Chasing Life Recap 7/20/15: Season 2 Episode 3 “Life of Brenna”

Chasing Life Recap 7/20/15: Season 2 Episode 3 "Life of Brenna"

Chasing Life returns to ABC Family tonight for an all new Monday July 20, season 2 episode 3 called “Life of Brenna,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, standing in April’s [Italia Ricci] shadow, Brenna [Haley Ramm] stifles her true feelings as she leaves Charton and turns to Natalie [Jessica Meraz]  for support.

On the last episode, April had a weekend getaway with Beth in Bermuda, but it was not the carefree trip they envisioned. Elsewhere, Sara faced some financial troubles; and Brenna found a sense of belonging at Charton.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “standing in April’s shadow, Brenna stifles her true feelings as she leaves Charton and turns to Natalie for support. Meanwhile, Dominic attempts to rebuild a relationship with his mom; and April goes wedding-dress shopping.”

Tonight’s episode of CHASING LIFE is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show!

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For the past couple of months, life has pretty much revolved around April but on tonight’s episode of “Chasing Life” we final got some insight into how Brenna has been handling everything.

And her life it seems is a bit of a sad tale. Brenna you see was once the wild child of the family yet lately she’s found a place for herself and its mother that’s actually hindering this new found growth. So rather than be like any other teenager – and rant to anyone who would listen – Brenna suddenly finds herself making concessions as if she was the adult.

Now don’t blame Sara for what’s going on! She truly does love both of her daughters. However she didn’t have enough in the budget to literally support both of them.

April’s cancer treatment is very expensive and the tuition at Brenna’s private school had just gone up again. So with not that much choices before her, Sara knew that pulling Brenna out of the school was the best option. That way April could continue treatment and, hey, Brenna could still have a sister.

So, with that being that, how was Brenna able to fight such logic? She couldn’t demand to be first when April was sick and she couldn’t force her mother into becoming destitute in order to stay with her friends.

But, this whole keeping it in thing, was taking a toll.

Brenna had been chosen to be April’s maid of honor and that on top of saying goodbye to her friends just wore her down. See she didn’t have as much time with them as she wanted because she had to do weddings things. And she was messing up on the wedding things by trying to be there for her friends.

Though the breaking point came for her when they had all gone dress shopping. At first it was fun and it even helped take Brenna’s mind off of everything else that was going on but then she ran into “the guy”. “The guy” was the one that had knocked her up two years ago and then paid her hush up to get an abortion.

And after Brenna had a freak-out in the bridal store, Natalie was the one that figured out what was wrong and proceeded to chase “the guy” out of the store.

So of course April figured out something was going on and she questioned Natalie the second she got her alone. And seeing as Natalie didn’t know it was all hush hush, Brenna’s biggest secret is now known by the one person she would never have told. Her perfect sister April.

But April was hurt.

She wanted her sister to be able to turn to her and felt like Natalie had overstepped. Thus the confrontation that’s been coming for a while finally happened after April came up with something fun for them to do.

April volunteered to help Brenna on her film project and that meant breaking into the school in order to do so. However the school has some safeguards in place. Secret safeguards. So the ladies all set off the silent alarm that locked them in at the school until morning came.

So with a long night ahead of them, everyone pretty much vented. Which to be fair was always going to happen once they stopped tip-toeing around the issues.

Brenna told her sister how much she hated it when April tried to fix her. And April hated feeling replaced by Natalie. Natalie though surprised everyone by admitting she hated their father.

Earlier Natalie had finally finished their dad’s manuscript and so she’s had her own issues that were just bubbling under the surface. Hence, when she released everything, she told her sisters all about what their father actually thought of them. For it seems like he thought Natalie was “simple”, Brenna was the Band-Aid on a broken marriage, and April was the golden child.

Or at least that’s how he described them all in his book that’s supposed to be fictional but is really an autobiography.

Thus when the tension was finally released, the ladies realized something. They learned that keeping secrets was not only unhealthy but it was frighteningly similar to what their dad did to all of them. And that’s why even if it’s ugly or not the best time to say it – April asked for an open door policy.

Brenna shouldn’t be afraid to get angry with her sister because April has cancer. Also April needs to remember that’s she not Brenna’s mother and that they have another sister that might be a better listener than she is. Yet Natalie needs to leave her big sister’s shadow.

She took her messed up relationship with their dad and she repeated it with Dominic. But the truth is if you don’t come first then you shouldn’t settle.

Her dad wasn’t there for her when Natalie needed him and Dominic is still in love with April. So maybe Natalie’s next step is to find out who she is without comparing herself to her sister.