Chasing Life Recap – Slapped by Shakespeare: Season 2 Episode 11 “First Person”

Chasing Life Recap - Slapped by Shakespeare: Season 2 Episode 11 "First Person"

Chasing Life returns to ABC Family tonight for an all new Monday September 14, season 2 episode 11 called “First Person,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, April (Italia Ricci) meets an agent who gives her advice about her book, but she’s hesitant to accept guidance until a young pal at Camp Hendrie helps her see things in a different light.

On the last episode, a winter storm loomed and the family gather to play games, but April wanted to play detective in order to uncover a secret George may be keeping. Meanwhile, George and Mae worked on repairing their tattered relationship. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “April meets an agent who gives her advice about her book, but she’s hesitant to accept guidance until a young pal at Camp Hendrie helps her see things in a different light. Meanwhile, Brenna reveals how she really feels about her father”

Tonight’s episode of CHASING LIFE is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show!

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#ChasingLife begins with Brenna, Sara and April checking out the now-fixed window. Sara worries that Natalie might turn George in for helping their dad die. Brenna goes to video chat with her grandma while April comments that Natalie is radio silent on social media. Beth shows up with pastries and to borrow a necklace. She says she hasn’t heard from Natalie and asks what got her riled up. April and Sara lie and say they have no idea why she skipped town.

April asks Beth if she head what happened to Dominic during the storm. His house got trashed in the storm. April is there as he snaps photos and she says walls are overrated. She encourages him not to give up on the house. He asks how she’s doing now and April says the wild April is done for now. She says she’s working on her book and even complete a book proposal. She says she’s already got a meeting with an agent. Dominic high fives her.

April is working on more agent letters to describe her true story she’s writing about the secret family, her illness and all the drama. Ruthie shows up then and says she’s there about one of Leo’s projects – a camp he was working on. Ruthie invites April to come to the grand opening, cut the ribbon and say something about her husband. Later, Sara is at a therapy group facilitating as the patients talk about how you never feel like you’re loose of it. April is there too.

One survivor talks about how his mom has cancer too and it devastated him when she died. He says he doesn’t know how to answer people who ask how he’s doing. April says people don’t want to hear the truth and says ignorance can be bliss for some people. Brenna meets with Finn to talk Hamlet. Another student approaches her to buy a raffle ticket to help fund Finn a cool new prosthetic. Brenna hands over some cash. She asks why Finn didn’t tell her and he says Sydney is taking pity on him.

Brenna says it’s for Sydney’s college applications. Sara says she ran with William today and April says she tried to get info on Natalie from Beth. All she knew is that Natalie sent in her work notice via email. Brenna says Natalie is blowing off steam and Sara is concerned because Natalie is April’s donor and she might blab and cause them problems. Brenna says George did the best he could and Sara says Brenna can’t stay with George for the Berkley thing. Brenna is furious and storms out.

Sara tells April she wished Brenna didn’t overhear any of it. April says her dad knew what he was doing and says it can be better to keep people at a distance when you’re in pain. Sara reminds her how tough it was when she kept her diagnosis secret. April says no carry over from therapy to home but Sara pushes back then April pushes away and leaves the room. Beth gets the news that her dress got a rave review on Jaclyn’s show. It was highlighted as the best piece.

Beth is worried that Jaclyn might be jealous and could fire her but April and Beth’s BF encourage her that it’s her big break. April goes to meet with an agent and he’s impressed to meet with Thomas Carver’s daughter. He says the book could generate a lot of empathy for cancer survivors. He offers her some notes and says she needs to dig deeper on the loss of Leo and says she’s not exposing herself enough and needs to dig into her pain more.

She realizes that it’s not his office and he says he’s in Valerie’s office – he’s not a real agent, but an assistant. April says this was great and she’ll be in touch. He’s bummed out. Dominic encourages her that she’ll get other meetings soon and maybe with a real agent. April has a gift for Dominic – a fancy door knocker with his last name on it. She says she hopes that will encourage him to keep the house. Danny shows up to help Dominic work and asks her to team trivia.

She tells them she’s got to go to the camp opening and Dominic volunteers to cover it for the newspaper. April is thrilled to have the publicity and asks if he wants to carpool. She takes off and Danny says he’s going with his ex-GF to go to the grand opening of her dead husband’s cancer camp for kids and tells him that won’t be awkward at all. Ruthie meets April and Dominic at the camp to show them around. She says they have three zip lines thanks to Leo’s insistence.

April seems sad and Ruthie asks if she’s still okay to speak. Dominic tells her no pressure if she doesn’t want to but she insists. She heads to the mic and thanks everyone for coming. She says Leo wanted the camp to be special and his wish came true. She says she hopes they have lots of adventures since he loved adventure. April pauses and says Leo was a really good guy then she cuts the ribbon to make it official. Dominic asks her for an official statement but she’s too teary.

She says she can’t believe she just said he was a really good guy and says she was looking at all the strangers and says none of them want to hear about her pain and secrets. She says if she uncorks all her feelings, she’ll make everyone around her miserable. April says she needs to be alone even though Dominic says he can handle it. Jaclyn rants to Beth about stealing her spotlight. She was just testing her then says she thought the design was just acceptable but it got picked up by the press.

Jaclyn says she wants to promote her to Junior Designer. Beth says she has to think about it because she has other offers. Jaclyn goes off and Beth says she thinks she deserves a better job title. Jaclyn makes up a silly job title then says it doesn’t exist. Beth accepts the Junior Designer position. Sara comes to check on Brenna who’s editing her movie. Sara says she found some other summer film programs. Brenna says she’s going to Berkley and will stay with George.

