Complications Recap and Spoilers 7/2/15: Season 1 Episode 4 “Immune Response”

Complications Recap 7/2/15: Season 1 Episode 4 "Immune Response"

Complications airs on the USA network tonight with an all new Thursday July 2, season 1 episode 4 called, “Immune Response.” We’ve got your recap and spoilers down below. On this evening’s episode, Ellison scrambles to locate Antoine when the boy disappears from his bed at the surgical center; and Polk tries to convince a patient to lie about her medical condition in order to keep John out of their supervisors’ crosshairs.

On the last episode, John (Jason O’Mara) visited Antoine’s father, the leader of the VCC gang, in prison, and tried to disentangle himself from his responsibilities with Antoine (Jaiden Byrd). Meanwhile, things got out of control when Gretchen (Jessica Szohr) confronted Hillary’s abusive boyfriend at his home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per the USA synopsis “Gretchen makes expensive arrangements to hide Antoine in order to prevent Bridget from learning that John illegally transferred him to the surgical center. That means John needs to ask the gang for money, however. In other events, a past indiscretion tests John’s relationship with Samantha.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Complications” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this new show.

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#Complications begins six months ago with Sam and John arguing about his working night shift and she says he shuts her out and won’t come to group therapy about their lost daughter. He says it’s BS and is a fiction. Sam asks if she’s pathetic for going. She says it’s like she’s going through it alone. At grief counseling, Sam sits alone and listens. She chats with a guy afterward – it’s Kyle.

They swap some stories and then they chat so long the lights go out. He kisses her then says he’s sorry. She kisses him back. John tries to talk to Gretchen but she tells him to get lost then walks off abruptly. John follows her into a patient room and closes the door. He says Bridget knows someone was transferred and they need to move Antoine.

He says this will all unravel if Bridget finds out about Antoine. She asks what they should do and he says maybe a hotel room with some medical equipment. He gets called to trauma. She says she might have a place but it won’t be cheap. A girl is wrapped up in concertina wire after running from cops. He and Harper have to cut it off of her and pull it out piece by piece.

The girl is whimpering and Harper says to knock her out but then John says to hold off on it. He says her BP is too low. He says he thinks the girls were self medicating. John goes to chat with her friend. He asks what she’s on and the girl lies. She says she and Tonya really aren’t friends. John says if he doesn’t know what she took, he could mess her up with the wrong meds.

She says powerballing – coke and H. He asks her name and asks to see her hand. He shows her her fingernails and says she may have endocarditis – a heart valve infection. He says it comes from dirty needles. She says she feels fine but he says she could get very sick, very soon. He says he’s going to run a few tests and help her.

He asks Sherry to get her a bed but she says it’s busy. He tries to bribe her with candy and she asks for Red Vines. John looks at Bridget and Sherry offers to kick someone to urology and gives him bed nine. Bridget asks about the mystery patient at Ansley and he says he’ll let her know soon. Sherry says Bridget has it in for him. John goes to get the girl but she’s gone.

John goes looking for her. He gets a call from Sam about the party tonight and he has no clue what she’s talking about – it’s a work thing. He says he has to deal with work and says he has to go and hangs up. Sam is annoyed. Her secretary tells her that Kyle is waiting in her office. He hands her the Antoine Tyler case and she asks how he got it – he says he pulled in some favors.

It gets awkward and he stands but says they miss her at group. He says he wants to get back to being friends and asks if they can go for drinks. She agrees. Gretchen calls her GF and asks if she’s at her place – she sees the door is open. Gretchen tells Liz it’s all good then gets out her tire iron before she goes inside. She sees broken glass from the door and looks around.

It’s her sister Ingrid who says she had to break the window since she didn’t give her a key. She says they kicked her out of rehab because she didn’t pay the bills. Gretchen calls to argue with the rehab facility over the money. She asks them to reserve the bed and they tell her $9,600 by the end of the week. Gretchen tells her to come with her and says she can’t be in her house alone.

They head out. Ingrid asks what’s up and chats with her about a foster family they used to live with and says she thinks they’re bank robbers. She says the sketch looked just like them. They head to a cosmetic surgery clinic and Gretchen says to wait there. She talks to the doctor about Antoine. She says it’s a patient that needs special attention.

He says he doesn’t take little kids who were shot and that’s why he fired her. She says he fired her because she slept with his ex-wife. She asks what it will cost and he says $25k. She says she’ll see what she can do. She takes off. Sam and John are at the boring work party when Gretchen texts him about the facility. She says $35k by tomorrow – she added in the cost of her sister’s rehab.

