CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap 2/15/15: Season 15 Finale “Under My Skin / The End Game”

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Recap 2/15/15: Season 15 Finale "Under My Skin / The End Game"

Tonight on CBS CSI: Crime Scene Investigation returns with an all new Sunday February 15, season 15 episode 17 and episode 18 Finale called, “Under My Skin / The End Game” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the CSI team investigates & faces the final showdown. The Gig Harbor Killer’s true intentions and motives are finally revealed. CSI team member Nick Stokes [George Eads] makes a decision that will impact his entire team going forward.

On the last episode, the CSI team investigated a death involving a vintage Rolls Royce and a chrome-covered victim. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “In tonight’s first episode, the CSI team investigates a murder with ties to two teenaged kidnapped girls. Lisa Rinna guest stars as Tori Nolan, the wife of the director of the San Diego Crime lab. In the second episode, the CSI unit faces the final showdown with the Gig Harbor killer whose motives are finally revealed. Also, Nick Stokes makes a decision that will affect the entire team moving forward. Guest stars include Mark-Paul Gosselaar as Paul Winthrop, Mark Valley as Detective Daniel Shaw and Eric Roberts as Daniel Larson.”

Tonight’s season 15 finale episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the season 15 finale.

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Pete Corday was found murdered in the men’s room on tonight’s finale of “CSI” and surprisingly the team is less worried about him than are about the young girl he was last seen with. It seems the girl he was just hanging out was not only thirteen but she was also the director of the San Diego Crime lab’s daughter. Apparently Cara had told her father she was going to be hanging out with her older sister Lexi and since then he hasn’t heard a word from either of them.

Earlier in the day, the sisters had reportedly met up with some guys and the older one had fooled around a bit with this Axel character. But then Lexi’s “boyfriend” had to go to work and that left only Pete and the girls. And seeing as Pete is now dead – the girls might have witnessed his murdered before they were abducted.

But the real question is why the abduction in the first place? At first, the team thought the girls could have gotten caught up in a trafficking scheme. Yet, there was no evidence to make that theory seem plausible.

So then they looked at the girls’ father. John Nolan does after all take down criminals for a living. Though, at the moment, he doesn’t remember ticking off anyone to such an extent they would kidnap both his daughters.

Cara had lived with her father in San Diego, but Lexi had chosen differently after their parents’ divorce. She went to go live with her mother in Las Vegas because as Jon would explain – their mother was the fun parent. His ex-wife was more focused on being the girls’ friend rather than their mother.

And it looks his ex-wife’s parenting might have led to this current situation because after they started to check out Lexi’s phone – they found some rather threating messages from a guy who once was a friend of her mother’s.

The girls’ mom used to have this boyfriend and this violent guy was a friend of his. Anyways at a party of hers, she had caught this guy trying to molest her passed out daughter and, at the time, she merely threw him out of the house. In other words she did not call the police and when asked about it she admitted she was on drugs that night and she had let her seventeen year old try it out as well. Hence she let a crime go unreported in order to not to get in trouble.

And yet, in spite of her bad parenting, Mrs. Nolan was eventually absolved of having put her daughters in danger. In this circumstance anyways.

The creepy guy was found in a motel and he had no clue about the Nolan Girls. And as for the team, they only had some last footage found on Lexi’s discarded phone to go on. So their case had a hit a wall when out of nowhere they were given a lead by their kidnapper. But it was a lead anyone felt happy about.

The body of Lexi Nolan, who sadly must have tried to fight her abductor, was found at a ditch site. She had been hit with a blunt object to the head. And although he could have taken her body with him – her killer had left her behind. Cara on the other hand – there was no signs of. Meaning there’s a chance Cara could still be alive.

Fortunately, Lexi’s autopsy yielded some results. It seems her killer had intentionally stung her with scorpion poison. And it came from a rare scorpion. One that only lives a few years and is so venomous – not a lot of people tend to buy them up as pets.

A quick investigation into all of the buyers in the last few years finally gave them a name. Kieran Scott. Kieran used to work with kids. He was the guy that came by every once in a while and explained to children all the different type of insects.

But the team found something even more disturbing than him being in close contact with children. It appears Kieran didn’t take the girls because he wanted to sell them or because of a grudge against John – he took them because Cara shares a distinct resemblance to a girl he’s actually obsessed with.

That’s why from the very beginning his intent was only to get his hands on Cara but then Pete got in the way and so did Lexi. So Kieran killed them both. And for that matter he would have killed Cara if anyone tried to take her away from him. Yet Nick managed to get a shot off before Cara could be harmed.