She says April will pay for it if her mom doesn’t want to. Brenna says she’s not mad at her dad but is just confused. Sara says she gets that and Brenna says she’s been reading about ALS and asks how her mom didn’t notice his symptoms. Sara says he tried to make her believe he was an alcoholic and Brenna says maybe she wasn’t paying attention. Sara says Thomas turned his back on the family but says Brenna can take it out on her if she needs to. She storms out.

April notices a little kid struggling to get a boat into the water and comes to help him. She offers to row while he navigates and he says he likes team work. He asks if she was married to the guy who started the camp. He asks if Leo was like Batman and she says in some ways. The kid tells her that Batman can be a mean good guy and she says Leo wasn’t a mean guy but could be sarcastic. She says he was a slob and the kid asks if Leo was a hero or not. April says he was her man and the kid says sorry.

April says thinking about the annoying things makes it hurt less. She talks about her anger and how she realizes every morning again that he’s gone. The kid tells her that she’s not alone because he’s there. Josh looks over Beth’s contract and says this makes her a slave and that all her designs would be owned by Jaclyn. He says even if she designed a dress for a friend in her spare time, Jaclyn would own it. Beth asks why he cares so much since they’ve been dating just a month.

He says she’s amazing and talented and doesn’t want her to come home from work in five years to tell her that Jaclyn’s taking advantage. He says she makes him happy and he wants to be happy in five years too. They kiss and Beth says they should mark up the contract and hands him a pen. At the camp, someone plays harmonic when April finds Dominic and he says she’s smiling. She says her dad kept a lot of secrets and he says he knows because he dated one of the secrets.

April says Leo believed in living openly and she should remember that. April says she went boating with a new friend who gave her a new perspective. Dominic says he could use some life coaching. She encourages him to find a guitar and play and someone hands him one. He takes the stage and says a friend convinced him to sing so this song is for his friend. He plays Mess is Mine. He stares at April while he sings. They have a moment across the crowd.

April applauds with the crowd but looks a bit uncomfortable. Sydney is still pimping the raffle and Brenna offers to talk to her but Finn says he really needs the running blade. Brenna chews out Sydney who calls her a psycho. Sydney says this not about her college applications. Sydney says she’s known Finn for years and then says she likes him. Sydney asks if she’s jealous of her then says maybe Brenna is into her too since she’s bi. Brenna slaps her and Sydney calls her a bitch.

Looks like Brenna is jealous – maybe she has feelings for Finn that she hasn’t acknowledged and doesn’t want Sydney to go to the big dance with him. Sara calls Natalie and leaves a message saying they all love her and are concerned. Sara then gets a call. Beth and Josh are making out on her bed when there’s a banging on the door – it’s Jaclyn who shows up ranting about the contract changes. Jaclyn says Millennials are so entitled.

Jaclyn says maybe she can make a couple of concessions. They negotiate on the exclusivity clause and a weekly raise. Jaclyn tells her to bring some melon for her in the morning and Josh gives her a nod and says “do it.” Beth says she can’t work for her because she still sees her as an assistant. She’s mad and tells Beth she can’t use her as a reference. Beth and Josh start making out again. April comes back to the assistant who’s not yet an agent and says she took his notes into account and did a rewrite.

He looks it over and says wow. He says they can get it in front of publishers and asks for two more Chapters by Monday. April talks to an upset Brenna and says she can’t believe she book slapped a girl with Shakespeare and got suspended. April tells Brenna it’s better to talk about it. Sara comes in and says they can talk about dad right now. April says they’re the only ones she can talk to but Brenna says she has nothing to say. April promises they won’t judge and will just listen.

Brenna says they didn’t know him like she did at the end. Sara sits and Brenna says he taught her how to play cribbage and they went for Fro Yo. She says he always put a gummi bear at the bottom of her bowl. She says when April was away at college and he and Sara were fighting, Brenna was there with him and thought they were close. She cries and asks why he didn’t tell her he was dying. Sara says she wishes she knew and April says he wanted the suffering to be his alone.

April says it was misguided but was an act of love. Sara says he was a mess of contradictions and Brenna says everything she loves gets taken from her starting with her dad. She says she wants something in her life she can hold on to. April says they’re there for her and Sara says they’ll tell her the truth always. Dominic tells Danny the kids were amazing at camp and he’s out of his funk. He says he owes April for that. Dominic says April told him to rebuild but Danny says to move on but that’s his philosophy in life.

Dominic says he’s not ready to give up on the house and wants to build a future there. He says the house has been through so much and wonders if it’s a sign to give up or fight for what he wants. Danny says he’s talking about April, not the house and says he knew he was still in love with her. Dominic begs him to keep quiet and Dom bribes him with tickets to keep his mouth shut. Brenna picks up her homework from Finn who says that the drama with Sydney created some buzz.

He says she sold off all the tickets and he’ll have his blade by summer. She apologizes for acting territorial and says she didn’t want to share. She kisses him through his mask then blushes. She says she left some lipstick on it and he says it’s evidence he’s still got game. April comes to see Beth who says Natalie is on the phone. Beth hands her the phone and she says she’s back in Florida where she belongs. April says she’s glad she’s okay and says they were worried.

Natalie says she won’t tell any Carver secrets. April says she knew she wouldn’t and says she’s her sister and she cares about her. Natalie says she needed a break from the Carvers and says if the clinical trial, she’ll be there to be her donor. She says she needs space for now and ends the call abruptly. April tells Beth she’s relieved. Beth says she’s happy that Natalie sent her final rent check and they talk about plans to move in together at long last.

April says she’s going to go check out her new room. Natalie walks with her mom who says the Carvers always treated them like second-class citizens. Looks like she told her mom about the truth. Natalie tells her about the manuscript that George destroyed and her mom says she has a copy of the book at home and says it’s an interesting story.