Defiance Recap 6/12/14: Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 Premiere “The World We Seize; The Last Unicorns”

Defiance Recap 6/12/14: Season 3 Episode 1 & 2 Premiere "The World We Seize; The Last Unicorns"

Syfy’s series Defiance continues with an all new Thursday, June 11 season 3 premiere and double-episode tonight called, “The World We Seize; The Last Unicorns.” We’ve got your recap down below! On tonight’s episode, in the Season 3 premiere, Nolan [Grant Bowler] and Irisa [Stephanie Leonidas] are mysteriously rescued from their underground confinement just in time to discover that enemy forces are marching on the town of Defiance, which has fallen on hard times following the collapse of the gulanite mines.

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, the show takes place in the future on a radically transformed Earth containing new species, some having arrived from space, many others the result of contamination by terraforming technology which has transformed native flora and fauna in unforeseen ways.

On last week’s episode, Nolan raced to save Tommy’s life and stopped Irisa; tensions between Amanda and Stahma lead to a showdown. Then season 2 came to a close with Nolan fighting both the Earth Republic and old acquaintances to stop Irisa’s destructive plan from becoming a reality. He was also determined to save his adoptive daughter from the Kaziri forces that had been possessing her before his own friends attempted to kill her. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode per say the Syfy synopsis “in the Season 3 premiere, Nolan and Irisa are mysteriously rescued from their underground confinement just in time to discover that enemy forces are marching on the town of Defiance, which has fallen on hard times following the collapse of the gulanite mines. Meanwhile, Datak, Stahma and Rafe run into deadly complications on their quest to reunite their family; and Alak comes to realize just how unstable her mother-in-law is during their journey through the woods.”

Defiance airs at 8 PM on SYFY and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details and updates!


#Defiance begins seven months after we were last there. A ship lurks in space. On board, two discuss that the ship is shutting down to conserve power. The daughter tells her father she’s scared and he says their mission cannot fail. Pods shoot out of the ship heading for earth. They enter the atmosphere and then shoot out lightning as they land. Father and daughter are released. They look around.

They head toward the gulanite and wonder if it’s guarded. In Defiance, Bailey tells Amanda the stasis nets are down and she says the gulanite reserves are down and it had to be done. Bailey says people are scared and Amanda says she is too but not to tell anyone. At the McCawley Mines, the two strangers approach. They head inside with an object in the man’s hand that expands then floats to guide them.

The woman releases some objects that dig into the walls of the mine. In town, human power keeps the record player going. Lambert tells Amanda that Yewell is about to take them for all their cash reserves. Amanda says she’s winning big then raiders show up and tell everyone to empty their pockets. They take Yewell’s winnings and tell Amanda to open the safe. She says she doesn’t know the combination.

They threaten to shoot her and Amanda says okay. Amanda asks if it’s Hap and says things are getting desperate around town. She says this is not the answer and he tells her to shut up and give him the cash. Berlin distracts the guy and Amanda shoots him in the knee twice. Amanda tells her it’s been a day. The father and daughter find the ark but wonder why it’s underground.

They surmise it must have crash landed. They notice that the life pods are losing power. They look around and spot the one still glowing – Nolan and Irisa are inside it. The girl touches it and opens it and they fall to the ground. There are umbilical cord things attached to their heads. The girl yanks them free and sniffs Nolan thoroughly. She snarls and goes to bite him. She has vampire teeth.

Her father says not yet and tells her to remain focused. He says they didn’t come to feed. She says he has too many rules. She takes Nolan’s weapon and he wakes and asks where his daughter is then asks in Itherian if they speak that language. The woman knocks him out. Nolan then wakes in the snow calling for Irisa. She’s nearby. He makes it to her and tries to wake her up.
– –
She wakes and tells him his breath stinks. He tells her to come on and helps her stand. He asks how they got there and they see the arch of Defiance. They are a good ways away. Stahma sits in a car outside Oklahoma City. DAlak asks if she’s seen any movement and she says she hasn’t seen any patrols. He tells her they spotted them. He pulls her out of the car and tells her to bundle up for the walk.

