Chasing Life Recap 9/7/15: Season 2 Episode 10 “Bottle of Secrets”

Chasing Life Recap 9/7/15: Season 2 Episode 10 "Bottle of Secrets"

Chasing Life returns to ABC Family tonight for an all new Monday September 7, season 2 episode 10 called “Bottle of Secrets,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, a winter storm looms and the family gather to play games.

On the last episode, April used her inheritance to fulfill her emptiness, spending money on herself and loved ones, as well as splurging on some potentially dangerous things. Meanwhile, Brenna’s short film had its debut; and Sara tries to assist others. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “a winter storm looms and the family gather to play games, but April wants to play detective in order to uncover a secret George may be keeping. Meanwhile, George and Mae work on repairing their tattered relationship.”

Tonight’s episode of CHASING LIFE is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show!

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#ChasingLife begins with a winter storm threatening. April tells George they need to talk about her dad. She says Natalie told her that Olivia was not pressuring her dad to get with her. She asks if he knows Olivia’s BF Marco. He says he kind of remembers the guy. She asks how sure he is and he says maybe he was just guessing wrong. He says his dad had work pressure too.

Then George says he has to deal with something. Mae comes down and George says the flight is on time so he needs to go pack. He walks off quickly. April looks suspicious. April tells Natalie she thinks George is lying and Brenna videos them. Natalie reminds April denied her existence for years. Brenna says maybe George just got his facts wrong. Natalie says he also acted off about the book.

Natalie says there was also the lie about her mom. Brenna turns off the camera and says maybe April just remembered wrong with so much going on with her. Brenna asks what could be more of a secret than a secret family. April says everyone in the book was based on them except the woman at Langley and she asks who that is. Brenna says that’s their dad’s secret sister.

Brenna says they sound crazy and April says she wants to reread that part of the book. Beth shows up as the snow starts pounding down. She tells Sara that April doesn’t know she was coming and she just showed up like a crazy person. April comes down and asks Beth if she’s okay. Beth says she didn’t reply to her texts but April says it’s okay. Beth says she can go and Sara insists that she stay.

Beth asks if that is all good and April says it is but Beth looks unsure. They all eat dinner and talk about Brenna’s summer shot at Berkley. George says her film with Ford was good. Brenna says her next is the family documentary. Beth says she likes My 600 Lb Life and Brenna says that’s a reality show. Mae says her session was ill-attended and George says no one understands her research.

April asks for the manuscript and George says he’s still reading it and asks if he can mail it. Natalie reminds him that he promised to play a board game before they go. April goes to pull out a game from her stuff from the apartment. She finds that her snow globe broke on her games. She thinks back to her dad giving it to her and telling her she’ll always feel close to home even in New York.

He talks about traveling to Baltimore and says he has things to do but will see her soon for his birthday. She tells him he’s an awesome dad and she’s lucky. He starts crying and says living with so many women made him soft. Sara comes up and asks for Trivial Pursuit. She says she thinks Grandma stole it. April says she was thinking about her dad and says she thinks he knew he was saying goodbye.

Sara says you don’t always remember big moments the way you think. She says he cried and he never cried. She asks about her dad going to Baltimore but Sara doesn’t remember it. Sara says her dad was complicated and she needs to focus more on being present in her life right now. She says she shouldn’t focus so much on the past of someone who’s gone. April agrees and Sara says to bring down Scrabble.

Aril spots a photo of George with Sara and her dad and pulls it out. Natalie says they should just ask George about a third family and says George is hiding the book. April says they need to let it go. Mae says Winter Storm Pam just got their flight canceled. Mae says looks like game night. Natalie says that’s a sign. The gang plays a party game Celebrity and enjoys wine.

Beth and Brenna kill it and George suggests a game grown ups can play. Natalie suggests a bluffing game and April says she thinks George has too much of an advantage at bluffing. Later, Sara, April and Beth make up more celeb names. Sara says she likes that they’re getting along better and April asks when they weren’t. Beth admits she came by yesterday and talked to Sara.

April doesn’t like they were talking about her behind her back. George comes in and says he bought stuff for s’mores. George sees Natalie and April looking at him and asks what is up. April asks if her dad had a third family in Baltimore. He says no. She asks why he was in Baltimore. She asks to see the manuscript. He says it’s buried in his luggage. Natalie says they have time.

April goes to take her meds and George makes s’mores. Brenna follows April in with her camera and films her giving herself a shot. She says they should let Brenna in by filming her dying sister. April says dying seems so real to her that not dying seems like a bonus. Brenna defends George but April says he’s lying and Brenna should prepare herself.

Sara asks to talk to April. She says she’s sorry about what she asked George. Sara says she’s sure it’s not true and says she’s sure. April asks how can she know. Sara tells her that her dad started having a problem when she went away to college. We see a flashback to Thomas coming home drunk. She asks how much he had to drink. He says he’s been overindulging a bit but he’s fine.

Sara tells him he’s not fine and something needs to change. April asks if he was an alcoholic. Sara says he went to rehab in Baltimore but not as long as she wanted, just a week. She says she doesn’t think he ever got well. April asks why she didn’t tell her and Sara says she didn’t want to ruin any good memories she had left of her dad. She says she wanted to protect her from the truth about her dad.

She says then she decided that was a bad idea. Then Sara mentions something about Leo being her first love but April says she’s not sure he was her first. Beth puts on her coat to leave and Brenna says it’s a bad idea to go out in this. Beth says the energy is too weird. They open the door and see the snow is so much worse. Beth has to stay. Brenna says she’s practically part of the family now and is a sister to her.

