Chasing Life Recap 8/24/15: Season 2 Episode 8 “The Ghost in You”

Chasing Life Recap 8/24/15: Season 2 Episode 8 "The Ghost in You"

Chasing Life returns to ABC Family tonight for an all new Monday August 17, season 2 episode 8 called “The Ghost in You,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a distraught April (Italia Ricci) tries to disengage from the world in the wake of her loss, but a surprise from Leo (Scott Michael Foster)  gets her emerge from her isolation.

On the last episode, the honeymoon was over for April and Leo as they tried to settle into a normal married life. April’s “cleaning system” versus Leo’s mess was not the only issues they had to work on. Leo was in full swing at his new job and was making lots of plans for the future – not just in his job but for his life with his new wife. April is trying to live life to the fullest in the moment, as Leo taught her, so Leo’s “new” future planning was throwing her off. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “a distraught April tries to disengage from the world in the wake of her loss, but a surprise from Leo gets her emerge from her isolation. Elsewhere, Finn offers Brenna some sage advice.”

Tonight’s episode of CHASING LIFE is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show!

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#ChasingLife begins with April sitting at the cancer center waiting room. Her mom joins her then Leo’s parents then her Uncle George. He says it was a neurological incident. April says his tumor was gone and George says it was a small brain bleed. April says Leo mentioned a headache a few days ago and asks if she could have stopped this but George says this happened quickly. Bruce says Leo left funeral instructions before his last surgery but Catherine wants to make sure April is okay with them.

April goes home and crawls into bed at her mom’s house. Her sister wakes her and says Bruce is downstairs to see her. He says he needs to talk funeral plans and April says whatever Leo wanted was fine. Bruce says he and Leo had a complicated relationship but that changed when he met her and says they grew much closer. He tells April they can handle the details and she thanks him. He leaves. Sara says people have been calling and coming by. April says he doesn’t want to be cheered up.

She goes back to bed to cry. She says to herself it’s like he’s there and then she feels him there with her, holding her in his arms. At the funeral, they each hold a balloon while someone sings Amazing Grace. Everyone releases their balloons. At home, they talk about how well the drag queen sang. Beth asks if she needs anything and she offers to pack up some things for her. Some support group people are ther and offer her condolences. April says this is so much worse than cancer condolences.

She can’t take any more and goes upstairs. Sara tells George this breaks her heart. Sara says losing Thomas was the hardest thing she’s been through. Sara says she shut down and April moved home to keep the family moving forward. She mentions the girls were asking about Thomas’ last manuscript and he asks if she read it. Sara says no. April goes back to her room to talk to ghost Leo and says she’s tired of people saying “he was a good guy.” Leo tells her he was a good guy and she agrees.

She tells him that his funeral was perfect and Leo tells her to take her time with all this and says to stay up there with him. Brenna is there and sees her taking to herself. April just tells her goodnight. Leo is gone. Dominic shows up the next day – Sara asks if he’s the one who dated April and Natalie and he says yes. Dominic says he wanted to make sure that she’s okay. She asks why he’s really there and Dominic says he doesn’t know the right thing to do.

He says Leo was a good guy but things between them were difficult. April says Dominic didn’t even like Leo. Dominic says he’s there for her and she says she doesn’t need him and says they dated for like a minute. She tells him to go away and leave her alone. He leaves upset. Sara and April sit on a park bench out in the sun and Sara says she knows what she’s going through and asks if she can help her get back to her life. April asks what life. Sara says she has to focus on health and has friends and family.

Sara says they need to meet about her clinical trial and she needs records that are at her apartment but she doesn’t want to go so asks Beth. Brenna and Finn talk about April’s loss. She asks Finn about his illness and he says it’s been about a year then after he was diagnosed he lost his leg after a month. He says he’s going to beat this and is going to break his old track record. He asks her to meet him at the track after school and she agrees.

Beth and Natalie are weirded out packing up things at Leo and April’s place. Beth finds some folders and leaves to take the medical records to April. Beth says she’s never lost anyone and Natalie says her dad died when she was 18 and she cried for days. Beth says she hasn’t cried over this and maybe it hasn’t hit her yet. Natalie says maybe she can be the shoulder that gets cried on – Beth leaves to meet April with her files. She says Josh will introduce George to the clinical trial lady.

April says she also got Leo’s medical records and Beth goes to take them and then they spot an envelope that says – to be opened after my death. There are geographical coordinates and what looks like a date. April crumples it and says she doesn’t want to know if he has a secret family. Beth checks the coordinates and says it’s Long Wharf and they should check it out. They find a storage locker at the marina and the code unlocks the combination.

