Chicago Fire Recap 11/24/15: Season 4 Episode 7 “Sharp Elbows”

Chicago Fire Recap 11/24/15: Season 4 Episode 7 "Sharp Elbows"

Tonight on NBC Chicago Fire returns with an all new Tuesday, November 24, season 4 episode 7 called, “Sharp Elbows” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Boden (Eamonn Walker) suspects his neighbor is setting him up.

On the last episode, Boden’s new neighbor asked him for a favor that could have serious repercussions; Severide was upset when he was treated like a candidate by Patterson; and Cruz was visited by a gangbanger who knew his brother. In other events, the team responded to a call that involved an 18-wheeler; and was thanked with tickets to see Rush. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the NBC synopsis, “Boden suspects his neighbor is setting him up; Severide, who’s still on probation, receives a surprise visit from his father and also learns something about Patterson that could be a game changer; and romance blossoms at a fire department gala.”

Tonight’s season 4 episode 7 looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s Chicago Fire. In the meantime, enjoy a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below.

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Tonight’s episode of Chicago Fire kicks off with Boden being questioned by the police – his neighbor Serena Holmes is claiming that Boden kicked in her front door and attacked her, and she has the black eye to prove it. Boden insists that he doesn’t have a relationship with Serena, she just asked him for help because she locked herself out of her apartment. At her request, he kicked Serena’s door down – and then he left. Boden says he is not answering any more questions, they warn him that the DA will be pressing charges against him.

Kelly is currently suspended – Benny stops by his apartment and demand to know what is going on. He thinks that Kelly needs to call the union, the chief had no right suspending Kelly while they were off-duty in a bar. Kelly asks Benny not to get involved with Patterson.

Casey arrives at the fire hall, while he is in the break room with Capp, Cruise, and the other men – Patterson storms in and makes an announcement. He says he doesn’t care if none of them like him – but they will respect his rank and authority. The alarm goes off and a call comes in for a fire a motorcycle accident – the driver crashed in to a café. They arrive and find the driver of the motorcycle completely impaled on the glass window – Casey thinks that he is dead, but then he leans forward and the drive mumbles “help me,” as blood squirts out of his mouth.

Sylvie and Chili rush to help Casey with the man impaled on the glass. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew tries to get rid of the rubberneckers and pedestrians trying to record the whole thing on their call phones. While Casey is trying to make the cars keep moving, one woman actually hits him with her car. He gets up and dusts himself off and rushes back to the café to help the EMT’s. Otis cuts the glass that is cut in to the man’s stomach and they load him on to a stretcher with the piece of the window still sticking out of him.

Dawson is back to work – the Captain stops her in the hallway and asks her how she is doing after her “trauma.” Dawson snaps that she is respectfully declining to answer his questions. The Captain asks her what he did to upset her, Dawson says that the “trust factor is low these days.”

Boden arrives at the station – he calls Mouch, Casey, and Sherman in to his office and fills them in on the Serena drama, he swears on his son that he is innocent. Sherman says that he needs to contact the union and get a lawyer – he gives him the number to Ashley Daniels, a lawyer that he knows. Boden and his wife Donna meet with Daniels, she warns Boden that the DA wants to press charges against him for home invasion, he is looking at 30 years in prison. Boden and Donna insist that Serena is crazy, and he is innocent, and he had no relationship with her.

Casey visits Patterson in his office – he warns him that he can’t write Kelly up because their incident occurred in a bar and not while they were on duty. Patterson doesn’t want to hear it, he says that Kelly should use his time off to get his head straight. Meanwhile, Kelly is getting another visit from Benny – who is determined to make sure that Kelly gets even. He brought a file and says that he “got some dirt” on Patterson.

Otis corners Cruz in the breakroom – he asks him if he still has feelings for Sylvie, apparently Otis likes her and wants to ask her to go to the gala as his date. Cruz is furious and storms out – it looks like he definitely does still have feelings for Sylvie.