Beth hugs her and says she’s a good person. April tells Natalie that her mom told her that their dad went to rehab in Baltimore and Natalie says that doesn’t explain George’s lies. She wants to search George’s suitcase for the book. She tells April to be a reporter. The others watch the news about the storm. Mae is busy texting and George says he’s glad he topped off the fridge.

Beth has tequila and says it’s good storm stuff. Mae recognizes it and says it’s high quality stuff and says she last had it with Doctors without Borders. George says none for him. Beth pours for she and Mae. Sara asks George why Mae is being prickly with her. He says doctors are just moody. Natalie intercepts them but George sees that April was in his stuff.

She demands to know where the book is and he acts indignant. Sara says to just give her the book. George says he got rid of the book because there was nothing truthful in it and it wasn’t good for the family. Then a tree comes through the window and Mae is cut with glass. George calls out her name. She’s injured, but it doesn’t look deadly.

George pulls glass out of Mae’s arm and says she needs stitches. They bicker. Brenna says doctors are the worst patients and George says she just doesn’t trust him. She says she’s going to bed. Mae shoots another tequila and walks out. George tells Sara that things with them aren’t working out. Beth says she thought April rifling her uncle’s luggage would be the highlight of the night.

April says she thinks Beth would delete her from her phone. Then she asks about Beth’s life. Beth says things are good and April wants to hear more. She says things are good with Josh but she didn’t want to tell her because of Leo. Natalie tells April to come with her and beth says to go ahead. They go upstairs and Natalie says George got rid of the book because there something in there.

They wonder if they have a secret brother. They wonder what their dad could have done. Brenna lurks listening. Brenna says what if Mom and George wanted to have an affair. She says it’s just a question. Natalie is surprised to hear that Sara and George dated before she was with their dad. Brenna says Sara and George also dated more recently. They wonder if that’s why George and Mae are off.

They wonder if Sara and George may have hooked up while they were still married. April asks what if their dad killed himself because he found out about an affair. They wonder what if George wasn’t driving the car and George lied to the police. The lights go out and Sara goes searching for blankets with a flash light. George helps her. Sara asks George about Mae.

He says they tried to have a last conversation about trying to make it work but he says it’s just not working. He also says Mae has some complicated feelings about Sara. She says they were done before he met Mae but he says they’re not over it. Beth burns a marshmallow and sips tequila while Sara laughs. April sees the tequila bottle is empty and Beth says she’s a fun drunk.

April reminds her she tends to drunk dial her exes and says she’s in pre-love. Beth says she will go to bed before she sabotages her new relationship. Now it’s just the family. April says they need to talk and address the rumors. Natalie says she thinks they know the truth. Sara and George stare. April says he destroyed a book about a man who was planning his own death.

Sara says Thomas wrote fiction. Then April asks if George and Sara dated after her dad died. She asks what they’re hiding from them now. George says he’s trying to protect them and April asks from what. Brenna asks if she was with George when she was married to their dad and says they would understand. April says they think he killed himself because of an affair.

George says his brother’s death was tragic but not a soap opera. He says Thomas wanted to die because he was sick and was dying. Sara is stunned. They all are. We see a flashback to Thomas and George talking and Thomas has hand twitches. Thomas says they’re not a twitch. George gives him some medical advice and Thomas says he can’t hide his symptoms anymore.

He says he has ALS. George is shocked. He says there’s only one outcome and it’s coming and asks George to help him die. George says he can live and have a productive life but Thomas says he doesn’t want a life like that. George tells him to talk to Sara and Thomas says he wants to die with dignity and doesn’t want the girls to talk him out of it.

George tries to reason with him and says he should stay for them. Sara says it’s not possible. George says he wasn’t an alcoholic and went to see a specialist in Baltimore at Johns Hopkins. He says it’s an awful way to die. He says he tried to talk Thomas out of it and thought he had. He says Thomas invited him to Florida for his birthday. He says he pleaded with him to help him die.

He says his life insurance policy was expiring at 55 and he knew he couldn’t get it renewed and wanted George’s help. He tells April that he will tell her all the secrets. He says he didn’t agree with Thomas and they argued but he says her dad was determined. He says Thomas got in his car and sped off and he got in his rental car and followed. He says he was trying to get him to pull over.

He says Thomas looked at him and then gunned the gas and swerved head on into a tree. He says he got out and ran over to him but he was – he gestures and says he was broken and bleeding. He says Thomas was barely alive. April asks what he did and George says he did nothing. He says he just sat and held on to him until he died. He says he moved his body into the passenger seat.

He says he smashed the glass on the passenger side. He says he made it look like he was in the wreck too and reported the accident with himself as the driver. George says he’s been trying to put this behind him. Sara asks why he did this for Thomas. George says he would do anything for his big brother and says it’s not logical but the truth.

Natalie says it was murder. George says it was something he wanted but yes the law says murder. Brenna asks if he could go to prison. Sara says he should have told them. George says the insurance and money for the house would have all been gone. Natalie says they never got any of the money and George says he doesn’t know about this.

He says he’s been carrying the secret a long time and now it’s their secret too. The next day dawns to snow everywhere. George and Mae leave. The others sit stunned. She thinks about her add coming down the stairs and waving to her. Beth goes home but thanks April for letting her crash there last night. Beth says Natalie is gone – her clothes, everything are gone.