Chasing Life Recap and Spoilers – Do I or Don’t I? Season 2 Episode 6 “That Last W”

Chasing Life Recap and Spoilers - Do I or Don't I? Season 2 Episode 6 "That Last W"

Chasing Life returns to ABC Family tonight for an all new Monday August 10, season 2 episode 6 called “That Last W,” and we have your weekly recap and spoilers below. On tonight’s episode, April [Italia Ricci] and Leo’s [Scott Michael Foster] wedding day arrives, but it’s not smooth sailing as nerves emerge and secrets loom.

On the last episode, a bachelorette party was held for April, and Vanessa convinced her to make it a wild night. Meanwhile, April prepared to say good-bye to living at home; Brenna contacted Finn; and Dominic arranged for April to meet his book agent. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “April and Leo’s wedding day arrives, but it’s not smooth sailing as nerves emerge and secrets loom. Meanwhile, Dominic is uncertain about how to proceed as he faces losing April forever.”

Tonight’s episode of CHASING LIFE is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show!


#ChasingLife begins at the church on April and Leo’s rehearsal. April thinks about vows that don’t mention cancer. George tells her to get her butt up to the altar. Sara says April is a fan then asks about Mae and he says she’s coming tomorrow. The minister walks them through the ceremony. Leo says the vows are mind blowing then says he means April’s vows will destroy since she’s a professional writer.

Back at the house, Leo’s parents tell him about a job opportunity to run a division of his company. Bruce says he thinks he’d be great. Leo is taken aback and Bruce says to think about it and get back to his assistant. April asks if he’ll take it. Leo says it kind of makes him want to throw up in his mouth. She says it could be a good opportunity.

Brenna complains about all the work to be April’s maid of honor and that Frankie has it easy with Leo. Brenna asks didn’t George have it easy with her dad. Sara tells Brenna that she and George used to date before she met her dad. Brenna says it’s so Game of Thrones. Brenna is freaked. George asks Sara how she’s doing and she shows him her glass of wine. He says he’s there for her.

Leo and April have a kiss to last them until they meet at the altar tomorrow. Graham shows up with a gift for April – a mortar and pestle. She asks about Dominic and he plays dumb. April goes to his place and pounds on the door. He reluctantly answers. She notices the black eye and he says it was from a bike ride. He says he’s sorry for missing her party.

She says he’s one of the most important people in her life and they should be there for each other’s milestones as friends. Dominic says he can’t make it to the wedding. He says Nina needs his first two chapters and he can’t go to any social events. April says he’ll be missed and she stands to leave. He says good luck. She leaves.

April comes down and finds George brewing coffee. He says he didn’t sleep well and was thinking about her dad. He says her dad loved her and he wishes he was there today. She says Natalie found a manuscript of her dad’s and it implied he wasn’t very proud of her and her writing. George says maybe she’s reading too deeply into it. He says she’s an incredible writer. She thanks him.

April talks about her vows and says that part of her brain isn’t working. He asks why she’s marrying him and she says embracing life and love. She worries there’s too much death and wonders if it sounds like Leo proposed out of pity. He says to drink her coffee and not worry. The ladies are getting makeup done. Ford wants the smokiest eye possible.

George leaves to pick up Mae as Grandma Lynn shows up. She mistakes Ford for Natalie and Emma points out the error. Lynn and Natalie go to get to know each other better. Graham shows up to Dominic’s and he tells Graham he’s not going. He says he can’t watch April marry someone else. Graham says he can be a good friend and support her. Dominic says he can’t.

Graham asks if he can still go even though he was a plus one. Frankie shows up to chat up Beth and April. She asks Frankie how the bachelor party went and asks how Dominic was. She says she saw him and noticed the black eye and he was acting off. Frankie says to talk to Leo and says she doesn’t want to get into the middle of anything. April asks what happened.

Frankie says Leo punched Dominic. April sends Beth out of the room. She asks what Frankie means and she says she should give Leo the benefit of the doubt. Frankie says Leo was hiding this from her. Frankie says she’s the one who visited an ex the night before the wedding and Frankie calls her ungrateful for all that Leo is doing for her then says to talk to Leo about it and walks out.

Lynn and Natalie drink mimosas and chat. Lynn asks about April’s clinical trial. Natalie is annoyed and says she has time alone with her finally and she only wants to hear about April. Lynn says she hates being out of the loop. Natalie says her dad didn’t think too much of her and Lynn doesn’t seem to either. Dominic is out for a jog and thinks about he and April then checks his watch and heads off at a run.

