Chasing Life Recap 9/21/15: Season 2 Episode 12 “Ready or Not”

Chasing Life Recap 9/21/15: Season 2 Episode 12 "Ready or Not"

Chasing Life returns to ABC Family tonight for an all new Monday September 21, season 2 episode 12 called “Ready or Not,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, April’s (Italia Ricci) old college pal visits her, and soon the rivalry that existed between then reignites.

On the last episode, April met an agent who gives her advice about her book, but she was hesitant to accept guidance until a young pal at Camp Hendrie helped her see things in a different light. Meanwhile, Brenna revealed how she really felt about her father. Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC Family synopsis, “April’s old college pal visits her, and soon the rivalry that existed between then reignites. Elsewhere, Beth’s job and relationship are in jeopardy after she receives some disturbing news.”

Tonight’s episode of CHASING LIFE is going to be really exciting and we’ll be recapping it for you right here. In the meantime hit up the comments and tell us your thoughts about the show!

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#ChasingLife begins with April and Beth at a bar and they show Josh a photo and ask if April’s eyebrows are better. It’s a pic of April’s old college buddy Ellie and says she gave her a complex when they were in school and beat her at everything including editor of the paper and valedictorian. They talk about her social media presence and Beth says she’s one of her followers but hates to admit it. April says now she has an agent, she has to work on her social media presence.

A guy comes over to flirt and April flashes her ring. He apologizes and Beth asks if she’s okay. April says it took her off guard. April says she’s not ready to move on and jokes about being a third wheel to Josh and Beth. Sara says she’s happy to see Brenna happy and mentions Finn. Brenna says they’re together and says it feels like they’ve known each other forever. Sara asks about the Junior Ball and Brenna says it sounds like torture. April says cliché milestones can be fun.

Brenna heads out after mocking them. Sara asks if she’s ready to move out again and April says obviously not but says she’s ready to have her own place. She says she had to come home after two months in New York and didn’t live with Leo for long. She tells her mom a guy hit on her last night and says moving on feels wrong like replacing Leo. April says it threw her off and Sara says she’s doing well for all she’s been through and says she’s smart to keep busy and positive.

At The Charles, April meets with Ellie who doesn’t put her phone down. She talks about how she has a meet and greet with her Boston followers and April says she doesn’t get how she can post so often. Ellie says she posts uninteresting stuff. Ellie tells her to get on social media more so she can catch up with her. April says she’s writing a memoir and Ellie says she must have changed since college and says she was always so private and talks about her bailing on streaking.

April says she was more concerned with what people thought back then and says cancer has freed her up in a lot of ways. Ellie calls her the little hall monitor and says she’s so glad to be there with her. She says they need to do a selfie and posts it. Dominic mocks April and says she posted a picture from her gyno the other day. April says they were frenemies back in the day. They talk about Graham’s new job for Yelp and Dom says he’s still thinking of selling the house and moving to another city.

April says he shouldn’t give up on something he still wants and he says it’s good to know when to move on and make a fresh start. Sara says she invited William and April says she invited Beth and Josh. They decide to warn William but Beth, William and Josh are on the porch together. April asks about her mom’s training and William makes a crack about when Sara made him pretend to be her BF. Brenna asks when she can wear one of Sara’s designs. Beth says it’s a bit scary.

April says it’s brave to take a leap but William says she seems like a person to have the next thing lined up before she leaves the last thing. Beth is annoyed at his pointed comments. April goes to see her editor Calvin who says BookSmart, a publisher, loved her and says the problem is they are looking at two similar projects and will only choose one. Calvin says the other girl has a bigger social media following. It looks like Ellie is her rival and he says she has skin cancer.

April tells Beth it’s strange that Ellie didn’t mention the cancer since she’s so open about everything else. April says everything she does, Ellie does and Beth says to give her the benefit of the doubt. April hopes she wins this one. Beth is stressing over her business plan and April looks it over and April goes to work helping her. April reads a post from Ellie who tweeted April’s words about a ticking clock. April says she needs to figure out a way to take this bitch down.

Brenna and Finn are at their lockers when they are quizzed about the Junior Ball. Finn says he’s never been to a school dance in his life and wonders what kind of dance he could even do. She asks if he wants to go and then asks him to go to the dance with her. He says yes. April rants to Calvin about Ellie stealing her words and calls it verbal plagiarism. She says they need to meet the publishers first and says The Post is hosting an event for BookSmart tomorrow and asks if Calvin can get them into the event.

Brenna has Beth helping her with a dance for the ball. She says creating her own line has been challenging and says she’s sweating. She goes to get water. William is there and says it’s a nice dress and Sara says it’s time to go. William starts making cracks about the dress and says it looks so buttoned up. They trade barbs again and she insults his work out gear and Sara drags him out. Beth says she hates the dress now and Brenna says not to listen to him.

April and Calvin wait in line and he says they don’t have invites but he’s going to talk to someone. Dominic is there and he says they are being strict about the guest list. Calvin comes back and says he can’t talk them into the party and offers to buy her dinner instead. Calvin takes off and April is annoyed to see Ellie strut right through. April tries to get through with her old Post pass then she has a seizure and Dominic grabs her and holds her while he calls for a medic.