He shows her a house and Rafe waits outside watching through binoculars. He says Pilar’s parents owned the place. He says he hasn’t seen Alak and Christie yet but they spot their grandchild.
– –
Stahma says she will kill Pilar in an excruciating way if she has harmed the kids. DAlak says it will happen no matter what. Rafe doesn’t seem too bothered by this. They head back to the car. Pilar comes back inside with the baby and says grandma’s got Luke. We see that Christie and Alak are chained to the floor. Stahma, Rafe and DAlak creep closer and find that the Votanis Collective have found the car.

Stahma says they can’t let them find the children and Rafe tells DAlak to make it look good. He bashes him with the rifle then takes him to the Votanis. They tell them they’re loyal to the collective and General Rahm Tak comes over to talk to them. DAlak says he knows him as the beast and introduces he and Stahma to Rahm. He asks isn’t DAlak a crime lord. He says his donations to the cause have been meager.

But he seems quite taken with Stahma. She calls him Favi and Rahm asks who’s the pink skin. He says his name is Rafe. She asks Rahm not to kill him and says there’s a bounty on his head in Defiance. Rahm says they’re in luck – he says the caravan is headed to Defiance. DAlak asks what business he has there and he says he’s going to kill all the humans and burn the disgusting place to the ground.

At Yewell’s place, Amanda hands over her winnings and Berlin says she needs it to pay her way across the Badlands. Amanda asks why she’s leaving and she says she’s going to try her luck out west but Amanda says they need her. Yewell says Defiance needs an obituary. She says there is no future there since the mine collapsed then says the stasis nets are down so it’s hopeless.

Amanda says they’ve lost too many but the people who can’t survive the Badlands stayed. Amanda says if she leaves, people will die since she’s the only doctor in town. Yewell says she has work to do and kicks them out. Maybe Amanda got through to her. Nolan tells Irisa the last thing he remembers was pulling her into a life pod when the ceiling collapsed. He says some alien pulled them out.

He says they had purple skin and asks if it rings a bill. She asks about the cut on his head and he says she has one too. They think the aliens did it. They find a hut and start a fire. Irisa says she can’t go back because they’ll lynch her as a mass murderer. She says she killed Tommy and destroyed NYC. Nolan says it was the ark brain and she fought and beat it and saved everyone. He says he’s proud of her.

Irisa says they’ll still lynch her. They see worm hole flares from the Votanis Collective and wonder who they’re talking to. Rahm gets the message that the stasis nets are down in Defiance. He laughs. Rafe is tied up as a prisoner. Rahm tells DAlak that the gulanite shortage means the statis nets are down and says it’s cause for celebration. DAlak says they will overrun them easily. Rahm says Defiance turns hs stomach.

Rafe pulls a knife out of his boot. Rahm says maybe they will put a statue of him in town. He tells Stahma he’s not delusional when he thinks she’s mocking him. Irisa and Nolan creep through the woods looking around carefully as they go. He points out the signaler – a Votanis with a wormhole flare gun. Nolan says they must be spies. They creep the other way and decide who will take out which one.

Nolan creeps up on his his while Irisa creeps on the one who went to take a pee. Nolan snaps the neck of the one and Irisa gets the gun of the other and tells him not to move. He says he knows she’s from Defiance and says they wrote a book about her – the Irathient girl with a human father. He says no shooting and says they’re friends. He gets closer and her hand shakes.

He says she’s trembling then he touches her. He grabs the gun and she runs. He grabs her and says he’ll show her what it means to be a real Votan and tears her shirt. Nolan puts a bullet in him from the ridge then pulls him off her. He asks what happened and she says her weapon jammed. Luke cries and Pilar takes him from Christie and says she’s had three children.

