Complications Recap 6/18/15: Season 1 Premiere Episode 1 & 2 “Pilot; Infection”

Complications Recap 6/18/15: Season 1 Premiere Episode 1 & 2 "Pilot; Infection"

Complications premieres on the USA network tonight with an all new Thursday June 18, season 1 premiere double episode called, “Pilot; Infection.” On this evening’s episode, the drama about a disillusioned ER doctor opens with Ellison (Jason O’Mara) saving the life of a young boy when he intervenes in a drive-by shooting. Later, he scrambles to locate the child when the boy disappears from his bed at the surgical center; and Polk tries to convince a patient to lie about her medical condition in order to keep John out of their supervisors’ crosshairs.

For those of you who don’t know, Complications is about a cynical ER doctor changes his perspective on life after rescuing a boy from a drive-by shooting; however, his new outlook is put to the test when it is revealed that the boy is still marked for death.

On tonight’s episode per say the USA synopsis “pilot episode Disillusioned ER doctor John Ellison (Jason O’Mara) finds his existence transformed when he intervenes in a drive-by shooting, saving a young boy’s (Jaiden Byrd) life. When he learns the boy is still marked for death, John is compelled to keep him alive. In part 2, when Antoine disappears from his hospital bed, John must find him quickly or face the consequences of losing a gang leader’s son. ER nurse Gretchen Polk (Jessica Szohr) tries to convince a combative patient to lie about her medical condition in order to keep John clear of their supervisor’s suspicions.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Complications” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this new show.



#Complications begins on a rainy night. John Ellison wakes at the barking of his dog and slips out of bed with his wife. The dog keeps barking. The guy hears noise downstairs and goes back to his room and wakes his wife Sam up. He tells her to go to Oliver’s room and lock the door and don’t come out. He says someone is in the house. She goes. John goes downstairs with his gun out.

10 hours earlier, John tells the therapist that he doesn’t like violence. He says most people don’t die at the hospital and says there was a moment where they could have been saved and it’s long gone by the time they get to the ER. She asks why he thinks he’s there and he says he had an inappropriate response indicating an affective disorder. She says she’s on his side and knows he’s been through a lot.

John tells Dr Laster that she decides whether his career is over and says he can tell her what happened but not the why. We see him taking apart an IV stand and bashing it into a window. He says you could say he cracked under pressure or he’s crazy. We see him coming at people with the metal object. He tells Laster she just has to take her pick. She asks to start with some background.

He says he’s married with a 10 year old son. He says they had a daughter but lost her last year. Laster says she’s sorry then asks how long he’s been in the ER. He says it’s 10 years then asks to skip this. He says he knows his behavior was unacceptable but says he has patients who need him. Laster says he’s there as a patient not a colleague then asks him to tell her what happened on Sunday.

We see him talking to a nurse and giving patient directions. He’s asked to help find a bed since there’s a patient with chest pains who needs a bed. Dr Harper high fives him and calls him the bed Tetris champion. Ellison sees Gretchen smoking near a window and tells her finish up and do bed eight. He reminds her she shouldn’t be smoking and she says Henry is in that bed.

They go check Henry and he says he’s not having foot pain. John says his nerves are damaged then asks if he’s taking his insulin. He says he ran out from what the last doctor gave him. John tells Henry they need to talk to a surgeon. He says the pain medicine doesn’t make it better. He says he’ll do the diet and exercise and will take his insulin. He begs him not to take his foot. John says they can try antibiotics.

Henry thanks him repeatedly then John steps out with Gretchen. He gives her the orders for Henry then tells Dr O’Neill they’re trying to save his foot. She says the foot is toast and they need to write it off. She promises to keep an eye on Henry and tells him to go on home. He drives home after his late shift. He tickles his son and Sam tells him not to rile up the dog and the kid.

She asks if he’s okay but he says it was just a long night and he needs food and sleep. She asks if he can get off nights but he says not soon with all the time he had to take off last year. She rubs his shoulders which are knotted tight. She asks if he wants her to relax him then the dog starts barking. He asks if it’s Zeke and she says to let him bark. John is distracted.

He sees the dog barking at the hedges and goes outside. He runs over to the dog who is still barking. He pulls the dog out of the bushes and sees a squirrel laying there. Sam starts crying over the squirrel and says it reminds her of Becky chasing the squirrels. He says the squirrel isn’t dying and he’ll take it to the animal hospital. He calls for a vet and says his dog got to a squirrel.