Kelly heads to Patterson’s office – Patterson tells him that he is still suspended and to come back next shift. Kelly has brought along the file from Benny.

Meanwhile, Cruz is trying to help Freddie – his friend Leon’s son. He let Freddie come to the fire station to tag along, he is trying to help him get on the straight and narrow. Freddie wound up blowing it, and he and Cruz got in a huge fight. Later that night, Cruz heads to Freddie’s house to try and talk to him about what happened. Freddie slams the door in Cruz’s face and says that he wouldn’t understand.

The next morning Boden is on his way to work when the police pick him up for “impeding an investigation” – apparently he has been trying to track down Serena Holmes so that he can find out why she is lying. Kelly, Dawson, and Casey watch in shock as Boden is taken away by the detective. At the police station, Boden learns that they found his fingerprints on a wine bottle at Serena’s house. Boden insists that Serena handed the wine bottle to him, he declined, and handed it back – that was it. Hank barges in to the interrogation room and says that he has just come to keep an eye on Boden.

Afterwards, Hank and Boden have a chat – Boden is confused, he doesn’t understand why Serena is setting him up. It’s obvious she knew what she was doing and that is why she put the wine bottle in his hand. Hank thinks that someone is paying Serena to set him up. Boden says that he doesn’t need Hank to get involved, he is confident that the truth will come out that he is innocent.

Chief Riddle told Boden not to come to the Gala because he doesn’t want there to be any drama. Casey calls a meeting to let everyone know, he thinks that all of 51 should boycott the Gala. While they are discussing it, Patterson arrives – Dawson accuses him of working with Riddle to get rid of Boden. Things get heated, Casey announces that the meeting is over.

Kelly takes Casey and Dawson aside, he tells them that he has a “silver bullet” on Patterson – some arrest records from when he was 17, he boosted cars and some other crimes. Kelly says they would definitely look bad, if they got out. Casey says he will support Kelly no matter what he does, but warns him that he shouldn’t sink to that level.

Otis and Cruz chat, Cruz apologizes for the other day and says that if Otis wants to take Sylvie to the Gala then he is more than welcome to. Otis tracks down Sylvie, he asks her out to the Gala. Sylvie politely turns him down and says that after things went sour with Cruz she doesn’t think that it would be a good idea to date in house anymore.

A call comes in for a “man in distress” – 51 and the ambulance head out to the call. They find a man inconcious and trapped on a roof. Kelly and his team rush up to the roof, they find a man up there with a cable tied around his chest, and a second victim is hanging over the ledge of the building, and holding on to the cable. Kelly propels down the side of the building with a rope that is tied to Cruz, he warns him not to let go. Kelly manages to get to the victim, but Cruz can barely hold the rope with the weight of two men on it. Sherm arrives with the truck and ladder just in time to rescue Kelly and the man dangling from the roof. They load the other victim inside of the ambulance.

Later that day at the station, Sylvie informs Otis that she changed her mind and will go to the gala with him. Freddie shows up at the station to talk to Cruz – he apologizes to Cruz for the way he acted. Freddie is acting jumpy, he explains that someone from his crew say him at the fire house. Cruz tells him he needs to leave the crew for good, and if he doesn’t he can’t come back to the fire house. Freddie begs Cruz to help get him out for good this time.

In the locker room, Kelly corners Patterson and gives him the envelope with his files. He tells Patterson that “it doesn matter how he got it, but he should know that it is out there so that he can get a head of it.”

Boden heads home to Donna, he reveals that he thinks that Chief Riddle is framing him to get him out of 51. Donna thinks that he is being a bit irrational – Boden grabs his car keys and storms out. Boden heads to the Gala and grabs Riddles and accuses him of setting him up. Casey intervenes and takes Boden aside – 51 sits down with Boden at a table in the back. Boden thanks them for everything that they are trying to do – but he doesn’t want them getting involved and ruining their careers. Casey reassures him that they aren’t leaving, and they are just having a drink with their chief. They all cheers while Riddles watches angrily from across the floor.