Alak says he’ll check the traps when Quentin doesn’t want to go. She tells Alak that she had to bring them along after his parents threatened to kill her. He says sure. Pilar says they’ll both go and tells Quentin to unchain Alak. Nolan and Irisa drive into town in the spies’ vehicle. He’s worried about the VC. Irisa says Amanda will shoot her but Nolan says Amanda didn’t pull the trigger last time.

Then he agrees she should stay in the car. He heads inside and Amanda wakes at the sound. She grabs her gun and goes to see who it is. She’s stunned to see Nolan. He asks where’s Potinger and she says he’s gone. She says she’s in charge again. She says the town is on his last legs and she’s hanging by a thread. He asks how long they’ve been gone and she says seven months. He’s shocked.

He says Irisa is there too. A guy asks Irisa to sign the book for his boyfriend and asks how it feels to save the world. He says it must be great. Amanda asks what happened to his head and he asks about the stasis nets. He says she has to get the nets up now and says she doesn’t. He shows her the VC communicator and says they’re coming for them. Irisa is stunned by the book and says it’s trash.

Berlin is there and tells Pol to go home. Berlin slams her face onto the car then knocks her out. Nolan looks at the log of weapons left in the armory and he says power is the real issue. He says the war is over without the stasis nets before it starts. Amanda says the mine collapsed and they can’t access it. Nolan says there must be a tunnel since they got out and throws her jacket at her.

He says the purple skins got them out. He finds Berlin beating Irisa and Amanda asks what the hell. Berlin says she killed Tommy but Nolan says the machine killed Tommy and says if she touches Irisa again, he’ll put her in the ground. Amanda, Irisa and Nolan head out to the mine. He asks about the new hardware on the rood and Amanda has no clue about it. They head closer with caution.

There’s a glowing blue alien antenna looking thing on the roof. Inside, Nolan says it looks like Votan tech and says someone set up shop. He says they look like they’re from Irisa’s neck of the woods. She tells him she’s from Denver. Amanda says they have terraformers. Nolan finds his gun. One of the blue spheres comes at them and they try to shoot it. It stuns Amanda and knocks her down.

Nolan and Irisa press on. Rahm gets a message and tells Datak and Stahma to come quickly. The caravan moves. He say they found some humans and it should be educational. In the mines, Nolan and Irisa follows the blue device. He says someone has been busy down there. They hear noise and see glowing lights in the heart of the mine. They wonder what the purple skins want with the gulanite.

The female purple skin finds Amanda on the floor and sniffs her all over then snarls. Amanda wakes alone on the floor some time later. Nolan says he wants to figure out how the drones work so they can what they’re up against. The female leaps at them and Nolan asks why she’s in their mines. The female kicks Nolan then she and Irisa grapple. She’s doing pretty well against them.

Then Irisa hits her with a shocker but then Amanda is there with a gun and shoots the woman twice. She asks if they’re okay. Amanda says she was aiming for the legs but got her in the gut instead. Nolan says she needs a doctor ASAP and says to grab her up. Christie hears the vehicles outside. Quentin says it’s a VC patrol. She tells him to unlock her chain before he goes to talk to them.

She reminds him what the VC does to mixed breed babies and he tells her to find a good hiding place. She runs off after he unchains her. Quentin greets Rahm in his language but then Rahm says boring. He asks if he knows who he is and Quentin says Rahm Tak then says he’s on his side and assassinated Ambassador Tennety for them. He asks his name. Quentin tells him.

Rahm asks why that name is familiar then says he’s never heard of him and shoots him in the head. Rafe screams in anguish. Pilar and Alak hear the shot. Christie sees it out the window and is horrified. Rahm says – oops – then asks Rafe if that was his son. Rafe continues to scream. Datak and Stahma are not pleased either.

Rafe says there was no reason to kill him and says Rahm did it out of spite. Datak says he’s sorry and says they will take vengeance together. They loosen his bonds on the down low then Rahm calls for Datak and Stahma to come to him. They leave Rafe in the vehicle and he quickly unchains himself. Stahma and Datak go into the house and Rahm asks about how they captured McCawley.