The vet assistant asks about its breathing but he says he says he won’t be coming in when he checks it and sees it’s dead. John is stopped near a playground. He screams in frustration while sitting in his car. He hears gunshots and people scream. A car speeds by. He gets out of his car and he hears someone scream for help. He runs over to see who needs help. There’s a young boy in the street.

He runs over and tells the man to call 911 for an ambulance and not to pump on his chest because he’s making the blood worse. The man says they’re coming back and he sees the car that shot the kid. The gun is lying in the street. John grabs the gun and fires at the car. It runs into a hydrant then stops. The ambulance sirens are close. The cops are on scene and the ambulance too.

The cops tell him that the driver is dead and the shooter ran off. He says the driver had multiple gun shot wounds. The kid is on the way to the hospital and he asks which one. He says the patrol officers found a small animal corpse. He says his dog got to it and he was taking it to the vet on Edgewood but it didn’t make it. The cop says he’s sorry and says they’re going to take him in and write up a report.

John asks if he’s being arrested. The cop says no then asks about the three rounds he fired. He asks how he hit the driver so accurately. He says he just pulled the trigger. The cop laughs and says he’s a lucky man and should buy a lottery ticket. He sees them zipping the driver into a body bag. Later, John thinks back to the events. Dr Laster says he read the police report and he was very brave.

She says it was also probably traumatic. She asks about his feelings at the time. He says he wasn’t thinking about his feelings. She says the squirrel, his daughter and wife were a lot. He says he was focused on the boy on the ground and he was thinking how to save him. She asks about the feelings at the guy he shot and he says angry to be put into that position then asks how he should feel.

Laster says it’s not a test but he says it is since she’s evaluating him. He says feeling nothing is bad and feeling overwhelmed is also not healthy. He says in between is perfect then asks where it’s at. Laster says she can’t answer that. She says she needs to know how he processed the trauma. He says he spent six hours at the police station and that’s not a therapeutic environment to process trauma.

At the station, the cop asks if he’s okay and he says he just worked late. He has John looking at gang photos that frequent the area where the shooting happened. He asks if he recognizes any of them. John looks and says no. He says there was a glare on the windshield and the others were all running away. He tells John that it hasn’t been in the press yet and asks if he plans to talk to reporters.

John says no and the cop warns him that the press will get crazy and report that there’s a hero. He asks John if he wants to be that hero and he tells the cop that’s not him at all. The cop says that’s good and tells him Sam is waiting for him. She hugs John and holds him tight. John tells her he’s okay and she hugs him tight. Sam makes a call later and John asks who it was. She says it’s a friend from the DA’s office.

She says the boy he saved is named Antoine Tyler and his dad is in prison. She says Raul Mendoza is the guy he shot who’s a known gang member. John says he’s okay and she says he doesn’t have to be. He says it was awful but he feels different like he can breathe. He says he wants to go to work for the first time in a long time. John gets ready for work and then calls Harper who asks how he’s doing.

He asks Harper about Antoine and he says the kid is good and is stable. John drives his son to school and he asks why his mom isn’t driving him. He asks if it’s because of the thing that happened and John asks what he knows about it and if he has any questions. Oliver says when you’re a doctor to help people, sometimes you have to do things that hurt.

He drops Oliver off then heads to the gun range. He chooses a gun that looks like the one he shot at the drive by scene. He fires the gun then checks his target – his aim was nowhere near as precise as when he shot the driver. He gets a call from Sam and tells her he’s running errands. She tells him his father is coming over. He says he’ll be home in a few but he looks stressed. He finds his dad Gary sitting out back smoking. He asks how he’s holding up and he says he’s fine then asks if he talked to a lawyer.

Gary says he should because things can change. John sits and says he has a question for him about the war. He asks his dad if he was good at war. His dad says he did what he had to do so he guess that makes you good. He asks if it bothered him afterward. Gary says in his first fire fight, he got stuck behind a dead tree and he was just trying not to crap his pants. He says two NVA came out of the jungle and he shot them both before he could even think about it.

Gary says he stopped thinking about it at the next fire fight. He tells him to give it time then gives John a gun and says he needs to protect his family. He says to put it someplace safe where he can get to it if he needs it. John relents and accepts the snub nose revolver from his father.

John thinks about the boy and then his daughter and the guy screaming that they’re coming back. He sees the car again and then sees himself in the passenger seat and the driver all bloody and then blood on his own hands. He tells the driver to stop. He wakes in a cold sweat from the nightmare and Sam says he was thrashing. He says he had a dream and she asks what it was. He says he doesn’t remember and tells her to just go back to sleep and says he’s fine.

