Chasing Life Recap 8/31/15: Season 2 Episode 9 “Wild Thing”

Chasing Life Recap 8/31/15: Season 2 Episode 9 "Wild Thing"

Chasing Life returns to ABC Family tonight for an all new Monday August 31, season 2 episode 9 called “Wild Thing,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, April (Italia Ricci) uses her inheritance to fulfill her emptiness, spending money on herself and loved ones, as well as splurging on some potentially dangerous things.

On the last episode, a distraught April tried to disengage from the world in the wake of her loss, but a surprise from Leo got her emerge from her isolation. Elsewhere, Finn offered Brenna some sage advice. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “April uses her inheritance to fulfill her emptiness, spending money on herself and loved ones, as well as splurging on some potentially dangerous things. Meanwhile, Brenna’s short film has its debut; and Sara tries to assist others.”

Tonight’s episode of CHASING LIFE is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show!

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#ChasingLife begins with April staring at Leo’s will. The lawyer dropped it off along with some keys. She asks April if she’s okay and she says she’s overwhelmed. April says she doesn’t want all the money he left her and Sara says she felt strange getting her dad’s life insurance money. She tells April to think of it as a nest egg. Sara says she’s worried since April has been at Beth’s all week. Sara suggests selling Leo’s motorcycle since she can’t ride it.

Beth and April talk about the money. Beth says she could rent her own place or binge on Etsy. April asks about her date with Josh. Beth says she needs a coffee. April stops at a window and stares at some spendy shoes. She says she and Leo used to laugh at the stuff in the windows and April decides to splurge on Louboutins for both of them. Sara tells her the shoes are beautiful and she’s glad she treated herself. Dr Barrett comes in and congratulates her on getting into the clinical trial.

Sara kind of flirts with him and April stares in shock. He wants to get her started today and April is shocked to hear she has to give herself shots. There are two shots and a pill. April says if she has to stick herself with a needle, she’s ready to do it. Sara is smiling foolishly at the doctor and later tells April that he’s McDreamy. April says McDreamy and McSteamy are both dead. Sara asks her about going back to her support group. April says maybe to that.

Brenna goes to Finn’s house with his school work. His mom says Finn came down with something and lets her in. Brenna hears the other kids running amok. Finn is watching Gilmore Girls and she busts him on it. He slams his tablet shut embarrassed. He’s having a donor cell attack on his cells. He says he’s been puking, pooping and has a rash. She says ew. He says nothing the doctors have given him is working but says he’s optimistic. Finn says he can’t see her short film at the showcase.

Brenna says she’s not sure if she wants to subject people to her film then asks who is his favorite Gilmore Girl and he says Lorelei. April goes to group and there’s a new cancer patient there who is way bubbly. April snarks under her breath. They ask if April has anything to say. April gets Carly talking again while she stares at her sexy new high heels. She looks at the key to the motorcycle. She goes and cranks it. She tries to drive it in the heels with some struggle.

April offers to buy Brenna a pair of spendy heels then offers to pay for private school. Brenna turns both down then Sara comes in surprised to see April there. She says support group was a waste of time and Sara says maybe group therapy instead. April turns that down. George comes in while talking to Mae. He asks if it’s okay that she stays with them while she’s in town for her conference. George asks April how she’s doing and she says better.

Brenna asks George if he can look at Finn’s medical records. He says he knows graft vs host and is happy to help. April goes upstairs to take her pills and start her injections. Her hand is shaking. Brenna comes in and says who thought they’d both date cancer guys but Brenna insists they’re not dating. April meets the gang for drinks. Dominic is there, so is Gupta, Beth and Natalie. Gupta asks how much money she got and she says none of his business but she wants to share.

She says she’s going to buy them some upscale booze and orders a bottle of Cristal for the table. Gupta says he wants April to be his sugar mama. April is ready for another bottle but the bartender calls last call at nearly 2 am. April goes to talk to the bartender. He says no and she offers more money but he says no way then says he’s the owner. April argues with him and calls him an ass. She’s out of control and screaming. Beth apologize and they leave.

April wakes hung over on Beth’s couch. Beth says last night was interesting and April agrees then asks if she’s okay and says she’s worried about the spending and drinking. April admits she was acting out and says she hasn’t felt like herself. She says she just didn’t want the night to end. Beth says they can’t go back to The Charles anytime soon. April says she’s sorry and Beth asks to do take out and stay in tonight and watch movies. April agrees.