Inside is a stack of life jackets. Then there’s a geocaching tube. Inside it is a note from Leo that says he just found out he has terminal cancer so he created a scavenger hunt from the grave. He says to press on with the hunt. April is stunned and Beth says he never did things small. The quote leads them to a statue in Charlestown. Finn tells Brenna the record he’s trying to beat. He says he hasn’t stepped fot on the track since his stem cell transplant. He strips down to his shorts and tells her she can touch the leg.

She tells him on your mark, get set, go and he takes off running. He falls about 10 yards into it and Brenna runs to him. He says he’s fine and gets up. He gets ready to run again and says he has to start somewhere. He says he needs her to be a drill sergeant, not a cheerleader. She says he needs to be realistic and he asks why. He tells her to have some faith. He starts again. Sara gives George April’s medical records and he says she can’t go as a family member.

Sara promises to sit by quietly but wants to be there in case she can help. Beth and April are at the statue in Charlestown. April tells her that she’s been talking to Leo since he died and says it helps to imagine him with her. April keeps searching and Beth says what if he didn’t finish it. April tells her to keep looking and then she notices something on a plaque. Beth texts a guy who can bring some tools to help them open it up.

Dominic answers Beth’s text and comes with tools. He says maybe he can slide out the piece they need. They find numbers and April says they are a room number at Mass Medical. April goes to get a cab and Beth begs Dominic to stay with them. He agrees. George meets Josh who explains the investigator isn’t known for her sensitivity. The woman says their AML trial is full unless April represents some extraordinary research issue, she can’t be included. George pleads her case.

Beth, April and Dominic make it to the hospital and sees it’s a patient room. They tell the woman they are quality assurance experts and Dominic asks if they can look around. The woman says if he visits with her, they can look. She hugs on Dominic. Beth looks in a chair and breaks her nail then starts bawling. Dominic pulls her out of the room and she says when Graham broke up with her, Leo got a mani pedi with her when she was upset.

She cries and says he was so incredible and now he’s gone forever. Dominic hugs and comforts her while she cries and says she needs to keep it together for April. He says the last time he saw Leo he punched him and that makes him feel sick. April comes out and says she found the next clue – he hid it in the bathroom light fixture. It says what’s found all over the hospital, go there. They wonder if it’s germs then April says the roof.

Brenna brings Finn a bottle of water and she says she’s feeling pretty useless these days. Finn says he doesn’t want to make her feel that way. He says when she went to get water, he ran 400 meters then says he’s joking. They talk about the after life and he says he believes there’s one. She says maybe it’s easier for him to accept the idea since he’s sick. George tells the doctor that April is young and strong but the woman says she has three leukemia slots and can’t help them.

Sara speaks up and says her daughter is running out of time and needs her help. The doctor says she knows turning away patients that will die. She says it’s like the Titanic and she can’t let everyone in the life boat. Sara asks about a different life boat then Josh asks about Noratis, another trial. On the roof, April steps up on the edge and says Leo really lived. Dominic says Leo came into her life just when she needed him and it was perfect.

Beth tells April she’s proud of her as Dominic starts searching for the next clue. He says he found it. It says it’s the end of the journey then says to go where his journey will end and climb the tree of life. April says she can’t do that. She says when it’s over, she has to admit Leo’s gone and isn’t ready for that. She cries and says she needs him and can’t live without him. She says she slept next to him while he died and wasn’t there for him when he passed.

She says they were talking about family and future and says she doesn’t want one without him. She says she just wants to go home. April asks Leo what’s at the end of the hunt and he says it’s a secret. April heads to the cemetery and climbs the tree. She almost slips and falls but catches herself. He finds a letter that says if you’re reading this, I’m dead. He says he realized his greatest regret – never knowing real love. He says he hopes the person reading this was that person that he loved.

April comes down to breakfast looking better the next day. She tells her uncle she’s okay. Sara offers her food and April says she’s meeting friends for breakfast and has errands to run. She hugs her mom then asks how the clinical trial meeting went. George says he has a meeting about another trial in an hour. She says she won’t get her hopes up but Brenna says she should and keeping positive can be a good thing. April leaves looking better.

April sits at a table then Beth joins her. She tells her they need another chair and then Dominic is there and apologizes for being late. Later, April goes back to her and Leo’s apartment and looks at the Italian decorations still up from their last celebration. She is close to tears and sighs.