He heads to work and sees some rough looking types outside the hospital. He says he has to go. He heads inside and the ER staff applauds him and calls him Dirty Harry MD. Sherry shows him the cake they made him that makes him look like a super hero. He says the cake is amazing then Sherry says to get back to work and don’t take cake into treatment areas unless they want drug resistant staph in their frosting. John asks the surgeon about the boy Antoine and gets an update.

He says John saved the kid’s life. John goes into the room to look more closely at the boy who us asleep. He looks at his IV drip and then Gretchen comes in and says he’s been asked for downstairs. He says he’s coming and follows her out. He asks what’s in bed nine and she says a broken collar bone. The woman says she fell off the porch and then he asks about the bruises. The woman is obviously abused and the guy gets short with John. He says they need a pelvic exam too.

He says some time falls can cause reproductive harm. They send the guy out then John tells the woman Hillary they just needed a moment alone to ask her if someone is hurting her. She says she fell off the porch and Gretchen scoffs and Hillary asks what she has to say. Gretchen says he’ll kill her eventually and Hillary calls her a bitch. Gretchen gets upset and John takes her out of the room and asks what that was. Gretchen says she’s been in six times in the last year for an array of injuries.

She tells him he should just shoot the guy. He tells Gretchen to take the woman to CT. Dan asks if it’s another Gretchen incident and then he shows him a scan from a kid who was in a fight and says he can’t get him to let him examine him and says he won’t even take off his clothes. He says it looks like the break was a day or two old. John asks where he is then he looks over and sees the guy in the waiting area. John walks over to him and away from Dan.

He asks why he won’t take off his clothes for an examination. He says he’s in bad shape but the guy says he got hurt on his face. John says he can tell him how he got hurt then they’ll see about it. John says he can compel treatment then the guy gets rough with them, pulls a knife and stabs John then they sedate him. John finds a gun in the guy’s pants and asks Dan why no one searched him. He asks if the guy came in to kill Antoine Tyler. The guy spits into his face then passes out.

Laster asks Ellison if it’s fair to say this his medical judgment was clouded. He says no. She says he had a confrontation with someone else’s patient. He asks her if it was a medical decision when he shot Raul Mendoza. She says no. He asks what if he ran off and left Antoine to die. She says that’s a medical decision. He says if he had stayed with Antoine in the street instead of firing, they would both be dead. Laster asks about Antoine and John says to leave him out of it but she says no.

He says there are patient confidentiality issues but she says every evaluation brings those up. She asks him to sit and continue and he does. Two days after the shooting, John calls the cop Dacy and tells him he thinks the guy came in with injuries indicating he was hit by a car dashboard and thinks it was the passenger. He says the guy knew him and was armed and seemed intent on staying that way. Dacy says they can’t send anyone until the morning.

Dan stitches up John’s arm then asks what the hell that was. He says it was his patient and says he had no right to compel treatment. Dan says he should go home but John says he can’t and Dan says you go home when you get stabbed. John refuses and they argue. Dan says he’s taking this all personally. Shelly tells John they have a situation in the waiting room. He comes out and asks what’s going on. She says the guys there came in with the patient that stabbed him.

She says there are several all over the hospital. He asks if she called police but there’s a big thing going across town with a shooting. He says for her to shut the hospital down and tighten security. O’Neill asks how he is and says she wants to ask about Henry with the bad foot. She says he came in and is in bad shape – he tore open the foot at a work accident. She says it’s septic and it has to come off. She says he needs to talk to Henry. She says he didn’t take the news well.

She says she set up a transfer and he’s refusing to go have the procedure done. John goes to talk to him. He goes in and finds Henry is in code blue. He calls for a nurse. They call for O’Neill and they tell him it’s been 20 minutes since they were in there. John spots a bag of pill bottles and tells O’Neill she shouldn’t have left him alone and says he tried to OD. They try to revive him but it’s too late – he’s gone. O’Neill says she knew he was upset and he tells her it’s not her fault, Henry did what he did.

She asks if he had family and John says no. She asks if he wants her to do the paperwork but he says he called the code so he’ll do it. She leaves upset. John makes notes on his digital recorder for them to transcribe later. He describes what happened to Henry and what they did to try and revive him. The nurse comes and says there’s a phone call for him.

