Defiance Recap 6/19/14: Season 3 Episode 3 “The Broken Bough”

Defiance Recap 6/19/14: Season 3 Episode 3 "The Broken Bough"

Syfy’s series Defiance continues with an all new Thursday, June 19 season 3 episode 3 tonight called, “The Broken Bough.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, Amanda [Julie Benz] negotiates with the Omec, a new alien race, for the future of Defiance; and the Tarrs return to find much changed and their loyalties tested between the humans, the Omec, and the Votanis Collective.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the show takes place in the future on a radically transformed Earth containing new species, some having arrived from space, many others the result of contamination by terraforming technology which has transformed native flora and fauna in unforeseen ways.

On last week’s episode, in the Season 3 premiere, Nolan and Irisa were mysteriously rescued from their underground confinement just in time to discover that enemy forces were marching on the town of Defiance, which had fallen on hard times following the collapse of the gulanite mines. Meanwhile, Datak, Stahma and Rafe ran into deadly complications on their quest to reunite their family; and Alak came to realize just how unstable her mother-in-law is during their journey through the woods. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the Syfy synopsis “Amanda negotiates with the Omec, a new alien race, for the future of Defiance; and the Tarrs return to find much changed and their loyalties tested between the humans, the Omec, and the Votanis Collective. Meanwhile, Nolan and Irisa encounter a survivor of Votanis Collective atrocities that can aid their first strike against Gen. Rahm Tak’s oncoming army.”

Defiance airs at 8 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!



#Defiance on #Syfy begins with Nolan reading to Irisa from the hero novel about her. She’s annoyed and he’s laughing openly as he reads the ridiculous prose. Irisa tells him the book is garbage and they spar until she can grab the book and throw it in the fire. He grabs it out nad says – daddy’s reading. Then Berlin comes and says the Voton Collective is heading for town. They weapon up and rush out. Nolan tells them to fire on his command but it’s Stahma who gets out.

She says Datak needs a doctor and Nolan checks on him. He says he stabbed the Liberata and says they had to run for it. Datak says it was a miracle they made it out and says Alak is gone and they had to leave him behind. Stahma says she hopes Alak and the baby will make it home. Stahma cries. Yewell says he’ll be fine and they ask Datak about the VC camp. He tells lots of lies then Nolan asks where Rafe is. Datak says Rafe, Christie and Quentin are all dead.

He says the VC massacred them all. Nolan says no and storms out angry. Stahma cries until they are alone then they share a look. Amanda sees Nolan arming up and she tells him that Rafe was her first friend but they can’t make it about the McCawley’s. She tells Nolan he needs to scope out the VC and come back with the intel. Nolan says not to worry about it. Nolan tells Irisa they’re walking into a nest of killers and asks if he can count on her. She tells him to stop being stupid.

They take off out of Defiance. Stahma and Datak are relieved to be home but she says it’s not the same now. Datak and Stahma find Andina in their tub and she runs out embarrassed to fix dinner. Stahma tells Datak he shouldn’t have told Andina that Alak was alive. She says Rahm will kill him and Datak asks if she wants him to slit Andina’s throat. Datak says he knows who he can and cannot trust. He lectures Stahma on his ability to take care of their family.

He asks her to help him get in the tub but she ignores him and sprinkles some happy stones into the bath. Nolan and Irisa stop the vehicle and they see dead people tied to trees – a sure sign that Rahm is close. They hear VC coming and then take fire. Nolan takes out two then Pilar saves them from another. She tells them “come with me if you want to live.” Ha! Nice Terminator reference. Stahma hides a transmitter to communicate with the VC.

Datak bugs her with details and annoys her. He says to tell them that Nolan is coming. In the Bordeen valley, 200 miles away, Alak is prisoner and watches Rahm play with his dad’s blue dagger then a message comes in. Rahm says his parents have successfully set up the communication and warned him the lawkeeper is coming. He asks Alak about him and he lies and says he never met the man because he tried to stay out of trouble. Rahm strikes Alak and insults him.

He tells him to tell him about the lawkeeper. Alak starts talking. He says it’s Joshua Nolan and Rahm asks if that’s the same man who’s the Butcher of Yosemite. Alak laughs and says he’s the scariest killer in the world and will rip his throat out. Rahm says he was in Yosemite. He says there was a lovely waterfall that ran red with Votan blood from Joshua massacring his people. Rahm says it will be good to see him again. Pilar asks them why they’re in Oklahoma.

Nolan says they’re looking for VC and she asks if they have a deathwish. Nolan says he’s a thrill seeker. She tells him where the camp is and what she knows about it. She offers to show him the way. Irisa tells her that her baby is awake. She lies and says she found him in Kansas a couple of months ago after the VC killed the other humans but missed the baby. She says he’s a good baby. She says she calls him bear because he hibernates like one.

Nolan says they can take them to civilization and he says they’re headed back East to Defiance. Pilar says she also wanted to visit and they can count her in. Datak sneaks in to steal weapons and Berlin shows up. He says he’s retrieving personal effects from his roller. She says the weapons belong to the town but he says he needs the weapons to re-establish his criminal enterprises. He argues with her and reminds her that he saved her life the night of the mass killings.

Berlin says no can do but he takes what he wants and prepares to leave. She points a gun at him and tells him to stop. He says she won’t shoot him in the back and he keeps going. She fires a warning shot and then he threatens her. She hauls him out in cuffs. Pilar tells Nolan how to get to the camp and offers to drive. Nolan won’t let her and then Pilar pulls a gun on him. He says if she wants the roller, she’ll have to kill him. She fires at him and realizes he gave her a bum weapon.