He wants to know how they missed the son and Stahma says the humans can be clever. Rahm says maybe Stahma is being clever. Rafe kills a guard and takes his weapon. He looks at his dead son then moves on. A guard hears a noise and checks a closet. Christie hides crying. He grabs her and yanks her out. Rafe rushes in. Christie says they have no right to be there. Rafe runs in shooting.

Christie whispers to Stahma they have to get the soldiers out because of the baby. Rafe grabs Christie’s hand but then the guards drill him full of bullets. She cries for her father who collapses on the floor. She says in their language theat they are all devils. Stahma says she’s in shock. Christie says some unforgiveable curses in their language and Rahm asks if she taught this human the curses.

He hands Stahma Datak’s blade and says to kill the human. She hesitates and he says to do it or he will kill Datak. Pilar and Alak run for the house. Rahm screams at her to make a decision. Christie stands and faces Stahma. Stahma sees the baby’s hand in the closet door and Christie opens her shirt to the neck and says she’s not afraid. Stahma slices her and she goes down.

Rahm is pleased. Stahma thanks him for providing clarity. She says of course the only good human is a dead one. She asks if they can leave now. She says the stench of human death offends. Rahm says to move out. Datak is stunned at what his wife has done. The others walk out and he has to follow. Christie lies still beside her father. The baby begins to cry.

Pilar and Alak come into the house. He cries over Christie in his language. He begs for her to come back. He screams. Then the baby cries and he runs to get his son. Rafe says he’s hungry and tells Pilar their kids used to cry like that when they were hungry but then he stops. Pilar tells him to wake the hell up. He does but he’s gasping. He looks at his grandson and tells Alak to forget what happened there.

He says to forget that day and love the baby like he loved his Christie. Alak says she should have been better and Rafe says he should have been too then he passes away. Alak holds his son and cries. Pilar takes his boots and says waste not, want not. Yewell goes ot her clinic and finds Amanda there who says it’s a secret patient. Yewell sees her and looks horrified. She calls her an unholy taker.

She says she won’t help that thing but Amanda threatens her. Yewell says they have to chain her up before she touches her. Yewell says she’s a predator and eats like a cannibal. She says there was an early Votan race that predated all of them. She says they found an honest to goodness Omec. Nolan says he heard they died out. She says they built arks to escape the sun but the Omec ark failed.

The Omec wakes and curses them. Yewell walks away and Amanda says there’s also a male. Yewell says to kill them both then says they have no idea what they’re dealing with. Nolan brings the creature a jacket. She looks at it then throws it on the floor. He asks if she speaks Casti. Then he says she has a good right hook then gestures ka pow. She repeats ka pow. He sits and offers her the jacket.

She growls. He puts the jacket around her. She looks at it then says she’s Kindzi. He tells her their names. He asks about her being a cannibal. He asks about when she licked him. Irisa is grossed out and leaves. Nolan asks if she was going to eat him. She growls at him then he flinches, laughs and says she must understand him. She smiles.

Amanda asks Ksaruko about the Omec. He says they are devils to use human language. He says they are enchanters, dark gods and takers of the innocent. She asks about cannibalism and he says they don’t each other but other Votans. He shows her a book and she reads about the devils emerging from the stars. He calls it the dread harvest. The male Omec walks into Defiance.

Ksaruko says that every 76 years their planet would come close to their planets and would steal thousands of other Votans in the harvest. They would keep them as slaves until they got bored then would eat them. Monguno says those stories are bogus and he doesn’t believe in Omec. Ksaruko says he’s a foolish boy then tells Amanda the Omec were very real and dangerous.

The Omec comes into the bazaar and the other Votan go running. The man growls. Amanda looks at him. He says in English that he’s there for his daughter. Stahma and Datak sit with Rahm in his tent. Datak says Defiance won’t go down without a fight. Rahm says they have a weapon and says it’s a secret. They talk about Johnny Cash and Datak says his command of human culture is commendable.