He asks who it is and she says they won’t say but it sounds important. John picks up the phone and a man asks if he’s Dr Ellison then says he’s Antoine’s daddy John. He says he knows a Mexican dude cut him and he says he thinks he was there to kill his son. John says the men outside are going to come in and tells John that security won’t stop them. He says they will be up in the hospital tonight. He tells him to save his son. He says if Antoine dies tonight, they’re going to have a problem. He ends the call.

John is stressing out. Gretchen walks by and John goes after her. He asks about the clavicle patient and asks what if they can help her. He says if her bloodwork showed meningitis, they could put her in isolation away from the boyfriend and give them some time. He tells her he needs to get Antoine out of the hospital. He says Henry is due to be transferred and the can swap Antoine for Henry and the hospital will just show him as a John Doe.

He says the boy will die tonight if they don’t get him out. He says there has to be a way. Gretchen thinks then says his way won’t work but she has an idea. He grabs the IV pole and bashes the window then tells the gang members he knows why they’re there and says to get out. One shoves him and he comes at them with the IV pole. The security guard calls for all units and the guard outside Antoine’s room goes running. Gretchen makes her move. The nurse calls the cops for help.

Gretchen wheels Antoine out of his room. The security guys are grappling with John while she puts the boy into the ambulance and tells them he’s Henry and where to take him. The gang members and John are separated. Gretchen gives him a nod and John immediately stops his hostile act then tells Lewis he’s done and they’re cool. He explains all this to Laster. He says that his breakdown was a stunt to get the kid out. She says she has to report it and John asks if she knows what that will mean.

She says his mental state is… he interrupts and says Antoine is recovering at the surgical center and she says it’s criminal behavior and she can’t let him return to work. John says to let him finish then tells Laster she took an oath to do no harm. He says he will lose his job, won’t be able to protect Antoine and the men looking for him will find and kill him. He asks if that’s an acceptable outcome. She says no. John says that’s all they have to talk about and he goes to get his jacket.

Laster says she has one thing to say before he goes – she says she counsels doctors on the risks they take to help people. She says playing God is necessary to do the job but they confine it to medicine because it protects them and others. She says he can’t take that outside the hospital or there will be complications. He nods and leaves her office. She wishes him good luck as he leaves. John walks out of the hospital.

John reads the report Laster issued. Sam asks what it says and he says he gets to keep his job. She asks what else it says and if it said anything about why it happened. He says it’s all settled and she doesn’t need to worry. She says he attacked a room full of people and he says it’s over but she says she wants the truth and says something happened in the street that changed him and she needs to know what it was. He says she can read the psych report and it said he went through something but is okay now.

She asks him to promise and he does. She kisses him and they go to bed and make love. He holds her later as she sleeps then hears Zeke barking. We’re back at the beginning of the show when he woke her and told her to go to Oliver’s room and lock the door. He gets out the gun his dad gave him out of his medical bag and heads downstairs. It’s the guy from the park and he says they need to know how Antoine is doing. He says he’s fine and the guy asks what that means.

He says he’s in a surgical facility and the man tells him to make sure he stays that way. The guy tells John he doesn’t have to worry about the Hispanic gang members that messed with him and shows him a photo on his phone. He hands him a phone and says to call the number on the phone if he needs anything. John say she doesn’t need anything from him. The guy says – then don’t call – and tells him goodnight and they leave the house.

John stands with his medical bag in one hand and his gun in the other – is it foreshadowing? We see john driving their daughter to the hospital with her bald head wrapped in a scarf. Sam and Oliver are with them. They get out at the hospital and their daughter Becky says she just wants to go home. She says she can’t do it anymore. Sam walks away and John talks to her. He says they talked about how the medicine works and it makes you sick so it can make you better.

She says it hurts so much and John says he knows but he’ll be right there with her. He boops her nose and then unbuckles her and carries her and calls her his brave girl. They head inside and she hangs onto him tight. Now, police cars are outside John’s house and he’s telling Ollie there’s nothing to worry about. He says the police are there and they’re all safe. He tells him to go tell his mom he’ll be right down. John calls Gretchen waking her. She asks what he wants and he asks about Antoine.

She says he’s fine and then Sam calls out that the police need to talk to him. Gretchen asks what the hell is going on. He says Antoine’s dad sent some men to talk to him. He says the killed the other gang members and showed him photos. Gretchen says he needs to keep his mouth shut and can’t tell the cops anything. John spots the cell phone they left. The cops ask what he said to the men. John regains his composure and tells them some lies. They ask height and race and he says he couldn’t see.

