Dance Moms Recap – LA, No Way: Season 5 Episode 8 “Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2”

Dance Moms Recap - LA, No Way: Season 5 Episode 8 "Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday February 24, season 5 episode 8 called, “Wild Wild West Coast, Part 2,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, the ALDC’s last week in Los Angeles continues with the girls juggling a competition and a music video shoot with kid rapper MattyB.

On the last episode it was the ALDC’s last week in LA and the Moms’ patience with Abby had grown thin due to the lack of opportunities for every girl except Abby’s favorite. While Maddie is away, guest starring on TV’s “Austin and Ally,” Abby brings in two swing dancers who not only took away her time and attention but also threatened the girls’ chance at their biggest audition to date, a music video for internet sensation and pop star MattyB. Abby’s job as a manager was put to the test when one of her star pupils gt offered the lead. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “The ALDC’s last week in Los Angeles continues with the girls juggling a competition and a music video shoot with kid rapper MattyB. But when Abby can’t see eye to eye with his manager she tries to shut the shoot down, driving a wedge between the mothers who stay loyal to Abby and those who do not. To make matters worse, Abby announces she is cutting one dancer, causing the Moms to fight tooth and nail to secure their daughters’ spots on the team. Amidst all the chaos, it’s the girls’ last chance to pull off a win against the best of the best in LA, all without Abby’s favorite dancer, Maddie.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 5 episode 8 – tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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On #DanceMoms, it’s their last week in LA. At the MattyB music video shoot, the moms are excited to be on the set shooting with the kid rapper. Jill says this could be a great experience for the kids. Abby goes to talk to Blake and is angry that Melissa signed the contract. She says the contract was her to appear, not sing. Abby says Mackenzie has to be billed if she’s singing.

Abby says she’s pulling the plug on this. Blake, Matty’s dad comes over to talk to Melissa. He says Abby told him that Melissa didn’t understand what she was signing. Blake says they can’t use Mackenzie in the vocal part but Abby says they can’t use her at all. Blake asks who else she’s pulling and Abby says she represents all the girls. Blake says they can all go.

Melissa comes back over and tells the other moms that Mackenzie is being pulled and their girls may be out too. Holly says Abby has ruined every opportunity for Nia in LA, first at the casting call then with Aubrey O’Day. She says now it’s the music video. She says she won’t let Abby take this one away. Abby gets off her call and Abby says it’s about all the girls. Holly says why.

Holly says it should only be about Mackenzie’s voice and Holly says they should get to stay. Holly asks what has changed for the dancers. Blake says they’re going to shoot the video and anyone that wants their daughter to be in it, can be in it. Abby says they’ll see who trusts her. Kira is fine with Kalani to be in it. Jill says she won’t let Kendall do it since she wants to keep working with Abby.

Holly says she doesn’t want Nia’s reputation in Hollywood to be damaged by walking off a set. Holly asks how Abby backs out of a job while teaching the girls to honor their commitments. Jessalynn also wants JoJo to stay and do it. Abby says Holly is stabbing her in the back. She’s the only original ALDC mom who is staying. Abby says she’s not sure she wants Nia to compete tomorrow.

Melissa says it’s Abby’s decision and the other moms need to listen to Abby more. Mackenzie whines and says she really wants to do it. Jill says the original moms need to stick together. Mackenzie, Maddie and Kendall are out. Holly asks Nia if she wants to do it. Nia says she doesn’t want Abby to torture her and JoJo says she won’t be tortured alone. She decides to stay. Kalani is also staying.

Kira says all the girls really wanted to do this. Jessalynn says what Abby did is not what a manager does. Holly says she knows this will make Abby angry. Holly tells Nia that she doesn’t know how Abby will react when they see her and says it may be difficult. Holly says Nia needs to stay focused on the group dance and don’t listen to what Abby says. She says she’s earned the right to be in the group dance and Holly says she won’t engage with Abby to get her kicked out.

Nia says she doesn’t regret her decision to do the MattyB video. Holly says chin up and don’t engage. They head into rehearsal. It’s one day before competition. Abby says she doesn’t even want to look at Holly. She says Holly should know better since she’s been working with her since Nia was three. She says it really hurts. Abby tells them she can’t believe that some of them went against her yesterday. She says it’s the last week and the last competition out there.

Abby says normally she wouldn’t let the traitors show up to competition but she doesn’t have time to rework the choreography. Abby says she wants to win. Abby tells the girls and moms that she won’t forget this. She starts with Mackenzie and JoJo on their Lucy and Ethel duet. Abby tells Jessalynn that JoJo is missing a bunch of nuances. She says JoJo can’t keep up.

She tells her to practice and says she watched Lucy and Ethel. JoJo tells her what episode she watched. Abby says if she wants on the team, less talking, more dancing. Kalani and Sarah then rehearse their Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Tracey says she can’t blame the girls and says Kalani and Sarah love each other but Kira has never liked them from day one. Tracey says Kira shouldn’t even be there for her antics and thinks she’s getting a free pass when Sarah deserves that spot.

Abby sends the moms out. Melissa says the duets look good. Tracey flips out on them and says Kira has no idea the impact of what she did when they were there last time. Ashlee then lays into Kira and starts talking about how she doesn’t have custody of her son and is a terrible mother. Kira calls her a lying f-ing bitch. Holly says those moms are after Kalani’s spot and will hit below the belt to get it. Kira says not to bring Jax into this.

