Dance Moms Recap – Jeanette the Stalker is Back: Season 5 Episode 2 “Abby Got Served”

Dance Moms Recap - Jeanette the Stalker is Back: Season 5 Episode 2 "Abby Got Served"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday January 13, season 5 episode 2 called, “Abby Got Served” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the Maddie vs. Kalani showdown arrives. Meanwhile, Abby’s rival, Jeanette, is out for revenge, as lawsuits continue to mount for Abby. The moms remain loyal, but Abby manages to turn her own team against her.

On the last episode the ALDC’s fifth dance competition season was off to a rocky start when a key member disappeared and cut off all ties to the kids and moms. With one dancer M.I.A., Abby called in an old friend to join the team. Abby’s world came crashing down when an ex-student threatened legal action and could jeopardize the ALDC’s big plans for the season. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “it’s the big Maddie vs. Kalani showdown everyone has been waiting for! But with lawsuits pending, Abby’s enemies are out to get her, including her rival Jeanette, who is out for revenge. The moms remain loyal, but Abby manages to turn even her own team members against her. Will the ALDC make it to LA or is their fractured team beyond repair?”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 5 episode 2– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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A court officer comes to give Abby some legal papers. She looks at them and then tells Scott she can’t have her business run this way. She says parents question her constantly, contradict her and now this. She goes outside and Melissa asks her what happened. She says she was just served with papers and Melissa says Kelly is just trying to get back at her. Holly says they are trying to humiliate her. Abby says she wants to make a statement but Holly says she should say nothing.

Holly says when Abby is on the defense, she’ll say something to tick someone off. Holly says they have a competition and need to focus on learning their dances. Jill says a 13 year old doesn’t decide to sue their dance teacher. She says this is Christy and Kelly who are trying to tear the team apart. The moms tell the girls this is not their problem. Kendall says Abby can handle it. Abby says her job isn’t easy and says everyone wants to see her fail so she can’t trust anyone. Kalani is late.

Holly asks if there’s a penalty and the other #DanceMoms think she shouldn’t get a solo. Abby asks where she was and her mom says they were stuck in horrible traffic. Holly says Kira and Kalani get a double standard. She says Abby needs Kalani and Kira is taking advantage. Abby moves on to pyramid. She has Mackenzie at the bottom for not being freaky and weird enough in the group number. Next is Maddie who had no solo.

Next is Nia and Abby says she did well in the solo and group routines. Next is Kendall. She says her solo was good but could have been stronger. She has Kalani at the top of the pyramid for getting the highest score. Abby says she’s glad she’s back on the team. This weekend they are headed to Detroit to Energy Dance Competition. Ava and Jeanette live there and Jill says she knows Ava is doing a solo there since it’s on Jeanette’s Facebook page.

Abby tells Kalani and Maddie they both get solos. Melissa is worried since Kalani is good and two years older. Abby says everyone has been waiting on this face off. She tells them to watch out for the stalker’s kid (aka Ava). Holly says Abby is doing what she has to in order to keep Kira happy. The group return is Stomp the Yard based on the show Orange is the New Black. She tells them they will be in LA in three weeks.

Abby says they’re all doing head shots tomorrow. She sends the moms upstairs so they can start dancing. They have three days until the competition. Abby talks the girls through their OITNB routine and says it has to be rough. Jill thinks it’s ironic that Abby just got legal papers and now they’re doing a jail number. Jill tells Kira about the lawsuit notice and tell her Abby was pissed. Holly says Kira would know if she was there when she was supposed to be.

Holly tells Kira she doesn’t like that she gets to come and go as she pleases and getting special privileges. Kira asks if she should ask Abby to punish her. Jill says it’s all fun and games to her and Holly says she acts like she’s special and Kira says she’s sorry she feels like that way. Holly says it’s a cowardly way to act and says Christy would at least own her actions. Kira says it wasn’t her decision. Holly rants and then walks out.

Melissa comes in with a ton of outfits for the headshot session at the studio. Jill says it’s really important to promote Kendall’s career. Abby says all these headshots will got to casting agents in LA. Abby then says some people aren’t photogenic and some are and says they have to put their best foot forward. She starts with Mackenzie and says each girl gets 15 minutes. Kira thinks that’s long enough for a serious session since these are so important.

Abby is coaching Mackenzie on cute faces and Melissa looks unhappy. Holly looks confused. Time is up but it’s not going well and she extends the time. Kira asks why they’re going long and Abby says she has nothing to work with. They finally end with her and then start with Maddie. Holly says Abby’s favorites are Kalani, Maddie and Mackenzie. She finishes Maddie then moves onto Kalani. Abby whispers to the photographer that Kalani, Maddie and Mackenzie are the only ones that will get work in LA.

Jill overhears and is furious but doesn’t say anything. Jill say there are two girls left and only 10 minutes. Kendall gets a really fast shoot and then it’s Nia. Abby is annoyed that Nia doesn’t still have lipstick on and says she’s done. Abby leaves the room and isn’t even coaching Nia and Holly is pretty mad. She says Abby is showing her true colors. Abby goes to ask how the rivalry is going between Maddie and Kalani.

Kira says Abby never allowed Kalani to become a star like Maddie. Abby tells Maddie if she loses, she will let down a lot of people. Then she tells them that Ava will be there competing against them. The moms say that Ava has likely been working on her solo for nine months. Melissa is nervous because Kalani and Ava are teenagers and Maddie is much younger. She starts working with Kalani on her solo. Maddie watches and bites her nails.