Nick saved Cara’s life with his actions but later John spoke to him out of more than just gratitude. John it seems wants to retire from the San Diego office. He says he wants to spend time with his family and that he would feel better about leaving the job if Nick was the one to replace him.

So what do you think? Will Nick take a job? Not only is it a promotion but it’s also more pay?

And in Part Two of tonight’s finale, the team finds themselves once again facing the Gig Harbor killer. Or better yet killers seeing as they never knew which twin did what. However, there is one thing they know one for certain and that’s one of the twins is back at the game. Someone sent Finlay a mythological statue about the Gemini twins and as a bonus they threw in someone’s detached finger.

So, at the moment, it’s imperative for the team that they find Paul Winthrop’s partner. Winthrop had help while his brother was locked up and despite an earlier misleadings – Finlay no longer thinks it was her former partner Shaw that had been assisting Winthrop.

Shaw has claimed he wasn’t the partner and Finlay has asked for his help in proving it.

Shaw wasn’t ever going to be taken at his word again so he smarted up and arranged a meeting between Finlay and Daniel Larson. Apparently, Shaw suspected Larson of being involved with Winthrop but it looks he didn’t know the full story. Because Larson has never been Winthrop’s partner.

He was on the other hand a good extortionist!

Larson did have some dealings with Paul but he also had dealings of the very same kind with Paul’s father. It seems that after Larson started to suspect Paul of killing his girls – he was going to stop “supplying” the other man. Yet, the orders he got soon changed afterwards. Instead of coming from Paul – it began to come from Paul’s father. So Larson continued giving them girls.

And he told Finlay that if anyone was Winthrop’s partner – it was his father. The rotten apple didn’t fall far from tree.

Collin Winthrop was accused, several times, of sexual assault. He didn’t know how to take a “no” and rather than try he chose instead to flee to Mexico. And the team believes Paul might have eventually followed him down there.

The statue Finlay had received has the blood of two women on it. Those very same women were reported missing and their apartment looked like a CSI team has been through. And everyone knows what that means.

So, as they went looking for Collin Winthrop (thanks in large part to Larson); they also knew what they would be looking for. The team headed to Mexico with intent on finding on Paul. Yet he wasn’t there or at least in view when they stormed the place.

Instead they found the bodies of those two young women that had gone missing earlier, but that was it. Or so they thought when they moved to officially arrest Collin Winthrop. In fact, Collin was being taken in as an accessory to murder when the team found out they weren’t as alone as they thought.

Paul had been watching the proceedings from afar and he called Finlay because he had wanted to drop off a message prior to shooting his own father dead. Though there appears to be an explanation behind that. Paul had told Finlay she was wrong about what she thought about him and his dad. And in order to prove it he killed the old man. Then, just as he was about to target Final; Shaw stepped in her path and took the bullet for her.

Sadly, Shaw didn’t survive the incident and after what happened to him the whole team was put on high alert. They figured Paul would probably attempt to go after one of them next.

But they were wrong. Targeting Finlay had become a personal mission for Paul and even though he could have moved on to DB – Paul has this thing about women that no one realized until they watched some security feed from Collin’s place. Right before he died, Collin was visited by Larson. The very same Larson that admitted to extorting money from Collin but failed to mention his personal connection to the Winthrop family.

Oddly enough Larson is Paul and the late Jared’s biological father. And the reason he didn’t anyone to know this is because he had promised the twins’ mother to never tell anyone where she was hiding.

Mary, who was fifteen at the time, had run away from home when she realized she was pregnant. The plan was to give both boys up before her father; the sexually twisted Collin Winthrop could claim either of them. Yet, that plan went awry when her father found Paul.

Paul ultimately came of age and then he started to ask about his mother. He wanted to know where his mother is and his “father” Collin refused to help him. And Larson on top of it wasn’t of any help. Frankly, by time he started asking, both men had realized what Paul was capable of and they he would kill his mother if he ever found her so in the end they protected her. And because he couldn’t get a hold of his mother – Paul began killing other women as replacements.

Thus, when everyone thought Finlay was in the clear; she was actually in more danger than ever.

Paul was intent on killing her and he would have done so if DB hadn’t interrupted. DB found him just as he was setting another fake CSI scene and he kept Paul long enough for backup to arrive. Once they did – they took down Paula and then went searching for Finlay before she could bleed out in wherever she was stashed.

They found her in a car trunk badly injured and though they saved her life – Finlay was last seen in a coma.

So odd are she won’t be coming back but the only definite thing we know from tonight is that Nick took the job in San Diego!