Ashlee says she’s not scared of Kira and that karma is a bitch. Abby calls the moms in to watch the group dances. Melissa says Mackenzie is doing two group dances since Maddie is working at Disney. The sad clown routine rehearses first. Kira says the dance is amazing and says Abby threw everything into it. Next they do Moulin Rouge. Jill says it’s really cute but nothing out of the ordinary compared to the other number. Jill says it’s clear who Abby wants to win and she’s playing favorites.

On competition day, Abby is greeted by a crowd of screaming girls. Abby says the girls have not been cutting it in LA so she had to do two group numbers. Abby comes in with costumes. Maddie is there and Abby tells her how proud she was of her being on the Disney TV show. Jessalynn is sick of Abby going on about Maddie. Jessalynn asks what’s next for JoJo. Abby says sometimes she could eat her up and other times she’s loud and obnoxious.

Abby says she needs JoJo to be more low key. She calls JoJo, Sarah and Brynn over and says if they don’t win, one of them is gone and can’t come back to ALDC. Tracey says she’ll go to any lengths to get Sarah on the team. Abby says Sarah is a nice kid and can behave but next to Kalani, you see her feet issues. Tracey says she won’t say anything bad about Kalani but says Kira doesn’t deserve this. Tracey says Kira abandoned the team when she needed her. Kira says it’s none of her business.

Tracey says Kira is about manipulation and lies. Kira says she can pull up things on Tracey who says Kira has been arrested for credit card fraud. Then Ashlee piles on and Holly thinks they’re out for blood. Holly is glad they’re taking Abby’s attention. Kira says she’s making up false things. Kira curses and Abby says not to do that. Jessalynn pulls up a story about Kira being arrested and going on trial. Abby tells the moms that everyone is replaceable.

Jill says it’s their last LA competition. She says the drama with the new moms is crazy and says she hopes the girls win despite the chaos. JoJo and Mackenzie come out dressed in gray costumes and makeup. Abby introduces “Nancy and Tonya” and has the Olympic costumes down perfectly. Abby says they don’t need two teen spots. Sarah and Kalani hug then head onto stage to do their number. It’s really kind of an interesting number. Kira says her daughter was beautiful.

Next is the Lucy and Ethel number. Melissa says Mackenzie has a lot of pressure with a duet and two group numbers. The music stops early on in the number. The girls keep going. JoJo makes a misstep and Abby calls her on it. The crowd goes wild when they’re done and Melissa high fives Jessalynn when it’s done. Abby comes in annoyed. She says Sarah and Kalani were good but it didn’t blow her away. Abby says JoJo screwed the whole ending up.

Jessalynn says she didn’t see what she did wrong and Abby tells her to open her eyes and get her act together. Abby tells JoJo and Mackenzie they did well after the music stopped. Abby says JoJo was facing the wrong way at the end. JoJo says she did it and Abby says her mom has rose colored glasses on. Abby says you can’t overlook screwing up choreography. Abby says the talent in LA is top tier and she can’t tolerate mistakes. Abby says if you mess up two steps as a Rockette, you’re fired.

The girls get dressed for Moulin Rouge. Kira says she’s excited to see the groups but Holly says it feels like they’re dancing against each other. Jill thinks the Moulin Rouge dance was neglected by Abby. Before they head out, Abby says this is the last LA competition and they are taking home what happens today on their shoulders. Abby asks if they failed. She says Maddie didn’t. Then she tells the others that if they want a stop at ALDC they better prove it.

Abby asks Mackenzie if she has too much choreography in her head but she says no. Kira says Kalani has to do her best to shut Tracey and Ashlee up for good. The clown routine is first. The clown numbers ends to lots of applause. Holly says it was amazing and those girls had everything in their favor and now the others girls have to follow that. Melissa says she knows Mackenzie can do this – she gets a quick costume change then it’s Moulin Rouge.

It’s a pretty sassy little number but seems a bit mature for them. And poor Nia looks a bit like a drag queen – it’s not a good wig for her. Abby says the group dances were entertaining but nowhere close to perfect. She wonders if ALDC will leave LA as winners or failures. It’s awards time. Duets are first. Lucy and Ethel takes fourth place. Jessalynn says it was a bum deal since they lost their music. The winning duet was Thrift Shop. Kalani and Sarah didn’t even place.

Now it’s group numbers. The clowns take fourth place. Abby says this is terrible. Top group number goes to another team. Moulin Rouge didn’t even place. Abby says they all blew it. Holly says that was interesting. Kira says it was good for Kalani who danced beautifully. Jessalynn says Abby brought Kalani on to win but she’s not winning. Abby calls the girls over and says they’re not ready to compete in LA. She says they need to regroup in Pittsburgh. She says someone has to go.

Abby says Brynn has potential and has something special but doesn’t see passion. Abby says JoJo is exciting and theatrical but she doesn’t always want that. Abby says Sarah works hard and she enjoys her. She says Sarah may be Kalani’s replacement. Abby says she’s taking Brynn back to Pittsburgh and JoJo too. She calls Sarah up and says she’s too old for this group but they may work together again in the future. The other moms applaud Sarah who is really sad she didn’t make the team. She says she feels defeated.

Abby tells Kalani she can come back to Pittsburgh but had better start winning. Abby tells the moms she won’t forget what happened at the video shoot. She says she wants to be involved with their children’s lives, but if they don’t want her, they can hit the door. She says things are going to change when they get back to Pittsburgh. She says she won’t forget those that were sneaky and went behind her back.