigarette.

Then Reggie takes Kerri to the gym. He wants her to do the sauna like Tami does while he lifts weights. She’s upset and says it’s a waste of time. She tells Reggie it’s torture. She says she knows Tami has health issues and he says it worries him and she says they need to work on it. Kerri says Reggie loves Tami but should be tougher on her. While the kids are at school, Tami sneaks in a smoke when the Pilates teacher shows up.

Casey isn’t happy that she was smoking and says they take care of themselves in this house. Tami says she doesn’t want to do the workout and walks off. Casey goes to check on her. She tells him about her heart attack in the past and he says that’s heavy. She says that makes her scared and says she has no passion for what they do. Casey is shocked and she says she wants to be healthy, eat right and exercise and Casey says maybe some baby steps will help.

He asks for her cigarettes until it’s back to her days. He mentions the kids and she asks for one to go but he says no. Reggie is back to video games while Jazz does her nails for the nail polish line. Jazz says she doesn’t like to do it, but she does it to help her mom. Jazz says her mom works hard to pay the bills. Casey and Tami sit down and she says they have no down time in their lives. Casey says he sneaks off to go surfing once in a while.

Tami says they also have no romance in their schedule. She asks when was their last date night and he can’t remember. Tami thinks he’s not getting enough sex. Kerri gets a wig from the glam squad for a date night out with Reggie. She’s all done up and they head out. He says they’re going to have fun. They head to a great steakhouse but it’s a strip club. Keri is shocked.

Kerri says this is not her thing when he wants her to tip a dancer. She says it’s hard for her to be there and she wants to go. She tells Reggie that she’s done. He stays behind with his friends for some fun. Kerri is pissed off and says she can’t believe he didn’t come with her and can’t wait to put them on her rules. Next day, it’s the rule change. Tami is ready to show them how to kill the schedule and get some romance in his life. Kerri wants to push a health agenda.

Tami tells them it’s the Jennings family freedom day. She says no clocks or time today. Tami says it’s time for fun but he thinks it will be bad for the kids. Kerri says they’re going to eat and drink healthy. Tami wants to give the kids pizza and soda and Casey says she may create monsters. The kids are excited. Kerri tells Reggie that he talks about sex all the time but he needs to talk to Tami about her health so he doesn’t lose her.

He says Tami doesn’t pay not attention to him. Tami says Casey needs to rekindle the romance with champagne and strawberries. He says they like to spend time in the gym together. Kerri wants them out of the house getting physical together and says no more video games. Reggie says he’s going to do what the hell he wants to do. He’s not happy when she takes the video games. Tami collects up all the clocks while the kids have free play time. Casey says it’s going to kill him. She takes his watch too.

Kerri goes back to the gym to work out with Reggie. They work out together and she’s thrilled. Kerri is happy with Reggie when he’s working out and she asks if he encourages Tami or cuts her down. She says she needs to fall in love with the gym and he needs to find a different way to talk to Tami at the gym. Tami has pizza and video games for the kids. She tells Casey to have some pizza. He thinks the kids are going to spiral. He’s shocked and unhappy and the kids are thrilled.

Tami tells him to let it go and cut loose. The kids play outside and seem happy. Casey says they’re not used to this. Kerri makes a healthy breakfast for the family and makes smoothies. Keanu doesn’t like it and Reggie says it tastes like a salad shake. He says it’s chalky. He says he can’t get past the taste. Reggie says Tami wants to eat what she wants and Kerri says they need to be on Tami’s side to help with her health. Jazz says she gets that but says they’ll have to push her mom on this.

They dump out the smoothies. Tami takes the kids to the beach with Casey just for fun in the sun. She tells Casey no weights or any sports stuff to work out. He wants to go play volleyball and she says no and nothing that feels like work. He flops down and she wants him to just enjoy himself. She says to spend good family time relaxing. She says he should go surf. He runs off and is thrilled. He says Tami was right that he needs some time for himself.

She plays with the kids while he surfs. Kerri takes the family out for a bike ride. Reggie hasn’t ridden a bike in years. Kerri says she wants to show them that being healthy is fun. They stop for a snack and hands out fruit and protein bars. She asks if they would go on bike rides as a family. Reggie says it’s a fun form of fitness and he would do it. The kids agree too. Jazz says Kerri has opened their eyes to the need to get in shape together as a family.

Casey and Tami head out for fun. She takes him to Tristan McManus from Dancing with the Stars. She says she wants him to loosen up. Tristan says they’ll look for intimacy and romance. She hopes this is an activity they can do together to reignite the romance. He says Casey is doing great. He says it’s fun and something he and kerri can embrace. Tami says she can see from his moves how they ended up with three kids. He blushes.

Jazz writes a letter about her mom’s health for Kerri to give Tami at the meet up. Kerri says she should be open to being vulnerable with her mom. Jazz says she’s glad Kerri took the initiative to teach them about her mom’s health. Tami has Casey tear up some old schedules and he says it’s easier than he thought it was going to be. He says he has realized he needs to relax more and he even takes a nap. Tami says she hopes they will spend more time playing with their kids.

Kerri says she wants the family to set better examples for Tami. They head off to the meet up with Reggie and Casey. Reggie and Kerri wait for Tami and Casey and the couples hug. Reggie says his week was tough. The couples sit to talk. Tami says she wouldn’t say they had fun but says it was a very busy week and says Casey was upset that her dinner threw his schedule off. Tami tells Kerri that the kids need more of a childhood.

Kerri says Tami’s life is like a tornado and says she was overwhelmed and saw that Reggie could step up and help some more. Tami says she wants Kerri and Casey to have more one on one time. Tami says you make time for what you want to make time for and says they need more romance. Kerri says Reggie took her to a strip club and Tami is surprised she didn’t like it. Kerri says she has no time for that and says she left and Reggie stayed behind. Reggie says she should have stayed with him.

Reggie says he was pissed and Casey says he wouldn’t have left Tami stranded and says it was cold-blooded. Tami says the kids need downtime and playtime and so she tossed the schedule. She says she brought in pizza and video games. Tami says the kids aren’t grown ups and Casey says they can relax a little. Casey says he took Tami’s cigarettes and Reggie says he appreciates that. Kerri says Tami is being selfish about her health.

Kerri gives Tami a poem to read from Jazz. It’s about smelling like cigarettes and her wanting her mom to be there to see her grow up. Tami cries and says she does things wrong. She cries and says it’s hard to hear what Jazz wrote. Kerri says they want her to be around for a long time. Tami agrees she needs to do something for her health. Casey says they need to loosen up their ship a bit and Kerri agrees she needs to loosen up and be more intimate. Reggie tells Tami they’re going to work on her health together.

The wives head home with their husbands. Tami says she’s going to try to quit smoking. Kerri says the swap was harder than Olympics training and says they do need to relax more. Tami says she learned some things but didn’t think it was possible. Six weeks later, Tami is more into physical activity and is eating a bit healthier. Casey has relaxed the kids’ schedule somewhat and they are now making time for date night.