John says it all happened so fast that he didn’t see anything. Gretchen pulls up to work with rock music blaring and smoking. She goes inside and Dr Harper is dealing with the abusive boyfriend. He says she’s in isolation. The guy wants to talk to Gretchen when he sees her and Harper calls security on him and says he needs to leave. Gretchen flips the guy off and he rants. O’Neill corners Gretchen and says she got the cases from the night of John’s incident.

We see that Gretchen has a large tattoo of the medical symbol with the snake on the back. O’Neill is uncomfortable with her being shirtless. She asks her if he made any poor decisions but Gretchen says no. Sam is panicking about the break in and John says he’ll get an alarm installed in the house today then says it will be all right. Sam asks if he really didn’t see something and asks how it’s possible then says to forget it and walks away. He tells her not to worry and says he’ll keep them safe.

Oliver asks what’s wrong and she says nothing then says she’ll take him to school now. They leave and John goes and digs out the phone the gang dudes left. Gretchen goes to sneak a smoke at a loading dock and John meets her there. She says it’s the last smoking area the hospital has. She hands him fake records for the surgical center and wrote it up as thoracic trauma of unknown origin then says O’Neill is asking about the patients and she’s worried about Hillary.

She tells him she’ll talk to her and tells him to get over to check on Antoine. Hillary is watching a cooking show when Gretchen comes in and asks if she knows why she’s in isolation. She says meningitis and Gretchen says she doesn’t and it was just to protect her. She tells her what symptoms to tell the doctor and Hillary asks if she wants her to lie. Gretchen says she’s been lying about her injuries for two years. Gretchen says if she wants to stay she has to do this.

Gretchen says she knows what she’s going through and Hillary screams at her to get out. The nurse comes in and asks if things are okay and Hillary says she was just leaving. Gretchen leaves her. John heads to the surgical center and puts on his doctor’s coat then grabs the fake records. He heads inside. They tell him to sign in and where the charts are. He scribbles an illegible name and goes looking for the records. He slides the fake chart into the John Doe slot then goes to check on Antoine.

The boy is not in his bed or bathroom. He flips through the chart and then goes back out to talk to the nurse. He asks where the young man is and John says he’s pretty sedated but he can meet him there in half an hour. John is now very worried. The kid is not where he should be. He starts to have a dizzy spell as he thinks about Becky begging to go home. Then he has a flashback to Becky’s oncologist giving them bad news about the cancer. She says it works in 85% of cases and the plan failed. He’s about to have a panic attack and tries to calm himself down.

Sam leaves court talking to a colleague and is distracted looking at cops nearby. She makes excuses to meet her later then calls Kyle Hawkins. She asks him to meet her for coffee near City Hall. Gretchen chats up her buddy in the file room – she bribes him with pills but he says O’Neill took the file. She goes outside to smoke and Hillary’s BF is there and confronts her. She rants at him and he says she better take him to her right now. She sees another nurse and calls out to him then runs off.

John calls Gretchen and says Antoine is not there. He says he’s supposed to be in bed sedated but he’s not there. He says he checked all over and something is wrong. She asks him to call the gang. She says if they came and took him, he needs to know. She says she gets it but says if he doesn’t tell them, it will be worse. Gretchen is called for help and she tells John to make a decision. He goes to his car and gets the gang phone. Darius asks what he needs and he asks if they can reach Antoine’s family.

He tells John he has no family except his dad in prison. John says he can call him back when Darius asks why he’s asking. He says he’s at the surgical center and can’t find him. He asks if he lost him and John asks if someone picked him up who was looking after him. Darius tells him to stay put. John goes back in and speaks to Ramon, the nurse. He tells him the kid is not there. Ramon says it doesn’t make sense and says he was sedated.

John says he thinks he may have been taken by people who mean him harm. Ramon asks if he’s serious and asks if there’s security they can talk to. He tells Ramon to come with him. Sam talks to Kyle about the home intruders and says he thinks it has something to do with John. She says John killed a gang member then attacked some more and worries it’s all connected. She asks about witness protection and he says it’s set up for informants. Kyle says he’ll do what he can and she thanks him.

Kyle says it’s good to see her and that he’s missed her. He touches her arm and she says she can’t. She says it’s unfair for her to come to him and says she should go. Gretchen and Dr Harper are working on a junkie they found outside of Georgia Tech. She’s totally wasted. Gretchen draws her blood and says they could smoke it and be high for hours. Gretchen is told that Hillary is asking for her and Harper asks isn’t that the one with the violent BF.

