Dance Moms Recap – Making a MattyB Video: Season 5 Episode 7 “Wild Wild West Coast, Part”

Dance Moms Recap - Making a MattyB Video: Season 5 Episode 7 "Wild Wild West Coast, Part"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday February 17, season 5 episode 7 called, “Wild Wild West Coast, Part 1” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode It’s the ALDC’s last week in LA and the Moms’ patience with Abby has grown thin due to the lack of opportunities for every girl except Abby’s favorite.

On the last episode after a chaotic first week in Los Angeles, things do not settle down when Abby and Holly had their biggest and most shocking fight ever, causing Holly went behind Abby’s back to work with a huge star despite the consequences. Maddie prepared for another big Hollywood job, and all the girls soon were on edge when Abby announces an open call audition in Los Angeles. Holly and Nia grow especially fearful of their futures with the ALDC. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “It’s the ALDC’s last week in LA and the Moms’ patience with Abby has grown thin due to the lack of opportunities for every girl except Abby’s favorite. While Maddie is away, guest starring on TV’s “Austin and Ally,” Abby brings in two swing dancers who not only take away her time and attention but also threaten the girls’ chance at their biggest audition to date, a music video for internet sensation and pop star MattyB. Abby’s job as a manager is put to the test when one of her star pupils gets offered the lead.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 5 episode 7– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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#DanceMoms drama starts now. Abby tells the girls to hustle into the studio and the moms follow. She says it’s their last week in LA and will be busy. She says they have more choreography and wants everyone focused. She says Maddie is on set at Austin & Ally for a guest star spot. Holly makes a face. Abby is excited that Maddie is getting to act. Abby says they need a sub for Maddie and brings in two swing dancers to fill in. She tells them to all be on their best behavior.

In comes Sarah from last team’s Select Team. Kira can’t believe that she brought in two moms from her old studio and says she has issues with Tracey, Sarah’s mom. She says Tracey is jealous of Kalani and Ashlee is always talking crap about everyone on her phone after studio sessions. Ashlee’s daughter is Brynn and Abby says she’s an excellent dancer with beautiful legs and feet. Next is pyramid. Nia is at the bottom since she wasn’t in group.

Next is JoJo for coming in fifth so she’s fifth on the pyramid. Jessalynn says JoJo did a good job. Abby says to keep telling her that and says they should have watched the movie like she told her to. Jessalynn says she’s not going to give her daughter nightmares for months. Abby says if JoJo is so good she doesn’t need to be part of ALDC and pulls it off the pyramid. Jessalynn says to put it up and says she deserves to be there. Abby says you deserve nothing, you earn it.

JoJo starts to tear up and Abby says no crying. JoJo says she will cry if she yells at her and Abby kicks them out. Abby says Jessalynn is stupid and didn’t know that she already had costumes, music and choreography for her and Mackenzie. Jessalynn tells her she needs to go say she’s sorry for talking back. JoJo says why should she and Jessalyn says she has to be the bigger person. Next on pyramid is Maddie. Then Kalani is in second and Abby says she was great in the group dance.

She says she had a breakthrough and was stronger and sharper. Kendall is at the top. Abby says she didn’t win but something happened. JoJo comes in and says she’s sorry she didn’t watch the movie. Abby says she’s taking the high road and puts her picture back up. Jill is annoyed for them interrupting her. Abby says she needs her to be number one on stage. They are next headed to Star Bound competition. Holly is annoyed that Nia hasn’t got a solo in LA.

Abby says there has been a lot of feuding and we see flashbacks to Nia and JoJo’s behavior. Abby says she is going to celebrate feuds and does one that emulates Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding. She assigns Kalani and Sarah to do the roles. Next is the duet for Mackenzie playing Lucy and JoJo playing Ethel in an I Love Lucy duet. Jill is annoyed that Kendall and Nia didn’t get duets and gave it to two new kids.

There will be two small groups too. One is a sad clown dance called No Laughing Matter – Brynn, Kalani, Sarah and Mackenzie will do this one. Next is Moulin Rouge with Kendall, Nia, JoJo and Mackenzie. Abby is also bringing in a guest choreographer to work on the Moulin Rouge piece. Jill is annoyed that Abby is wasting her time on kids that aren’t even students. Abby asks the kids who can step up to fill Maddie’s role as leader.

Abby watches the clown group number. Jill tells the other moms that LA has been nothing like they thought it would. Holly says she’s been annoyed since they landed. She says it seems like the same thing, different location. Holly says Abby hasn’t done anything for their girls and that nothing will happen. Gianna and Abby work with the girls and says Maddie is on a TV show this is week which is great. Abby hopes having two teams in the competition will double the chances for a win.

Abby says the clown number is very acrobatic with lots of contortion. Jill wonders why everyone isn’t in the clown number and why Nia and Kendall aren’t in both numbers. Jill says there are less ALDC dancers than the numbers. Holly says it takes opportunities from their girls. Jill says the other kids come and go and they suffer the consequences. Jill rants at Kira, Tracey and Ashlee for taking things from their kids.