Abby then works on Maddie’s solo. Melissa says there’s a lot of pressure on Maddie and her dance reflects what’s going on in Abby’s personal life now. Abby reminds Maddie that she’s her top girl. Melissa says she got an email that Elle magazine is interested in Maddie. Then Jill pipes up and says she overheard Abby telling the photographer that Maddie, Kalani and Mackenzie will be the only ones working in LA. Jill says they are just going to LA to support those three.

Holly says they are being loyal to Abby but she’s not being loyal to them. She calls Abby’s behavior outrageous and cruel. It’s one day before the competition. The girls are working on the group number. Holly gets a call from Jeanette. She says she’s looking forward to seeing them this weekend. Jeanette says what Abby did to Ava was wrong and they are having it out on the dance floor. She says Abby has to know she can’t treat kids this way.

Kira says she can’t stand when people are so desperate they get vindictive. She says she sees on Jeanette’s Facebook page where Christy was talking crap about Abby and Jeanette recorded and posted it. Abby has the girls doing the group routine and says the steps are down but they don’t have their faces right. She tells Kalani this is her big shot going up against Maddie. She also tells the girls Ava better not come close to them.

They head off to the competition. Holly says everyone is out to get Abby and she needs to be on her best behavior. They pull up out front and Jeanette has her whole team lurking waiting for them. Abby says those kids are all nobodies. Abby glares at Jeanette and says to not say a word to her. They all walk by without a word and Jeanette goes to talk to Abby. She tries to talk to her and Abby tells her to get out of their dressing room.

Abby screams at her to go. Jeanette says she was trying to be their better person. Then Kira pipes up and calls her stalker and tells her she got kicked out and Kira and Kalani are back. Holly is worried there will be repercussions from this.

The girls get their costumes on and Kira loves Kalani’s blingy outfit. Abby says the whole world has been waiting for her to put someone up against Maddie and says it’s a showdown between them and also about them putting Ava in her place. Jeanette tells Ava that Abby lost the privilege of having her on her team and tells her she’s going to win. Kira is very confident that Kalani will beat both Ava and Maddie. Backstage, Abby tells the girls to focus on their solos.

She usually doesn’t go backstage but doesn’t trust the stalker not to mess with them. Jeanette’s team encourages Ava and tell her that Abby was trying to psyche her out. I’m sorry, but she’s so gangly. I’m not used to seeing dancers so tall and straggly. But her number was nice. Kira says she looks like a praying mantis. Next is Kalani. Hers is really cool and very acrobatic. The crowd goes wild when she’s done. Abby says she looked like a million bucks and high fives her.

Maddie is up next and Abby tells her not to be rusty since she hasn’t done one in a while. Melissa is worried because Maddie’s solo is about Abby’s pain and the other girls are older. Maddie’s face is so expressive when she dances. It’s like very mobile acting. It’s gorgeous. She gets lots of applause as well and Abby says Maddie stepped on the stage like she owned it and says the stage is Maddie’s home. Jeanette asks Abby why she was backstage in her daughter’s face.

Abby says she was 60 feet away from Ava and never spoke to her. Jeanette says Abby is going to get what she deserves and goes to complain to the dance competition owner Gina. Abby tells the other moms what her stalker said and Abby says she was minding her own business. She says she loves kids and doesn’t see how that gets flipped around. Holly isn’t so sure about that. Gina comes into the dressing room and tells her that she can’t go backstage and intimidate another group.

Abby rants and says she’s been teaching for 33 years. Jeanette comes in and Jill says she’s just trying to drag her through the mud. Abby says she wasn’t talking to Ava. She says she went back there to check on her kids. Abby says whatever excuses she needs to make for her daughter’s poor performance is her problem. Holly says they’re trying to pull the team apart but says their girls are strong. Next is the girls’ group number doing OITNB. They are killing it and it’s really timely.

The audience really loves that one and Abby is pleased. It’s time for the awards. Abby says watch out if they lose to Jeanette and Ava. First up is the group. Melissa says they have a lot to prove since people are trying to knock them down. Jeanette’s group takes second and then Abby’s team takes first (as usual). Kendall says they other team got served. Now the solos – 4th place goes to Kalani. Kira says she’s shocked and asks who paid off the judges.

3rd place goes to Ava. Abby says the stalker’s kid took third. 2nd place is Maddie. Abby says she’s still her number one girl but is appalled that she came in second. Abby says it’s rigged. Holly doesn’t think Gina has this rigged. Abby says she thinks the judges are wonderful but that Gina is doing the tabulating. Holly tells her she needs to stop because she looks like an idiot. Holly says she needs to own her words and brings up what she said about only three girls getting work in LA.

Abby says if she doesn’t like it, Nia can stay home and not go to LA. Holly says she is not getting rid of her. Abby flips out. Abby says if only the moms could see what she sees. She calls Kendall over and asks her to walk in like she’s meeting casting directors. She comes in and then asks why she didn’t introduce herself. Abby tells Jill to smack her kid for not introducing herself. Abby calls Jill a bad mother and then Kendall cries and says she’s embarrassing her.

She says Abby is being crazy and she wants to leave. Abby tells her not to walk out. Holly yells at Abby and says she’s out of control. Holly says Abby wants to blame everyone else and Abby calls her an ass. Holly says she’s not her enemy and Abby asks why she’s acting like this. Abby says she told her all the things she told her that Nia could do and Holly says she’s not the same person and isn’t advocating for her daughter. Holly says Abby needs to wake up and change her ways before she loses all her students. She says they’re standing behind her but asks how much more they can take.