She goes up to see Hillary who says 10 grand. She says that’s what it will cost for her to play along with the lie. She says they’ll lose their jobs if she tells the truth. Hillary says she needs the money. Gretchen says if she wants to screw over the only people that give a shit about her, go ahead. John wants to see security feeds and the guy says they need to fill out a form but Ramon says to just show them. Ramon and John go upstairs and John sees a guy waiting. He says he has to make a call first.

He goes to talk to the gang member and he tells John they need to take a walk. He says he’s handling it but the guy says that’s not how he walks. Gretchen texts that he needs to call about the meningitis patient now. The guy takes him to an SUV and opens the door. He says he has some advice for him and says to tell the man the truth. John gets into the car. Darius says he works for Easy. He says he killed a man to protect Antoine and risked his life to keep him safe and says to get off him.

Darius tells CJ that John is spicy. He says they’re looking at security footage and will call the cops. Darius says if he’s gone, he’s gone and all is left is to find out who has him. They ask about the Mexican guy and says he can be a Loco member. He says he was helping him look for Antoine. Darius says to bring Ramon out to them for a conversation if he doesn’t want them to go inside. Darius pulls out a gun and rests it on his lap.

John goes back inside to talk to Ramon who says Antoine was in his bed and sedated. He says he should have been watching him. John says there are some men outside who want to know what happened. He asks if anyone took a special interest in him. He says the kid had no visitors but whatever happened must have been bad and says the kid tried to fight everyone off. He says that’s why he was sedated. John looks at the IV and says the kid might have woken up then shows the IV line was broken.

He says the kid would have woken up scared and tried to hide. He says he might still be here. Gretchen calls John and gets voice mail. O’Neill asks about Hillary and says they reran the tests and there’s no sign of infection. She says she thinks John screwed up. O’Neill insists that Gretchen go up with her. She asks Hillary if she told the doctor about any symptoms of infection. She looks at Gretchen then says she had a sore neck, fever and headache.

She asks why she didn’t tell the nurse at the front desk and Hillary says she doesn’t like nurses much. O’Neill leaves and Gretchen stayed behind. Hillary says she really could have used the 10 grand and says she doesn’t know what to do. She starts crying and says he’s been her whole life for five years. She says he has her car and stuff and she has no money and no place to go. Gretchen says she’ll get her stuff and asks where she lives.

Ramon and John go room to room searching for Antoine. They look under beds, in bathrooms and John sees a door to the loading dock. Ramon says it’s locked but he tries it and sees it’s unlocked. They head down the stairs and John calls out for Antoine. He sees blood on the floor and they find the kid lying on the floor. They roll him over and find he’s breathing and has a pulse even though he ripped open his wound. They get him back into bed and Darius is there.

Darius tells Antoine he’s there to look out for him. He tells him to rest up and stay there and tells him that John is his doctor and will keep him safe. He tells him no more running off and Antoine agrees. He tells Antoine to say his name is Malcolm and he’s from Kirkwood. Darius tells Ramon to make sure he’s got what he needs and Ramon says – of course. John looks tense throughout the exchange then asks to talk to Darius in private.

They step out of the room and John says he’s done and can’t be involved any more. He says Antoine is stable now. Darius says when word of this hit the streets, some of Easy’s guys capped a Loco. He laughs at John and says they all want out. He tells him to meet him at Sunny’s Diner tomorrow at 8 and they can talk. John says he can’t and Darius says he wasn’t asking and tells him he’ll see him tomorrow. They drive away.

John finds Gretchen smoking in the parking deck and she says it’s handled. She says she won’t be a problem but she has to help the girl get her stuff. John says there was another gang shooting because he couldn’t find Antoine. Gretchen says it’s not his fault and says it was going to happen anyway. He asks what she thinks his job is and he says his job is stop things that were going to happen. He says if it’s not his job, whose is it.

Back at their house, a cop car is parked outside and Oliver asks if the cop would shoot someone who came into their house. John says with the car there, no one will come into their house. Sam says her friend in the DA’s office pulled some strings. She says she knows him from the counseling group. He says they should give the guy a bottle of wine and she says she’ll pick something up. Sam says she wants to say a little prayer and asks God to bless their family.

She says they’re only given the challenges they can handle and it makes them stronger. They all say amen and then John’s phone vibrates. She asks if it’s work and he says it is then says he’ll be back. He takes the call from Gretchen who says she went to Hillary’s to get her things and says something happened. Her hand is bloody and she says he won’t like it. We see she has the guy from records with her and his shirt is bloody too. She asks how soon he can get there.