Sam’s boss tries to engage John in conversation about gun violence spreading like disease. He says future violence occurs where previous violence did. The guy brings up the kid that John helped and says he will statistically grow up to victimize others. He calls it an infection and says the boy is a carrier. John gets angry and says the boy’s name is Antoine.

John says it’s an 11 year old boy who was dying in the street and the only thing he was infected with was a bullet. Sam isn’t pleased with his outburst in front of her coworkers. At home, she is annoyed but he says the guy was being an asshole. She says if he’s going back to ignoring her and being angry. He apologizes and says it won’t happen again. She says to stop cutting her out.

John says what if what her boss said was true and violence leaves something behind. He says he’s scared. John meets Darius and CJ at the diner. He says he can move Antoine to somewhere safer but needs $35k today to make it happen. Darius says he’s not an ATM. John says he needs proper treatment and that means money.

He says someone who can take care of him properly and keep quiet costs money. He asks if Darius can get it and he says yes. He tells John he needs to come scrounge it up with them. He says John doesn’t call the shots and has to get his hands dirty with the rest of them. Gretchen makes a call about the transfer and coordinates it. She asks Liz if she can watch Ingrid today.

There’s a cat at the window and she asks if she let the cat out. Liz says no and Gretchen grabs Ingrid’s bag and starts going through it. She says the cat was inside and now it’s out so she’s lying. Ingrid says she took a cigarette and went outside to smoke it. Sam goes to Kyle’s house and says she can’t have drinks and can’t start this again.

She says it’s not just drinks and they can’t just be friends. She says they would both want more but John needs her now. He asks what about what she needs. She walks away and he tells her he loves her. She keeps going. Darius takes John with him to some rundown apartments. Some of the rooms seem to be drug dens. They go inside one place and Darius says they got bills for Antoine and asks for his dues.

He tells Darius to check with Boney and says he’s flush. They got $31k from them and the guy says that’s all they got but Darius says to run their pockets. They all dig in and hand over cash. The guy tells Darius that’s messed up and it’s not how the system works. Darius says they will not let Easy’s boy die in a hospital bed. The guy backs down and hands over his cash too.

CJ says they’re good and Darius says he thought he was about to start some shit. He pistol whips the guy and then kicks him and says that’s how it works. John tells him to stop and it’s enough. He says the guy is having a seizure. Darius tells him to walk away and John says to hit him and tell Easy he hurt the guy who’s keeping his son alive. John says he wants a doctor not to be surprised when he acts like one.

Darius tells CJ to get the guy in the car so they can drop him at the ER. Darius then tells John he’s not the only doctor in Atlanta. They drop him in the alley behind the hospital and call it in anonymously. Gretchen meets John and she asks if he knows about the guy who got beat and dropped off. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it and hands her the bag of cash. She asks if it’s all of it.

He asks her to let him know when she moves Antoine. She says bed seven is asking for him. It’s the druggie chick who bailed. He says it’s Mandy, right. He asks how she feels and she says her chest hurts. She asks if he can still help her and he says they can. He says she’ll be fine. Antoine is moved under cover of night and Ingrid watches from the car.

The doctor tells Gretchen this is the dirtiest cash he’s seen but he agrees and tells her not to call the next time she needs help. He asks her out and she says she doesn’t like guys or him. Her sister looks in the bag and asks if the cash is for her. She says she’s going back to rehab and she asks Gretchen where she got the cash and what’s going on. Gretchen says she just needs her to get better.

Ingrid says she was right and she traded headphones for pills last night. Gretchen says she got ripped off because those were good headphones. Gretchen texts and asks if he talked to Bridget and he says he’s doing it now. He says he looked into the transfer and it was a mixed up case – he says it was a GSW that was sent there instead of Henry. He says the guy has been released.

He says if he keeps digging some guy in transpo will likely get fired because John didn’t file the death certificate on time. She agrees to let it drop and says not to let it happen again. He’s relieved it’s over. John goes home and Sam says they need to talk. John tells her how happy he was that the girl came back with the heart problem. He tells her he’s tried not to feel anything and avoided the pain.

He says maybe he was wrong and says pain can be a gift and tells us what needs fixing. He says he hurt her and he’s sorry. He kisses her. She smiles and it gets more passionate. CJ and his buddy Maurice are at a drive thru when a Hispanic chick flirts with them then shoots them both in the chest. CJ’s car rolls away from the drive thru as his foot comes off the brake.