She tells the medic she has AML and she’s on a new clinical trial. She says she can just tell her doctor about it and then tells Dom she was faking and now they’re inside. He’s very upset and says he was worried. They make it inside thanks to her monkey business. She goes to Ellie and then asks if Dom is her BF then asks Dom if he has a GF. Ellie then starts talking about cancer. Ellie says it’s each person’s secret and April calls her out on stealing her words and now her book deal.

Ellie says she doesn’t have a monopoly on cancer then says it was a skin cancer scare but she had the mole removed. Ellie says she’s going to go find her BookSmart contact. April tells Dom that Ellie wants her and asks him to run interference. He agrees. April goes to talk to Raquel who asks why she’s there with Dom and she says they’re just there as friends. April tells her she’s writing a memoir and says BookSmart showed interest and Raquel asks if she’s met Gwen Johnson and offers and introduction.

Beth works on Brenna’s dress and Josh says it looks done to him. He offers her a drink and she says she will pass out if she drinks that. He kisses her neck and she looks annoyed. Beth says she’s panicking about her job and she’s freaking out and says she doesn’t know why she left Jaclyn. He says she’s ready and says sometimes it’s good to jump in and figure things out later but she says she’s drowning. He’s annoyed that she thinks he has it easy and he takes off.

Raquel talks up April to Gwen about her cancer memoir. She says she sent her proposal to BookSmart and she says it’s called Chasing Life. Gwen says it was an entertaining pitch. She’s mistaken Ellie’s proposal for hers and then asks who her agent is – she’s never heard of Calvin Roth. Raquel says she’ll make sure Gwen gets the proposal. April feels dismissed then stares at Dom flirting with Ellie and seethes that this woman is once again taking everything.

Brenna comes down in her pretty new designer dress and Sara snaps pics. Finn is there and April grabs the camera and says it’s a bad angle. Finn is nervous and babbles and Sara says it’s okay, she’s not that kind of mom. He has a corsage for her and April says cheesy milestones can be fun. They pose for funny pics and it’s too sweet. Danny asks April about the publisher and April says BookSmart will likely go with the flashier book which is Ellie’s.

Danny talks about the Post and says everyone is trying to get out of there. He says his book still didn’t sell and he’s working on a back up plan. He talks about inventing a time machine to take him back to pick another major. He mentions Dom selling the house and she says she’d be bummed if he left. He says if she told Dom that, he’d change his mind. Danny says she has to know that Dom is still in love with her. She’s stunned.

Sara throws shower poufs at April at Beth’s apartment. She has brought all sorts of stuff to her. April says she’s distracted and says Danny told her that Dominic still has feelings for her. Sara says that’s a lot to process and says she doesn’t have to do anything about it right away. She sees a selfie with Dom and Ellie and April says he may have hooked up with her last night. Sara asks what she would tell Dominic and April says it’s complicated and she thought he was the guy but the timing was terrible.

She says it ended suddenly and they still had feelings for each other then she fell for Leo and went completely into that. She says it’s too soon to start something but when she sees that photo she wants to ask him to wait for her but says that’s selfish. Sara says to listen to her heart no matter how selfish it sounds. William drops by to see Sara later to talk about their run map. She’s worried but he says the adrenaline will see her through. She says the pressure of a race is too much.

William says to channel the family drama. Sara says he should lighten up on Beth and he realizes that he’s angry about something else. He says his ex is engaged to that pocket gay and says he’s still in shock and hoped it was just a fling and would have taken Tristan back. He says he broke the contract. Sara says she would have tried to stay with Thomas if he had lived and says it’s better to be single than live a lie. William says she should be angry then says it’s good to get angry sometimes.

He says she can use it for inspiration for the 10K. She gives in and says she’ll run and they keep carbo loading. Brenna and Finn are at the after-party and flirting. April and Beth lie around watching TV when there’s a knock at the door. It’s Calvin and he says she sort of got published. He says a chapter of her book got leaked and April says Raquel was trying to screw her over. Calvin says this is bad since she’s trying to get published as an exclusive. They both freak out.

Finn and Brenna are in a bedroom at the party house. It’s awkward and Brenna says he has to prioritize his health above anything and she knows that. He pulls off his mask and goes to kiss her. She says they can’t do that but she wants to. Finn says he hates he can only kiss her with the mask on. Brenna says maybe they could kiss just once. Finn says he’s willing to risk it. They kiss and she says she doesn’t want to make him sicker. He asks to pretend that he’s not sick and she kisses him again. She pulls off his jacket and they lie back on the bed.

April comes by to see Dominic with coffee and she mentions Ellie. Dom says she’s pretty aggressive and he says she ditched him to chase the A&E guy for the Sentinel. April says with her book chapter leak she can’t get published. Dom says it makes sense to sell his house so he’s looking for a new place. He says there are so many cities he could see himself in and she says to keep her posted. She heads out to see her mom at the finish line.

Dom reads the chapter of her book. William waits with the girls at the finish line as Sara makes it through. She can’t believe she did it. April wrote about her body conspiring against her. She hugs William then April snaps some pics. April goes home and finds Beth in the bathroom panicking. She tells April she’s pregnant. April is stunned. Beth says she missed her period last month. She says it could be Graham or Josh and April says they can figure it out.

The phone rings and April says she won’t get it. She goes to grab it for Beth and it’s Calvin. He says BookSmart picked her over April. He thought the deal would tank over the chapter leak but it turned into a win.