Dance Moms Recap – Abby is Crazy in LA: Season 5 Episode 5 “Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby”

Dance Moms Recap - Abby is Crazy in LA: Season 5 Episode 5 "Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby"

Tonight on Lifetime Abby Lee Miller’s Dance Moms continues with an all new Tuesday February 3, season 5 episode 5 called, “Hello Hollywood, Goodbye Abby,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode the ALDC has finally arrived in Los Angeles and they are in for their toughest competition yet, when a top West Coast dance studio declares war.

On the last episode LA was only one week away and JoJo and Jess returned to fight for a spot on the ALDC and was determined not to lose again. As the team prepared for their big Hollywood adventure, Holly and Jill grew concerned that Abby’s focus would only be on her favorites and Nia and Kendall was forgotten. After hearing about Maddie’s next big Los Angeles opportunity, Holly and Jill vowed to take matters into their own hands. Did you watch the episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the Lifetime synopsis, “the ALDC has finally arrived in Los Angeles and they are in for their toughest competition yet, when a top West Coast dance studio declares war. Abby sets up an audition with a casting agent for the girls but the pressure of LA is too great and Abby suffers her biggest breakdown yet, forcing the moms to question her abilities as a manager.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed evening, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of Lifetime’s Dance Mom’s Season 5 episode 5– tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about this new episode of Dance Moms tonight!

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#DanceMoms starts now. Abby and the girls are in LA. Holly says she’s skeptical about what Abby will do for Nia. They overheard Abby saying to the photographer that Kalani, Maddie and Mackenzie will be the ones getting business. Abby has rented studio space to use while she’s building her own. They go to where Tiffany is coaching her Rage dance team. Abby says it was supposed to be private space and that this is unacceptable. She makes a call to complain about it while the moms stand around.

Jill says Abby seems to be intimidated about the competition. Holly says she’s having a tantrum. The moms go over but Abby says she’s talking to her attorney and it’s privileged so they can’t listen. They think it’s ridiculous they came to LA to stand in the parking lot. JoJo and Jessalynn are there and she says Abby told her to bring her to LA to manage. Jessalynn thinks they’ll make it to the team sooner or later. The girls go watch the other team practice. Tiffany and Veda welcome them to come in.

They move their dancers to the other room so ALDC can practice. The moms discuss that Abby is afraid and says that she needs to stand with her dancers. Jill says Abby has had two years to plan and didn’t do it. Abby sits in her car eating Sour Patch kids. The moms have the girls warm up even though they have no teacher and no music. Erin Babbs at Murietta dance is rehearsing her girls. She knows Abby from Candy Apples and says Cathy sought her out for help against ALDC.

Erin tells the girls that they are competing against Abby this weekend and says she thinks that Abby is in over her head. She tells the dancers that Abby makes others cry and this is their chance to make her cry. Abby calls Kira and she says she doesn’t feel comfortable working in that studio. Abby says she’s going to find another space for them to work with. She tells them she has an audition for all of them in the morning. Jill says that’s no excuse for not showing up for rehearsal and Holly says it’s Abby’s MO to run.

Holly says they are in trouble and are out in LA with no backup plan. Kira says she’s hurting the kids. They will be competing against some of the top dance companies in the US in two days and have no teacher. Gianna meets the moms the next day but Abby still hasn’t shown up. Jill says they all picked up and came to LA but she’s not there. Jessalynn asks why Abby isn’t there and if she doesn’t believe in the team. She hands out papers to all the girls with a part to read.

Abby has set them up with John Barba, a huge casting director that did Transformers. Gianna says Maddie gets a solo and then the group number is set but JoJo can only rehearse as a swing and is not officially part of the number. Jill asks Gianna why they’re not doing hard hitting jazz like the other teams they saw performing. Gianna says that’s not their style.

The moms want to do something different but Gianna says they need to show them what they do best. Gianna says she has her marching orders for her boss. Jill says industry people are watching them and Abby is playing it safe and is nowhere to be seen. The moms says Gianna seems nervous. Holly says Abby should be more responsive to the moms’ needs. They decide to call Abby and see where she is.

Kira asks if she’s coming and Abby says there’s stuff happening at home so she has to fly back to Pittsburgh. Kira asks if they can help and Abby says no. Jill says Abby seems to be having some sort of breakdown and that she’s running scared. Gianna is rehearsing Maddie’s solo about a homeless child. Melissa says even with Abby not there, Maddie is a perfectionist.

Over at Murietta, Erin talks to her girls about Maddie and the competition. Eric tells Talia that she’s a stronger dancer yet Maddie got gigs like the Sia thing. She says Talia has never competed against Maddie but is a stronger dancer. The girls all meet for the casting call and Holly says it’s a big deal. Abby is screaming at someone about a parking spot and the moms hear. Jill can’t believe she’s doing it.