He tells her he knows Rafe’s boots and the half Casti baby and tells her – it’s a pleasure to meet you Pilar. Irisa takes the baby and Pilar says to give him back and says she’s not a criminal but Nolan says she just tried to kill her. She says the Votan priests cuffed her and did terrible things and says she needs the baby. He says they’re all going back to Defiance and they’ll sort it there. She struggles and tries to get the baby then Irisa tells him not to kill her.

Nolan says he wasn’t planning on it but cuffs her and tapes her mouth. He says they’ll be back and tells Irisa to come on. She has the baby and says the can’t leave it. Nolan asks why not and she says he’s a baby. Nolan tells her she’s too demanding. They head out with the child. Amanda sees Berlin has Datak locked up and he tells her when he came back to Defiance he thought it mean sanctuary then complains how Berlin has treated him. Amanda gives him a slow clap.

Datak grouses about her sarcasm. He says he paid dearly for those weapons in torture and insults. Amanda says the guns aren’t why she kept him locked up then she holds out her sister’s necklace. She says she was waiting to hear that he and Stahma were dead and says she’s dreamed of their slow, painful deaths. She says she can make him pay for Kenya or they can move forward. She says if he puts Defiance first and organize the criminals to fight for the common good.

He swears loyalty in Casti and she tells him to pledge it in English. He does. She tells Berlin to let him go. Datak asks for the weapons and she tells him to forget it and says they need them for the war. There’s something alive in one of them!

Stahma goes to the market and spots T’evgin playing with a slinky and looking at toys. She tells him it’s a human toy for children and he’s surprised she speaks Omec. She tells him she studied their poetry in school when she was young and quotes some for him. She reminds him that Casti women were kept as courtesans in their court. He says they have evolved but others are wary of them. He asks why she’s not.

She says she maybe should be and says she heard if she met an Omec, she would fall in love and be taken to the Dread Harvest. She asks if it’s a fairy tale and he says you can’t be sure. They flirt and she introduces herself. He asks her to help find sugar bread. She says as an eater of flesh, she thought he would prefer something more savory. Stahma has a drink with T’evgin and she talks about when their ark landed. She asks what happened to their ships.

T’evgin says their ships were sabotaged by the Votans. He says they sent Indochine shape shifters and sent bombs to destroy the ships from within. He says he and his daughter were on a space walk when the explosion happened so they survived. She asks if they are the sole Omec survivors. He says he doesn’t know but says once he has fuel he will search for survivors. She asks if he wants vengeance on the Votans. He says his primary concern is Gulanite.

He says he has to rebuild his race. She tells him she once despised humans for their pink faces for locking them up. He asks what changed and she says she fell in love with one. He says there may be more to learn about humans. She lays her hand on his and says she can offer him guidance and lessons on their culture. He seems intrigued. Irisa, Nolan and the baby spy on the VC camp. He counts more than 100 men, 16 vehicles and then says they have a net-cutter. He says it’s built to blast stasis nets.

Nolan tells her to come on. Pilar is struggling with her bonds and slides around until she pulls a knife from Rafe’s boot. She says they need to warn Amanda but he wants to blow it up. He says he’ll plant the bombs on the tank and she can cover him. She tells him she should go because she’ll blend better then tells him he’s a better shot and he should cover her. She reminds him she’s also a faster runner and she grabs the bag of grenades and takes off.

Nolan waits outside camp with his gun watching. Irisa sneaks around camp and watches her progress. The baby lies nearby and fusses a little distracting him for a moment. He tells the kid to be quiet and go back to sleep. He sees her creep for the tank and she opens the pack and pulls out the explosives. She runs for the net weapon then Pilar attacks Nolan and the gun goes off. Irisa is spotted and the guards move in. Nolan struggles with Pilar and he gets the drop on her. She tells him she’s not afraid.

Pilar says he won’t shoot her in front of her grandson but he says kids are resilient then he shoots her. Rahm calls out for Nolan while dragging Irisa behind him. He yells out that he’s not much of a butcher sending a child to do his work. He tells him to come out or he’ll kill Irisa. He says he’s the Butcher of – he stops then asks where they are. They tell him Tulsa and he says he’s the butcher of Tulsa. Nolan opens fire and Irisa gets loose. She has a weapon on Rahm who tells her to do it.

She hesitates and Rahm says he’s surprised. Nolan whispers for her to do it. She knocks him out instead of killing him then grabs her bag and runs off. Nolan shoots guards while she runs for the net weapon. She holds up two fingers to let Nolan know what to do. She throws the grenade belt and he fires at it and it goes up in a fireball taking out the critical weapon. Irisa runs for the roller. She and Nolan get inside as the guards open fire.

Rahm races after them but they’re gone. Irisa soothes the crying baby. Irisa delivers Stahma and Datak’s grandson to them. They are joyous. Staham thanks them both. Irisa and Nolan watch them take the child upstairs then they leave their house. Irisa says he shouldn’t have given Bear to them but he says they’re family. They wonder if Pilar is still alive and Nolan says Bear is safe until Rahm shows up and says because she choked, the town is at risk. He says she’s unreliable and they’re at war.

Irisa walks off from her dad. Rahm curses Nolan under his breath when they tell him that Datak and Stahma planted the shrill infested weapons in the armory and the town’s guns are destroyed. Rahm says when he’s done, Nolan will never forget who he is. Stahma tells Datak that Rahm sent a message and wants them to blow up the St Louis arch. Datak looks at the arch in the distance.