Rahm says he likes the filth of humans then points out Lt Bebe and says he wore human skin to infiltrate a mall and kill many of the humans. Rahm says this world is theirs for the taking and asks if Datak knows the term Manifest Destiny. Stahma pours them wine and Rahm says the men are talking. She says she shames herself then walks away. Rahm says he wants them to help the Votan cause.

He tells Datak he will be a saboteur and help bring Defiance to its knees. Stahma says without her there to calm him, Datak is prone to fits of anger and says sending her with him may help him achieve the result. Rahm says they are both treacherous snakes and he can’t send them off together. He says Datak will go to Defiance and do what he says.

Rahm says if he refuses, fails or displeases him, he will cut a piece off his wife’s beautiful body. He says she can end up being one ugly bitch. Pilar and Alak walk with the baby to get away from the Collective. It’s cold and says his terrible Casti grandparents ruined everything then says she’ll protect him. They spot an RV in the distance and Pilar says she’s going to get food for her grandson.

She hands Luke to Alak then heads for the RV. Alak comforts his son and says Pilar will be back. Pilar approaches and knocks on the door. A man steps out with a gun. Pilar sets her gun aside and chats with them. They let her into the trailer. Inside, there are gunshots. Alak is terrified because he can’t see what happened.

The Omec male tells Amanda he found bullets and his daughter’s blood. He asks where she is and Amanda says she’s fine. Amanda says she appreciates his patience and asks his name. He says it’s T’evgin. Nolan asks if his ship is functional. T’evgin says those are invasive questions then says he saved Nolan’s life. He says he the cut was to release him from the pod.

T’evgin says his daughter pleaded mercy on their behalf. They ask why all the gulanite and if they need fuel. He says their ship is low on fuel and in need of repair. He says they will travel into deep space to look for other Omec. Amanda says their town needs gulanite badly and says they can share 50/50. She says his equipment, their mine.

T’evgin smashes the bar and says bring his daughter or he will bathe in their blood until his rage is cleansed. Amanda says his daughter attacked her and she shot her so they brought her there to seek medical care. Amanda says he can have her back when they reach an agreement over the gulanite. T’evgin says she’s a hostage but Amanda says it’s an ugly word.

Kindzi tries to break loose of her bonds and Berlin says that Irisa should be the one chained up. Monguno shows up with pals asking to see the Omec. They go to chase the kids off but one says Irisa is the Goddess of the Badland and asks why she didn’t kill the Omec since she’s a murderer. Berlin chases them off then says Irisa is a murderer.

Monguno is outside looking in and tells the other two it’s totally an Omec. They boost him up to look inside and he peers in. He pokes a stick in and calls to the Omec. Kindzi yanks against her bonds and Berlin and Irisa wonder if she’s loose. Mungono loses his poking stick and Kindzi impales him through the eye with it. Kindzi busts loose of her containment and Berlin goes to see what happened.

Irisa cries over the dead boy. Berlin looks around and sees the Omec is truly gone. Yewell is with Mungono’s body when T’evgin, Amanda and Nolan show up. Yewell says she told them so. T’evgin slaps her. Ksaruko cries out to kill the Omec and Yewell curses the Omec male. Alak and Pilar are in the trailer where she killed the family there. She tells Alak to eat but he says he has no appetite.

He says she sounds like his parents and she says no. He says she murdered them but Pilar says she killed strangers while his parents killed family to take care of themselves. Pilar sits and says she tried to poison her three children and says Christie was just a baby at the time. Alak says he’s heard about it. She says she was sick then says the Votan Monastery Rafe sent her to taught her to look beyond her own needs.

She says she had to suffer so her kids could be safe and Alak says safe from her. She says she took the Castithan abuse to keep her kids safe then Quentin found and forgave her. She says he saved her life. She says her family and children needed a mother so she focused on it and wouldn’t let anything stop her, least of all his parents. She says she’s not his mother, she’s Christie’s mother. She says he can depend on her though and says she will never betray him. He says he wishes he could believe it.

