CSI Cyber Recap – Intrigue at the Airport: Season1 Episode 9 “L0M1S”

CSI Cyber Recap - Intrigue at the Airport: Season1 Episode 9 "L0M1S"

Tonight on CBS CSI: Cyber returns with an all new Wednesday April 29, season 1 episode 9 called, “L0M1S” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, nine planes that departed from the same airport face a coordinated Wi-Fi attack while in flight.

On the last episode, the cyber team investigated the abductions of young women whose social network pages were being kept up to date. Meanwhile, Ryan helped Trish McCarthy coped with the death of her sister, who was Ryan’s former psych patient. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “the cyber crime team investigates when nine planes that departed from the same airport face a coordinated Wi-Fi attack while in flight.”

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of CBS’s CSI: Crime Scene Investigation at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season.

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On #CSICyber, there’s an FAA crisis. WiFi is down and other issues are cropping up. Avery, Elijah, Simon, Brody and Krumitz are all in the ops center working it. Something is blocking the internet access. They’ve got six flights and Brody says it’s a coordinated attack. Simon says they need facts before they call to up the threat level. Elijha says the pilots are still going and Avery asks when it happened. It’s when they hit 10,000 feet. More and more flights are losing it. Krumitz says one phone on each flight caused it. It’s a coordinated attack.

Brody pulls up the flights and sees they all left from Miami International. Simon calls in to ground all flights and says the flights all need redirected. There’s one he wants sent back to Miami. Krumitz is working to isolate each phone. Avery says they need the names and seat numbers. She and Elijah roll out with Brody. They head to Miami. Brody says they have the target in seat 14C and the flight is taxiing back to the fate now. They arrest the people at each stop.

It’s a wide array of people, all who seem clueless about why they’re being taken off their planes in handcuffs. Elijah and Avery head to the one plane and spot a 16 year old sitting in the target seat. Elijah arrests her. She asks what she did. They take her to the concourse and her dad shows up. He asks what’s going on and says she was going to visit family in San Diego. Avery says Willa’s phone hacked the plane’s WiFi. Avery asks if she downloaded anything or texted anyone.

Willa says she was listening to music and playing dots. Elijah duplicates her phone and Will asks if she can have it back. Avery asks what happened. She says she was dropped off and bought a smoothie. She asks if she knows Audrey Monroe, Ken Galvin, and other names. Avery says eight other flights were hacked. Her dad gets hostile and Avery says just a kid doesn’t get you anything. Brody tells Elijah the crowd is getting hostile. He says one device prompted the denial of service attack.

He says Willa’s phone blocked the others from accessing WiFi. He says he’ll pull the router from the plane. Simon says they interrogated all the other suspects and they all seem clueless and not skilled enough. Krumitz says they should have data soon. Simon asks Avery what this is and she says the people may be connected. She sees credit card problems happening all around her and Avery puts on the view. Everyone’s credit cards are being denied and she asks Simon if he sees this.

They were all passengers on Willa’s plane. Avery says it’s a credit card heist. She says someone stole all their credit card information. Avery says they wouldn’t even know they were robbed until they got off the plane. Krumitz says he’s seen the code before and says he knows who did it. He says it’s Lomis and it’s just beginning. Brody says Lomis is a hacker legend who came out of nowhere a few years back and says he heard he was from Estonia and has only surfaced twice at Defcon in Vegas both times.

Elijah says more than $400k has been stolen so far. A Coast Guard heli shows up with Krumitz. Avery asks if he’s sure it’s Lomis and not just a hunch. He says at CTOC, he found a connection between Lomis and the suspects. He says their phones were exploited based on a vulnerability. Brody says it gave Lonis control over the phones’ OS. Elijah says Lomis always went after big corporations before. Krumitz says it’s about creating chaos.

Avery says that means all the people they thought were perps are victims. Avery says let’s catch this white whale. Colin comes to see Simon. He tells Simon the director called to why he grounded Monument Air flights and says he should have consulted him first. Simon says cyber crime moves fast and asks if the rules are changing. Colin says he at least should have been told and Simon says he did it to save lives and says it was a tough, split-second decision. Colin says to report to him from now on.

Krumitz says he’s been thinking about this wrong and says the code won’t help them find Lomis. He says how the code got on the phones is the key. He and Brody sees they all paired with the same device in the terminal in Miami. Avery listens then they all go walking around. She says to look for a watering hole. There’s a charging station but Avery says it’s off the beaten path. They keep looking and find a larger charging station where phones were infecting. Avery says it’s juice jacking.

Avery has Krumitz clear the passengers and he flashes his badge and tells everyone to unplug. One guy gets sassy and Krumitz says the USB plug has four ports – two for power and two for data. He says his phone wasn’t just charging, he was losing his data to a hacker. He says everything on his phone was hacking. He tells him to go see Brody to get his phone cleaned. The guy is annoyed and walks off. Krumitz opens up the charging station and finds what he was looking for.

A woman is sleeping in the terminal and Avery notices blood on the pillow by her ear. They cordon off the area around Rachel Carrington. She worked at the charging station trying to get people to sign up for the airline’s credit card. Elijah says it was blunt force trauma and it looks like she was attacked in a restroom. He goes to get security footage. Brody runs over and says it got bigger and says he was removing the code when he got a ransom message.