Lynn tells April that Leo is there and they tell him he has to stay in the hallway. He says he heard he and Frankie talked about the bachelor party. She asks why he didn’t tell her. He says they were both drunk and being alpha males. He asks why she went to his place last night and she says she was checking on a friend and she loves him and wants to be with him. She doesn’t like the secrets.

Leo says that means they’re human. He tells her to ask him anything. She asks if he’s marrying her as a gift because she’s dying and it’s a Robin Hood project. She says she doesn’t know anymore. He says couples fight and work through it. He says it’s a bump in the road and he wants to marry her. She says she does too.

Lynn talks to Natalie again and says it’s awkward and she got nervous and drank. Natalie tells her to just be her Grandma. Lynn says she doesn’t feel included. She says Emma lives there and is part of their lives and she can’t compete with it. Natalie says always coming in second place is what she deals with all the time. Natalie tells her to give her phone number and she’ll text her all the time. Lynn is thrilled.

Mae straightens George’s tie and Sara says they look nice. It’s awkward. Dominic puts on his suit. He plans to go disrupt. Ford comes into the church complaining about the tradition. Graham shows up and Beth starts making out with her BF who gets annoyed and says she’s only doing it when Graham is around. He walks out, ditching her. Sara tells April she looks amazing.

April asks her if this is meant to be and if Leo is her one true love. She says she’s not sure she feels right. Sara says there is no one true love. Emma says she’s on her sixth. Sara says it means you’re willing to put in the time and effort and make sacrifices. April says marriage is about commitment not romance. Emma says commitment is romantic. April smiles. Dominic runs for the church full tilt.

He finds a street closed and has to do a detour. April starts her walk down the aisle on Sara’s arm. Leo waits at the altar smiling. She makes it halfway down then staggers and then goes down. The rash from the clinical trial looks like it wasn’t nothing after all. Leo runs to her as do George. Everyone watches horrified. April is taken out on a gurney by EMTs. They go over her symptoms. She’s unconscious.

Dominic makes it there and finds the church empty. April tells Dr Hamburg she thought it was wedding nerves and thought the rash was a side effect. She asks if there are any other activities she should know about. She asks if April has been wearing a mask when she’s been out and about. The doc says she can’t travel and go out and about carelessly like this. She says she won’t have a life left to live if she keeps it up.

Leo listens and April tells him she’s sorry she ruined the wedding and that she’s sick. She cries and he says he doesn’t accept her apology. He says she asked today if he was marrying her because he thought she was dying. He says yes he did because they have to do things faster than other people. He says he knew from the start he wanted to marry her someday and someday just came faster for them.

He says marrying her is his dying wish. He kisses her. The family sits fretting in the waiting room. Brenna says she thought if today went perfectly, it would erase the cancer. Emma says it’s not fair and it sucks. She says she will be there for her sister and she’ll be okay because she’s the strongest woman – a rebel woman. She says she can’t leave without her knowing how strong she is.

Dominic comes rushing in and says he just heard. He’s taken back to her room and asks how she’s feeling. She says she’s okay but it was a crazy day. She says she heard about his fight with Leo and says she’s sorry. She tells him she loves Leo even though he’s not his biggest fan. Dominic says he just wants her happy and she says she is. She asks about the suit and if he was coming to the wedding.

He says he had a last minute change of heart but it looks like he was too late. He tells her to get some rest and leaves. Dr Hamburg tells her she has to take her off the clinical trial and says she has to stay there for a few days. April starts crying and Leo asks to talk to the doc in the hall. They talk outside. Leo says he’ll be back in an hour and gives her a kiss then goes.

Everyone goes running around. Graham and Beth had break up sex in a closet and agree it was good for closure. They put April into her gown in her hospital room. Emma got a quicky internet minister’s license and says she’s official to do this. She says they’ll cut to the vows. Leo says when he first met her, he had a death sentence that was easier to accept than fight. He says then he met April.

He says she shows him how special and important life is. He says she taught him why life was worth fighting for. April says when things got hard she ran away into this very room at the hospital and this was where Leo found her and taught her that courage was about facing your fears and says Sara told her that the foundation of marriage is commitment and she’s lucky to get to commit to him.

Dr Hamburg comes in and talks to George and asks him to help work on April’s case with Mae too. Mae follows the doc out. Sara thanks George for helping. Leo holds April’s IV bag while they dance. She tells him he should think about working for his dad and he says he already said yes. He kisses her.