Nolan and T’evgin track Kindzi’s blood trail. He says she must have reopened her gunshot wounds. Nolan says he doesn’t like the amount of blood he’s seeing and tells T’evgin let’s go find her. Kindzi is cornered by a crowd led by Ksaruko who says she killed his son. He beats her with a stick and calls her Devil and Omec. They start to string her up when Nolan shows up with a gun and makes them stop.

Nolan stops T’evgin and says to look after his daughter now. He does. He screams at what he sees. Datak makes a shiv and says he won’t leave her alone with Rahm. He says Rafe deserved better and she says Christie did too. She tells him to make her a weapon too and says it’s better they die together. He says he’ll get to work on it. They are in agreement.

At the trailer, Alak sleeps then wakes suddenly. He calls for Pilar. She’s gone and took the baby. He goes outside and screams her name. He trips over the bodies and screams for his son. He sees her footsteps in the snow and gives chase. He hears a vehicle approaching and then lights shine in his face. He says she took his son. He stares in horror.

Nolan and T’evgin bring Kindzi to Yewell. Nolan tells Kindzi to focus on him. Yewell comes in and says to get the monster out of her place. Nolan holds a gun on her and threatens to kill her. T’evgin says he needs protoform not her medical help. Yewell says to him, she’s just a jar of spackle. He says he needs a strip of skin 6 inches by 3 inches and says the Indogene will live.

He says if his daughter dies, the town will too. Amanda tells Nolan to hold her down. They stun her and Amanda gives her a sedative. She asks Yewell if 20 ccs is enough. She says screw them. They cut the skin off her. Irisa is horrified. Yewell screams as they cut her. Later, Nolan sits outside and Amanda says Yewell is angry and drugged. T’evgin takes the skin and uses it to save Kindzi.

He tells Nolan that protoform is infinitely mutable and can benefit many physiologies. He puts it on the wound on his daughter and it confirms there and heals her. Yewell watches shaking and furious. Kindzi tells her father that she was provoked when she hurt the boy. He says until their ship is ready they cannot antagonize the humans and says there are hundreds of them and just two Omec.

He says they cannot let their race die out. He says when the ship has power and their family awakens, they will conquer this people and settle their score. She smiles at her father. Amanda tells T’evgin their ride is there. He tells Nolan he acknowledges that they helped save his daughter and he says they can share the gulanite. Amanda thanks him. They hear a gunshot as they go to leave.

It’s Ksaruko who is trying to kill them. Nolan and Irisa fire back at him. Irisa approaches the bookseller and says she knows he’s angry. He says his son is dead and they fought to save the life of the devil that killed his son. Irisa says she’s sorry for his life but says Monguno was provoking her and Kindzi was scared and lashed out. Nolan calls out that he’s endangering the entire town and he will shoot him.

Irisa says he’s not a killer and doesn’t know what killing does to you. She says she doesn’t want him to know. The man relents but then he’s shot in the back when he approaches Irisa. She tells Nolan that he was going to surrender. Nolan says if he didn’t, he would have killed Irisa. He says no one forced him to shoot at innocent people. Irisa says – innocent, right… She walks off annoyed.

Stahma and Datak walk through the VC camp. He tells her good luck. They go into Rahm’s tent are trapped by guards. Rahm tells Stahma that they are more formidable together than apart. He says the can go spy as a team. He says they’re thinking there must be a catch. Rahm has Alak captive. He tells Stahma they will work on her cover story. Alak screams as the VC rough them up.

Pilar sings Luke a lullaby by a fire out in the snow. She rocks him and sings. She looks at little Luke and then continues singing. The lights come on in Defiance. Everyone is thrilled. Amanda and Berlin are relieved. Yewell sits alone upset as the lights come on in her clinic. Nolan and Irisa stand at their vehicle. She’s far away from her dad.

Kindzi and T’evgin tread through the snow and he looks up at the sky. Out in space, we see their ship os sleeping Omec. There are thousands of them in stasis – enough to eat all of Earth’s humans and Votans.