We see a flashback to Kira, Tracey and Ashlee arguing on an older episode. Ashlee says their studio is much more competitive and they have to push harder. She says Kira manipulated behind the scenes and that helped Kalani a lot. Kira takes offense. Jill says she hopes Ashlee and Kira can put their drama aside. Abby gets a call from Blake Morris, MattyB’s dad and manager. The girls freak out and rush over when Abby puts the call on speaker.

MattyB gets on the phone and Abby lets the girls says hi then asks if he has a girlfriend. Abby then comes and tells the moms that MattyB is shooting a new video and wants to use the girls but they have to audition. Jill says this is what they came there for. Abby says she’s worried about Mackenzie not doing it because MackZ already has a recording contract. She says she can’t let Mackenzie dance backup and Jill says maybe Mackenzie should sit this one out. Abby tells her to shut up.

Jill and Abby verbally spar and Abby walks away annoyed. Next day, Jill rants about Abby and Holly takes her side and says Abby’s reaction was over the top. Holly says if your kid’s name doesn’t begin with an M, Abby doesn’t care about you. The guest choreographer Molly Long is there because Abby loves her work. Jill says Kendall hadn’t learned anything as of yesterday. Jill complains about the choreographer and says only the number Abby works with gets good choreography.

Jill asks Melissa about Mackenzie singing and says her producer said she shouldn’t be in the video. Jill tells her to tell Abby that she can’t do it. Then when Melissa hears that MattyB has billions of views, she changes her tune. Jill is aggravated and says Melissa has kids fighting for her girls and says they need a chance for their kids. Jessalynn says it would be a nice break for the others then the moms says Brynn and Sarah shouldn’t have a shot at it since they’re guests.

Tracey says this is an outside audition that has nothing to do with the dance company. Ashlee thinks they’re acting entitled and Jill says it’s an opportunity for ALDC dancers, not the school they come from, wherever that is. Ashlee says her attitude is surprising and Jill says she won’t let her take away from their girls.

It’s five days before the competition and Abby is rehearsing JoJo and Mackenzie for the Lucy and Ethel routine. She says JoJo has more personality but Mackenzie has better timing. Jill says she can’t believe JoJo got away with talking back to Abby but she says she told JoJo she can’t talk to her like that and has to stay quiet. Today they have to meet MattyB’s people and also rehearse. Marshall Manning, the director, says they are looking for a lead dancer and vocals.

Blake, the dad, asks who can have that appeal for the camera. He says this could be that moment for someone. Abby says the girls are tough and know it’s a rough business. Abby says tomorrow they’ll be competing to get the part and they’ll see who gets it. Marshall tells them to bring it. It’s the day of the MattyB audition and the MattyB team shows up to give the girls a test run. Abby knows Erik, the choreographer and says he’s great.

Abby says if Mackenzie doesn’t get the lead, she won’t let her participate. Abby says auditioning for videos is one of the reasons they came to LA. They tell the girls they’re looking for one main girl then three support roles then the others will be background. They line the girls up and say to give it all but not rely on tricks. JoJo goes first and she’s cute and sassy. Kendall gets strong marks. Kalani scores high marks but Nia kinds of flops. Mackenzie doesn’t do too well when they pair her with MattyB.

Then they bring Mackenzie in with her. Now they want to hear the girls sing. They start with Nia then Kendall who does well. Sarah and Brynn are kind of off-key. Kalani is meh. JoJo is more chanting than singing. Then Mackenzie goes last and her voice is nice but she doesn’t have a lot of energy. The director says they’ll talk and let them know. They say Sarah is meh. Nia is a strong dancer but is tall. Kalani is cute and could be a crush scene for MattyB. Brynn looked down and gets low marks.

They like Kendall but say she’s forgettable. They want Mackenzie for the lead but say JoJo gave her a run for her money. They say JoJo seemed to want it more. They wonder if Mackenzie went into it thinking she was a show in. The girls head to the MattyB video shoot. MattyB comes out and says hi to them and the director is surprised to see that Maddie is there too. Marshall says he’ll try to fit her in if she wants to be in it.

Jill is annoyed that Melissa brought Maddie along. Marshall says they all had a great audition. Marshall says Brynn, Kendall and Sarah are third tier (i.e. extras). Then Nia, Kalani are told they will play waitresses. MattyB says Mackenzie gets the lead. Melissa says this is great. Then Marshall says they wrote a special role for JoJo. Holly is finally satisfied that Nia got something from the LA trip. The director tells all the kids what the plot of the video is.

The moms wonder where Abby is and Melissa calls her since she’s an hour late. Abby says not to sign anything until they find out if Mackenzie has top billing credit. Melissa says she already signed. Abby shows up and is horrified that Melissa signed a contract without talking to her. Abby pulls one of the producers aside about the billing. The guy says it’s work for hire and Mackenzie wouldn’t be in the room if Melissa hadn’t signed it.

Jill says Abby is acting like Mackenzie is as big a star as MattyB. The guy walks away after Abby says this is not the deal. She glares at Melissa. Abby says she is there to protect them as their manager and this is not what’s best for them. She asks Melissa why she just signed the document and tells her it was a stupid thing to do. Abby says a guest artist always gets credit and says she’s ready to pull all her girls because they don’t need him.