She meets them and Holly asks if she has words of wisdom for the mom. Abby says no. Holly says it’s disgraceful that they haven’t seen her for days. Abby tells Nia that her mom is being disrespectful. Melissa says they just need to get inside so they don’t ruin this for the girls. They all head inside. John Barba greets the girls and Abby who says this meeting is called a general.

Lisa Fields explains the kind of work they do and the moms go sit in a viewing room. Holly says it’s not normal that their manager wouldn’t be seen for two days. Jill says the crazy started in the parking lot and they wonder if Abby doesn’t care about her reputation. Kendall mispronounces a word but Mackenzie does well. Kalani gets praise. Maddie did a good job too and also gets praise.

Nia comes in last and Abby says that Nia took it in a different direction and that’s her mom but John Barba says that can be a good thing. Holly thinks Abby tried to ruin Nia’s audition because she’s mad at her. Kalani tells Holly she should be doing her own networking. Holly says she wants Nia to be a star but won’t let Abby talk that way to the kids. Outside, Holly chews her out again.

Abby said Nia looked like a complete fool. Holly says Abby’s behavior is not normal. Abby says that Holly is turning Nia into a mini-me. JoJo asks Abby if she’ll be at the competition tomorrow and Abby says she doesn’t know then tells Jessalynn that JoJo is not in the group number and is definitively not on the team. Jill says they’re going to Energy Dance Competition and if Abby doesn’t show up, it’s an issue.

The moms are split on whether or not Abby will show up tomorrow. Holly says she put herself out there and no one else stood up. Holly says whatever they got out of that stunt, she hopes it keeps them warm at night. Jill says she just doesn’t know what to say to Abby. Holly says they are failing their daughters by being afraid of Abby.

It’s competition day and Jill says this will be very competitive. Erin’s team is there and calls out asking where Abby is. Holly says she’s not surprised Abby isn’t there. Abby is show to a room and sits down to put on her makeup. Jill says she thinks Abby has lost it and has gone off the deep end. She looks like she hasn’t slept and her hair and makeup aren’t done. They ask where she’s been.

She says she was getting Maddie’s costume, had meetings and was getting things set up. She asks the moms how they don’t know all this. Abby says all of a sudden they’re momagers but have no clue goes into managing their kids and networking. Abby says she has a ton of work to do and they’re just sitting on their butts. Jill says Abby’s emotions are all over the place and she doesn’t want to set her off.

JoJo is there and asks how to do her hair for the group number. Gianna says she’s not in the number and JoJo says just in case. Gianna tells her to come see her later after the solos. Erin comes in with her moms and welcome them to the West Coast. Abby ignores her and says to send a fruit basket. Holly says that coach is just there trying to intimidate them.

Melissa asks if she’s coming out to see them dance but Abby says she was working on Maddie’s costume all morning and needs to get her makeup on. Melissa tells her it’s not the same without her there. Abby seems near tears and very flustered. Talia does her solo while Maddie watches from the wings. It looks very good, flawlessly done. Melissa has to admit that she was amazing.

Maddie is next. Holly says Melissa is losing her mind worrying if Maddie is good enough to beat the LA girls. Melissa says she’s a nervous wreck since Maddie is the only soloist representing ALDC and says she hopes she can handle the pressure. Maddie’s performance looks wonderful as always. The crowd goes wild when she’s done. Melissa says she was flawless and hopes it was good enough.

They go back to the rehearsal room and find that Abby is gone but then she comes back in with a soda. The girls come back and she gives Maddie a big smile. Erin and her cronies are back and they brought a fruit basket. Abby says it’s magnificent. Erin says they’re excited she’s there because they always want to compete against the best. Abby tosses their basket to the floor and a bunch of fruit goes rolling.

Jessalynn is getting JoJo ready for the group number, oblivious to her being told that she’s in it. When JoJo goes to get into a costume, Abby snaps and says that’s enough. She says she didn’t pay for it and is a greedy little monster. Jessalynn tells Abby that she’s selfish and it’s going to get the worst of her. Abby says she’s tired of moms telling their kids to act out and pull these stunts and make life worse.

Abby walks out and says the moms have no idea what all she’s doing. Gianna tells the girls to block out the distractions and focus on the number. Abby goes to her car and sits and eats. Erin’s troupe is onstage doing their number. It’s pretty cool but a couple of the girls are a beat or so off. Jill say they looked great and it makes her nervous that their kids are doing lyrical instead of jazz/pop like them.

The ALDC girls come out for their number. The group number goes off well. Jill says there were some mistakes but you never know what the judges see. It’s awards time. The first and second place solos were tied with perfect scores and the judges had to split it. Maddie takes first place. Talia didn’t even break the top five. Melissa says she’s so proud of her.

For the group awards, ALDC takes second place but Erin’s school took first place with a perfect score. Holly says this is all on Abby whose behavior is impacting the girls. Jill says Abby is going to come and go as she pleases and they can’t control this. Holly is frustrated that the other moms are saying what Abby did was okay. Holly calls someone to see if they want to work with Nia. The other moms wonder who she’s calling. Holly says if she wants to make Nia a star, she has to do it on her own.