George goes to see Finn and his mom with Brenna. He has some new medications for him to try and Finn thanks him. Finn’s mom says she has to talk to his dad to see if they can afford this. George says the drugs wil be covered by insurance and no charge for the house call. He says to call if there are any problems. His mom goes to check on the other loud kids and George says to give the meds three days to kick in. He asks Brenna about the film festival again and she says she’ll go alone.

George asks what it is and Finn says her short film is debuting. George says it’s huge but Brenna says it’s no biggie. Sara talks to April about group therapy again and April agrees to try it. Sara asks her to come to the session she’s leading. April goes to check in with the hot clinical trial doctor and she says she’s not feeling great and says she acted out last night. He says the meds can effect your mood and appetite. He tells her to cut back the steroids to see if that’s a factor.

April looks at her engagement ring on her finger and then gives herself a shot. She goes to Beth’s for their night on. Beth is shocked that April rode Leo’s motorcycle over. April tells her she went wild last night because of the steroids and she’s off them. April wants to go out dancing and Beth says it’s not a good idea after last night. Beth says she’s acting crazy and doesn’t even have a motorcycle license. April says she just wants to feel happy.

Beth says she’s out there right now and she can’t live like this forever and needs to get over it. April asks if she means get over her dead husband then asks why the hell she didn’t think of that. She storms out. April is at a shifty looking bar drinking with cancer buddy Vanessa who says she’s sorry about Leo. They talk about living out loud and experimenting with dangerous things. April asks if doing ecstasy is okay with cancer and Vanessa says she’d be dead if it wasn’t.

At the film festival, Brenna’s movie gets a smattering of applause. She then is asked to take some Q&A but no one has any questions. They all just stare. Then George raises his hand and says he loved the movie and says she made interesting choices as a director then asks what inspired her. She talks about her influences. Sara reads when there’s a knock at the door – it’s a worried Beth looking for April. Sara asks if everythig is okay then asks her to come inside.

Beth says she feels like she can’t tell April what’s going on in her life. She says she’s got this great thing at work when April is jobless. She says she’s falling for Josh but can’t tell April since Leo just died. Sara says she can’t feel bad about being excited about her life. Sara says she deserves to be happy. Sara says friendship is about the good, the bad and the in-between. April goes to talk to the guy who’s rolling on X. She asks if he can share and he says he just has two left that he needs.

She offers to buy and he says no then she offers $300. He says okay and runs to get them. Vanessa is stunned. George waits for Brenna after and says Ford is not Meryl Streep but the film was great. She says it was great for him to come. He says she should be proud of her movies and Brenna asks even the ones that suck. He says in San Francisco, artists put their work out with pride no matter what. He asks to take her out for ice cream to celebrate. April is high on X and dancing around with Vanessa.

She rubs Vanessa’s bald head and she tells her that’s enough. Vanessa didn’t take any then tells her cancer is making her super-tired. She’s over this. Vanessa brings April to Dominic’s and tells him that April is high on X. Dominic texts her mom to say she’s staying over. April rubs Vanessa’s head again and Vanessa leaves. April tells Dominic he always takes care of her. She pulls him down to sit beside her and she touches his hand. He says it was crazy her doing X.

She offers him the other pill and says it feels amazing. She tries to talk him into it and he has to fight to turn away from the physical contact she’s offering. He gives her a pillow to squeeze on and gets her a glass of water. April wakes later and calls her mom. April cries and tells her she misses Leo and it hurts so badly. She asks if the pain will ever go away. Sara says it will take time and says bottling it up isn’t healthy and she needs to talk about it.

Sara offers to come get her but April asks her to just stay on the phone with her. In the morning, April gets ready to leave and is embarrassed. She apologizes for the drop by but Dom says it’s okay. She left the other pill on his counter and says she doesn’t want to do it and says the lower was really terrible. He says the last few days have not been her. He says she needs to get her life back and tells her to write her book and be the person he knows she is.

Sara listens to a weather report about a winter storm. Brenna asks her to sign a form for a summer filmmaking program in San Fran. She says Uncle George lives there so she’ll have people. Sara is stunned. April goes to see Beth but she’s at work. She tells Natalie she came to say sorry. April says she’s not been herself and says blowing money and taking drugs. Natalie says that sounds like what their dad was doing before he died.

April mentions that Natalie’s mom wanted to be with their dad and Natalie says that wasn’t true. She says her mom has had a solid BF for years. April says George told her that. April waits on George and confronts him. She says they need to talk.