He’s now holding the phones hostage since they shut down the credit card fraud. She tells Brody to get back to DC and figure out the ransomware. Avery shows Chelsea what happened and says the hacker took the phone and wants money from her. Avery says he hacked her data, locked her out, got her photos and will release them if she doesn’t pay. She asks what he found she doesn’t want her fiancee to see. A senator was hit with a $250k ransom demand.

Simon and Colin explain this to her and she demands to know what action they’re taking. She gets angry and says the government gives Cyber division tons of money. She says in 19 hours, sensitive government information on her phone goes public. Simon says she shouldn’t have classified info on her phone and asks what she’s worried about. She says contact information from high level people and Simon presses her and says the hacker already has what she wants to hide.

She says people she cares about will be hurt. She walks off. Simon shakes his head. Elijah shows Avery that a sick woman intercepted Rachel and she took her to the bathroom while the juice jackers installed the device. Avery says three people were working together and the sick woman killed Rachel. They go check security footage from the security check area. Avery says TSA keeps the images for a week. Avery has Krumitz checking the last two hours before it happened.

Krumitz finds it quickly and Avery has him pull it up. They see a wizard hat that’s a badge from the hacker collective. Avery then has him search all bags for the same one. They find a couple of more bags. Brody has a traceable hit on the credit cards and sends it to them. But there was an odd online purchase for a server blade. Elijha says it seems sloppy and Krumitz says they shut down his payday and he’s panicking.

The FBI goes to the shipping address. Someone puts phones in a blender and starts it. One guy gets out the back and jumps a fence. Elijah takes him down. They have three perps locked down. Krumitz is disappointed that Lomis wasn’t among them.

Elijah has the woman who killed Rachel in interrogation. She says it was an accident and says she was just distracting her. She says Rachel tried to talk away, she grabbed her hand and she hit her head on a stall door. One of the guys said she was breathing when they left there. He says he wanted to tell someone but they wouldn’t let him. He says Lomis could destroy their street cred online. Elijah says he can put him in jail for 25 years.

The girl says Lomis hired them to install the box and they ask about the server blade. He says Lomis bought it and had it sent to them to set them up. They tell Elijah that Lomis didn’t even show up to collect his part of the take. Krumitz is sure they know where Lomis is but Elijah says they don’t and that’s why his white whale never gets caught. Krumitz tells Elijah that Lomis is taunting him by destroying the data on the juice jacking device.

He’s trying to rebuild the phones they put in the blender and thinks there’s something critical on there. He got a serial number and then runs it. He traces it and it bounces all around and he says it’s untraceable. The mocking gotcha animation runs again. Elijah tells Krumitz he should get some rest and tells him about a sleeper cell he was tracking in Kandahar. He says it was 117 degrees and there were four of them and they were down to half a canteen of water.

Elijah says he wouldn’t give up and was pressing beyond what was realistic. He says he had to realize it wasn’t his day. He asks Krumitz to come down to CTOC when he was ready. He asks Elijah if he ever got them. Elijah says he had to wait a month but did and it was worth it. In CTOC they’re working on the malware code and are down to two hours and Avery says a few people paid the money. Then Elijah says Lomis is releasing data. The Senator’s story brakes – she’s gay and closeted.

Lomis is releasing data even for those who paid. Krumitz says he found him – he says he went back to the juice jacking device and killed it four hours before they got there. He shows them Lomis – Brody is stunned. They all are. Their jaws drop. They go to the Hart’s house and they tell the dad it’s Willa. He says it’s insane and says his daughter is not a hacker, she’s a good kid. Avery says maybe, maybe not and says she has a warrant for her tablet.

Willa comes in and asks her dad who’s car is in the driveway. Krumitz calls her Lomis and says he’s waited a long time for this. He pulls out cuffs and says gotcha. Avery tells Willa they bought her disguise and really thought she was a 30 year old from Eastern Europe. Krumitz says she was the plan mastermind. Avery says she couldn’t show up and collect. Then she released the ransomed data and denied payments.

Krumitz asks why she did it and Avery asks if she thought about the consequences. Avery tells Will she ruined lives today. Willa smirks. She says she did it because she wanted to and was bored and could. Colin and Simon share a drink and look at the headline. They talk about how it’s a shame the Senator’s hubby learned his wife was into women from a headline. Simon says all the data was leaked by Willa before they caught her. He hands Colin a file on Willa and Simon says he’s pissed off he didn’t get the promotion. Colin says he agrees and thought Simon would get it.

Colin says he doesn’t know a whole lot about what Simon and his team do. Simon says he’ll be a constant pain in his ass but says he’s not Colin’s biggest problem. He points to Willa and says that’s tomorrows criminal that he’ll lose sleep over. Krumitz gets a postcard from Lomis the moment the prosecutor released her from custody. Turns out, based on her age, she got out of jail basically free. Krumitz says it’s like they’re encouraging kids to be black hats.

Then she asks Krumitz if he knew what he was doing was illegal. He paid the ransom and bundled it with Trojan ware to take control of her desktop computer and snapped a photo. He asks how Avery knew. She says the only way that Krumitz knew about Willa being a chess champion was when he saw the certificate on her wall. She says it was a digital search without a warrant. He tells her he had to justify Avery hiring him away from the mail cart. He says he loves his job because Avery loves hers.

He says he never wanted to let her down and didn’t want to let her down. She says if Lomis had been a 35 year old man, he would have walked, she would have fired Krumitz and he might have been in jail. She asks Krumitz if victory tastes as sweet when you haven’t earned it honestly. The postcard to him from Lomis says – game over? Krumitz is way sad that his idol chewed him out and is disappointed.